Technical Paper Archive - Research Reports

From 1955 to March 20, 2020, certain technical reports were published as Research Reports. These reports are listed on this page and certain reports are available to download. Please respect any copyright notices and limited distribution notices included in these reports. Please contact or with any questions

Report TitleAuthor(s)Report Number
1. Optimal Buffer Sharing I. Cidon, L. Georgiadis, R. Guerin, and A. Khamisy no research number
2. An Investigation of Application Level Performance in ATM Networks I. Cidon, R. Guerin, and A. Khamisy no research number
3. Incremental Cryptography: The Case of Hashing and Signing Mihir Bellare, Oded Goldreich and Shafi Goldwasser RC19618
4. On Defining Proofs of Knowledge Mihir Bellare and Oded Goldreich RC18410
5. Entity Authentication and Key Distribution Mihir Bellare and Phillip Rogaway RC19074
6. Electromigration Behavior of Electrotech Al(Cu) vs. CVD W Vias R. G. Filippi (IBM Microelectronics Div.), K. P. Rodbell and E. N. Levine (IBM Microelectronics Div.) RC19703
7. Role of the Circuit in Mesoscopic Noise Measurement Rolf Landauer RC19429
8. Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on Fe and Ni S. F. Alvarado RZ2504
9. A Comparison of Numerical Solutions of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for High-Energy Electron Transport Silicon A. Abramo (Univ. Bologna, It.), L. Baudry (Univ. Sci. et Tech., Lille, Fr.), R. Brunetti (Univ. Modena, It.), R. Castagne (Univ. Paris-Sud, Fr.), M. Charef (Univ. Sci. et Tech., Lille, Fr.), F. Dessenne (Univ. Sci. et Tech., Lille, Fr.), P. Dollfus (Univ. Paris-Sud, Fr.), R. Dutton (Stanford Univ.), W. L. Engl (Univ. Aachen, Germ.), R. Fauquembergue (Univ. Sci. et Tech., Lille, Fr.), C. Fiegna (Univ. Bologna, It.), M. V. Fischetti, S. Galdin (Univ. Paris-Sud, Fr.), N. Goldsman (Univ. Md.), M. Hackel (Tech. Univ. Vienna, Austria), C. Hamaguchi (Osaka Univ., Jap.), K. Hess (Beckman Inst.), K. Hennacy (Univ. Md.), P. Hesto (Univ. Paris-Sud, Fr.), J. M. Higman (Beckman Inst.), T. Iizuka (Microelectronics Res. Labs., Jap.), C. Jungemann (Univ. Aachen, Germ.), Y. Kamakura (Osaka Univ., Jap.), H. Kosina (Tech. Univ. Vienna, Austria), T. Kunikiyo (Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Jap.), S. E. Laux, H. Lin (Univ. Md.), C. Maziar (Univ. Tex., Austin), H. Mizuno (Osaka Univ., Jap.), H. J. Peifer (Univ. Aachen, Germ.), S. Ramaswamy (Univ. Mass.), N. Sano (NTT, Jap.), P. G. Scrobhachi (Univ. Mass.), S. Selberherr (Tech. Univ. Vienna, Austria), M. Takenaka (BLSI Res. Lab., Jap.), T. W. Tang (Univ. Mass.), K. Taniguchi (Osaka Univ., Jap.), J. L. Thobel (Univ. Sci. et Tech., Lille, Fr.), R. Thoma (Univ. Aachen, Germ.), K. Tomizawa (Meiji Univ., Jap.), M. TOmizawa (NTT LSI Labs., Jap.), T. Vogelsang (Siemens, Germ.), S. L. Wang (Univ. Md.), X. Wang (Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Jap.), C. S. Yao (Stanford Univ.), P. D. Yoder (Univ. Ill, Urbana-Champaign) and A. Yoshii (NTT LSI Labs., Jap.) RC19197
10. Estimating the Tensor of Curvature of a Surface from a Polyhedral Approximation Gabriel Taubin RC19860
11. Measurement of Carrier Lifetime and Absorption Recovery Time in Reverse-Biased GaAs/AlGaAs Single Quantum Well Laser Structures with Optical Pulse Mixing L. R. Brovelli (Swiss Fed. Inst. of Tech.), J. Hugi (Swiss Fed. Inst. of Tech.), H. Jacker and H. Melchior (Swiss Fed. Inst. of Tech.) RZ2548
12. Curve and Surface Smoothing without Shrinkage Gabriel Taubin RC19536
13. Dynamics of Growth of Silicon on Vicinal Si(001) Surface Young Hee Lee (Jeonbuk Nat'l. Univ., Korea), Eunja Kim (Jeonbuk Nat'l. Univ., Korea) and Michel Parrinello RZ2558
14. Single-Program Speculatives Multithreading (SPSM) Architecture: Compiler-Assisted Fine-Grained Multithreading Pradeep K. Dubey, Kevin O'Brien, Kathryn M. O'Brien, Charles Barton RC19928
15. Balancing Processor Loads and Exploiting Data Locality in Irregular Computation Ioana Banicescu (Polytechnic Univ.) and Susan Flynn Hummel RC19934
16. Nature of the Superconducting State in High-Tc Cuprates T. Schneider and M. H. Pedersen RZ2572
17. Spontaneous Emission Measuremetns on Two and Three Strained GaInP Quantum Well Laser Diodes G. Hunziker, P. Unger, C. Harder and W. Knop (Swiss Fed. Inst. of Tech.) RZ2575
18. Oscillating String as Force Sensor in Scanning Force Microscopy A. Stalder, U. Durig RZ2576
19. A Signal Processing Approach to Fair Surface Design Gabriel Taubin RC19923
20. Dynamic Modelling for Re-Engineering Supply Chains Daniel Connors, Chae An, Stephen Buckley, Gerry Feigin, Anthony Levas, Nitin Nayak, Raja Petrakian, Ramesh Srinivasan and Ranaga Jayaraman (IBM Corp. Hdq.) RC19944
21. Reliable Tip Preparation for High-Resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscopy O. Albrektsen (Tele Danmark Res., Den.), H. W. M. Salemink, K. A. Morch (Tech. Univ. of Denmark) and A. R. Tholen (Tech. Univ. of Denmark) RZ2582
22. On the Nature of the Superconducting State in High-Tc Cuprates T. Schneider RZ2592
23. Condensation of Hard-Core Pairs on a Lattice: A Model of the Superconducting State in Cuprates M. H. Pedersen and T. Schneider RZ2595
24. Molecular Dynamics Techniques for Complex Molecular Systems M. Sprik RZ2667
25. Comment on Evolution from BCS Superconductivity to Bose-Enistein Condensation: ROle of the Parameter kFxi. in Interpreting the Experimental Plot by Uemura et al. J. J. Rodriguez-Nunez (FEC-LUZ, Venezuela), S. Schafroth (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), T. Schneider, M. H. Pedersen (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) and C. Rossel RZ2597
26. Antiferromagnetism vs. Superconductivity in a Tight Binding Model with Singlet Nearest Neighbor Pairing Interaction Th. Meintrup and T. Schneider RZ2603
27. Monte Carlo Investigation of Head-Tail Ordering of CO Monolayers on Graphite D. Marx, S. Sengupta (IGCAR, India), P. Nielaba (Johannes Gutenberg Univ., Germ.) and K. Binder (Johannes Gutenberg Univ., Germ.) RZ2605
28. Atomic-Scale Metal Adhesion U. Duerig RZ2606
29. Thermal Stability of Self-Assembled Monolayers E. Delamarche, B. Michel, H. Kang and Ch. Gerber RZ2607
30. The Mechanism of the Electric Field Effect in the High-Tc Cuprates T. Frey, J. Mannhart, J. G. Bednorz and E. J. Williams (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.) RZ2608
31. Evidence of a Pseudogap above the Critical Temperature in the Attractive Hubbard Model J. J. Rodriguez-Nunez (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), S. Schafroth (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), R. Micnas, T. Schneider, H. Beck (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) and M. H. Pedersen (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) RZ2609
32. High-Tc Superconductors Tailored at the Nanometer Scale J. Mannhart RZ2612
33. Implications of 3D xy Critical Point Universality for the Properties of High-Tc Cuprates T. Schneider RZ2614
34. Tc and Pseudogap in the 2D Attractive Hubbard Model J. J. Rodriguez-Nunez (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), S. Schafroth (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), H. Beck (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), T. Schneider and R. Micnas (Adam Mickiewicz Univ., Poland) RZ2618
35. Structure and Bonding in Cisplatin and Other Pt(II) Complexes Paolo Carloni (Univ. Florence, It.), Wanda Andreoni, Jurg Hutter, Alessandro Curioni (Scuola Normale Superiore, It.), Paolo Giannozzi (Scuola Normale Superiore, It.) RZ2675
36. Variation in the In-Plane Penetration Depth lambda(ab) as a Function of Doping in La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4+/-delta) Thin Films on SrTiO(3): Implications for the Overdoped State J. P. Locquet, Y. Jaccard (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), A. Cretton (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.), E. J. Williams (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.), E. Machler, T. Schneider, O. Fischer (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.) and P. Martinoli (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) RZ2630
37. End-Group-Dominated Molecular Order in Self-Assembled Monolayers H. Wolf (Johannes-Gutenberg Univ., Switz.), H. Ringsdorf (Johannes-Gutenber Univ., Switz.), E. Delamarche, T. Takami, H. Kang, B. Michel, Ch. Gerber, M. Jaschke (Max-Planck Inst., Germ.), H. J. Butt (Max-Planck Inst., Germ.) and E. Bamberg (Max-Planck Inst., Germ.) RZ2683
38. The Projector Augmented Wave Method P. E. Bloechl RZ2633
39. The Electronic Transparence of a Single C60 Molecule C. Joachim (CEMES-CNRS, Fr.), J. K. Gimzewski, R. R. Schlittler and C. Chavy (CEMES-CNRS, Fr.) RZ2634
40. Molecular Structure and Chemical Bonding in K3C60 and K660 Wanda Andreoni, Paolo Giannozzi (FORUM-INFM, It.) and Michele Parrinello RZ2646
41. Resonant Cavity Enhanced (RCE) Photonic Devices M. S. Unlu (Boston Univ.) and S. Strite RZ2648
42. Principles of Materials Etching R. Germann RZ2650
43. Scanning Surface Harmonic Microscopy: Application to Silicon and Langmuir-Blodgett Films on Silicon J. P. Bourgoin (Service de Chimie Moleculaire, Fr.), M. B. Johnson and B. Michel RZ2655
44. Buffering and Chaching in Large-Scale Video Servers Asit Dan, Dan Dias, Rajat Mukherjee, Dinkar Sitaram and Renu Tewari RC19903
45. Mechanical Stress in AlGaAs Ridge Lasers: Its Measurement and Effect on the Optical Near Field P. W. Epperlein, G. Hunziker, K. Datwyler, U. Deutsch, H. P. Dietrich and D. J. Webb RZ2638
46. Silicon Rcrystallization Effects in Mirror Coatings of High-Power 980-nm InGaAs/AlGaAs Lasers P. W. Epperlein and M. Gasser RZ2639
47. Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Small Au Contacts A. Stalder and U. Durig RZ2644
48. Beam Quality of InGaAs Ridge Lasers at High Output Power G. Hunziker and C. Harder RZ2651
49. C61H2 in Molecular and Solid Phases: Density-functional Approach to Structural... A. Curioni RZ2660
50. Effect of Pair Fluctuations on the Electronic Properties of the Negative Hubbard Model J. J. Rodriguez-Nunez, S. Schafroth (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), R. Micnas (Adam Mickiewicz Univ., Poland), T. Schneider, H. Beck (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) and M. H. Pedersen RZ2659
51. Nucleation of Co Silicide on H Passivated Si(111) M. Copel and R. M. Tromp RC19637
52. Effects of Surface Oxide on Rapid Thermal Nitridation of Si(001) M. Copel, R. M. Tromp, H. J. Timme (IBM Semiconductor R&D Ctr.), T. Nakao (Toshiba) and K. Penner (Siemens) RC19763
53. Spin-Polarized Electron Tunneling: The Importance of the Potential Barrier Shape S. F. Alvarado RZ2657
54. A Reversible Magnetic Switch by Minute Adsorption of Cu on Co Films W. Weber, C. H. Back (ETH, Honggerberg, Switz.), A. Bischof, D. Pescia (ETH, Honggerberg, Switz.) and R. Allenspach RZ2677
55. Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy on Poly- and Single Crystalline Mercury-Based Cuprates Hg-1223 and Hg-1234 C. Rossel, P. Bauer, J. Karpinski (ETH, Switz.), A. Schilling (ETH, Switz.) and A. Morawski (High Pressure Res. Ctr., Poland) RZ2678
56. A Standards-Based Communication Subsystem for Health Care Applications Andrew Hutchison, Matthias Kaiserswerth, Michael Moser and Andreas Schade RZ2717
57. Holography of Holes, with Electrons and Photons H. J. Kreuzer (Dalhousie Univ., Can.), H. W. Fink, H. Schmid and S. Bonev (Dalhousie Univ., Can.) RZ2671
58. CH+5: A Molecule without Shape? D. Marx, M. Parrinello (Max-Planck Inst., Germ.) RZ2674
59. Nanoguitar: Oscillating String as Force Sensor A. Stalder and U. Durig RZ2676
60. State of the Art of Low-Energy Electron Holography H.-W. Fink, H. J. Kreuzer (Dalhousie Univ., Can.) and H. Schmid RZ2664
61. Doping Profiling with Scanning Surface Harmonic Microscopy M. B. Johnson, J. P. Bourgoin (Service de Chimie, Fr.) and B. Michel RZ2665
62. Quantum 'Melting' of Orientationally Ordered Physisorbates D. Marx, P. Nielaba (Johannes-Gutenberg Univ., Germ.) RZ2669
63. Dynamic Path-Based Branch Correlation Dynamic Path-Based Branch Correlation Ravi Nair RC20100
64. Random Walks and Undirected Graph Connectivity: A Survey A. R. Karlin (DEC), P. Raghavan RC19495
65. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ionic Aqueous Micelles: Electrostatics at the Water-Hydrocarbon Interface M. Sprik, J. C. Shelley (Univ. British Columbia, Vancouver) RZ2457
66. Low Cost FCA/BGA Single Chip Carriers H. R. Bickford, C. R. Davis, R. S. Germain and R. D. Goldblatt RC19974
67. Fowler-Nordheim Injection in Silicon Dioxide Films Produced by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition Using Nitrous Oxide and Silane D. Landheer (Nat'l. Res. Council of Can., Ont.), Y. Tao (Nat'l. Res. Council of Can., Ont.), D. X. Xu (Nat'l. Res. Council of Can., Ont.), G. I. Sproule (Nat'l. Res. Council of Can., Ont.) and D. A. Buchanan RC19911
68. Density-Functional-Theory-Based Molecular Dynamics Study of 1,3,5-Trioxane and 1,3-Dioxolane Protolysis A. Curioni (Scuola Normale Superiore, It.), W. Andreoni, J. Hutter, H. Schiffer (Hoechst. AG Sci. Computing, Germ.), M. Parrinello RZ2598
69. Secure Transport Protocols for High-Speed Networks E. Basturk, M. Bellare, C.-S. Chow, R. Guerin RC19981
70. Making OS/2 Talk: Programming Speech and Non-Speech Audio Jim Thatcher RC19826
71. How to Make OS/2 Talk ... And Why Access to OS/2 with IBM Screen Reader/2 Jim Thatcher RC19825
72. Trends in the Structural and Electronic Properties of Metallofullerenes W. Andreoni and A. Curioni (Scuolo Normale Superiore, It.) RZ2613
73. Fluxional Dynamics of Beryllocene P. Margl (Tech. Univ. of Vienna), K. Schwarz (Tech. Univ. of Vienna), P. E. Blochl RZ2625
74. Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Solvation and Transport of Protonic Charge Defects in Water M. Tuckerman, K. Laasonen (Univ. Penn.), M. Sprik and M. Parrinello (Max Planck Inst., Germ.) RZ2640
75. Influence of Surface Topology and Electrostatic Potential on Water/Electrode Sytems J. I. Siepmann (Univ. Mich.) and M. Sprik RZ2641
76. Screen Reader/2: Access to OS/2 and the Graphical User Interface Jim Thatcher RC19824
77. Screen Reader/2 - Programmed Access to GUI Jim Thatcher RC19823
78. Conducting Layered Organic-Inorganic Halides Containing Oriented Perovskite Sheets D. B. Mitzi, S. Wang (Univ. of Houston), C. A. Feild, C. A. Chess and A. M. Guloy (Univ. of Houston) RC19813
79. The Worst-Case Running Time of the Random Simplex Algorithm Is Exponential in the Height Andrei Z. Broder (Digital Systems Res. Ctr., Palo Alto, CA), Martin E. Dyer (Leeds Univ., Eng.), Alan M. Frieze (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), Prabhakar Raghavan and Eli Upfal (Weizmann Inst. of Sci., Rehovot, Israel) RC19976
80. Object Classes for Numerical Analysis C. C. Douglas, D. A. George, M. E. Henderson RC19480
81. The Limits of Mathematics G. J. Chaitin RC19646
82. Linkage Conventions, Module Structure and Related Matters for Little-Endian PowerPC R. Simpson, P. Oden RC19681
83. Routing and Wavelength Assignment Methods in All-Optical Networks A. Birman, A. Kershenbaum RC19725
84. Timestamp Consistency and Trace-Driven Analysis for Distributed Parallel Systems C. E. Wu, Y. H. Liu, Y. Hsu RC19735
85. Trace-Based Performance Analysis and Tuning for Distributed Parallel Applications C. E. Wu, Y. H. Liu and C. Benveniste RC19740
86. Multiway Decision Graphs for Automated Hardware Verification F. Corella, Z. Zhou (Univ. Montreal), X. Song (Univ. Montreal), M. Langevin (Univ. Montreal) and E. Cerny (Univ. Montreal) RC19676
87. Maximum Entropy Approach to Natural Language Processing A. L. Berger, S. A. DellaPietra and V. J. DellaPietra RC19694
88. Randomized Approximation Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization P. Raghavan RC19707
89. Numerical Simulation of Laminar Diffusion Flames C. C. Douglas, A. Ern (CERMICS, Fr.) and M. D. Smooke (Yale Univ.) RC19677
90. Limits of Mathematics II G. J. Chaitin RC19660
91. Limits of Mathematics III G. J. Chaitin RC19663
92. Limits of Mathematics IV G. J. Chaitin RC19671
93. Limits of Mathematics (Extended Abstract) G. J. Chaitin RC19672
94. Multigrid Solution of Flame Shet Problems on Serial and Parallel Computers C. C. Douglas, A. Ern (CERMICS, Fr.) and M. D. Smooke (Yale Univ.) RC19673
95. Reducing the Variance of Point to Point Transfers in the IBM 9076 Parallel Computer R. Mraz RC19675
96. Analytic Performance Modeling for a Spectrum of Multithreaded Processor Architectures P. Dubey, A. Krishna and M. Squillante RC19661
97. A Visit to the Dresden Frauenkirche R. Jalili, P. D. Kirchner, J. Montoya (Res. Triangle Inst.), S. Duncan (Res. Triangle Inst.), L. Genevriez (Rue Ledru-Rolling, Fr.), J. S. Lipscomb, R. H. Wolfe and C. F. Codella RC19662
98. Routing Algorithms for IBM SP1 B. Abali, C. Aykanat (Bilkent Univ., Turkey) RC19622
99. Visualization of Scattered Meteorological Data: Study of Severe Rainfall Events in Northwestern Peru L. A. Treinish RC19537
100. Interactive Archives of Scientific Data L. A. Treinish RC19539
101. Scientific and Engineering C++: Is Const Worth a Thousand Words? J. J. Barton and L. R. Nackman RC19569
102. On Iterated-Subspace Minimization Methods for Nonlinear Optimization A. R. Conn, N. Gould (CERFACS, Fr.), A. Sartenaer (Univ. ND de la Paix, Belg.) and Ph. L. Toint (Univ. ND de la Paix, Belg.) RC19578
103. How Expert is Your Expert System for Performance Management? J. L. Hellerstein RC19562
104. Efficient Flow-Insensitive Alias Analysis in the Presence of Pointers M. Burke, P. Carini, J. D. Choi and M. Hind RC19546
105. Analytic Modeling of Processor Utilization in Multithreaded Processor Architectures M. S. Squillante RC19543
106. Variants of Matrix-Matrix Multiplication for Fortran-90 C. C. Douglas and G. Slishman RC19531
107. Support for Fully Interactive Playout in a Disk-Array-Based Video Server M. S. Chen, D. D. Kandlur and P. S. Yu RC19534
108. The SP1 High-Performance Switch C. B. Stunkel, D. G. Shea, D. G. Grice (IBM Kingston), P. H. Hochschild and M. Tsao RC19491
109. Architecture and Implementation of Vulcan C. B. Stunkel, D. G. Shea, B. Abali, M. M. Denneau, P. H. Hochschild, D. J. Joseph, B. J. Nathanson, M. Tsao and P. R. Varker RC19492
110. Efficient Routing in All-Optical Networks P. Raghavan and E. Upfal (Weizmann Inst., Isreal) RC19430
111. The Traveling Cameraman Problem, with Applications to Automatic Optical Inspection K. Iwano, P. Raghavan and H. Tamaki RC19474
112. Stochastic Contention Resolution with Short Delays Prabhakar Raghavan and Eli Upfal (The Weizmann Inst., Israel) RC19996
113. Scientific and Engineering C++: What's That Template Argument about? J. J. Barton and L. R. Nackman RC19457
114. Base-Class Compositions with Multiple Derivation and Virtual Bases L. R. Nackman and J. J. Barton RC19458
115. Randomized Query Processing in Robot Motion Planning L. Kavraki (Stanford Univ.), J. C. Latombe (Stanford Univ.), R. Motwani (Stanford Univ.), P. Raghavan RC19997
116. The Global Desktop: A Graphical Composition Environment for Local and Distributed Applications T. Huynh, C. Jutla, A. Lowry, R. Strom and D. Yellin RC19342
117. A Faster Distributed MST Algorithm S. Kutten and D. Peleg (Weizmann Inst., Israel) RC19452
118. Multicast Communication Implementation in High Speed Packet Switching Systems P. Landsberg, S.-P. Chang and Paul Chang RC19453
119. The Minimum Latency Problem A. Blum, P. Chalasani (CMU), D. Coppersmith, B. Pulleyblank, P. Raghavan and M. Sudan RC19418
120. Real-Time VLSI Chip Power/Performance Optimization C. J. Georgiou, T. A. Larsen (IBM Microelectronics) and E. Schenfeld (NEC) RC19423
