A Framework for Scheduling Parallel DBMS User-defined Programs on an Attached High-Performance Computer

We describe a software framework for deploying, scheduling and executing parallel DBMS user-defined programs on an attached high-performance computer (HPC) platform, which is advantageous for many DBMS workloads in the following two aspects. First, those queries which invoke long-running user-defined programs can be speeded up by taking advantage of the greater hardware parallelism on the attached HPC platform. Second, the interactive response time of the remaining applications on the database server platform is improved by the off-loading these long-running user-defined programs to the attached HPC platform. This framework provides a new approach for integrating high-performance computing into the workflow of query-oriented, computationally-intensive applications.

By: Michael A. Kochte, Ramesh Natarajan

Published in: RC24402 in 2007


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