HPCC 2010 Class II Submission: UPC and CoArray Fortran

This paper discusses the benchmarks, our implementation approaches and the performance we obtained. We include relevant segments of the code here; the complete source code and all result logs are contained in the full submission package.

The rest of this document is structured as follows. Section 2 describes the compilers we used in this submission. Section 3 describes the individual benchmarks, and how we implemented them. Having taken the committee’s criticism from last year to heart, we will emphasize the productivity aspect of each benchmark implementation. Section 4 discusses the performance evaluation of the benchmarks. The hardware architectures used are presented in Section 4.1 while individual benchmarks are discussed starting with Section 4.2. We conclude in Section 5.

By: George Almási, Barnaby Dalton, Lawrence L. Hu, Albert Sidelnik, Ilie Gabriel Tanase, Ettore Tiotto, Xing Xue

Published in: RC25067 in 2010


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