121. An Environment for Run-Time Partitioning and Scheduling of Parallel Block Sparse Cholesky Factorization S. Venugopal (Rutgers Univ.) and V. K. Naik RC19399
122. Deadlock-free Asynchronous Communication Strategies for Unstructured Computations on iPSC/860 S. Venugopal (Rutgers Univ.) and V. K. Naik RC19524
123. Get Me That Screwdriver! Developing a Sensory-Action Vocabulary for Fetch-and-Carry Tasks J. H. Connell RC19473
124. Version Coherence in Fine-Grained Object Storage and Its Interoperation with Versioning Approaches for Coarse-Grained Objects W. Harrison RC19503
125. Analytical Performance Modeling for a Spectrum of Multithreaded Machines P. K. Dubey, A. Krishna and M. J. Flynn (Stanford Univ.) RC19549
126. Navy Shipboard Waveguide System Installation Paul Clouser RC19990
127. A Comparative Study of Divergence Control Algorithms A. Kawaguchi (Columbia Univ.), K. Mok (Columbia Univ.), C. Pu (Oregon Grad. Inst.), K. L. Wu and P. S. Yu RC19563
128. Performance of NAS Parallel Benchmark Applications on IBM SP-1 V. K. Naik RC19565
129. Parallel I/O Workload Characteristics Using Vesta Sandra Johnson Baylor and C. Eric Wu RC19940
130. Building Intelligent Decision-Tree Algorithm for Classification Problems P. L. Tu and J. Y. Chung RC19738
131. Performance of the Vesta Parallel File System D. G. Feitelson, P. F. Corbett and J. P. Prost RC19760
132. Time Synchronization on SP1 and SP2 Parallel Systems B. Abali and C. Stunkel RC19762
133. PET: A Parallel Performance Estimation Tool K. Ekanadham, V. K. Naik and M. S. Squillante RC19764
134. Job Characteristics of a Production Parallel Scientific Workload on the NASA Ames iPSC/860 D. G. Feitelson and B. Nitzberg (NASA Ames Res. Ctr.) RC19773
135. Verity - A Formal Verification Program for Custom CMOS Circuits Kuehlmann et al. RC19759
136. On-Line Video on Demand S. Aggarwal (MIT), J. A. Garay and A. Herzberg RC19770
137. Analysis of Cache Effects and Resource Scheduling in Distributed Parallel Processing Systems V. K. Naik and M. S. Squillante RC19774
138. SP/OSL Version 1.0 Stochastic Programming Interface Library User's Guide A. J. King RC19757
139. Ubiquitous Mail: Speech and Graphical User Interfaces to an Integrated Voice/E-Mail Mailbox C. G. Wolf and L. Koved RC19758
140. A Survey of Scheduling in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems D. G. Feitelson RC19790
141. Non-Disruptive Server Recovery in Calypso File System M. Devarakonda, B. Kish and A. Mohindra RC19794
142. A Unified Multigrid Theory for Non-Nested Grids and/or Quadrature C. C. Douglas, J. Douglas Jr. (Purdue Univ.) and D. E. Fyfe (Naval Res. Lab.) RC19755
143. Efficient Minimum Cost Matching and Transportation Using the Quadrangle Inequality A. Aggarwal, A. BarNoy, S. Khuller (Univ. of Maryland), D. Kravets (N.J. Inst. of Tech.) and B. Schieber RC19800
144. Scientific and Engineering C++: Dimensional Analysis J. J. Barton and L. R. Nackman RC19803
145. Goal Oriented Dynamic Buffer Pool Management for Data Base Systems J. Y. Chung, D. Ferguson, G. Wang, Ch. Nilolaou (Univ. Crete, Greece) and J. Teng (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.) RC19807
146. Itinerant Agents for Mobile Computing David Chess, Benjamin Grosof, Colin Harrison, David Levine, Colin Parris and Gene Tsudik (IBM Zurich) RC20010
147. An Equivariant, Inclination Flip, Heteroclinic Bifurcation P. A. Worfolk RC19827
148. An Integrable Normal Form for Water Waves in Infinite Depth W. Craig (Brown Univ.) and P. Worfolk RC19828
149. On the Role of Algebra in the Efficient Verification of Proofs M. Sudan RC19830
150. An Effective Hash Based Algorithm for Mining Association Rules J. S. Park (Sungshin Women's Univ., Korea), M. S. Chen and P. S. Yu RC19845
151. Route Server Design John Chu RC19850
152. Analysis of Optimal Scheduling in Distributed Parallel Queueing Systems M. S. Squillante and K. P. Tsoukatos (Univ. of Maryland) RC19885
153. Computing a Minimum-Weight k-Link Path in Graphs with the Concave Monge Property B. Schieber RC19870
154. The Electronic Flea Market R. Anand and M. P. Rao RC19678
155. Distributed Fault Identification in Communication Networks A. T. Bouloutas, S. B. Calo, A. Finkel and I. Katzela RC19641
156. Comparison of Network-Level Security Protocols M. H. Linehan RC19632
157. Centralized vs Distributed Fault Identification in Communication Networks I. Katzela, A. T. Bouloutas and S. B. Calo RC19630
158. Automated Classification of Defects in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing F. Y. Wu, V. H. Brecher, P. B. Chou, D. M. Parisi, R. Rao and M. C. Sturzenbecker RC19586
159. Performance Limits for Cellular Systems with Handoffs K. N. Sivarajan RC19204
160. Effect of Logic Cell Granularity on FPGA Performance and Density J. L. Kouloheris and A. E. Gamal (Stanford Univ.) RC19404
161. E-Beam Lithography of Curved Structures with an Enhanced Vector-Scan Pattern Generator Supporting Conic-Based Primitives F. Vasey (CERN, Switz.), D. Prongue, H. Rothuizen and P. Vettiger RZ2620
162. A Performance Study of Workfile Disk Management for Concurrent Mergesorts in a Multiprocessor Database System K.-L. Wu, P. S. Yu, J.-Y. Chung and J. Z. Teng RC19846
163. Energy-Efficient Caching for Bandwidth-Limited Wireless Mobile Computing K.-L. Wu, P. S. Yu and M.-S. Chen RC19877
164. Design and Analysis of a Look-ahead Scheduling Scheme to Support Pause-Resume for Video-on-Demand Applications P. S. Yu, J. L. Wolf and H. Shachnai RC19683
165. On the *-Product in Kneading Theory Karen M. Brucks (Univ. Wisc., Milwaukee), Roza Galeeva (ENS Lyon, Fr.), Daniel N. Rockmore (Dartmouth College, N.H.) and Charles Tresser RC19983
166. Reformulating Non-Monotonic Theories for Inference and Updating Benjamin N. Grosof RC17955
167. A Walk along the Branches of the Extended Farey Tree Jeffrey C. Lagarias (AT&T Bell Labs., Murray Hill, NJ) and Charles Tresser RC19984
168. Querying Constraints J. L. Lassez RT
169. The Performance Impact of Granularity Control and Functional Parallelism Jose E. Moreira, Dale A. Schouten and Constantine D. Polychronopoulos RC20045
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191. Visualization of Scattered Meteorological Data: Study of Severe Rainfall Events in Northwestern Peru Lloyd A. Treinish RC20033
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276. Parallel Simulation of the IBM SP2 Interconnection Network Caroline Benveniste (Columbia Univ.) and Philip HeidelbergerRC20161
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282. Normal State Properties of the Attractive Hubbard Model: Moment Approach T. Schneider, M. H. Pedersen and J. J. Rodriguez-Nunez (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) RZ2736
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291. M/G/1 and G/M/1 Type Markov Chains with Multiple Boundary Levels H. R. Gail, S. L. Hantler and B. A. Taylor (Univ. of MI) RC20183
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310. Scientific and Engineering C++: Two Faces of Polymorphism John J. Barton and Lee R. Nackman RC20192
311. Parallel Execution for Serial Simulators David M. Nicol (The College of William and Mary) and Philip Heidelberger RC20205
312. The Limits of Mathematics G. J. Chaitin RC20218
313. Microcharacterization of Semiconductor Laser Diodes -- Materials and Devices A. Jakubowicz RZ2749
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316. Adhesion on the Nanometer Scale U. Duerig and A. Stalder RZ2752
317. Finding a Small Root of a Univariate Modular Equation Don Coppersmith RC20223
318. An Approach to Selecting Metrics for Detecting Performance Problems in Information Systems Joseph L. Hellerstein RC20221
319. Limits on the Performance Benefits of Multithreading and Prefetching Beng-Hong Lim, Ricardo Bianchini (Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) RC20238
320. Globenet and RAISE: Intelligent Agents for Networked Newsgroups and Customer Service Support Benjamin N. Grosof and Davis A. Foulger RC20226
321. Generating Machine Specific Optimizing Compilers Roger Hoover and Kenneth Zadeck RC20232
322. Constraint Dependency Grammar Hiroshi Maruyama RT0044
323. A System for Dynamic Resource Allocation and Data Distribution Jose E. Moreira, Vijay K. Naik and Ravi B. Konuru RC20257
324. A General and High-Speed Rate Control Scheme Willibald Doeringer (FH Worms, Germany) and Marco Heddes RZ2754
325. Provisioning of RSVP-based Services over a Large ATM Network Alex Birman, Victor Firoiu, Roch Guerin, and Dilip Kandlur RC20250
326. Design and Implementation of the Vesta Parallel File System Peter F. Corbett and Dror G. Feitelson RC19485
327. Satisfying the I/O Requirements of Massively Parallel Supercomputers D. G. Feitelson, P. F. Corbett, S. J. Baylor and Y. Hsu RC19008
328. Wear Resistant Fluorinated Diamond-Like Carbon Films A. Grill and V. Patel RC20273
329. Don't Cares in Synthesis: Theoretical Pitfalls and Practical Solutions D. Brand, R.A. Bergamaschi and L. Stok RC20127
330. Critical Behavior in the Computational Cost of Satisfiability Testing Bart Selman (AT&T Bell Labs.) and Scott Kirkpatrick RC20129
331. Electronic Data Interchange Standards for Health Care Andrew Hutchison, Matthias Kaiserswerth, Michael Moser and Andreas Schade RZ2756
332. Electron-Beam Microcolumn Fabrication and Testing M. Despont, U. Staufer, C. Stebler, H. Gross and P. Vettiger RZ2757
333. The Full Structure of a Drug-Nucleic Acid Complex from First Principles Paolo Carloni and Wanda Andreoni RZ2758
334. Finding a Small Root of a Bivariate Integer Equation; Factoring with High Bits Known Don Coppersmith RC20280
335. Using Symbolic Links and Name Resolution of Distributed File Systems to Improve Version Management and to Optimize Access R. C. Hauser and A. Tanner RZ2748
336. Implementing OSI Agents for TMN M. Feridun, L. Heusler and R. Nielsen RZ2759
337. Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Methods M. Sprik RZ2760
338. Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Diffusion and Defects in Solid Li(sub3)N J. Sarnthein (TU Wien, Austria), K. Schwarz (TU Wien, Austria) and P. E. Bloechl RZ2761
339. Active Microlevers as Miniature Torque Magnetometers C. Rossel, P. Bauer, D. Zech (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), J. Hofer (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) and H. Keller (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) RZ2762
340. Effects of Doping on the Vibrational Properties of C(sub 60) from First Principles: K(sub 6)C(sub 60) Paolo Giannozzi (Scuola Normale Superiore and INFM, Italy) and Wanda Andreoni RZ2763
341. Design of a V.34 Modem for Real-Time Multitasking DSP Operating System Fredy D. Neeser and Malcolm S. Ware RZ2764
342. Reusable Architecture for Embedding Rule-Based Intelligence in Information Agents Benjamin N. Grosof, David W. Levine, Hoi Y. Chang, Colin J. Parris and Joshua S. Auerbach RC20305
343. Control-Flow versus Data-Flow-Based Scheduling: Combining Both Approaches in an Adaptive Scheduling System Reinaldo A. Bergamaschi, Salil Raje (Northwestern Univ.), Indira Nair and Louise Trevillyan RC20289
344. Arnoldi versus Nonsymmetric Lanczos Algorithms for Solving Matrix Eigenvalue Problems Jane Cullum RC20303
345. Theory of (La, Y) Endohedrally Doped Fullerenes: The Past and the Present Wanda Andreoni and Alessandro Curioni (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy) RZ2765
346. Isolation, Structure and Electronic Properties of the Heterofullerene Salt K(sub6)C(sub59)N Kosmas Prassides (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Majid Keshavarz-K (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Jan Cornelius Hummelen (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Wanda Andreoni, Paolo Giannozzi, Ernst Beer (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Cheryl Bellavia (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Luigi Cristofolini (Univ. of Sussex, UK), Rosario Gonzalez (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Alexandros Lappas (Univ. of Sussex, UK), Yasuo Murata (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Magdalena Malecki (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara), Vojislav Srdanov (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara) and Fred Wudl (Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara) RZ2766
347. Raman Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Lasers Peter W. Epperlein RZ2767
348. Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Calculations to Study Catalysis K. Schwarz (Technical Univ. VIenna, Austria), E. Nusterer (Technical Univ. Vienna, Austria), P. Margl (Univ. of Calgary, Canada) and P. E. Bloechl RZ2768
349. Scanning Tunneling and Local Probe Studies of Fullerenes J. K. Gimzewski RZ2769
350. Anomalous Dependence of the Critical Current of 45 degree Grain Boundaries in YBa2Cu3O7-x on an Applied Magnetic Field J. Mannhart, B. Mayer and H. Hilgenkamp RZ2770
351. Low-Exponent RSA with Related Messages Don Coppersmith, Matthew Franklin (AT&T Bell Labs.), Jacques Patarin (CPS Transac, France) and Michael Reiter (AT&T Bell Labs.) RC20318
352. Silicon Carbon Oxynitride as a Gate Dielectric Layer for a Thin Film Transistor Yue Kuo RC20268
353. Charge Metering Sampling Circuits and their Applications Eugene S. Schlig RC20269
354. The Minishock Tester for DASD Testing K.F. Etzold, T. Chainer, E. J. Yarmchuk RC20320
355. High Performance Self Resetting Circuits with Enhanced Testability Terry I. Chappell (Intel), Ruud A. Haring, Talal K. Jaber (IBM Microelectronics Div., Austin, TX), Ed Seewann (IBM Microelectronics Div., Austin, TX), Michael P. Beakes, Barbara A. Chappell (Intel) and Bruce M. Fleischer RC20321
356. Self Resetting Logic Register and Incrementer Ruud A. Haring, Mark S. Milshtein (Intel), Terry I. Chappell (Intel), Sang H. Dhong (IBM Austin Res. Lab.) and B. A. Chappell (Intel) RC20322
357. Unique X-Ray Diffraction Pattern at Grazing-Incidence from Misfit Dislocations in SiGe Thin Films J. L. Jordan-Sweet, P. M. Mooney, M. A. Lutz, R. M. Feenstra (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), J. O. Chu and F. K. LeGoues RC20323
358. Spatially and Energy Resolved Hot Electron Transport Through Metal-Oxide-Silicon Structures R. Ludeke, E. Cartier and H. J. Wen RC20324
359. Protecting Publicly-Available Images with a Visible Image Watermark Gordon W. Braudaway, Karen A. Magerlein and Fred Mintzer RC20336
360. Fast Motion Estimation Algorithms for Overlapped Block Motion Compression Rajesh Rajagopalan, Lurng-Kuo Liu, Wei Ding and Ephraim Feig RC20332
361. Iterative Methods for Solving Ax = b, GMRES/FOM versus QMR/BiCG Jane Cullum RC20325
362. Implementation of Dual Decomposition in OSL Alan J. King RC20316
363. Disk Striping and Block Replication Algorithms for Video File Servers Robert Flynn (Polytechnic University) and William Tetzlaff RC20328
364. Block Allocation in Video Servers for Availability and Throughput William Tetzlaff and Robert Flynn (Polytechnic University) RC20329
365. Challenges in Forecasting and Planning in a Large Corporation Ramesh Srinivasan RC20424
366. Adaptive Source Routing in Multistage Interconnection Networks Yucel Aydogan (Bilkent Univ., Ankara), Craig B. Stunkel, Cevdet Aykanat (Bilkent Univ., Ankara), Bulent Abali RC20372
367. Applications of Implosion in Manufacturing Planning Brenda L. Dietrich RC20389
368. Entanglements at Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces H. R. Brown and T. P. Russell RJ9998
369. A Review of Random Access Algorithms Chatschik Bisdikian RC20348
370. Iterative Methods for Solving Ax = b, GMRES/FOM versus QMR/BiCG Jane Cullum RC20325
371. Comparison of Electromigration in Submicron Al(Cu) and Cu Thin Film Lines C.-K. Hu, D. C. Edelstein, C. Uzoh and T. Sullivan (IBM Microelectronics Div., Essex Jct., VT) RC20327
372. Iterative Methods for Solving Ax = b, GMRES/FOM versus QMR/BiCG Jane Cullum RC20325
373. Flow-Sensitive Type Analysis for C++ Paul R. Carini, Michael Hind, and Harini Srinvasan RC20267
374. Flow-Sensitive Interprocedural Constant Propagation Paul R. Carini and Michael Hind RC20290
375. Automatic Inlining Paul R. Carini RC20286
376. SVD Computations on the Connection Machine CM-5/CM-5E: Implementation and Accuracy Susanne M. Balle and Palle M. Pedersen (Thinking Machines Corp.) RC20343
377. Cu Segregation at the Al(Cu)/Al(sub2)O(sub3) Interface M. Copel, K.P. Rodbell and R.M. Tromp RC20353
378. Property Control of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings by Selection of Precursor, Bias, and Dilutant A. Grill RC20346
379. Scientific and Engineering C++: Hello ANSI/ISO! John J. Barton and Lee R. Nackman RC20347
380. Current Proposals for Parallel C++ Howard L. Operowsky RC20265
381. Scanning Probe Microscopy of Polymeric Methyltrioxorhenium M. R. Mattner (TU Muenchen, Germany), W. A. Herrmann (TU Muenchen, Germany), R. Berger (Univ. of Basel, Switz.), Ch. Gerber and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2772
382. Interfacial Reactions During Soldering with Lead-Tin Eutectic and Lead (Pb)-Free, Tin-Rich Solders S. K. Kang, R. S. Rai and S. Purushothaman RC20350
383. Development of High Conductivity Lead (Pb)-Free Conducting Adhesives S. K. Kang, R. S. Rai and S. Purushothaman RC20351
384. Minimal Energy Requirements in Communication Rolf Landauer RC20354
385. Divide-and-Conquer Approximation Algorithms via Spreading Metrics Guy Even (Univ. des Saarlandes, Germany), Joseph Naor (Technion, Israel), Satish Rao (NEC Res. Inst.), Baruch Schieber RC20345
386. A Scalable Implementation of NAS Parallel Benchmark BT on Distributed Memory Systems Vijay K. Naik RC20017
387. High Performance Parallel Implementations of the NAS Kernel Benchmarks on the IBM SP2 R.C. Agarwal, B. Alpern, L. Carter (Univ. of CA at San Diego), F. Gustavson, M. Zubair, D. Klepacki (IBM Kingston) and R. Lawrence RC19916
388. The Communication Software and Parallel Environment of the IBM SP2 Marc Snir, Peter Hochschild, D. Frye (IBM Power Parallel Systems), and Kevin Gildea (IBM Power Parallel Systems) RC19812
389. High-Speed Electrical Sampling Using Optical Second-Harmonic Generation Ajay Nahata (Columbia Univ.), Tony F. Heinz (Columbia Univ.) and James A. Misewich RC20355
390. Superconducting Properties of the Attractive Hubbard Model: Moment Approach Morten Holm Pedersen, Toni Schneider, Jose-Jesus Rodriguez-Nunez (Univ. Federal Fluminense, Brazil) and Hans Beck (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) RZ2773
391. Local Excitation, Scattering, and Interference of Surface Plasmons B. Hecht, D. W. Pohl and L. Novotny (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) RZ2774
392. Local Excitation of Surface Plasmons by TNOM B. Hecht, D. W. Pohl and L. Novotny (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) RZ2775
393. Evidence of 3D-XY Critical Behavior in La(sub2-x)Sr(subx)CuO(sub4) Films Y. Jaccard, T. Schneider, J. P. Locquet, E. J. Williams, P. Martinoli (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) and O. Fischer (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.) RZ2778
394. Fabrication of a Silicon-Pyrex-Silicon Stack by AC Anodic Bonding M. Despont, H. Gross, F. Arrouy, C. Stebler and U. Staufer RZ2779
395. Growth, Microstructure and Electrochemical Oxidation of MBE-Grown C-Axis La(sub2)CuO(sub4) Thin Films Frederic Arrouy (Univ. of Zurich, Switz.), Jean Pierre Locquet, Erica J. Williams, Erich Maechler, Ruediger Berger, Christoph Gerber, Christophe Monroux (Inst. de Chimie de la Matiere, France), Jean Claude Grenier (Inst. de Chimie de la Matiere, France) and Alain Wattiaux (Inst. de Chimie de la Matiere, France) RZ2780
