Service Quality Evaluation Method for Community-based Software Outsourcing Process

Outsourcing software development to the community developers is a promising model to help reduce software development cost and improve software quality. In this paper, we present a method to evaluate the quality of service in the managing community-based software outsourcing process. There are three types of objects whose service quality need to be evaluated, i.e. service behaviors, service products, and service providers. For each type of object, there are five dimensions of quality indicators, i.e. time and efficiency, price and cost, quality of service content, resources and conditions, reputation and risk. Based on these dimensions, we built a set of quality indicators and the corresponding measurement methods. In our work, we adopted the traditional AHP method to calculate the total quality of each type of object. Call-For-Implementation is community-based software development method put forward by IBM china research lab. In this paper, we take Call-For-Implementation as an example to introduce how to apply our proposed service evaluation method. A prototype is developed to support the evaluation process and exhibit results of quality evaluation. The main contribution of this paper is that an objective and dynamic service quality computation method is proposed to help evaluate the quality of outsourcing software management service.

By: Huimin Jiang, Alice Liu, Zhongjie Wang, Shu Liu

Published in: RC24723 in 2009


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