A Local Fairness Algorithm for Gigabit LANs/MANs with Spatial Bandwidth Reuse

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        In this paper we present an algorithm to provide local fairness for ring and bus networks with spatial bandwidth reuse. Spatial bandwidth reuse can significantly increase the effective throughput delivered by the network and is, therefore, desirable to be implemented in high-speed LAN/MAN environments. Our algorithm can be applied to any dual ring or bus architecture such as MetaRing. In the performance study section of our paper, we will show that this local fairness algorithm can exploit the throughput advantage offered by spatial bandwidth reuse better than a global fairness algorithm. This is accomplished because it ensures fair use of network resources among nodes which are competing for the same subset of links, while permitting free access to noncongested parts of the network. We will demonstrate the performance advantage of out local fairness scheme by simulating the system under various traffic scenarios and compare the results to that of the MetaRing SAT-based global fairness algorithm. Furthermore, we will show that under certain traffic patterns, the performance of this algorithm achieves the optimal throughput result predicted by the known Max-Min fairness definition.

        Also Published In: GLOBECOM '92: Communication for Global Uses, Conference Record, Vols. 1-3. New York, IEEE, 1992. Pages: 1635-1641.

By: Jeane Chen, Israel Cidon (EE Dept. Technion - Israel), and Yoram Ofek

Published in: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, volume 11, (no 8), pages 1183-92 in 1993

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