396. Regional Frequency Analysis of Floods in Central Appalachia J. R. M. Hosking and J. R. Wallis RC20349
397. Locality of Reference in LU Decomposition with Partial Pivoting Sivan Toledo RC20344
398. Separation of Partition Inequalities Mourad Baiou, Francisco Barahona and Ali Ridha Mahjoub RC20539
399. Mobile Agents: Are They a Good Idea? David Chess, Colin Harrison and Aaron Kershenbaum RC19887
400. Crystallization Behavior and Mechanical Properties of a Nylon -6, -6/6 and -12 Ter-Polyamide Charles R. Davis RC20356
401. Efficient evaluation of 1/x for texture mapping Chandrasekhar Narayanaswami and William Luken RC20357
402. A Detailed Derivation of Extended Jones Matrix Representation for Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays A. Lien RC20358
403. Hot-Electron Induced Passivation of Silicon Dangling Bonds at the Si(111)/SiO(sub2) Interface E. Cartier and J. H. Stathis RC20359
404. Wavelength Sorting and Its Application to A Planarized Dynamic Wavelength Router Weyl-kuo Wang, Frank Tong and Karen Liu RC20360
405. MLAP: A MAC Level Access Protocol for the HFC 802.14 Network C. Bisdikian, B. McNeil, R. Norman, and R. Zeisz RC20284
406. Interaction of Water and Methanol with a Zeolite at High Coverages E. Nusterer (TU Vienna, Austria), P. E. Bloechl and K. Schwarz (TU Vienna, Austria) RZ2776
407. An Application of Lattice Theory to Knowledge Representation Frank J. Oles RC20339
408. The Ballistic Random Walker Patrici Molinas-Mata, M. A. Munoz, Daniel O. Martinez (Los Alamos National Lab.) and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (Univ. of Notre Dame) RC20368
409. Interactive Authoring of Multimedia Documents Junehwa Song (Univ. of MD), Michelle Y. Kim, G. Ramalingam, Raymond Miller (Univ. of MD) and Byoung-Kee Yi (Univ. of MD) RC20369
410. Developing Tightly-Coupled Applications on IBM DB2/CS Relational Database System: Methodology and Experience Rakesh Agrawal and Kyuseok Shim RJ10005
411. An Adaptive Virtual Path Allocation Policy for Broadband Networks Ariel Orda, Giovanni Pacifici and Dimitrios Pendarakis RC20331
412. A Local Fairness Algorithm for Gigabit LANs/MANs with Spatial Bandwidth Reuse Jeane Chen, Israel Cidon (EE Dept. Technion - Israel), and Yoram Ofek RC18114
413. MetaRing - A Full-Duplex Ring with Fairness and Spatial Reuse Israel Cidon (EE Dept. Technion - Israel) and Yoram Ofek RC14961
414. A Starvation-free Access Protocol for a Full-duplex Buffer Insertion Ring Local Area Network Rahul Simha (Dept. of CS, College of William and Mary) and Yoram Ofek RC15052
415. Principles for High Speed Network Control: Lossless-ness and Deadlock-Freeness, Self-Routing and a Single Buffer Per Link Yoram Ofek and Moti Yung RC16874
416. Reliable Transmission of Data Over a Semi-FIFO Routing Layer Reuven Cohen (CS Dept. Technion - Israel) and Yoram Ofek RC19052
417. High Speed Network for Real-time Data Acquisition and Control with Lossless and Balanced Self-routing Yoram Ofek and Steve Hicks RC16852
418. Iterative Approach to Optimize Convergence Routing Priorities Bulent Yener (Dept. of CS, Columbia U.), S. Matsoukas (Dept. of CS, Northeastern U.) and Yoram Ofek, RC20178
419. Reliable Multi-User Tree Setup with Local Identifiers Adrian Segall (CS Dept. Technion - Israel), T. Barzilai and Yoram Ofek RC16613
420. Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Access Control to an Optical Star using WDM Yoram Ofek and Moshe Sidi (EE Dept. Technion - Israel) RC16059
421. Multiple Global Virtual Ring Embeddings on the MetaNet Bulent Yener (Dept. of CS, Columbia U.), Terry Boult, Yoram Ofek and Moti Yung RC19209
422. The Synthesized MetaNet Architecture for Communication and Distributed Computing. Bulent Yener (Dept. of CS, Columbia U.), Yoram Ofek and Moti Yung RC19226
423. Hamiltonian Decompositions of Regular Topology Networks with Convergence Routing Bulent Yener (Dept. of CS, Columbia U.), Terry Boult and Yoram Ofek RC19810
424. Survival with Competing Risks and Masked Causes of Failures Betty J. Flehinger, Benjamin Reiser and Emmanuel Yashchin RC20373
425. Object Oriented Programming in Visual Basic 4.0 James W. Cooper RC20374
426. Building Visual Basic 4.0 Classes to Communicate with Lotus Notes James W. Cooper RC20375
427. Two-Level-Spiral Inductors Using VLSI Interconnect Technology Joachim N. Burghartz, Keith A. Jenkins and Mehmet Soyuer RC20376
428. On the Bias and Variance of Finite Element Discretizations for FFT-Based Kernel Density Estimation Ramesh Natarajan RC20751
429. Stressing and High Field Transport Studies on Device-Grade SiO(sub2) by Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy R. Ludeke, H. J. Wen and E. Cartier RC20371
430. Mechanism of UV Modification of Polyimide Film and Its Application to Two-Domain Twisted Nematic LCDs Kang-Wook Lee, Alan Lien, James H. Stathis and Sang-Hyon Paek (Columbia Univ.) RC20377
431. Virtual Prototyping of Product Structure in Product Data Management Jai Menon and William Horn RC20378
432. A Framework for Sculptured Solids in Exact CSG Representation Jai Menon and Baining Guo (York Univ.) RC20379
433. Recent Applications of IBM's Query by Image Content (QBIC) Dragutin Petkovic, Wayne Niblack, Myron Flickner, David Steele, Denis Lee, John Yin, James Hafner, Frank Tung (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Harold Treat (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Richard Dow (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), May Gee (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Mimi Vo (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Peter Vo (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Bonnie Holt (UC Davis), Janet Hethorn (UC Davis), Kenneth Weiss (UC Davis), Peter Elliott (IBM Applied Science & Technology, UK), Colin Bird (IBM Applied Science & Technology, UK) RJ10006
434. Parallel Mining of Association Rules: Design, Implementation, and Experience Rakesh Agrawal and John C. Shafer RJ10004
435. Study of Local Stress, Morphology and Liquid Crystal Alignment on Buffed Polyimide Surfaces J. A. Logan, D. Y. Yoon and H. Kikuchi (Kyushu Univ., Japan) RJ10001
436. Multiparty Videoconferencing Using IP Multicast Marc H. Willebeek-LeMair, Zon-Yin Shae and Yuan-Chi Chang (UC Berkeley) RC20380
437. Strain Relaxation and Dislocations in SiGe/Si Structures P. M. Mooney RC20381
438. Scaling Silicon MOS Devices to Their Limits S. J. Wind, D. J. Frank and H. -S. Wong RC20382
439. Plant Location with Minimum Inventory Francisco Barahona and David Jensen RC20367
440. Evaluation of a Start-Stop Protocol for ABR Traffic in ATM Networks Ilias Iliadis, R. Marie (IRISA, France) RZ2771
441. Implications of $d_{x^2-y^2}$ Symmetry and Faceting for the Transport Properties of Grain Boundaries in High-$T_{\rm c}$ Superconductors H. Hilgenkamp, J. Mannhart and B. Mayer RZ2781
442. Fabrication and Transport Properties of Three-Terminal Josephson Junctions Employing High-$T_{\rm c}$ Superconductors J. Mannhart, B. Mayer and H. Hilgenkamp RZ2782
443. Electron Holography of Individual DNA Molecules Hans-Werner Fink (Atomic Point Source Instruments, Canada), Heinz Schmid, Eugen Ermantraut (Hans Knoell Inst. of Natural Products Res., Germany), Torsten Schulz (Inst. for Physical High Technology, Germany) and Juergen Kreuzer (Dalhousie Univ., Canada) RZ2783
444. Electric field controllable Josephson junctions of high quality in high-Tc superconductors B. Mayer, J. Mannhart and H. Hilgenkamp RZ2785
445. Concatentaed Reed-Soloman/Convolutional Coding for Data Transmission in CDMA-Based Cellular Systems R. D. Cideciyan, E. Eleftheriou and M. Rupf RZ2788
446. First-Principles Investigation of Enantioselective Catalysis: Asymmetric Allylic Amination with Pd Complexes Bearing P, N Ligands Peter E. Bloechl and Antonio Togni (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) RZ2790
447. On Optimal Piggyback Merging Policies for Video-on-Demand Systems Charu C. Aggarwal (MIT), Joel Wolf and Philip S. Yu RC20337
448. Towards an Object-Oriented Framework for Multi-Domain Management Bela Ban RZ2789
449. The Uniformization Method in Performability Analysis Edmundo de Souza e Silva (Fed. Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and H. Richard Gail RC20383
450. Time Domain Solutions for Coupled Problems Using PEEC Models with Waveform Relaxation William Pinello (Univ. of AZ) and Albert Ruehli RC20386
451. Geometric Compression Through Topological Surgery Gabriel Taubin and Jarek RossignacRC20340
452. Application-assisted Dynamic Scheduling on Large-scale Multi-computer Systems Ravi B. Konuru, Jose E. Moreira and Vijay K. Naik RC20390
453. A Minimum Description Length Polygonal Approximation Method Saibal Banerjee, Wayne Niblack and Myron Flickner RJ10007
454. Technology and Device Scaling Considerations for CMOS Imagers Hon-Sum Philip Wong RC20387
455. A Theory Attributing Optical Diffuse Interstellar Absorption Bands (DIBs), 'Unidentified Infrared' Emission Bands (UIBs), and Cloud Reddening to H2 Nonlinear Absorption Peter P. Sorokin and James H. Glownia RC20388
456. Electron Absorption by One Dimensional Complex Potentials Patrici Molinas-Mata and Pau Molinas-Mata (Univ. Politecnica de Catolunya, Spain) RC20448
457. Service Location Protocol for Mobile Hosts Partha Bhattacharya and Baiju V. Patel RC20392
458. Floating Body Effects in Pass-Transistor Based CMOS Circuits with Partially-Depleted SOI Devices J. Ji, C.T. Chuang, P. F. Lu, L. F. Wagner (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Devlopment Ctr., Hopwell Jnct.), C. M. Hsieh (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), L. Hsu (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), J. B. Kuang (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), M. M. Pelella (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), S. Chu (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.) and C. J. Anderson RC20393
459. Floating Body Effects in Partially-Depleted SOI CMOS Circuits P. F. Lu, C. T. Chuang, J. Ji, L. F. Wagner (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), C. M. Hsieh (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), J. B. Kuang (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), L. Hsu (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), M. M. Pelella (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.), S. Chu (IBM Semiconductor Res. & Development Ctr., Hopewell Jnct.) and C. J. Anderson RC20394
460. Organization of Parameter Space for Simple Circle Maps: The Farey Web K. Brucks, J. Ringland and C. Tresser RC20395
461. Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) on the Lattice Weonjong Lee RC20396
462. Electrostatic Forces of Plasma Dust Grains with Position-Dependent Charges S. Hamaguchi RC20397
463. Phase Diagram of Yukawa Systems Near the One-Component-Plasma Limit Revisited S. Hamaguchi, R. T. Farouki (Univ. of MI) and D. H. E. Dubin (UC San Diego) RC20399
464. On Optimal Batching Policies for Video-on-Demand Storage Servers Charu C. Aggarwal (MIT), Joel L. Wolf and Philip S. Yu RC20400
465. A Permutation-Based Pyramid Broadcasting Scheme for Video-on-Demand Systems Charu C. Aggarwal (MIT), Joel L. Wolf and Philp S. Yu RC20401
466. Micro-Payments Based on iKP Ralf Hauser, Michael Steiner and Michael Waidner RZ2791
467. Hydrocarbon Adsorption on Si(001): When Does the Si Dimer Bond Break? A. J. Fisher (Univ. College London, UK), P. E. Bloechl and G. A. D. Briggs (Univ. of Oxford, UK) RZ2793
468. Anomalous Electronic Behavior of Na Superfullerides: Theory and Experiment Wanda Andreoni, Paolo Giannozzi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy), Johannes F. Armbruster (Inst. fuer Nukleare Festkoerperphysik, Germany), Martin Knupfer (Inst. fuer Festkoerperforschung, Germany) and Joerg Fink (Inst. fuer Festkoerperforschung, Germany) RZ2795
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471. Mobile User Devices and Security Modules: Design for Trustworthiness Andreas Pfitzmann (Univ. Dresden, Germany), Birgit Pfitzmann (Univ. Hildesheim, Germany), Matthias Schunter (Univ. Hildesheim, Germany) and Michael Waidner RZ2784
472. Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena K. Alex Mueller RZ2796
473. Horizontally Redundant, Split-Gate a-Si:H Thin Film Transistors Yue Kuo RC20403
474. MMPacking: A Load and Storage Balancing Algorithm for Distributed Multimedia Servers D. N. Serpanos, L. Georgiadis (Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece) and T. Bouloutas (Bank of Boston) RC20410
475. Zurich iKP Prototype (ZIP): Protocol Specification Document G. Tsudik RZ2792
476. Platinum-Modified Nucleobase Pairs in the Solid State: A Theoretical Study Paolo Carloni and Wanda Andreoni RZ2800
477. Freedom and constraints of a metal atom encapsulated in fullerene cages Wanda Andreoni and Alessandro Curioni RZ2801
478. Surfin' Network Resources Across the Web L. Deri RZ2786
479. Abstract Factory Revisited Bela Ban and Luca Deri RZ2787
480. A New 2x2 Matrix Representation for Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays at Oblique Incidence A. Lien and C.-J. Chen (Univ. of MN) RC20405
481. 4x4 Matrix Method for Biaxial Media and Its Application to Liquid Crystal Displays C.-J. Chen (Univ. of MN), A. Lien and M. I. Nathan (Univ. of MN) RC20406
482. Propagation Matrices for Biaxial Homogeneous Media C.-J. Chen (Univ. of MN), A. Lien and M. I. Nathan (Univ. of MN) RC20407
483. 2-D Simulations of In-Plane Switching Mode LCDS A. Lien and C. -J. Chen (Univ. of MN) RC20408
484. Holographic Bandwidth Compression Using Spatial Subsampling Mark Lucente RC20409
485. Centralized vs. Distributed Multimedia Servers Dimitrios N. Serpanos and Tasos Bouloutas (Bank of Boston) RC20411
486. Optimal Surface Smoothing as Filter Design Gabriel Taubin, Tong Zhang (Stanford Univ.) and Gene Golub (Stanford Univ.) RC20404
487. Clock Synchronization on a Multicomputer Bulent Abali, Craig B. Stunkel and Caroline Benveniste (Columbia Univ.) RC20412
488. Schumacher's Quantum Data Compression as a Quantum Computation Richard Cleve (Univ. of Calgary, Canada) and David P. DiVincenzo RC20413
489. Visual Cues for Data Mining Bernice E. Rogowitz, David A. Rabenhorst, John A. Gerth and Edward B. Kalin RC20414
490. Accelerating Mean Time to Failure Computations Philip Heidelberger, Jogesh K. Muppala (Univ. of Science & Technology, Hong Kong) and Kishor S. Trivedi (Duke Univ.) RC20415
491. On the Complexities of NLP Systems Wlodek Zadrozny RC20416
492. Generation of Magnetic Flux by Single Grain Boundaries of YBa2Cu3O(7-x) J. Mannhart, H. Hilgenkamp, B. Mayer, Ch. Gerber, J. R. Kirtley, K. A. Moler (Princeton Univ.) and M. Sigrist (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) RZ2802
493. Environment and Tribochemistry: Two Key-Factors for the Tribology of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings C. Donnet (Lab. de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systemes, France), M. Belin (Lab. de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systemes, France), Th. Le Mogne (Lab. de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systemes, France), A. Grill and V. Patel RC20417
494. Silicon Nano-Crystal Memories: Devices in the Limit of Conventional Miniaturization Sandip Tiwari RC20419
495. Hierarchical Motion Estimation for MPEG2 Elliot Linzer RC20364
496. Lexicographically Optimal Rate Control for Video Coding with MPEG Buffer Constraints Dzung T. Hoang (Duke Univ.), Elliot Linzer and Jeffrey S. Vitter (Duke Univ.) RC20366
497. Conductance Measurements on Pb Centres at the (111) Si:SiO2 Interface M. J. Uren (Defence Research Agency, UK), J. H. Stathis and E. Cartier RC20425
498. Full-Range Approximation of Triangulated Polyhedra Remi Ronfard and Jarek Rossignac RC20423
499. Supporting Dynamic Data and Processor Repartitioning for Irregular Applications Jose E. Moreira, Kalluri Eswar, Ravi B. Konuru and Vijay K. Naik RC20426
500. Evaluating Virtual Dispatch Mechanisms for C++ Harini Srinivasan and Peter F. Sweeney RC20330
501. Integration of a Synchronous and Asynchronous Traffic on the MetaRing Architecture and Its Analysis Yoram Ofek, Khosrow Sohraby (UMKC) and Ho-Ting Wu (Chang Gung College, Taiwan) RC17718
502. Local Fairness in General Topology Networks with Convergence Routing Alain Mayer (Columbia Univ.), Yoram Ofek and Moti Yung RC19686
503. Generating a Fault Tolerant Global Clock Using High-Speed Control Signals for the MetaNet Architecture Yoram Ofek RC16873
504. Integration of Voice Communication on a Synchronous Optical Hypergraph Yoram Ofek RC13341
505. Band Structure, Deformation Potentials, and Carrier Mobility in Strained Si, Ge, and SiGe Alloys M. V. Fischetti and S. E. Laux RC20398
506. Research Frontiers of Modeling and Simulation in Design and Manufacturing Jai Menon RC20429
507. A Decade of Teaching Geometry: A New York Experience Jai Menon and Vijay Srinivasan (Columbia Univ.) RC20430
508. New Evidence for Localized Electronic States on Atomically Sharp Field Emitters Ming L. Yu, Norton D. Lang, Brian W. Hussey, T. H. P. Chang and William A. Mackie (Linfield College) RC20431
509. Algorithms for Communication Compilation for Unreliable Networks Nayeem Islam, Amitabh Dave (Univ. of IL at Urbana-Champaign) and Roy H. Campbell (Univ. of IL at Urbana-Champaign) RC20433
510. Implications of XY-Critical Point Behavior for the Properties of High-Tc Cuprates T. Schneider, Y. Jaccard (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), J. P. Locquet, P. Martinoli (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) and O. Fischer (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.) RZ2803
511. Anisotropy Properties of High-Tc Microcrystals by a Miniaturized Torquemeter C. Rossel, P. Bauer, D. Zech (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), J. Hofer (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), M. Willemin (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), H. Keller (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) and J. Karpinski (ETH Zurich, Switz.) RZ2804
512. Convergence Properties of Waveform Relaxation Circuit Simulation Methods George D. Gristede, Albert E. Ruehli and Charles A. Zukowski (Columbia Univ.) RC20427
513. Static Timing Analysis for Self Resetting Circuits Vinod Narayanan, Bruce M. Fleischer, Barbara A. Chappell RC20428
514. Multimedia File Serving with the OS/390 IBM LAN Server for MVS Martin Kienzle, Robert Berbec, Gerald Bozman, Catherine Eilert (IBM System/390 Div., Poughkeepsie), Marc Eshel and Raymond Mansell RC20432
515. Design and Implementation of Differential Cascode Voltage Switch with Pass-Gate (DCVSPG) Logic for High Performance Digital Systems F. S. Lai and W. Hwang RC20434
516. Computing System Application for Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits J. D. Crow, J. M. Jaffe and M. W. Sachs RC17369
517. Fibre Channel Martin W. Sachs RC18365
518. Silicon Crystallization by Pulsed Rapid Thermal Annealing Yue Kuo and P.M. Kozlowski RC20435
519. An Analysis of Gang Scheduling for Multiprogrammed Parallel Computing Environments Mark S. Squillante, Fang Wang (Yale Univ.) and Marios Papaefthymiou (Yale Univ.) RC20441
520. A Platform for Real-Time Visualization and Interactive Simulation of Large Multimedia Networks Mun Choon Chan (Columbia Univ.), Giovanni Pacifici and Rolf Stadler (Columbia Univ.) RC20437
521. Prototyping Network Architectures on a Supercomputer Mun Choon Chan (Columbia Univ.), Giovanni Pacifici and Rolf Stadler (Columbia Univ.) RC20438
522. Moderate Deviations for a Simple Closed Queueing Model Tim Zajic RC20439
