SOPI : An Object Oriented Semantic Web Programming API for Services Computing

Services Computing is fast turning into the mainstream pro-
gramming paradigm for building enterprise systems that are
distributed in nature. However, the programming power
available to the developers of service oriented systems has
been slow to catch up with the advances in technology. Ob-
ject oriented APIs continue to be the prevalent mechanism
for implementing web services based software systems. This
creates a gap resulting from the absence of an abstraction
that can model services at the language level and yet be able
to meet the high requirements of the programming paradigm
enabled by the concept of services.
We present SOPI, a semantic web based Service Oriented
Programming API that bridges this abstraction gap by pro-
viding services as first class entities. It enables it in a fashion
that makes automatic discoverability, invocation and com-
position etc. possible at the language level. SOPI offers ma-
jor operations for service manipulation including creation,
discovery, invocation, composition, and inheritance. It relies
on the use of semantics and object oriented design principles
to achieve that. We present our design and implementation
of the API.

By: Arun Kumar, Himanshu Chauhan and D Janakiram

Published in: RI09015 in 2009


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