523. Controlled Cluster Condensation Into Preformed Nanometer-Sized Pits: A Combined UHV-STM and TEM Study H. Hovel, Th. Becker (Omicron Vakuumphysik, Germany), A. Bettac (Univ. Rostock, Germany), B. Reihl, M. Tschudy and E. J. Williams RZ2805
524. Basic Aspects of High-Tc Grain Boundary Devices J. Mannhart, H. Hilgenkamp, B. Mayer, Ch. Gerber, J. R. Kirtley, K. A. Moler (Princeton Univ.) and M. Sigrist (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) RZ2806
525. Golden Interfaces: The Surface of Self-Assembled Monolayers E. Delamarche, B. Michel, H. A. Biebuyck and Ch. Gerber RZ2807
526. Single Grain Boundary Josephson Junctions - New Insights from Basic Experiments J. Mannhart, H. Hilgenkamp, B. Mayer, Ch. Gerber, J. Kirtley, K. A. Moler (Princeton Univ.) and M. Sigrist (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) RZ2808
527. MDL Estimation with Small Sample Sizes Including an Application to the Problem of Segmenting Binary Strings Using Bernoulli Models Byron E. Dom RJ9997
528. Scalability of Sparse Solvers in the Context of Semiconductor Device Simulation Applications Vijay K. Naik, Kalluri Eswar, and Meikei Ieong RC20436
529. MDL-Based Multi-Band Image Segmentation Using a Fast Region Merging Scheme Tapas Kanungo, Byron Dom, Wayne Niblack, David Steele and Jacob Sheinvald RJ9960
530. Modeling Multidimensional Databases Rakesh Agrawal, Ashish Gupta (Oracle Corp.) and Sunita Saragawi (UC Berkeley) RJ10014
531. DB2 LOBS: The Teenage Years Tobin J. Lehman and Patrick J. Gainer RJ10015
532. PESTO: An Integrated Query/Browser for Object Databases Michael Carey, Laura Haas, John Williams and Vivekananda Maganty (Univ. of WI-Madison) RJ10016
533. Practical Prioritized Defaults via Logic Programs Benjamin N. Grosof RC20464
534. VeggieVision: A Produce Recognition System R.M. Bolle, J. Connell, N. Haas, R. Mohan, G. Taubin RC20470
535. Gang Scheduling for Multiprocessor Systems Hubertus Franke, Fang Wang (Yale Univ.), Pratap Pattnaik and Larry Rudolph (Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem) RC20450
536. Self-Consistent Modeling of Accumulation Layers and Tunneling Currents Through Very Thin Oxides Farhan Rana, Sandip Tiwari and D. A. Buchanan RC20447
537. A Super Scalar Sort Algorithm for RISC Processors Ramesh C. Agarwal RC20446
538. Fast extraction of spatially reduced image sequences from MPEG-2 compressed video Junehwa Song and Boon-Lock Yeo RC20881
539. Designing Reconfigurable Data-Parallel Applications for Scalable Parallel Computing Platforms José E. Moreira, Vijay K. Naik and Ravi B. Konuru RC20455
540. Fast Circuit Simulation Techniques: Theory and Practice Anirudh Devgan RC20452
541. Space Charge in Nanostructure Resonances Peter J. Price RC20463
542. The Physical Nature of Information Rolf Landauer RC20456
543. Dual-Mode Parasitic Bipolar Effect in Dynamic CVSL XOR Circuit with Floating-Body Partially-Depleted SOI Devices C. T. Chuang, P. F. Lu, J. Ji, L. F. Wagner (IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center, Hopewell Junction), S. Chu (IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center, Hopewell Junction) and C. J. Anderson RC20457
544. Development of Sediment Overpressure and Its Effect on Thermal Maturation: Mathematical Formulation and Application to the Gulf of Mexico Basin Ulisses T. Mello and Garry D. Karner (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) RC20458
545. Thermal Analysis Using a Micromechanical Calorimeter R. Berger (Univ. of Basel, Switz.), Ch. Gerber, J. K. Gimzewski, E. Meyer (Univ. of Basel, Switz.) and H. J. Guentherodt (Univ. of Basel, Switz.) RZ2809
546. Nonempirical calculations of a hydrated RNA duplex Juerg Hutter (Max-Planck-Inst. fuer Festkorperforschung, Germany), Paolo Carloni and Michele Parrinello (Max-Planck-Inst. fuer Festkorperforschung, Germany) RZ2810
547. An Extension of the HTTP Authentication Scheme to Support Server Groups A. Hutchison, M. Kaiserswerth and P. Trommler RZ2811
548. Secure World Wide Web Access to Server Groups Andrew Hutchison, Matthias Kaiserswerth and Peter Trommler RZ2812
549. A CORBA-Based Model for Distributed Applications Management Andreas Schade and Peter Trommler RZ2813
550. Trimethylene Isomers and Propene: Structural and Vibrational Properties from Density Functional Theory Mauro Boero and Wanda Andreoni RZ2814
551. The Development of Superconductivity Research in Oxides K. Alex Mueller RZ2815
552. Schiff Base Precursor Compounds for the Chemical Beam Epitaxy of Oxide Thin Films. Part I: Deposition of CuO on MgO[001] Using Copper (II) Bis(benzoylacetone)ethylendiimine E. Fritsch (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), E. Maechler, F. Arrouy (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), H. Berke (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), I. Povey (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), P. R. Willmott (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland) and J. P. Locquet RZ2816
553. Benzoylpivaloylmethanide Precursors for the Chemical Beam Epitaxy of Oxide Thin Films. Part I: Synthesis, Characterization and Use of Yttrium Benzoylpivaloylmethanide E. Fritsch (Univ. of Zurich, Switz.), E. Maechler, F. Arrouy (Univ. of Zurich, Switz.), O. Orama (V.T.T. Chemical Technology, Finland), H. Berke (Univ. of Zurich, Switz.), I. Povey (Univ. of Zurich, Switz.), P. R. Willmott (Univ. of Zurich, Switz.), J. P. Locquet RZ2817
554. The Nature of the Overdoped State in High Tc Superconductors J. P. Locquet and M. H. Pedersen RZ2818
555. Anomalous Gap Structures in HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+delta Single Crystals Measured by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy G. I. Meijer, C. Rossel, J. Karpinski (ETH, Switz.), H. Schwer (ETH, Switz.), R. Molinski (ETH, Switz.) and K. Conder (ETH, Switz.) RZ2819
556. 3D-XY Critical Behavior in La2-xSrxCuO4 Thin Films Probed by Penetration Depth Measurement Y. Jaccard (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), T. Schneider, J. P. Locquet, E. J. Williams, O. Fischer (Univ. de Geneve, Switz.) and P. Martinoli (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.) RZ2820
557. High-Contrast and Low-Loss SiON Optical Waveguides by PECVD I. Massarek, B. J. Offrein, G. L. Bona, R. Germann and H. W. M. Salemink RZ2821
558. Material and Fabrication-Related Limitations to High-Power Operation of GaAs/AlGaAs and InGaAs/AlGaAs Laser Diodes A. Jakubowicz RZ2822
559. Techniques for Composing a Class of Statistical Tolerance Zones V. Srinivasan, M.A. O'Connor and F. W. Scholz (Boeing Information and Support Services) RC20254
560. A Programming Environment for Dynamic Resource Allocation and Data Distribution Jose E. Moreira, Vijay K. Naik and Ravi B. Konuru RC20461
561. Range-Based Bitmap Indexing for High Cadinality Attributes with Skew Kun-Lung Wu and Philip S. Yu RC20449
562. Trends in Parallel Machine Interconnection Networks Howard Jay Siegel and Craig B. Stunkel RC20454
563. Single Charge and Confinement Effects in Nano-Crystal Memories Sandip Tiwari, Farhan Rana, Kevin Chan, Leathen Shi and Hussein Hanafi RC20459
564. A C++ CGI Framework Richard B. Lam RC20460
565. Dynamic Wavelength Allocation in WDM Ring Networks Ori Gerstel and Shay Kutten RC20462
566. Type-II Antiferromagnetism in Compounds of Iron with 4d Metals P.M. Marcus, V.L. Moruzzi and S.L. Qiu (Florida Atlantic Univ.) RC20489
567. Use of the Gibbs Sampler to Invert Large, Possibly Sparse, Positive Definite Matrices David A. Harville RC20468
568. Electrical Characteristics of High-Performance Pin-in-Socket and Pad-on-Pad Connectors A. Deutsch, C. W. Surovic, J. S. Campbell (IBM Endicott), P. W. Coteus, A. P. Lanzetta, J. T. Holton (IBM Endicott) and A. D. Knight (IBM Endicott) RC20491
569. Scalability of Dynamic Storage Allocation Algorithms Arun Iyengar RC20465
570. MDL-Based Pruning of 2[supn]-Tree Classifiers Byron E. Dom and David Steele RJ8673
571. Superconducting Properties of the Attractive Hubbard Model M. H. Pedersen, J. J. Rodriquez-Nunez (Univ. Federal Fluminense, Brazil), H. Beck (Univ. de Neuchatel, Switz.), T. Schneider and S. Schafroth (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) RZ2824
572. Network Management for the 90s Luca Deri RZ2825
573. Circular Dichroism in STM-Excited Luminescence on Metals Amadeo L. Vazquez de Parga (Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) and Santos F. Alvarado RZ2826
574. Extending Corba for Multi-Domain Management Bela Ban RZ2827
575. Emission Stability and Electron Energy Distribution of Carbide Cold Field Emitters and Tungsten Tips with Diamond-Like Coatings Ming L. Yu, Ho-Seob Kim, Brian W. Hussey, T. H. Philip Chang and William A. Mackie (Linfield College) RC20472
576. In Situ Analysis of the Formation of Thin Silicide Contacts (<50 NM) in Submicron CMOS Structures L. A. Clevenger, C. Cabral, Jr., R. A. Roy, C. Lavoie, R. Viswanathan, K. L. Saenger, J. Jordan-Sweet, G. Morales (Boston Univ.), K. L. Ludwig, Jr. and G. B. Stephenson (Argonne Nat'l. Lab.) RC20471
577. Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Transport in Si: The First 20 Years M. V. Fischetti and S. E. Laux RC20474
578. Micromechanical Sensors: A Road to Femtoscale Science R. Berger (Univ. of Basel, Switz.), Ch. Gerber and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2851
579. Properties of Payment Systems - General Definition Sketch and Classification - Birgit Pfitzmann and Michael Waidner RZ2823
580. Using Commodity Networks for Distributed Computing Research Ronald Mraz, Douglas Freimuth, Edward Nowicki and Gabriel Silberman RC20445
581. Progressive Classification: A Multiresolution Approach Vittorio Castelli, Ioannis Kontoyiannis (Stanford Univ.), Chung Sheng Li and John J. Turek RC20475
582. JINSIL: A System for Presentation of Composite Multimedia Objects in a Distributed Environment Junehwa Song, Asit Dan and Dinkar Sitaram RC20476
583. Bottom-Up Fabrication of Supramolecular Structures at Room Temperature J. K. Gimzewski, T. A. Jung and R. R. Schlittler RZ2828
584. Characterization of Semiconductor Laser Diodes by Beam Injection Techniques A. Jakubowicz RZ2829
585. Conduction through Single Mg and Na Atoms Linking Two Macroscopic Electrodes N. D. Lang RC20477
586. Polyimide Nanofoams Based on Ordered Polyimides Derived from Poly(Amic Alkyl Esters) PMDA/4-BDAF K. R. Carter, M. I. Sanchez, R. DiPietro, T. P. Russell, P. Lakshmanan (VA Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ.) and J. McGrath (VA Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ.) RJ10024
587. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Bump Formation During Laser Texturing of Ni-P Disk Substrates A. C. Tam, I. K. Pour, T. Nguyen, D. Krajnovich, P. Baumgart, T. Bennett (Univ. of CA at Berkeley) and C. Grigoropoulos (Univ. of CA at Berkeley) RJ10027
588. The Electrical Resistance of a Graph Captures Its Commute and Cover Times Ashok K. Chandra, Prabhakar Raghavan, Walter L. Ruzzo (Univ. of WA), Roman Smolensky and Prasoon Tiwari RJ10019
589. Super-Fast Vortex Creep in YBa2Cu3O7-delta Crystals with Columnar Defects: Evidence for Variable Range Vortex Hopping J. R. Thompson (Oak Ridge Nat'l. Lab.), L. Krusin-Elbaum, L. Civale (CNEA, Argentina), G. Blatter (ETH, Switz.) and C. Feild RC20482
590. Analysis of Steady-State Segment Storage Utilizations in a Log-Structured File System with Least-Utilized Segment Cleaning John T. Robinson RC20479
591. Copper-Gate Process for High Information Control a-Si TFT-LCDs E. G. Colgan, P. M. Fryer, E. Galligan, W. Graham, R. Horton, D. Hunt, L. Jenkins, R. John, P. Koke, Y. Kuo, K. Latzko, F. Libsch, A. Lien, I. Lovas, R. Nywening, R. Polastre, M. E. Rothwell, J. Wilson, R. Wisnieff and S. L. Wright RC20545
592. The Structure of a Drug-Nucleic Acid Complex: Density Functional Theory and Force-Field-Based Calculations P. Carloni and Wanda Andreoni RZ2830
593. Implications of d(x**2-y**2) Symmetry for Grain-boundary-based High-Tc Devices H. Hilgenkamp, J. Mannhart, B. Mayer, Ch. Gerber, J. Kirtley, K. A. Moler (Princeton Univ.) and M. Sigrist (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland) RZ2831
594. Multilevel Splitting for Estimating Rare Event Probabilities Paul Glasserman (Columbia Univ.), Philip Heidelberger, Perwez Shahabuddin (Columbia Univ.) and Tim Zajic (Columbia Univ.) RC20478
595. The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Banded Linear Solver for Distributed-Memory Parallel Computers Anshul Gupta, Fred G. Gustavson, Mahesh Joshi and Sivan Toledo RC20481
596. Representation Schemes and Impact on Algorithms Jai Menon RC20492
597. Client/Server End-to-End Response Time: Real Life Experience Mark Maccabee RC20483
598. An Introduction to Implicit Techniques Jai Menon RC20493
599. The Missing Motor of On-Off Intermittency J. von Hardenberg (Istituto di Cosmogeofisica, Italy), F. Paparella (Istituto di Cosmogeofisica, Italy), N. Platt (Naval Surface Warfare Center), A. Provenzale (Istituto di Cosmogeofisica, Italy), E. A. Spiegel (Columbia Univ.) and C. Tresser RC20484
600. Symbolic Dynamics and Markov Partitions Roy L. Adler RC20486
601. WGPP: Watson Graph Partitioning (and sparse matrix ordering) Package Anshul Gupta RC20453
602. CSG Constructs for Free-Form Solids Bounded by Implicit Algebraic Patches Jai Menon RC20494
603. Rules of Thumb for Selecting Metrics for Detecting Performance Problems Joseph L. Hellerstein RC20485
604. MDL Estimation for Small Sample Sizes and Its Application to Linear Regression Byron E. Dom RJ10030
605. Graph Partitioning Based Sparse Matrix Orderings for Interior-Point Algorithms Anshul Gupta RC20467
606. The Effect of Nitrogen Substitution on C(60): The Monomer, the Dimer et al. W. Andreoni and A. Curioni RZ2832
607. Structure and Dynamics of Lanthanum and Yttrium Based Metallofullerenes Wanda Andreoni and Alessandro Curioni RZ2833
608. Verification of the Equivalence of an Alternate Definition of the Lie Algebra Multiplication of an Lie Group Michael A. O'Connor RC20511
609. Architecture, compiler and simulation of a tree-based VLIW processor J. H. Moreno, M. Moudgill, K. Ebcioglu, E. Altman, B. Hall, I. R. Miranda, S. K. Chen, A. Polyak RC20495
610. The SP2 High-Performance Switch Craig B. Stunkel, Dennis G. Shea, Bulent Abali, Mark G. Atkins, Carl A. Bender, Don G. Grice, Peter H. Hochschild, Douglas J. Joseph, Ben J. Nathanson, Richard A. Swetz, Robert F. Stucke, Michael Tsao, and Philip R. Varker RC19914
611. On the Integration of Project, Workflow, and Document Management Melissa J. Buco and Jarir K. Chaar RC20611
612. Analysis and Design of Bent Optical Channel Waveguides by Vector-Wave Mode-Matching Method Weyl-kuo Wang, Ron Scotti (Lucent Technologies Bell Labs.) and D. J. Muehlner (Lucent Technologies Bell Labs.) RC20500
613. Molecular Tribology of Disk Drives C. Mathew Mate and Andy M. Homola RJ10029
614. Relaxing the Triangle Inequality in Pattern Matching Ronald Fagin and Larry Stockmeyer RJ10031
615. Does Lanthanum Move Inside Fullerene Cages? Wanda Andreoni and Alessandro Curioni RZ2834
616. Models and Tools for Quantitative Assessment of Operational Security M. Dacier, Y. Deswarte (CNRS, France) and M. Kaaniche (CNRS, France) RZ2835
617. Universal Critical Quantum Properties of Cuprate Superconductors} T. Schneider RZ2836
618. Nanojoule Thermal Transfer in Micromechanical Heterostructures Ruediger Berger, Christoph Gerber, James K. Gimzewski, Ernst Meyer (Univ. of Basel, Switz.) and Hans-Joachim Guentherodt (Univ. of Basel, Switz.) RZ2837
619. Dynamic translation of tree-instructions into VLIWs Jaime H. Moreno RC20505
620. Support for Planning the Restructuring of Data Abstractions in Large Systems William G. Griswold (Univ. of CA-San Diego), Morison I. Chen (GDe Systems Inc.), Robert W. Bowdidge, J. David Morgenthaler (Univ. of CA - San Diego) RC20508
621. Stable Ergodicity and Stable Accessibility Charles Pugh and Michael Shub RC20506
622. Designing Products and Processes for Supply Chain Management: An Application to the Design of an Electronics Product Amit Garg RC20502
623. The Virtual Insurance Company Navigating Technology Alice B. Morrison and Daniel M. Yellin RC20504
624. Parallel Fiber Optical Bus Technology - A Cost Performance Breakthrough John Crow RC20507
625. A Self-Compensated Twisted Nematic Mode for Reflective Light Valves K. H. Yang RC20523
626. Scanning Squid Microscope Tests of the Symmetry of the High-Tc Gap J. R. Kirtley, C. C. Tsuei, K. A. Moler (Princeton Univ.), J. Z. Sun, A. Gupta, Z. F. Ren (SUNY Buffalo), J. H. Wang (SUNY Buffalo), Z. Z. Li (Univ. Paris-Sud, France), H. Raffy (Univ. Paris-Sud, France), J. Mannhart, H. Hilgenkamp, B. Mayer and Ch. Gerber RC20510
627. Methods for Nonlinear Constraints in Optimization Calculations A. R. Conn, Nicholas I. M. Gould (CERFACS, France) and Ph. L. Toint (Facultes Univ. ND de la Paix, France) RC20519
628. Message Proxies for Efficient, Protected Communication on SMP Clusters Beng-Hong Lim, Philip Heidelberger, Pratap Pattnaik and Marc Snir RC20522
629. Image Placement Errors in X-Ray Masks Induced by Changes in Resist Stress During e-Beam Writing R. E. Acosta and Denise Puisto (IBM Microelectronics Div., Essex Junction, VT) RC20501
630. Multiwavelength Optical Networks with Limited Wavelength Conversion Rajiv Ramaswami and Galen H. Sasaki (Univ. of HI) RC20503
631. Decomposition of Heterogeneous Classification Problems Chidanand Apte, Se June Hong, Jonathan Hosking, Jorge Lepre, Edwin Pednault and Barry Rosen RC20514
632. Fabrication of Ultra-Thin, Highly Uniform Thin Film SOI MOSFET's with Low Series Resistance Using Pattern-Constrained Epitaxy Hon-Sum Philip Wong, Kevin K. Chan, Young Lee, Peter Roper and Yuan Taur RC20529
633. The U.S. National Electronic Drought Atlas: Statistical Data Analysis with GIS-Based Presentation of Results J. R. M. Hosking and J. R. Wallis RC20499
634. Inaccuracies in Gate-Level Power Estimation D. Brand and C. Visweswariah RC20520
635. Novel Procedure to Determine Coexistence Lines by Computer Simulation. Application to Hard-Core Yukawa Model for Charge-Stabilized Colloids Evert Jan Meijer, Fouad El Azhar (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) RZ2839
636. Ionic Diffusion in a Ternary Superionic Conductor: An {\it ab initio} Molecular Dynamics Study Steffen Wengert (ETH Zurich, Switz.), Reinhard Nesper (ETH Zurich, Switz.), Wanda Andreoni and Michele Parrinello (Max-Planck Inst., Germany) RZ2840
637. Can Invisible Watermarks Resolve Rightful Ownerships? S. Craver, N. Memon, B. L. Yeo and M. Yeung RC20509
638. Broadband Characterization of Representative Circuit-to-Circuit Interconnections Alina Deutsch RC20517
639. Using Visualization in the Archaeological Excavations of a pre-Inca Temple in Peru Alan D. Kalvin, Alfredo Remy,Orlando Ardito, Kim Morla, Eduardo Nolasco, Jorge Prado, Regulo Franco, Antonio Murga and Guillermo Wiese RC20518
640. Connected Lie and Symmetry Subgroups of the Rigid Motions: Foundations and Classification Michael A. O'Connor, Vijay Srinivasan and Alan Jones (Boeing Information and Support Services) RC20512
641. Splitting for Rare Event Simulation: Analysis of Simple Cases Paul Glasserman (Columbia Univ.), Philip Heidelberger, Perwez Shahabuddin (Columbia Univ.) and Tim Zajic (Columbia Univ.) RC20521
642. QoS-Based Routing in Networks with Inaccurate Information: Theory and Algorithms Roch Guerin and Ariel Orda (Technion, Israel) RC20515
643. Theoretical Study of Chemisorption on Niobium Clusters: Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen Henrik Groenbeck (Goteberg Univ., Sweden), Arne Rosen (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden) and Wanda Andreoni RZ2841
644. Carbon Nanotubes are Coherent Electron Sources Heinz Schmid, Hans-Werner Fink (Atomic Point Source Instruments, Canada) RZ2842
645. Mechanisms for Sliding Friction of Single Molecules Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy at Room Temperature J.K. Gimzewski, T. Jung, M. T. Cuberes, R. R. Schlittler and C. Joachim (CNRS, France) RZ2843
646. Near-Field Optical Microscopy: Imaging beyond the Diffraction Limit D. W. Pohl RZ2844
647. Some Theoretical Results Concerning L-Moments J. R. M. Hosking RC14492
648. Supplement to Asymptotic Distributions of the Sample Mean, Autocovariances and Autocorrelations of Long-Memory Time Series J. R. M. Hosking RC19831
649. A Conic Primitive-Based Pattern Generator for Electron-Beam Lithography of Diffractive Optical Elements H. Rothuizen, D. Prongue, F. Vasey and P. Vettiger RZ2838
650. Intrinsic Junction Barrier Originating from Tilt in Contacts Between d(x**2-y**2) Wave Superconductors H. Hilgenkamp and J. Mannhart RZ2845
651. An Electrochemical Amplifier Using a Single Molecule C. Joachim (CNRS, France) and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2846
652. The Unconventional Bonding of Azafullerenes: Theory and Experiment Wanda Andreoni, Alessandro Curioni, Karoly Holczer (UC - Los Angeles), Kosmas Prassides (Univ. of Sussex, UK), Majid Keshavarz-K (UC - Santa Barbara), Jan-Cornelis Hummelen (UC - Santa Barbara) and Fred Wudl (UC - Santa Barbara) RZ2847
653. On the Crystal Structure of Azafullerene (C59N)2 C. M. Brown (Univ. of Sussex, UK), L.Cristofolini (Univ. of Sussex, UK), K. Kordatos (Univ. of Sussex, UK), K. Prassides (Univ. of Sussex, UK), C. Bellavia (UC - Santa Barbara), R. Gonzalez (UC - Santa Barbara), M. Keshavarz-K (UC - Santa Barbara), F.Wudl (UC -Santa Barbara), A. K. Cheetham (UC - Santa Barbara), J. P. Zhang (UC - Santa Barbara), W. Andreoni, A. Curioni, A. N. Fitch (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France) and P. Pattison (Univ. de Lausanne, Switzerland) RZ2848
654. A Supply Network Model with Base-Stock Control and Service Requirements Markus Ettl, Gerald Feigin, Grace Y. Lin and David D. Yao (Columbia Univ.) RC20473
655. Oscillatory Magnetic Properties R. Allenspach and W. Weber RZ2849
656. Nanometers, Picowatts, Femtojoules: Thermal Analysis and Optical Spectroscopy Using Micromechanics R. Berger (Univ. of Basel, Switz.), Ch. Gerber and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2850
657. Flexible 3D-Substructure Matching & Novel Conformer Derivation in Very Large Databases of 3D Molecular Information Isidore Rigoutsos, Daniel Platt and Andrea Califano RC20497
658. Output Readability Comparison of a SXGA Display to a Printer Steven Millman RC20524
659. A Density-Functional Study of the Intermolecular Interactions of Benzene Evert Jan Meijer and Michiel Sprik RZ2852
660. Adhesion on the Nanometer Scale U. Duerig and A. Stalder RZ2853
661. A High-Speed Self-Similar ATM VBR Traffic Generator Patrick Droz and Jean-Yves Le Boudec (Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology, Switz.) RZ2854
662. A Constrained Bin-Packing Problem Mark Trumbo, Ho Soo Lee and Brian Knoth RC20516
663. Metallurgical Active Line Repair for Matrix Addressed Displays --- Process Optimization and Reliability C. Narayan and R. Horton RC20490
664. Lithography Beyond Light: Microcontact Printing with Monolayer Resists H. A. Biebuyck, N. B. Larsen, E. Delamarche and B. Michel RZ2859
665. Accuracy and Speed-Up of Parallel Trace-Driven Architectural Simulation A. T. Nguyen (Univ. of IL at Urbana), M. Michael (Univ. of Rochester), A. Nanda, K. Ekanadham, P. Bose RC20527
666. Planning and Operational Issues in Managing Broader Product Lines Ramesh Srinivasan and Jayashankar M. Swaminathan (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) RC20528
667. Fabrication of an Integrated Silicon-Based Lens for Low-Energy Miniaturized Electron Columns Michel Despont, Gilles Beljakovic, Camille Stebler, Urs Staufer, Peter Vettiger, Nico-F. De Rooij (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switz.) RZ2855
668. Traffic Estimation and Resource Allocation Based on Periodical Wavelet Analyses Patrick Droz RZ2856
669. Supporting the Restructuring of Data Abstractions through Manipulation of a Program Visualization Robert W. Bowdidge and William G. Griswold (Univ. of CA at San Diego) RC20530
670. Natural Modularity Haim Kilov and Ian Simmonds RC20544
671. Logic Optimization by Output Phase Assignment in Dynamic Logic Synthesis Ruchir Puri, Andrew Bjorksten (IBM Austin) and Thomas E. Rosser (IBM Austin) RC20533
672. High Temperature Reactive Ion Etching of Indium Tin Oxide Yue Kuo RC20534
673. Performance of TCP Traffic and ATM Feedback Congestion Control Mechanisms Ilias Iliadis RZ2860
674. Room-Temperature Repositioning of Individual C(60) Molecules at Cu Steps: Operation of a Molecular Counting Device M. T. Cuberes, R. R. Schlittler and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2861
675. Influence of d(x**2-y**2) Symmetry on Device Applications of High-Tc Grain Boundary Junctions H. Hilgenkamp, J. Mannhart, B. Mayer, Ch. Gerber, J. R. Kirtley and K. A. Moler RZ2862
676. Extensible Resource Management for Cluster Computing Nayeem Islam, Andreas Prodrodmidis, Mark Squillante, Ajei Gopal and Liana Fong RC20526
677. The Hint Bit for Conditional Branch Instructions Ravi Nair RC20537
678. Computing Image Histogram from Compressed Data Ephraim Feig and Chung-Sheng Li RC20541
679. Negative Differential Resistance at Atomic Contacts N. D. Lang RC20535
680. Experimental Evaluation of a 20x20 mm Footprint Microcolumn E. Kratschmer, H. S. Kim, M. G. R. Thomson, K. Y. Lee, S. A. Rishton, M. L. Yu, S. Zolgharnain (Columbia Univ.), B. W. Hussey and T. H. P. Chang RC20548
681. Robust H.263 Video Coding for Transmission Over the Internet Marc Willebeek-LeMair, Zon-Yin Shae and Yuan-Chi Chang RC20532
682. Video Conferencing over Packet-Based Networks Marc H. Willebeek-LeMair and Zon-Yin Shae RC20480
683. Asymmetric Fingerprinting for Larger Collusions Birgit Pfitzmann and Michael Waidner RZ2857
684. L4 Reference Manual (486 Pentium(R) Pentium(R) Pro Version 2.0 Jochen Liedtke RC20549
685. Analysis of a Single-Electron Decimal Adder Hossam Fahmy (Cairo Univ., Egypt) and K. Ismail RC20550
686. Challenges Facing Software Fault-tolerance R. Chillarege RC20281
687. A Linear-Time Algorithm for Computing the Intersection of All Odd Cycles in a Graph Leizhen Cai (The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong) and Baruch Schieber RC20540
688. Diamondlike Carbon Materials as Low-k Dielectrics A. Grill, V. Patel, S. A. Cohen, D. C. Edelstein, J. R. Paraszczak and C. Jahnes RC20553
689. Measurements of Failure Rate in Commercial Software R. Chillarege, S. Biyani and J. Rosenthal RC19889
690. Grain Boundary Diffusion & Electromigration in Cu-Sn Alloy Thin Films and Their VLSI Interconnects D. Gupta, C.-K. Hu and K. L. Lee RC20551
691. On Privatization of Variables for Data-Parallel Execution Manish Gupta RC20554
692. Data Mining: An Overview from Database Perspective Ming-Syan Chen, Jiawei Han and Philip S. Yu RC20556
693. Wavelet Transforms that Map Integers to Integers A. R. Calderbank (AT&T Labs.), Ingrid Daubechies (Princeton Univ.), Wim Sweldens (Lucent Technologies) and Boon-Lock Yeo RC20557
694. Magnetic Anisotropy Oscillations C. H. Back (ETH Zurich, Switz.), Ch. Wuersch (ETH Zurich, Switz.), A. Bischof, D. Pescia (ETH Zurich, Switz.) and R. Allenspach RZ2863
695. Energy Distributions of Zr/O/W Schottky Electron Emission H. S. Kim, M. L. Yu, M. G. R. Thomson, E. Kratschmer and T. H. P. Chang RC20531
696. Photoluminescence Characterization of SiGe Grown on Si(001) Kai Shum (The City College of the City University of New York), P. M. Mooney, L. Tilly (Ericsson Components, Sweden) and J. O. Chu RC20559
697. Conformational Identification of Individual Molecules T. A. Jung, R. R. Schlittler and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2872
698. Yielding mechanics on the nanometer scale: What makes it different from the macroscopic world? U. Duerig and A. Stalder RZ2873
699. Using Multi-Attribute Predicates for Mining Classification Rules Ming-Syan Chen and Philip S. Yu RC20562
700. How to Correctly Refine Business Specifications, and Know It Haim Kilov and Ian Simmonds RC20563
701. Towards Multi-Domain Integrated Network Management for ATM and SDH Networks Alex Galis (Univ. College London, UK), Dieter Gatenbein, Stefan Covaci (GMD Fokus, Germany), Carlo Bianza (Italtel, Italy), Fotis Karayannis (NTUA Telecom. Lab, Greece) and George Mykoniatis (NTUA Telecom. Lab., Greece) RZ2864
702. Electron Beam Microcolumns for Lithography and Related Applications T. H. P. Chang, M. G. R. Thomson, E. Kratschmer, H. S. Kim, M. L. Yu, K. Y. Lee, S. A. Rishton, B. W. Hussey and S. Zolgharnain (Columbia Univ.) RC20546
703. Electron Beam Microcolumns for Nanolithography T. H. P. Chang, M. G. R. Thomson, E. Kratschmer, H. S. Kim, M. L. Yu, K. Y. Lee, S. A. Rishton, B. W. Hussey and S. Zolgharnain (Columbia Univ.) RC20547
704. Crystallographic Texture of C54 Titanium Disilicide As a Function of Deep Submicron Structure Geometry V. Svilan, K. P. Rodbell, L. A. Clevenger, C. Cabral, Jr., R. A. Roy, C. Lavoie, J. Jordan-Sweet and J. M. E. Harper RC20565
705. Cable Access Beyond the Hype: On Residential Broadband Data Services over HFC Networks Chatschik Bisdikian, Kiyoshi Maruyama, David I. Seidman, and Dimitrios N. Serpanos RC20568
706. Efficient Broadcast and Multicast on Multistage Interconnection Networks using Multiport Encoding Rajeev Sivaram (The Ohio State Univ.), Dhabaleswar K. Panda (The Ohio State Univ.) and Craig B. Stunkel RC20569
707. Comparison of Path Generation Methods for Monte Carlo Valuation of Single Underlying Derivative Securities: Working Paper C. Leonard Berman RC20570
708. A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of 4,4' Dimethyl Bianthrone Molecules Adsorbed on Cu(111) M. T. Cuberes, R. R. Schlittler, T. A. Jung, K. Schaumburg (Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark) and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2865
709. Room-Temperature Supramolecular Repositioning at Molecular Interfaces Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope M. T. Cuberes, R. R. Schlittler and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2866
710. MsSTART: A Random Access Algorithm for the IEEE 802.14 HFC Network Chatschik Bisdikian, Bill McNeil and Rob Norman RC20466
711. Ray-reps for Free-form Modeling: Line Membership Classification on CSRs Jai Menon RC20571
712. Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Fabricated at Tenth-Micron Dimensions by Electron Beam Lithography S. A. Rishton, Y. Lu (Brown Univ.), R. A. Altman, A. C. Marley, X. P. Bian, C. Jahnes, R. Viswanathan, G. Xiao (Brown Univ.), W. J. Gallagher and S. S. P. Parkin RC20572
713. On Simulation Output Analysis for Generalized Semi-Markov Processes Peter J. Haas RJ10042
714. Estimation Methods for Stochastic Petri Nets Based on Standardized Time Series Peter J. Haas RJ10043
715. A JAVA ILP Machine Based on Fast Dynamic Compilation Kemal Ebcioglu, Erik R. Altman, and Erdem Hokenek not an RC
716. Identifying Risk Using ODC Based Growth Models R. Chillarege and R. Biyani RC19613
717. Using Attribute Focusing to Diagnose and Correct the Software Production Process I. Bhandari, B. Ray, M. Wong, R. Chillarege, E. Tarver, D. Brown, J. Chaar and M. Halliday RC18097
718. Orthogonal Defect Classification for Defect Control R. Chillarege, I. Bhandari, J. Chaar, M. Halliday, D. Moebus, B. Ray and M. Wong RC17320
719. Reliability Growth for Typed Defects B. K. Ray, I. Bhandari and R. Chillarege RC17305
720. Failure Characterization of the NFS Using Fault Injection M. Devarakonda, K. Goswami and R. Chillarege RC16342
721. Software Defects and Their Impact on System Availiability: A Study of Field Failures in Operating Systems M. Sullivan and R. Chillarege RC16357
722. Software Defect Characterization by Growth Curve and Defect Type R. Chillarege, Wei-Lun Kao, R. G. Condit RC15333
723. Two Topics Related to the Conduction Properties of Atomic Wires N. D. Lang RC20574
724. A Local Learning Rule that Enables Information Maximization for Arbitrary Input Distributions Ralph Linsker RC20575
725. Change-Point Models in Industrial Applications Emmanuel Yashchin RC20576
726. Picosecond Hot Electron Light Emission from Sub-Micron CMOS Circuits J. C. Tsang and J. A. Kash RC20577
727. Dynamic Internal Testing of CMOS Circuits Using Hot Luminescence J. A. Kash and J. C. Tsang RC20578
728. Etching, Insertion and Abstraction Reactions of Atomic Deuterium with Amorphous Silicon Hydride Films C -M. Chiang, S. M. Gates, Szetsen S. Lee (NYU), M. Kong (NYU) and Stacey F. Bent (NYU) RC20579
729. Statistical Inference for Masked Data Benjamin Reiser (Univ. of Haifa, Israel), Emmanuel Yashchin and Betty J. Flehinger RC20580
730. Data Link Control Emulation: Rapid Prototyping for High-Speed Networks D. N. Serpanos, J. Brunheroto, J. Nogima and O. Koufopavlou (Univ. of Patras, Greece) RC20582
731. The Cache Assignment Problem and Its Application to Database Buffer Management Hanoch Levy (Rutgers Univ.), Ted G. Messinger and Robert J. T. Morris RC20614
732. Perceptional Guidance in Atmospheric Sciences Visualization Lloyd A. Treinish and Bernice E. Rogowitz RC20584
733. Three-Dimensional Visualization for Support of Operational Forecasting at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games Lloyd A. Treinish and Lans P. Rothfusz (National Weather Service Forecast Office) RC20585
734. Facts and Artifacts in Near-Field Optical Microscopy B. Hecht (ETH Zurich, Switz.), H. Bielefeldt, Y. Inouye (Osaka Univ., Japan), D. W. Pohl and L. Novotny (Pacific Northwest Nat'l. Lab.) RZ2874
735. Equivalence Checking Using Cuts and Heaps Andreas Kuehlmann and Florian Krohm RC20587
736. Registration of Computed Tomography Data to a Surgical Robot Using Fluoroscopy: A Feasibility Study Andre Gueziec, Peter Kazanzides (Integrated Surgical Systems), Bill Williamson (Integrated Surgical Systems) and Russell H. Taylor (Johns Hopkins Univ.) RC20561
737. Fortran Routines for Use with the Method of L-moments Version 3 J. R. M. Hosking RC20525
738. Video Query: Beyond the Keywords Ruud M. Bolle, Boon-Lock Yeo and Minerva M. Yeung RC20586
739. Triple DES Cipher Block Chaining with Output Feedback Masking Don Coppersmith, Don B. Johnson (Certicom) and Stephen M. Matyas (IBM Cryptography Center, Poughkeepsie_ RC20591
740. Implications of a d(x2-y2) Symmetry Component of the Order Parameter on Potential High-Tc Devices H. Hilgenkamp, J. Mannhart, B. Mayer, Ch. Gerber, J. R. Kirtley and K. A. Moler RZ2867
741. An Event Framework for CORBA-Based Monitoring and Management Systems Andreas Schade RZ2868
742. Determining Magnetic Anisotropies from Hysteresis Loops W. Weber, R. Allenspach and A. Bischof RZ2869
743. Silicon Micro/Nanomechanical Device Fabrication Based on Focused Ion Beam Surface Modification and KOH Etching J. Brugger, G. Beljakovic (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switz.), M. Despont, N. F. de Rooij (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switz.) and P. Vettiger RZ2870
744. Micromechanics: A Toolbox for Femtoscale Science: ``Towards a Laboratory on a Tip'' R. Berger, Ch. Gerber, H. P. Lang and J. K. Gimzewski RZ2871
745. Electrical Characterization of Si/Si0.7Ge0.3 Quantum Well Wires Fabricated by Low Damage CF4 Reactive Ion Etching K. Y. Lee, S. J. Koester, K. Ismail and J. O. Chu RC20588
746. Further Analysis of Capillary Stability in Brookhaven's X25 Beamline Eric G. Liniger and Ismail C. Noyan RC20589
747. Room Temperature Quantum-Dot Flash Memory J. J. Welser, Sandip Tiwari, S. Rishton, K. Y. Lee and Y. Lee RC20590
748. Advanced Undergraduate Project: Effects on Device Scaling on CMOS Imager Performance Richard Chang RC20592
749. A Six Mask TFT/LCD Process Using Copper Gate Metallurgy Peter M. Fryer, E. Colgan, E. Galligan, W. Graham, R. Horton, D. Hunt, L. Jenkins, R. John, P. Koke, Y. Kuo, K. Latzko, F. Libsch, A. Lien, R. Nywening, R. Polastre, M. E. Rothwell, J. Wilson, R. Wisnieff and S. Wright RC20594
750. Performance Analysis on a CC-NUMA Prototype David R. Kaeli (Northeastern Univ.), Liana L. Fong, Richard Booth (IBM Rochester), Kerry Imming (IBM Rochester) and Joseph Wiegel (IBM Rochester) RC20596
751. Objectifying Manufacturing Logistics Decision Support Walter C. Dietrich Jr., Brenda L. Dietrich, Tom Ervolina, J. P. Fasano, Robin Lougee-Heimer, Elizabeth J. Poole, Jung-Mu Tang, Robert H. Wang, Robert J. Wittrock, Danny C. Wong and Goodwin R. Chin RC20637
752. Closed-Circuit Resistance of the Eigler Atomic Switch: A Case of Far Off-Resonance Conduction N. D. Lang RC20598
753. A Generalized State Splitting Algorithm Jonathan J. Ashley and Brian H. Marcus RJ10044
754. Two-Dimensional Low-Pass Filtering Codes Jonathan J. Ashley and Brian H. Marcus RJ10045
755. Polymeric Thin Films for Information Technology D. Y. Yoon RJ10048
756. Rectangular Matrix Multiplication Revisited Don Coppersmith RC20498
757. Video Visualization for Compact Presentation of Pictorial Content Minerva M. Yeung and Boon-Lock Yeo RC20615
758. On the Limiting Profile of Exponentially Decaying Functions Tim N. T. Goodman (Univ. of Dundee, UK), Charles A. Micchelli, Giuseppe Rodriquez (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy) and Sebastiano Seatzu (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy) RC20599
759. On the Spectral Radius of a Bi-Infinite Periodic and Slanted Matrix Tim N. T. Goodman (Univ. of Dundee, UK), Rong Qing Jia (Univ. of Alberta, Canada) and Charles A. Micchelli RC20600
760. Regularity of Multiwavelets Charles A. Micchelli, Thomas Sauer (Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany) RC20601
761. Spectral Factorization of Laurent Polynomials Tim N. T. Goodman (Univ. of Dundee, UK), Charles A. Micchelli, Giuseppe Rodriquez (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy) and Sebastiano Seatzu (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy) RC20602
762. The Petrov-Galerkin Method for Second Kind Integral Equations II: Multiwavelet Schemes Zhongying Chen (Zhongshan Univ., China), Charles A. Micchelli and Yuesheng Xu (North Dakota State Univ.) RC20603
763. Construction of Conjugate Quadrature Filters with Specified Zeros Wayne Lawton (Nat'l. Univ. of Singapore) and Charles A. Micchelli RC20604
764. Asymptotically Optimal Approximation and Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations Martin D. Buhmann, Charles A. Micchelli and Amos Ron RC20605
765. On a Measure of Dissimilarity for Normal Probability Densities Charles A. Micchelli RC20606
766. On a Measure of Dissimilarity Between Positive Definite Matrices Alan J. Hoffman and Charles A. Micchelli RC20607
767. Minimal Norm Interpolation with Non-Negative Real Part on Multiply Connected Planar Domains Stephen D. Fisher (Northwestern Univ.) and Charles A. Micchelli RC20608
768. On Chebyshev Polynomials in Dynamics Roy Adler, Bruce Kitchens, Charles A. Micchelli and Charles Tresser RC20609
769. Evaluation and Generation of Reduced Traces for Benchmarks Vijay S. Iyengar and Louise H. Trevillyan RC20610
770. Progressive Search and Retrieval in Large Image Archives L. Bergman, V. Castelli, J. Gerth, L. Knapp (IBM Boulder), C. -S. Li, R. Ryniker, B. Skelly (IBM Boulder), S. Carty (IBM Boulder), S. Gannamraju, S. Hutchins (IBM Boulder), I. Kontoyiannis (Stanford Univ.), J. Robinson, J. Sho udt (IBM Boulder) and J. Turek RC20583
771. On Approximations for the Renewal Function Amit Garg and Jayant R. Kalagnanam RC20638
772. Diamondlike Carbon Materials as Low-k Dielectrics for Multilevel Interconnects in ULSI A. Grill, V. Patel, K. L. Saenger, C. Jahnes, S. A. Cohen, A. G. Schrott, D. C. Edelstein and J. R. Paraszczak RC20640
773. Semiconductor Device Physics and the Modeling of Small Semiconductor Devices S. E. Laux (Univ. of IL) and M. V. Fischetti RC20597
774. Exploiting Instruction Level Parallelism in Processors by Caching Scheduled Groups Ravi Nair and Martin E. Hopkins RC20628
775. A Scanning Force Microscope for Simultaneous Force and Patch-Clamp Measurements on Living Cell Tissues M. G. Langer (Univ. Tuebingen, Germany), W. Offner (European Molecular Biology Lab., Germany), H. Wittmann (European Molecular Biology Lab., Germany), H. Floesser (European Molecular Biology Lab., Germany), H. Schaar (European Molecular Biology Lab., Germany), W. Haeberle, A. Pralle (European Molecular Biology Lab., Germany), J. P. Ruppersberg (Univ. Tuebingen, Germany) and J. K. H. Hoerber (European Molecular Biology Lab., Germany) RZ2875
776. Surface Stress in the Self-Assembly of Alkanethiols On Gold R. Berger, E. Delamarche, H. P. Lang, Ch. Gerber, J. K. Gimzewski RZ2916
777. The Promise of Information Technology in the Travel Industry Brenda L. Dietrich, Jane L. Snowdon and JoAnn B. Washam (IBM Corp., White Plains) RC20623
778. Reliable Hardware Barrier Synchronization Schemes Rajeev Sivaram (The Ohio State Univ.), Craig B. Stunkel, Dhabaleswar K. Panda (The Ohio State Univ.) RC20653
779. Fundamentals of Plasma Etching of Indium Tin Oxide Thin Film Yue Kuo RC20625
780. Progressive Texture Matching for Earth Observing Satellite Image Database Chung-Sheng Li and Ming-Syan Chen RC20629
781. Scalable Protocol Engine for High-Bandwidth Communications Christos J. Georgiou and Chung-Sheng Li RC20630
782. Half-Integer Flux Quantum Effect in Tricrystal Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta J. R. Kirtley, C. C. Tsuei, H. Raffy (Univ. Paris-sud, France), Z. Z. Li (Univ. Paris-sud, France), A. Gupta, J. Z. Sun, S. Megtert (Univ. Paris-sud, France) RC20633
783. When are Transmission-Line Effects Important for On-Chip Interconnections A. Deutsch, G. V. Kopcsay, P. Restle, G. Katopis (IBM Poughkeepsie), W. D. Becker (IBM Poughkeepsie), H. Smith (IBM Poughkeepsie), P. W. Coteus, C. W. Surovic, B. J. Rubin, R. P. Dunne, T. Gallo, K. A. Jenkins, L. M. Terman, R. H. Dennard, G. A. Sai-Halasz and D. R. Knebel (IBM Poughkeepsie) RC20655
784. Decoding of Reed Solomon Codes Beyond the Error-Correction Bound Madhu Sudan RC20656
785. New Insight into the Reactive Ion Etching of Fence-free Patterned Platinum Structures K. R. Milkove and C. X. Wang (IBM Hopewell Junction) RC20632
786. TCP Enhancements for an Integrated Services Internet Wu-chang Feng, Dilip Kandlur, Debanjan Saha and Kang G. Shin RC20617
787. Design and Implementation of an RSVP Based Quality of Service Architecture for Integrated Services Internet Tsipora Barzilai, Dilip Kandlur, Ashish Mehra (Univ. of MI), Debanjan Saha and Steve Wise (IBM Corp., Austin) RC20618
788. Mechanics on the Nanometer Scale: Experimental Study of Au Nanowires A. Stalder (McGill Univ., Canada) and U. Duerig RZ2876
789. Stability of Molded Microstructures in Polydimethylsiloxane E. Delamarche, H. Schmid, H. Biebuyck and B. Michel RZ2878
790. Ab-initio Calculations of One-Dimensional Band Structures of Mixed-Stack Molecular Crystals C. Katan (CNRS, France), C. Koenig (CNRS, France), P. E. Bloechl RZ2879
791. Contacting Molecular Nanostructures. Molecular Mechanics, Charge Transfer, and Transport Properties T. A. Jung, R. R. Schlittler, J. K. Gimzewski, H. Tang (CNRS, France) and C. Joachim (CNRS, France) RZ2880
792. Centralizing Geometry Services for 3DIC Topography Simulation Robert H. Wang, Andrew R. Neureuther (UC Berkeley) and Michael S. Karasick RC20634
793. A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Minimizing a Non-Convex Function Subject to Bound and Linear Equality Constraints A. R. Conn, Nicholas I. M. Gould (Rutherford Appleton Lab., England) and Ph. L. Toint (Univ. ND de la Paix, Belgium) RC20639
794. Minimum Description Length and Compositionality Wlodek Zadrozny RC20641
795. Backside Optical Emission Diagnostics for Excess IDDQ J. A. Kash, J.C. Tsang, Richard F. Rizzolo (IBM Poughkeepsie), Atul K. Patel (IBM Hopewell Junction) and Aaron D. Shore (IBM Hopewell Junction) RC20646
796. Video Content Characterization and Compaction for Digital Library Applications Minerva M. Yeung and Boon-Lock Yeo RC20643
797. Mining Association Rules with Adjustable Accuracy Jong Soo Park (Sungshin Women's Univ., Korea), Philip S. Yu and Ming-Syan Chen (National Taiwan Univ.) RC20695
798. Identification of Metastable Phases: fcc Ti P. M. Marcus and F. Jona (SUNY Stony Brook) RC20696
799. Optical Reflectance Thermometry for Rapid Thermal Processing Daniel Guidotti RC20647
800. MultiMedia Digital Community: A Web-Enabled Multimedia Collaboration System Chatschik Bisdikian, Stephen Brady, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Davis Foulger, Franco Marconcini, Magda Mourad, Howard L. Operowsky, Giovanni Pacifici and Asser N. Tantawi RC20697
801. Anonymous Fingerprinting B. Pfitzmann (Univ. Hildesheim, Germany) and M. Waidner RZ2881
802. Data Processing and Data Communication Networks - The Drive for Cost Effective Photonic Technology - John Crow and Franklin Tong (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong) RC20651
803. On Disk Caching of Web Objects in Proxy Servers Charu C. Aggarwal and Philip S. Yu RC20636
804. Managing Statistical Behavior in Large Datasets Isidore Rigoutsos and Alex Delis RC20648
805. Scalable instruction-level parallelism through tree-instructions Jaime H. Moreno and Mayan Moudgill RC20661
806. Design and Analysis of Permutation-Based Pyramid Broadcasting Charu C. Aggarwal, Joel L. Wolf and Philip S. Yu RC20620
807. The S-Tree: An Efficient Index for Multidimesional Objects Charu C. Aggarwal, Joel Wolf, Philip Yu and Marina Epelman (MIT) RC20624
808. Improved low-degree testing and its applications Sanjeev Arora and Madhu Sudan RC20746
809. The Maximum Factor Queue Length Batching Scheme for Video-on-Demand Systems Charu C. Aggarwal, Joel L. Wolf and Philip S. Yu RC20621
810. Information-Theoretic Pseudosignatures and Byzantine Agreement B. Pfitzmann (Univ. Hildesheim, Germany) and M. Waidner RZ2882
811. Epitaxially Induced Defects in Sr- and O-Doped La(2)CuO(4) Thin Films Grown by MBE: Implications for Transport Properties Jean-Pierre Locquet and Erica J. Williams RZ2884
812. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Individual Molecules: Beyond Imaging J. K. Gimzewski, T. A. Jung, M. T. Cuberes and R. R. Schlittler RZ2885
813. Cu Adsorption on Co Films: Edge Decoration versus Intermixing R. Allenspach, A. Bischof and U. Duerig RZ2886
814. Static vs. Dynamic CMIP/SNMP Network Management Using CORBA Luca Deri and Bela Ban RZ2888
815. Circuit Oriented EM Modeling Techniques for EMC Albert Ruehli RC20658
816. Trans-trans-2,5-bis- [2-{5-(2,2'-Bithienyl)}ethenyl] thiophene: Synthesis, Characterization, Thin Film Deposition, and Fabrication of Organic Field Effect Transistors Christos D. Dimitrakopoulos, Ali Afzali-Arkadani, Bruce Furman, John Kymissis (MIT) and Sampath Purushothaman RC20659
817. Dielectric Response in Electron Transport across Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Structures H. J. Wen, D. M. Newns and R. Ludeke RC20660
818. Parallelization of Cellular Automata Code and Its Performance on Two Types of RS/6000 Clusters Joefon Jann RC18558
819. Evidence for Nonlinear Generation of VUV Light in H2-Containing Clouds Near B-Type Supergiants. Connection with H2 Theory of Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBS) P. P. Sorokin and J. H. Glownia RC20760
820. Stabilization of Time Domain Solutions of EFIE Based on Partial Element Equivalent Circuit Models William Pinello (Univ. of AZ), Albert Ruehli, Andreas Cangellaris (Univ. of AZ) RC20700
821. Stability Improvements of Integral Equation Models Jan Garrett (IBM AS/400 Div., Rochester, MN), Albert Ruehli and Clayton Paul (Univ. of KY) RC20701
822. Affine-Invariants that Distribute Uniformly and Can be Tuned to any Convex Feature Domain Case I: Two-Dimensional Feature Domains Isidore Rigoutsos RC20668
823. End-to-End Delay of Videoconferencing over Packet Switched Networks Mario Baldi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) and Yoram Ofek RC20669
824. An Analytical Study of Multimedia Batching Schemes Hadas Shachnai (The Technion, Israel) and Philip S. Yu RC20662
825. Incorporating User Preferences in Multimedia Queries Ronald Fagin and Edward L. Wimmers RJ10051
826. An Isometric Tongue Pointing Device Chris Salem and Shumin Zhai RJ10059
827. WBI: How to Personalize the Web Rob Barrett, Paul P. Maglio and Daniel C. Kellem RJ10060
828. Modeling of Workload in MPPs Joefon Jann, Pratap Pattnaik, Hubertus Franke, Fang Wang (Yale Univ.), Joseph Skovira (Cornell Univ.) and Joseph Riordan (Cornell Univ.) RC20673
829. WSSMP: Watson Symmetric Sparse Matrix Package Users Manual: Version S.0.1a Anshul Gupta and Fred Gustavson RC20645
830. A Deadlock Avoidance Method for Computer Networks Bulent Abali RC20644
831. Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Microstructural Study of La(2-x)Sr(1+x)Cu(2)O(6+y) Thin Films K. Verbiest (Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium), O. Milat (Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium), G. Van Tendeloo (Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium), F. Arrouy, E. J. Williams, C. Rossel, E. Maechler and J. P. Locquet RZ2893
832. Analysis of Authorization in CORBA Security Guenter Karjoth RZ2894
833. STM-Induced Luminescence Study of Poly(p-phenylenevinylene) by Conversion under Ultraclean Conditions Santos F. Alvarado, Walter Rieb, Paul F. Siedler and Peter Strohieg (Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany) RZ2895
834. Optimistic Protocols for Fair Exchange N. Asokan, M. Schunter (Univ. Hildesheim, Germany) and M. Waidner RZ2858
835. File Transfers Over the GSM Network Dietrich Maiwald and Chahram Zolfaghari RZ2883
836. Electronic Payment Systems N. Asokan, P. Janson, M. Steiner and M. Waidner RZ2890
837. Optimistic Protocols for Multi-Party Fair Exchange N. Asokan, M. Schunter and M. Waidner RZ2892
838. Theoretical Study of (CO)n Chemisorption on Pt and Pt_3: Structural, Electronic and Vibrational Properties H. Groenbeck (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden) and W. Andreoni RZ2896
839. On the Nucleoside Binding of Herpes Simplex Type 1 Thymidine Kinase: A Theoretical Study F. Alber (ETH, Switz.), O. Kuonen (ETH, Switz.), L. Scapozza (ETH, Switz.), G. Folkers (ETH, Switz.) and P. Carloni RZ2897
840. Order in Microcontact Printed Self-Assembled Monolayers N. B. Larsen, H. Biebuyck, E. Delamarche and B. Michel RZ2898
841. Yasmin: A Component-Based Architecture for Software Applications Luca Deri RZ2899
842. On-ball Doping of Fullerenes: The Electronic Structureof C59N Dimers from Experiment and Theory Thomas Pichler (IFW, Germany), Martin Knupfer (IFW, Germany), Mark S. Golden (IFW, Germany), Stefan Haffner (IFW, Germany), Rainer Friedlein (IFW, Germany), Joerg Fink (IFW, Germany), Wanda Andreoni, Alessandro Curioni, Majid Keshavarz-K (UC Santa Barbara), Cheryl Bellavia-Lund (UC Santa Barbara), Angela Sastre (UC Santa Barbara), Jan-Cornelius Hummelen (UC Santa Barbara) and Fred Wudl (UC Santa Barbara) RZ2901
843. Intermixing and growth kinetics of the first Co monolayers on Cu(001) J. Fassbender, R. Allenspach and U. Duerig RZ2902
844. 100BASE-T2: A New Standard for 100 Mbit/s Ethernet Transmission over Voice-Grade Cables Giovanni Cherubini, John Creigh (IBM Research Triangle Park), Sedat Olcer, Sailesh K. Rao (Silicon Design Experts, Inc.) and Gottfired Ungerboeck RZ2903
845. Room Temperature Operation of a Quantum-Dot Flash Memory Jeffrey Welser, Sandip Tiwari, Steve Rishton, Kim Lee and Young Lee RC20690
846. Distribution and Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Sparse System Solvers in Device Simulation Applications Vladimir Menkov and Vijay K. Naik RC20667
847. Run-Time Support for Dynamic Processor Allocation in HPF Programs Samuel Midkiff, Jose E. Moreira and Vijay K. Naik RC20665
848. Design and Implementation of Computational Steering for Parallel Scientific Applications Jose E. Moreira, Vijay K. Naik and David W. Fan (Columbia Univ.) RC20666
849. Performance Bounds for Guaranteed and Adaptive Services Rajeev Agrawal (Univ. of WI-Madison) and Rajendran Rajan RC20649
850. Luby-Rackoff: Four Rounds is Not Enough Don Coppersmith RC20674
851. An Approximate Fourier Transform Useful in Quantum Factoring Don Coppersmith RC19642
852. On the Security of Digital Video Distribution Systems Abdelnaser Adas (GA Inst. of Technology), Ahmed N. Tantawy, Tri Tran (MIT) RC20567
853. VRML: Adding 3D to Network Management Luca Deri and Dimitrios Manikis RZ2889
854. VBR Video over ATM: Reducing Network Resource Requirements through Endsystem Traffic Shaping M. GrafRZ2900
855. Coherence Controller Architectures for SMP-Based CC-NUMA Multiprocessors Maged M. Michael (Univ. of Rochester), Ashwini K. Nanda, Beng-Hong Lim and Michael L. Scott (Univ. of Rochester) RC20675
856. In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of TiSi2 Phase Formation from a Titanium-Molybdenum Bilayer C. Cabral, Jr., L. A. Clevenger, J. M. E. Harper, R. A. Roy, K. L. Saenger, G. L. Miles (IBM Essex Junction, VT) and R. W. Mann (IBM Essex Junction, VT) RC20676
857. Misalignment Distortion Penalty in Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Systems and Its Reduction Using Fiber Bragg Grating Lasers Karen Liu and Weyl-kuo Wang RC20678
858. Stably Non-Synchronizable Maps of the Plane Patrice Le Calvez (Univ. Paris, France), Marco Martens (SUNY Stony Brook), Charles Tresser and Patrick A. Worfolk (Univ. of MN) RC20679
859. Scheduling Algorithms for Distributed Web Servers Michele Colajanni, Philip S. Yu and Daniel M. Dias RC20680
860. Shock Mechanics of Portable Computers S. Kumar, V. D. Khanna and M. Sri-Jayantha RC20681
861. Image Force Effects and the Dielectric Response of SiO2 in Electron Transport across MOS Structures H. J. Wen, R. Ludeke, D. M. Newns and S. H. Lo RC20682
862. An E Log E Line Crossing Algorithm for Leveled Graphs Vance Waddle and Ashok Malhotra RC20685
863. Adaptive Real-Time Group Multicast Mario Baldi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Yoram Ofek and Bulent Yener (NJ Inst. of Technology) RC20686
864. Surface Roughening during Titanium Silicide Formation: A Comparison between Si(100) and Poly-Si Substrates C. Lavoie, R. Martel, C. Cabral, Jr., L. A. Clevenger and J. M. E. Harper RC20687
865. Collaborative Visualization and Modeling Jai Menon RC20688
866. A Large Deviations Perspective on the Efficiency of Multilevel Splitting Paul Glasserman (Columbia Univ.), Philip Heidelberger, Perwez Shahabuddin (Columbia Univ.) and Tim Zajic (Columbia Univ.) RC20691
867. A Look At Multilevel Splitting Paul Glasserman (Columbia Univ.), Philip Heidelberger, Perwez Shahabuddin (Columbia Univ.) and Tim Zajic (Columbia Univ.) RC20692
868. Updating and Structure in Non-Monotonic Theories (PhD Dissertation 1992, Stanford & IBM) Benjamin N. Grosof RC20683
869. Surface Reconstruction Using Alpha Shapes Baining Guo (Univ. of Toronto, Canada), Jai Menon and Brian Willette (Univ. of CO) RC20689
870. High-Aspect-Ratio, Ultrathick, Negative-Tone Near-UV Photoresist for MEMS Applications M. Despont, H. Lorenz (EPFL, Switz.), N. Fahrni (EPFL,Switz.), J. Brugger, P. Renaud (EPFL, Switz.) and P. Vettiger RZ2904
871. Effect of Surface Influenced Order on Thermal Expansivity of Polymer Thin Films C. Thompson (Polytechnic Univ.), R. F. Saraf and J. L. Jordan-Sweet RC20693
872. Scanning Force Microscopy on Albite Cleavage Surfaces D. Nyfeler (Univ. Bern, Switz.), R. Berger and C. Gerber RZ2905
873. Effect of TiOx Nucleation Layer on Crystallization of Sol-Gel Derived Bi4Ti3O12 Films Deborah A. Neumayer, Peter R. Duncombe, Robert B. Laibowitz, Katherine L. Saenger, Robert Purtell, John A. Ott, Thomas M. Shaw and Alfred Grill RC20761
874. RCSVD: Recursive Clustering with Singular Value Decomposition for Dimension Reduction in Content-Based Retrieval of Large Image/Video Databases Alex Thomasian, Vittorio Castelli and Chung-Sheng Li RC20704
875. Computer Modeling and Simulation of the Optoelectronic Technology Consortium (OETC) Optical Bus Brent K. Whitlock (Univ. of IL at Urbana-Champaign), Petar K. Pepeljugoski, Daniel M. Kuchta, John D. Crow and Sung-Mo Kang (Univ. of IL at Urbana-Champaign) RC20703
876. Searching Image Databases at Multiple Levels of Abstraction Vittorio Castelli, Chung-Sheng Li and Lawrence D. Bergman RC20702
877. DAISY: Dynamic Compilation for 100% Architectural Compatibility Kemal Ebcioglu and Erik Altman RC20538
878. On the k-Cut Problem Francisco Barahona RC20677
879. ISO Deliberates Statistical Tolerancing Vijay Srinivasan RC20698
880. Multimedia Caching Strategies for Heterogeneous Application and Server Environments Asit Dan and Dinkar Sitaram RC20670
881. The Mockingbird System: A Compiler-based Approach to Maximally Interoperable Distributed Programming Joshua Auerbach and Mark C. Chu-Carroll RC20718
882. Automated Assembly of Parallel Fiber Optic Cables S. A. Igl (3M Co.), B. A. DeBaun (3M Co.), N. A. Lee (3M Co.), T. L. Smith (3M Co.), G. D. Henson (3M Co.), A. S. Kuczma (3M Co.) and P. K. Pepeljugoski RC20706
883. Direct VCSEL Launch into Large Core Multimode Fiber: Enhancement of the Bandwidth*Distance Product Barbara A. DeBaun (3M Co.), Petar K. Pepeljugoski and Jean M. Trewhella RC20707
884. Spiral Inductors and Transmission Lines in Silicon Technology using Copper-Damascene Interconnects and Low-Loss Substrates Joachim N. Burghartz, Daniel C. Edelstein, Keith A. Jenkins and Young Kwark RC20708
885. Optical Characterization of Attenuated Phase Shifters Alessandro Callegari and Katherina Babich RC20709
886. Master-Slave Synchronization and the Lorenz Equations Neil Balmforth, Charles Tresser, Patrick Worfolk and Chai Wah Wu RC20710
887. Preventing Denial-of-Service Attacks on a u-Kernel for WebOSes Jochen Liedtke, Nayeem Islam and Trent Jaeger RC20711
888. Implementing Multidestination Worms in Switch Based Parallel Systems: Architectural Alternatives and their Impact Craig B. Stunkel, Rajeev Sivaram (The Ohio State Univ.) and Dhabaleswar K. Panda (The Ohio State Univ.) RC20712
889. A Mechanism for Combining Data Analysis Algorithms with Databases on the Internet Nayeem Islam, Shaikh Hidayatullah, Andreas Prodromidis and Vineet Singh RC20713
890. Using Interception to Create Domains in Distributed Systems Y. Hoffner and B. Crawford (British Telecom Research Labs.) RZ2906
891. AFRIQ: An Agent-Based Framework for Routing in Internetworks with Quality of Service Constraints Ori Gerstel RC20715
892. Automatic Fault Detection, Isolation, and Recovery in Transparent All-Optical Networks Chung-Sheng Li and Rajiv Ramaswami RC20716
893. Worst-Case Analysis of Dynamic Wavelength Allocation in Optical Networks Ori Gerstel, Galen Sasaki (Univ. of HI), Shay Kutten (Technion, Israel) and Rajiv Ramaswami RC20717
894. Electromigration and Stress-Induced Voiding in Fine Al(Cu) Lines C.-K. Hu, K. P. Rodbell, K. Y. Lee, T. Sullivan (IBM Essex Junction, VT) and D. P. Bouldin (IBM Essex Junction, VT) RC20719
895. Light Emission During Direct and Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling in Ultra Thin MOS Tunnel Junctions E. Cartier, J. C. Tsang, M. V. Fischetti and D. A. Buchanan RC20720
896. Microstructure Control in Semiconductor Metallization J. M. E. Harper and K. P. Rodbell RC20721
897. The Research Server Complex Manager for Large-Scale Multimedia Servers A. Dan, M. Eshel, J. Hollan, R. Kemeson, M. Kienzle, J. McAssey, R. Rose, D. Sitaram and W. Tetzlaff RC20705
898. Effecting Postponement through Standardization and Process Sequencing Amit Garg and Hau L. Lee (Stanford Univ.) RC20726
899. On Postponement Strategies for Product Families with Multiple Points of Differentiation Amit Garg and Christopher S. Tang (UC Los Angeles) RC20725
900. On Polynomial Approximation and the Parallel Complexity of the Discrete Logarithm and Breaking the Diffie-Hellman Cryptosystem Don Coppersmith, Igor Shparlinski (Macquarie Univ., Australia) RC20724
901. I Can Do That! Using Wrapper Input for Query Optimization in Heterogeneous Middleware Systems Donald Kossmann (Univ. of Passau, Germany), Laura M. Haas, Edward L. Wimmers and Jun Yang (Stanford Univ.) RJ10065
902. Choosing Disk Lubricants C. Mathew Mate RJ10067
903. Composing Distribution Function Zones for Statistical Tolerance Analysis M. A. O'Connor and V. Srinivasan RC20723
904. Brahma: Browsing & Retrieval Architecture for Hierarchical Multimedia Annotation Asit Dan, Dinkar Sitaram and Junehwa Song RC20722
905. Efficient Retrieval of Composite Multimedia Objects in JINSIL Distributed System Junehwa Song, Asit Dan and Dinkar Sitaram RC20734
906. Deriving Texture Feature Set for Content-Based Retrieval of Satellite Image Database Chung-Sheng Li and Vittorio Castelli RC20727
907. Fiber Optic Applications Chung-Sheng Li RC20729
908. High-Speed Optical Interconnect for Multimedia Systems Chung-Sheng Li RC20730
909. High Etch Rate Reactive Ion Etching Process for Indium Tin Oxide Yue Kuo RC20731
910. Fracture Properties of Glass-Ceramics: II, Failure Prevention by Compressive Surface Stresses Robert F. Cook RC20732
911. Lexical Navigation: Visually Prompted Query Expansion and Refinement James W. Cooper, Roy J. Byrd RC20874
912. Using Visualization and Parallel Computing for Interactive Reservoir Characterization U. T. Mello, M. Lucente and T. Jackman. RC20736
913. Wear Resistant Fluorinated Diamondlike Carbon Films C. Donnet (Lab. de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systemes, France), J. Fontaine (Lab. de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systemes, France), A. Grill, V. Patel and M. Belin RC20737
914. Chemical Solution Deposition of BaSrTiO3 Films Deborah A. Neumayer, Peter Duncombe, Robert Laibowitz and Alfred Grill RC20738
915. An 11-GHz 3-V SiGe Voltage-Controlled Oscillator with Integrated Resonator Mehmet Soyuer, Joachim N. Burghartz, Herschel A. Ainspan, Keith A. Jenkins, Peter Xiao, Arvin R. Shahani, Margaret S. Dolan and David L. Harame RC20740
916. Dynamic Load Balancing in Geographically Distributed Heterogeneous Web Servers Michele Colajanni (Univ. di Roma, Italy) and Philip S. Yu RC20741
917. Hybrid Pyramidal/Vector-Quantized Volume Compression Ranjit Densai (Cognex Corp.) and Jai Menon RC20743
918. A Complete Classification of the Approximability of Maximization Problems Derived from Boolean Constraint Satisfaction Sanjeev Khanna (Stanford Univ.), Madhu Sudan and David P. Williamson RC20745
919. A Pulse-to-Static Conversion Latch with a Self-Timed Control Circuit Wei Hwang, Walter H. Henkels and Rajiv V. Joshi RC20747
920. Integrated Enhancement-and Depletion-Mode FETs in Modulation-Doped Si/SiGe Heterostructures K. Ismail, J. O. Chu and M. Arafa (Univ. of IL) RC20757
921. Operation of a novel negative differential conductance transistor fabricated in a strained Si quantum well S. J. Koester, K. Ismail, K. Y. Lee and J. O. Chu RC20758
922. Reducing Metal-Induced Reconstruction Artifacts Using CT Scout Images for Revision Total Hip Replacement Alan D. Kalvin and Bill Williamson RC20773
923. Business rules: from business specification to design Haim Kilov and Ian Simmonds RC20754
924. Resolving Rightful Ownerships with Invisible Watermarking Techniques: Limitations, Attacks, and Implications Scott Craver (N. Illinois Univ.), Nasir Memon (N. Illinois Unvi.), Boon-Lock Yeo and Minerva Yeung RC20755
925. Effect of Growth Rate On Strain Relaxation and Mobility In Modulation-Doped Si/SiGe Heterostructures K. Ismail, J. O. Chu, J. Ott, and S. J. Koester RC20756
926. MALM: A Framework for Mining Sequence Database at Multiple Abstraction Levels Chung-Sheng Li, Philip S. Yu, and Vittorio Castelli RC20752
927. Hybrid Electromagnetic Modeling of Noise Interactions in Packaged Electronics Based on the Partial Element Equivalent Circuit Formulation William Pinello (Univ. of Arizona), Andreas C. Cangellaris (Univ. of Arizona), Albert Ruehli RC20753
928. ChakraVyuha (CV): A Sandbox Operating System Environment for Controlled Execution of Alien Code Asit Dan, Ajay Mohindra, Rajiv Ramaswami and Dinkar Sitaram RC20742
929. Pairing Symmetry in Single-Layer Tetragonal Tl(2)Ba(2)CuO(6+delta) from In-Plane Torque Anisotropy C. Rossel, M. Willemin, J. Hofer, H. Keller (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), Z. F. Ren (SUNY Buffalo) and J. H. Wang (SUNY Buffalo) RZ2907
930. Impedance Spectroscopy on Poly-p-Phenylene-Vinylene Light-Emitting Diodes M. Meier, S. Karg, W. RieB RZ2908
931. Charge-Carrier Injection and Transport in Poly-p-Phenylene-Vinylene Light-Emitting Diodes S. Karg (Univ. Bayreuth, Germ), M. Meier (Univ Bayreuth, Germ), W. RieB RZ2909
932. Chemical Shifts of Diamagnetic Azafullerenes: (C59N)2 and C59HN M. Buhl (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), A. Curioni, W. Andreoni RZ2910
933. On Caching Policies for Web Objects Charu C. Aggarwal, Joel Wolf, Philip Yu, Marina Epelman (MIT) RC20619
934. Using Visualization in the Archaeological Excavations of a pre-Inca Temple in Peru Alan D. Kalvin, Alfredo Remy,Orlando Ardito, Kim Morla, Eduardo Nolasco, Jorge Prado, Regulo Franco, Antonio Murga and Guillermo Wiese RC20518
935. Fundamental Physical Computer Limits Rolf Landauer RC20766
936. Nematic LC Modes and LC Phase-Gratings for Reflective Spatial Light Modulators K. H. Yang and Minhua Lu RC20769
937. On the Relationship between Stress Induced Leakage Currents and Catastrophic Breakdown in Ultra-Thin SiO2 Based Dielectrics D. A. Buchanan, J. H. Stathis, E. Cartier and D. J. DiMaria RC20783
938. Exploratory Data Analysis in Large Sparse Datasets Ramesh Natarajan RC20749
939. Computation Aspects of Exploratory Projection Pursuit Ramesh Natarajan RC20750
940. The n-ary Stack Algorithm for the Wireless Random Access Channel Chatschik Bisdikian RC20370
941. Data Mining and the IBM Official 1996 Olympic Web Site Sara Elo-Dean (IBM Southbury), Marisa Viveros RC20714
942. Reliability and Integration of Ultra-Thin Gate Dielectrics for Advanced CMOS D. A. Buchanan and S.-H. Lo RC20778
943. Analysis of a Fence-Free Platinum Etch Process Keith R. Milkove and Cindy X. Wang RC20777
944. Effects of Wafer Cleaning Reduction on Metals Removal and Ultrathin Gate Oxide Quality Christopher P. D'Emic, Stephan Cohen and Mary Ann Zaitz RC20776
945. Cosmic Ray Soft Error Rates of 16Mb Memory Chips J. F. Ziegler, M. E. Nelson, J. D. Shell, R. J. Peterson, C. J. Gelderloos, H. P. Muhlfeld and Montrose RC20762
946. ForestaPC (Scalable-VLIW) User Instruction Set Architecture Jaime H. Moreno, Kemal Ebcioglu, Mayan Moudgill and Dave Luick RC20733
947. Electromigration in 0.25 um wide Cu Line on W C.-K. Hu, K.Y. Lee, L. Gignac, and R. Carruthers RC20768
948. Time-Function Scheduling: A General Approach to Controllable Resource Management Liana L. Fong and Mark S. Squillante RC20155
949. Tetragonal States from Epitaxial Strain on Metal Films P.M. Marcus and P. Alippi RC20771
950. Microfabrication by Electrochemical Metal Removal Madhav Datta RC20772
951. Extension Mechanisms in Montana Danny Soroker, Michael Karasick, John Barton and David Streeter RC20770
952. Compiler/architecture interaction in a tree-based VLIW processor M. Moudgill, J.H. Moreno, K. Ebcioglu, E. Altman, S.K. Chen, A. Polyak RC20694
953. Active Line Repair for Thin-Film-Transistor Liquid-Crystal Displays S. L. Wright, K. W. Warren, P. M. Alt, R. R. Horton, C. Narayan, P. F. Grier, M. Kodate RC20779
954. Temperature, Stress, Disorder and Crystallization Effects in Laser Diodes: Measurements and Impacts P. W. Epperlein RZ2913
955. Dynamic Data Distribution and Processor Repartitioning for Irregularly Structured Computation Jose E. Moreira, Vijay K. Naik, Samuel P. Midkiff RC20800
956. Origin of Oscillations in d vs. sin2(psi) Plots Measured From Tungsten Thin Films I. C. Noyan, C. C. Goldsmith RC20799
957. Digital Watermarking for High-Quality Imaging Minerva M. Yeung, Frederick C. Mintzer, Gordon W. Braudaway and A.R. Rao RC20797
958. Building Commercial Agents: An IBM Research Perspective Benjamin N. Grosof RC20835
959. Comment on Electric Field Scaling at B=0 Metal-Insulator Transition In Two Dimensions K. Ismail, J. O. Chu, D. Popovic, A. B. Fowler, S. Washburn RC20918
960. Forced Entanglement vs. Anisotropic Dissipation In a Vortex Line Liquid D. Lopez, L. Krusin-Elbaum, H. Safar, V. M. Vinokur, A. D. Marwick, J. Z. Sun, C. Feild RC20849
961. Data Mining with Decision Trees and Decision Rules C. Apte, S. Weiss RC20852
962. Data Mining-An Industrial Research Perspective C. Apte RC20851
963. A New CMOS With Self-Aligned Schottky Source/Drain and Low-Resistance T-Gates S. A. Rishton, K. Ismail, J. O. Chu, K. K. Chan, K. Y. Lee RC20854
964. Characterization of the Hot-Electron-Induced Degradation in Thin SiO2 Gate Oxides E. Cartier RC20845
965. 1Q'97 Report: Investigations of Ultra High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Germanium Alloys on Silicon-on-Sapphire Substrates for Application to Device Fabrication Technology P. M. Mooney, J. A. Ott, J. O. Chu, J. L. Jordan-Sweet, B. S. Meyerson RC20844
966. 4Q'96 Report: Investigations of Ultra High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Germanium Alloys on Silicon-on-Sapphire Substrates for Application to Device Fabrication Technology J. A. Ott, P. M. Mooney, J. O. Chu, B. S. Meyerson RC20843
967. An FPGA Technology Mapper With Fast and Accurate Prediction Amir H. Farrahi, Majid Sarrafzadeh RC20794
968. Low-Power SiGe C-Band Low-Noise Amplifiers for Wireless Applications M. Soyuer, J.-O. Plouchart, H. Ainspan, J. Burghartz, K. Jenkins, A. Kalinoski RC20780
969. A Role of Energetic Ions In RF-Biased PECVD of TiO2 Young H. Lee RC20822
970. Lens Design Issues For Reflective Projection Displays R. N. Singh, J. Rudolph RC20817
971. Design and Fabrication of a Prototype High Information Content Projection Data Monitor R. L. Melcher, P. M. Alt, D. Dove, et al. RC20815
972. Limits of Performance in Electrical Interconnect Technologies A. Deutsch RC20820
973. Multicasting in Irregular Networks With Cut-Through Switches Using Tree-Based Multidestination Worms Rajeev Sivaram, Dhabaleswar K. Panda, Craig B. Stunkel RC20826
974. A Fast DCT Domain Inverse Motion Compensation algorithm based on Shared Information in a Macroblock Junehwa Song and Boon-Lock Yeo RC20880
975. Accurate Scanconversion of Triangulated Surfaces Jarek R. Rossignac RC17971
976. STM Induced Electroluminescence From a Soluble PPV Derivative D. G. Lidzey, S. F. Alvarado, P. F. Seidler, A. Bleyer, D. D. C. Bradley RZ2927
977. Chemical Vapor Deposition Copper Interconnections and Electromigration C.-K. Hu, S. K. Reynolds RC20793
978. 3Q'96 Report: Investigations of Ultra High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Germanium Alloys on Silicon-on-Sapphire Substrates For Application to Device Fabrication Technology J. A. Ott, P. M. Mooney, J. O. Chu, B. S. Meyerson RC20827
979. 2Q'96 Report: Investigations of Ultra High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Germanium Alloys on Silicon-on-Sapphire Substrates For Application to Device Fabrication Technology J. A. Ott, P. M. Mooney, J. O. Chu, B. S. Meyerson RC20828
980. 1Q'96 Report: Investigations of Ultra High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Germanium Alloys on Silicon-on-Sapphire Substrates For Application to Device Fabrication Technology J. A. Ott, J. O. Chu, B. S. Meyerson RC20829
981. Dislocation-Related Photoluminescence Peak Shift Due to Atomic Interdiffusion in SiGe/Si Kai Shum, P. M. Mooney, J. O. Chu RC20796
982. A Construction of Interpolating Wavelets On Invariant Sets Zhongying Chen, Charles A. Micchelli, Yuesheng Xu RC20812
983. Nonlinear Stationary Subdivision Michael S. Floater, Charles A. Micchelli RC20814
984. Nonlinear Means In Geometric Modeling Michael S. Floater, Charles A. Micchelli RC20813
985. On Vector Subdivision Charles A. Micchelli, Thomas Sauer RC20811
986. Design of Conjugate Quadrature Filters Having Specified Zeros Wayne Lawton, Charles A. Micchelli RC20809
987. Dynamic Search Range Estimation For Video Coding Lurng-Kuo Liu RC20782
988. Gate Maker: A Transistor to Gate Level Model Extractor for Simulation, Automatic Test Pattern Generation and Verification Sandip Kundu RC20830
989. Sobolev Norm Convergence of Stationary Subdivision Schemes Charles A. Micchelli, Thomas Sauer RC20810
990. Contrast Losses In Projection Displays From Depolarization By Tilted Beam Splitter Coatings Alan E. Rosenbluth, Derek Dove, Fuad Doany RC20816
991. Contrast Properties of Reflective Liquid Crystal Lightvalves in Projection Displays Alan E. Rosenbluth, Derek Dove, Fuad Doany, Rama Singh, Kei-Hsiung Yang, Minhua Lu RC20818
992. Copper Interconnect: Fabrication and Reliability C.-K. Hu, J. M. E. Harper RC20824
993. Dislocation-Related Photoluminescence in Strain-Relaxed Si(1-x)Ge(x) Layers On Si(001) Kai Shum, P. M. Mooney, J. O. Chu RC20802
994. Quantum Confined Biexcitons In SiGe Grown on Si Kai Shum, P. M. Mooney, L. P. Tilly, J. O. Chu RC20801
995. Water-Based Epoxy/Glass Composites For Electronic Applications J. C. Hedrick, A. Viehbeck RC20792
996. In-Plane Crystallographic Texture of BCC Metal Thin Films on Amorphous Substrates J. Harper, K. Rodbell, E. Colgan, R. Hammond RC20790
997. Waterborne Epoxy Resin Emulsions For Printed Wiring Circuit Board Applications J. C. Hedrick, C. Sensenich, A. Viehbeck, K. Papathomas RC20791
998. Localized Electron Trapping and Trap Distributions in SiO2 Gate Oxides R. Ludeke, H. J. Wen RC20832
999. A 400MHz S/390 Microprocessor C. F. Webb, C. J. Anderson, et al. RC20784
1000. Accumulation Layers Yue Kuo RC20795
1001. A Regional Broadcast-Centric Education System Hisham El-Shishiny, Miriam Masullo, Antonio Ruiz RC20788
1002. Inhomogeneous Strain States in Sputter-Deposited Tungsten Thin Films I. C. Noyan, T. M. Shaw, C. C. Goldsmith RC20823
1003. Attacking Non-Commutative NTRU Don Coppersmith RC20819
1004. Dynamic Resource Management On Distributed Systems Using Reconfigurable Applications Jose E. Moriera, Vijay K. Naik RC20890
1005. Delay and Throughput Performance of Speeded-Up Input-Queueing Packet Switches Roch Guerin, Kumar N. Sivarajan RC20892
1006. Evidence For Nonlinear Generation of VUV Light In H2-Containing Clouds Near B-Type Supergiants, Connection With H2 Theory of Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs) P. P. Sorokin, J. H. Glownia RC20760
1007. Extracting Names From Natural Language Text Yael Ravin, Nina Wacholder RC20338
1008. Minimal Norm Interpolation With Non-Negative Real Part On Multiply Connected Planar Domains Stephen D. Fisher (Northwestern Univ.), Charles A. Micchelli RC20608
1009. Case Studies In Pattern Discovery Without Alignment Results Using The Teiresias Algorithm Isidore Rigoutsos, Aris Floratos, Christos Ouzounis (EMBL Cambridge) RC20803
1010. On Fast Microscopic Browsing of MPEG Compressed Video Boon-Lock Yeo RC20841
1011. Java Persistence Via Persistent Virtual Storage Maynard P. Johnson, Steven J. Munroe, John G. Nistler, James W. Stopyro, Ashok Malhotra RC20834
1012. Applying Shape From Lighting Variation to Bump Map Capture Holly Rushmeier, Gabriel Taubin, Andre Gueziec RC20840
1013. Global Harmony: Coupled Noise Analysis for Full-Chip TC Interconnect K. L. Shepard, V. Narayanan RC20842
1014. Voice/Data Traffic Management In the Return Path of Two-Way Hybrid-Optic Coaxial Networks Te-Kai Liu RC20838
1015. Commercial MPP Networks: Time For Optics? Craig B. Stunkel RC20837
1016. Case Study: Visualizing Customer Segmentations Produced By Self-Organizing Maps Holly Rushmeier, Rick Lawrence, George Almasi RC20839
1017. A Statistical Perspective On Data Mining Jonathan R. M. Hosking, Edwin P. D. Pednault, Madhu Sudan RC20856
1018. Control of In-Plane Texture of Body Centered Cubic Metal Thin Films J. M. E. Harper, K. Rodbell, E. Colgan, R. Hammond RC20855
1019. Using Phthalocyanine Precursors to Prepare Oxide Thin Films: Decoupling the Growth Rate From the Evaporation Rate E. Machler, F. Arrouy, E. Fritsch, J. G. Bednorz, H. Berke, J. R. Huber, J.-P. Locquet RZ2923
1020. Local Bond Breaking Via STM-Induced Excitations: The Role of Temperature B. N. J. Persson, Ph. Avouris RC20862
1021. AFM Tip-Induced Local Oxidation of Silicon: Kinetics, Mechanism, and Nanofabrication Phaedon Avouris, Tobias Hertel, Richard Martel RC20863
1022. Laser Texturing of Glass Disk Substrates A. C. Tam, J. Brannon, P. Baumgart, I. K. Pour RJ10072
1023. Fast Algorithms For Range-Max Queries in OLAP Data Cubes Ching-Tien Ho, Nimrod Megiddo, Rakesh Agrawal, Jyh-Jong Tsay RJ10071
1024. Novel Two-Dimensional Perovskites J. G. Bednorz RZ2925
1025. High-Aspect-Ratio, Ultrathick, Negative-Tone Near-UV Photoresist H. Lorenz, N. Fahrni, P. Renaud, M. Despont, J. Brugger, P. Vettiger RZ2924
1026. Integration of Silicon Micromechanical Arrays With Molecular Monolayers For Miniaturized Sensor Systems R. Berger, H. P. Lang, E. Delamarch. Ch. Gerber, J. K. Gimzewski, C. Andreoni, J. Brugger, M. Despont, P. Vettiger RZ2926
1027. Range Queries in OLAP Data Cubes Ching-Tien Ho, Nimrod Meggido, Rakesh Agrawal, Ramakrishnan Srikant RJ10070
1028. Cryptographic Containers and the Digital Library Jeffrey Lotspiech, Marc A. Kaplan, Ulrich Kohl RJ10069
1029. Silicon RF Technology - The Two Generic Approaches J. Burghartz RC20864
1030. Electron Stimulated Desorption Induced by the Scanning Tunneling Microscope T. C. Shen(University of Illinois), Ph. Avouris RC20865
1031. Design and Implementation of a QoS Capable Switch-Router E. Basturk, A. Birman, G. Delp, R. Guerin, R. Haas, S. Kamat, D. Kandlur, P. Pan, D. Pendarakis, R. Rajan, D. Saha, D. Williams RC20848
1032. Cutting and Stitching: Efficient Conversion of a Non-Manifold Polygonal Surface to a Manifold Andre Gueziec, Gabriel Taubin, Francis Lazarus and William Horn RC20935
1033. A Hybrid Spanning Tree Algorithm For Efficient Topology Distribution in PNNI Erol Basturk, Paul Stirpe RC20922
1034. A Note On PCIs, Truncated Normal Variates, and Balanced Subintervals of a Tolerance Window Michael A. O'Connor, Vijay Srinivasan RC20860
1035. Partial-Sum Queries In OLAP Data Cubes Using Covering Codes Ching-Tien Ho, Rakesh Agrawal, Jehoshua Bruck RJ10074
1036. Measuring Error Propagation In Waveform Relaxation Algorithms George D. Gristede, Charles A. Zukowski, Albert E. Ruehli RC20866
1037. Metallization Induced Band Bending of SrTiO3(100) and Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 M. Copel, P. R. Duncombe, D. A. Newmayer, T. M. Shaw, R. M. Tromp RC20831
1038. Novel Low-k Dielectrics Based On Diamondlike Carbon Materials A. Grill, V. Patel, C. Jahnes RC20878
1039. Analysis of Interconnect and Package Structures Using PEEC Models With Radiation William Pinello, Albert E. Ruehli, Andreas Cangellaris RC20875
1040. Preliminary Results On the Discovery of Patterns of Amino Acids Common to Sequences of Core Histones 3 & 4 Isidore Rigoutsos, Aris Floratos, Christos Ouzounis (EMBL Cambridge) RC20804
1041. Preliminary Results On the Discovery of Patterns of Amino Acids Common to Sequences of Leghemoglobins Isidore Rigoutsos, Aris Floratos, Christos Ouzounis (EMBL Cambridge) RC20806
1042. Affine-Invariants That Distribute Uniformly and Can Be Tuned to Any Convex Feature Domain Case II: Three-Dimensional Feature Domains Isidore Rigoutsos RC20879
1043. Daisy: Virtual Disk Hierarchical Storage Manager Jai Menon, Kent Treiber RJ10075
1044. NetDispatcher: A TCP Connection Router German Goldszmidt, and Guerney.D.H.Hunt RC20853
1045. Run-Time Detection and Recovery From Incorrectly Reordered Memory Operations Mayan Moudgill and Jaime Moreno RC20857
1046. WSSMP: Watson Symmetric Sparse Matrix Package - Users Manual: Version 2.3B Anshul Gupta, Mahesh Joshi, Vipin Kumar RC20923
1047. On Public-key Steganography in the Presence of an Active Warden Scott A. Craver RC20931
1048. WSSMP: Watson Symmetric Sparse Matrix Package: Users Manual: Version 2.3 Anshul Gupta, Mahesh Joshi and Vipin Kumar RC20923
1049. On Fast Microscopic Browsing of MPEG Compressed Video Boon-Lock Yeo RC20841
1050. The Front Pages of Video Databases: Retrieving and Visualizing Video Content Boon-Lock Yeo and Minerva M. Yeung RC20901
1051. Density Functional Theory-Based Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Acid-Catalyzed Chemical Reactions In Liquid Trioxane Alessandro Curioni, Michiel Sprik, Wanda Andreoni, Heinz Schifter, Jurg Hutter, Michele Parrinello RZ2917
1052. Surface Simplification Inside a Tolerance Volume Andre Gueziec RC20440
1053. Rapid Network Management Application Development Luca Deri RZ2915
1054. Analysis and Synthesis for New Digital Video Applications Boon-Lock Yeo, Minerva M. Yeung RC20950
1055. A System For Automatically Reading IATA Flight Coupons Jianchang Mao, Raymond Lorie, K. Mohiuddin RJ10080
1056. A Wrapper Architecture For Legacy Data Sources Mary Tork Roth, Peter Schwarz RJ10077
1057. Staged Refresh Timers for RSVP Ping Pan, Henning Schulzrinne RC20966
1058. High-Dimensional Proximity Joins Kyuseok Shim, Ramakrishnan Srikant, Rakesh Agrawal RJ10081
1059. Information Is Inevitably Physical Rolf Landauer RC20957
1060. Variable Voltage, Variable Impedance CMOS Off-Chip Driver and Receiver H. R. Bickford, G. V. Kopcsay, D. M. Dreps, P. W. Coteus, R. Mirabella, R. H. Dennard RC20949
1061. A Mechanistic Picture of the Effects of Rubbing On Polyimide Surfaces and Liquid Crystal Pretilt Angles S.-H. Paek, K.-W. Lee, A. Lien, C. J. Durning RC20945
1062. Operation of Silicon-Germanium CMOS On Sapphire Technology At Cryogenic Temperatures Suraj J. Mathew, Wadad B. Dubbelday, John D. Cressler, John A. Ott, Jack O. Chu, Bernard S. Meyerson, Karen L. Kavanagh, Isaac Lagnado RC20952
1063. Effect of Ge Profile On the Frequency Response of A SiGe pFET On Sapphire Technology Suraj J. Mathew, William E. Ansley, Wadad B. Dubbelday, John D. Cressler, John A. Ott, Jack O. Chu, Karen L. Kavanagh, Patricia M. Mooney, Bernard S. Meyerson, Isaac Lagnado RC20953
1064. Hole Confinement and Its Impact On Low-Frequency Noise In SiGe On Sapphire pFETS Suraj J. Mathew, Guofu Niu, Wadad B. Dubbelday, John D. Cressler, John A. Ott, Jack O. Chu, Patricia M. Mooney, Karen L. Kavanagh, Bernard S. Meyerson, Isaac Lagnado RC20951
1065. Effective and Ineffective Digital Watermarks Fred Mintzer, Gordon W. Braudaway, Minerva M. Yeung RC20933
1066. First-Order Phase Transition From Epitaxial Stress P. M. Marcus RC20928
1067. Waveform Relaxation-Based Circuit Simulation Albert Ruehli, Tom Johnson RC20929
1068. A Common Data Link Interface For a Prototype ATM Adapter Douglas Freimuth, Richard Auerbach, Ronald Mraz, Edward Nowicki, Dominick Zumbo, Mark Ritter RC20891
1069. YESSIR: A Simple Reservation Mechanism for the Internet Ping Pan, Henning Schulzrinne RC20967
1070. Low Energy Electron Beam Top Surface Image Processing Using Chemically Amplified AXT Resist C. S. Whelan, D. M. Tanenbaum, D. C. LaTulipe, M. Isaacson, H. G. Craighead RC20911
1071. Tribology of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings For Vacuum and Space Applications A. Grill, V. Patel, C. Jahnes, C. Donnet, T. LeMogne, M. Belin RC20903
1072. Amorphous and Microcrystalline n+ Silicon Thin Film Deposited By Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Yue Kuo RC20920
1073. Magnetic Arrays and Their Resonant Frequency For the Production of Binary Codes Alejandro G. Schrott, Robert J. von Gutfeld RC20887
1074. A Checkpointing Strategy for Scalable Recovery on Distributed Parallel Systems Vijay K. Naik, Samuel P. Midkiff, Jos'e E. Moreira RC20964
1075. Feature Preservation Volume Reconstruction Ranjit Desai, Jai Menon, Baining Guo, Jay Buckey, John Pearce RC20978
1076. Constraint-Based Reverse Engineering From Ultrasound Cross Sections Jai Menon, Ranjit Desai, Jay Buckey RC20979
1077. Distributed Virtual Malls On the World Wide Web Arun Iyengar, Dan Dias RC20975
1078. Web Server Performance Under Heavy Loads Arun Iyengar, Ed Mac Nair, Thao Nguyen RC20976
1079. Low Temperature Formation of C54-TiSi2 Using Titanium Alloys C. Cabral, Jr, L. A. Clevenger, J. M. E. Harper, F. M. d'Heurle, R. A. Roy, C. Lavoie, K. L. Saenger, G. L. Miles, R. W. Mann, J. S. Nakos RC20961
1080. Highly Conductive n+ Film For the Ohmic Contact of Thin Film Transistors Yue Kuo, K. Latzsko RC20960
1081. JiffyTune: Circuit Optimization Using Time-Domain Sensitivities Andrew R. Conn, Paula K. Coulman, Ruud A. Haring, Gregory L. Morrill, Chandu Visweswariah and Chai Wah Wu RC20963
1082. Issues in Risk Modeling for Multi-Stage Systems A. J. King, S. Takriti, and S. Ahmed RC20993
1083. A Decomposition Approach for the Fuel-Constrained Economic Power-Dispatch Problem S. Takriti and B. Krasenbrink RC20996
1084. Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy O. Zueger, D. Rugar RJ9287
1085. Computing Camera Viewpoints In An Active Robot Work-Cell Steven Abrams, Peter K. Allen, Konstantinos Tarabanis RC20987
1086. Entropy Coding Techniques for Lossless Image Compression with Reversible Integer Wavelet Transforms Nasir Memon, Xiaolin Wu and Boon-Lock Yeo RC21010
1087. Upscaling: A Tool of the Past? E. Logendijk, J. Killough, U. Mello RC20985
1088. Stable Ergodicity and Julienne Quasi-Conformality Charles Pugh, Michael Shub RC20981
1089. Hyperchaotic Systems Provably Synchronizable With a Scalar Signal Chai Wah Wu RC20977
1090. Consistency Management For Complex Applications Peri Tarr, Lori Clarke RC20982
1091. A parallel algorithm for computing eigenvalues of very large real symmetric matrices on message passing architectures Jane Cullum and Susanne M. Balle RC21015
1092. An extension of pseudospectral analysis for studying the stability and passivity of models of VLSI Interconnects Jane Cullum and A.E. Ruehli RC21016
1093. Graph Coloring via Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators Chai Wah Wu RC20965
1094. Improving Performance Evaluation in DRP Systems Gerald E. Feigin, Kaan Katircioglu and David D. Yao RC20942
1095. Performance Study of a Collaborative Method for Hierarchical Caching in Proxy Servers Philip S. Yu and Edward A. MacNair RC21026
1096. Two-Dimensional Gantt Charts and a Scheduling Algorithm of Lawler Michel X. Goemans and David P. Williamson RC21032
1097. Techniques for fast simulation of associative cache directories Mayan Moudgill RC21038
1098. Classification, Simplification and Dynamic Visualization of Scene Transition Graphs for Video Browsing Boon-Lock Yeo and Minerva M. Yeung RC21031
1099. A Study of Dead Data Members in C++ Applications Peter F. Sweeney and Frank Tip RC21051
1100. An Empirical Comparison of Interprocedural Pointer Alias Analyses Michael Hind and Anthony Pioli RC21058
1101. Interprocedural Pointer Alias Analysis Michael Burke, Jong-Deok Choi, Paul Carini, and Michael Hind RC21055
1102. Building a High-Performance, Programmable Secure Coprocessor Sean Smith, Steve Weingart RC21045
1103. Using a High-Performance, Programmable Secure Coprocessor Sean Smith, Elaine Palmer, Steve Weingart RC21044
1104. Finding Profile Association Rules Charu C. Aggarwal, Zheng Sun, Philip S. Yu RC21037
1105. Are You Building Objects or Writing Code? James W. Cooper RC21041
1106. An Efficient Recursive Partitioning Algorithm For Classification, Using Wavelets. Vittorio Castelli and Ioannis Kontoyiannis RC21039
1107. Video Scene Segmentation Via Continuous Video Coherence John R. Kender (Columbia University) and Boon-Lock Yeo RC21061
1108. Courteous Logic Programs: Prioritized Conflict Handling for Rules Benjamin N. Grosof RC20836
1109. Online Paging and File Caching with Expiration Times Tracy Kimbrel RC21049
1110. The IBM 3D Interaction Accelerator (3DIX) Paul Borrel, Keh Shin Cheng, Pierre Darmon, Peter Kirchner, Jim Lipscomb, Jai Menon, Josh Mittleman, Jarek Rossignac, Bengt-Olaf Schneider, Bob WolfeRC20302
1111. Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation Algorithm For Video Coding Lurng-Kuo LiuRC20998
1112. Large UV-Induced Negative Index Changes In Germanium-Free Nitrogen-Doped Planar SiO2 Wave-Guides D. Wiesmann, J. Hubner, R. Germann, I. Massarek, H. W. M. Salemink, G. L. Bona, M. Kristnesen, H. JackelRZ2982
1113. Local Determination of the Stacking-Sequence of Layered Materials J. Fompeyrine, R. Berger, H. P. Lang, J. Perret, E. Machler, C. Gerber, J. P. LocquetRZ2966
1114. Distributed Optimistic Concurrencey-Control Methods For High-Performance Transaction Processing A. ThomasianRC17815
1115. Rapid Parallel Evaluation of Integrals In Potential Theory On General Three-Dimensional Regions A. Greenbaum, A. MayoRC21303
1116. Inheritance Comes of Age: Applying Monotonic Techniques to Problems In Industry Leora MorgansternRC20871
1117. A Novel Zipper Transition In Tethered Membranes F. F. AbrahamRJ8639
1118. Maintaining Spanning Trees of Small Diameter G. F. Italiano, R. RamaswamiRC19335
1119. Energy Level Alignment and Exciton Binding Energies Using Model Interfaces between Metals and Evaporable Organic Electroluminescent Materials Santos F. Alvarado and Walter RießRZ3343
1120. An Approach to Providing a Seamless End-User Experience for Location-Aware Applications Sastry Duri, Alan Cole, Jim ChristensenRC22175
1121. Vertical Electrical Connections for Multi-layer Stacked Display Keiji Matsumoto, Keizo Takeda, Masaki Hasegawa, Kuniaki Sueoka, Yoichi Taira, Peter A. Gruber, James P. Doyle, Judy M. Rubino, Lubomyr T. RomankiwRT0426
1122. Complexity Analysis of Fourier-Transform Decoding of LDPC Codes over GF(q) Edward RatzerRZ3459
1123. Early Capacity Testing of an Enterprise Service Bus Kenichiroh Ueno; Michiaki TatsuboriRT0690
1124. A Conversation-Mining System for Gathering Insights to Improve Agent Productivity Mikio Takeuchi; L V Subramaniam; Tetsuya Nasukawa; Shourya Roy; Sreeram BalakrishnanRT0702
1125. A Tool Framework for KPI Application Development Mari Abe; Jun-Jang Jeng; Yinggang LiRT0725
1126. SMash: Secure Cross-Domain Mashups on Unmodified Browsers Frederik De Keukelaere, Sumeer Bhola, Michael Steiner, Suresh Chari, Sachiko YoshihamaRT0742
1127. Accelerating the Deployment of Security Service Infrastructure with Collective Intelligence and Analytics Maja Vukovic, Christopher Giblin, Sriram K. RajagopalRC25276
1128. Weyl Semi-Metal-Based High-Frequency Amplifiers A. Toniato, B. Gotsmann, E. Lind, and C. B. ZotaRZ3968
1129. Novel Integration Approach for III-V Microdisk Cavities on Si Svenja Mauthe, Noelia Vico Triviño, Yannick Baumgartner, Philipp Staudinger, Preksha Tiwari, Marilyne Sousa, Daniele Caimi, Thilo Stöferle, Heinz Schmid, and Kirsten E. MoselundRZ 3967
1130. 3D Monolithic Integration of III-V and Si(Ge) FETs for hybrid CMOS and Beyond V. Deshpande, V. Djara, E. O‘Connor, P. Hashemi, T. Morf, K. Balakrishnan, D.Caimi, M. Sousa, J. Fompeyrine and L. CzornomazRZ3954
1131. Proceedings of the 13th Symposium and Summer School On Service-Oriented Computing (SummerSoc19) Johanna Barzen, Rania Y. Khalaf, Frank Leymann, Bernhard Mitschang25685
1132. Novel Integration Approach for III-V Microdisk Cavities on Si Svenja Mauthe, Noelia Vico Triviño, Yannick Baumgartner, Philipp Staudinger, Preksha Tiwari, Marilyne Sousa, Daniele Caimi, Thilo Stöferle, Heinz Schmid, Kirsten E. MoselundRZ3967
1133. Model-Driven Engineering for Multi-Party Interactions on a Blockchain – An Example Gero Dittmann, Alessandro Sorniotti, and Hagen VölzerRZ3965
1134. On the Early Stages of Soot Formation: Molecular Structure Elucidation by High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy Mario Commodo, Katharina Kaiser, Gianluigi De Falco, Patrizia Minutolo, Fabian Schulz, Andrea D'Anna, Leo GrossRZ3964
1135. First Demonstration of 3D SRAM Through 3D Monolithic Integration of InGaAs n-FinFETs on FDSOI Si CMOS with Inter-layer Contacts V. Deshpande, H. Hahn, E. O’Connor, Y. Baumgartner, M. Sousa, D. Caimi, H. Boutry, J. Widiez, L. Brévard, C. Le Royer, M. Vinet, J. Fompeyrine and L. CzornomazRZ3961
1136. Enhancing multi-threaded sparse matrix multiplication for knowledge graph oriented algorithms and analytics Leonidas Georgopoulos, Aleksandros Sobczyk, Dimitrios Christofidellis, Michele Dolfi, Christoph Auer, Peter W J Staar, Costas BekasRZ3953
1137. Microcavity Lasers on Silicon by Template-Assisted Selective Epitaxy of Microsubstrates Benedikt F. Mayer, Stephan Wirths, Svenja Mauthe, Philipp Staudinge, Marilyne Sousa, Joel Winiger, Heinz Schmid, Kirsten E. MoselundRZ3949
1138. A Single-Molecule Chemical Reaction Studied by High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Induced Light Emission Katharina Kaiser, Leo Gross, Fabian SchulzRZ3962
1139. Real-time tree search with pessimistic scenarios Takayuki Osogami, Toshihiro TakahashiRT0982
1140. Exploring a Route to Cyclic Acenes by On-Surface Synthesis Fabian Schulz, Fátima García, Katharina Kaiser, Dolores Pérez, Enrique Guitián, Leo Gross, Diego PeñaRZ3963
1141. InP-on-Si Optically Pumped Microdisk Lasers via Monolithic Growth and Wafer Bonding Svenja Mauthe, Noelia Vico Triviño, Yannick Baumgartner, Marilyne Sousa, Daniele Caimi, Thilo Stöferle, Heinz Schmid, Kirsten E. MoselundRZ3951
1142. Modeling IoT-aware Business Processes: A State of the Art Report Nadja Brouns, Samir Tata, Heiko Ludwig, E. Serral Asensio, Paul GrefenRJ10540
1143. Papers from the 12th Advanced Summer School on Service-Oriented Computing (SummerSOC'18) Johanna Barzen, Rania Khalaf, Frank Leymann, Bernhard Mitschang, EditorsRC25681
1144. Let’s Not Speculate: Discovering and Analyzing Speculative Execution Attacks Andrea Mambretti, Matthias Neugschwandtner, Alessandro Sorniotti, Engin Kirda, William Robertson, Anil KurmusRZ3933
1145. Concurrent Zinc-Blende and Wurtzite Film Formation by Selection of Confined Growth Planes Philipp Staudinger, Svenja Mauthe, Kirsten E. Moselund, Heinz Schmid RZ3935
1146. Understanding the Effects of Sample Preparation on the Chemical Structures of Petroleum Imaged with Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy Yunlong Zhang, Bruno Schuler, Shadi Fatayer, Leo Gross, Michael R. Harper, J. Douglas KushnerickRZ3942
1147. 8-bit Precision In-Memory Multiplication with Projected Phase-Change Memory I. Giannopoulos, A. Sebastian, M. Le Gallo, V.P. Jonnalagadda, M. Sousa, M.N. Boon, and E. EleftheriouRZ3948
1148. High Performance Quantum Well InGaAs-On-Si MOSFETs With sub-20 nm Gate Length For RF Applications C. B. Zota, C. Convertino, Y. Baumgartner, M. Sousa, D. Caimi and L. CzornomazRZ3952
1149. Asymmetric Resilience: Rethinking Reliability for Accelerator-Rich Systems Jingwen Leng, Alper Buyuktosunoglu, Ramon Bertran, Pradip Bose, Vijay Janapa ReddiRC25684
1150. Performance of Interleaved Block Codes with Burst Errors R.D. Cideciyan, S. Furrer, M.A. LantzRZ3932
1151. Controlled Fragmentation of Single Molecules with Atomic Force Microscopy by Employing Doubly Charged States Shadi Fatayer, Nikolaj Moll, Sara Collazos, Dolores Pérez, Enrique Guitián, Diego Peña, Leo Gross, Gerhard MeyerRZ3939
1152. Dopant-Induced Modifications of GaxIn(1-x)P Nanowire-Based p–n Junctions Monolithically Integrated on Si(111) Nicolas Bologna, Stephan Wirths, Luca Francaviglia, Marco Campanini, Heinz Schmid, Vasileios Theofylaktopoulos, Kirsten E. Moselund, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Rolf Erni, Heike Riel, Marta D. Rossell,RZ3966
1153. Design of High-performance, Resilient, STT-MRAM-based Main Memory Janani Mukundan, Alexandre Ferreira, Karthick Rajamani, Jente Kuang, Kyu-Hyoun Kim, Hillery Hunter, Luis Lastras, Xiaochen GuoRC25679
1154. [19]Dendriphene: a 19-Ring Dendritic Nanographene Manuel Vilas-Varela, Shadi Fatayer, Zsolt Majzik, Dolores Pérez, Enrique Guitián, Leo Gross, Diego PeñaRZ3943
1155. Monolithic Integration of III-V on Si Applied to Lasing Micro-Cavities: Insights from STEM and EDX M. Sousa, S. Mauthe, B. Mayer, S Wirths, H. Schmid, K.E. MoselundRZ3934
1156. Tutorial: Brain-Inspired Computing using Phase-Change Memory Devices Abu Sebastian, Manuel Le Gallo, Geoffrey W. Burr, Sangbum Kim, Matthew BrightSky, Evangelos EleftheriouRZ3946
1157. Regularized Finite Dimensional Kernel Sobolev Discrepancy Mroueh, YoussefRC25678
1158. Red-Black Heuristic for Planning Tasks with Conditional Effects Michael KatzRC25676
1159. Resistive Coupled VO2 Oscillators for Image Recognition Elisabetta Corti, Bernd Gotsmann, Kirsten Moselund, Igor Stolichnov, Adrian Ionescu, Siegfried KargRZ3945
1160. Robust-to-Dynamics Optimization Amir Ali Ahmadi, Oktay GünlükRC25677
1161. Shortened Cyclic Codes for Correcting and Detecting Burst Errors Roy D. Cideciyan, Simeon Furrer, Mark A. LantzRZ3930
1162. InGaAs FinFETs 3D Sequentially Integrated on FDSOI Si CMOS with Record Perfomance C. Convertino, C. B. Zota, D. Caimi, M. Sousa and L. CzornomazRZ3950
1163. ConfEx: An Analytics Framework for Text-Based Software Configurations in the Cloud Ozan Tuncer , Nilton Bila , Canturk Isci , Ayse K. CoskunRC25675
1164. CapMaestro: Exploiting Power Redundancy, Data Center-Wide Priorities, and Stranded Power for Boosting Data Center Performance Yang Li, Charles Lefurgy, Karthick Rajamani, Malcolm Allen-Ware, Guillermo J. Silva, Daniel D. Heimsoth, Saugata Ghose,Onur MutluRC25680
1165. CardKit: A Card-Based Programming Framework for Drones Saad Ismail, Justin G. Manweiler, Justin D. WeiszRC25674
1166. Monolithically integrated InGaAs microdisk lasers on silicon using template-assisted selective epitaxy S. Mauthe, B. Mayer, M. Sousa, G. Villares, P. Staudinger, H. Schmid, K. MoselundRZ3928
1167. Compressed Sensing with Approximate Message Passing using In-Memory Computing Manuel Le Gallo, Abu Sebastian, Giovanni Cherubini, Heiner Giefers, Evangelos Eleftheriou RZ3944
1168. Preparing a Dataset for Extracting Decision Elements from a Meeting Transcript Corpus Tuan Tran, Francesca Bonin, Léa A. Deleris, Debasis Ganguly, Killian LevacherRC25673
1169. Design Techniques for High-Speed Multi-Level Viterbi Detectors and Trellis-Coded-Modulation Decoders Hazar Yueksel, Matthias Braendli, Andreas Burg, Giovanni Cherubini, Roy D. Cideciyan, Pier Andrea Francese, Simeon Furrer, Marcel Kossel, Lukas Kull, Danny Luu, Christian Menolfi, Thomas Morf, Thomas ToiflRZ3925
1170. Atomic force microscopy identifying fuel pyrolysis products and directing the synthesis of analytical standards Shadi Fatayer, Nimesh B. Poddar, Sabela Quiroga, Fabian Schulz, Bruno Schuler, Subramanian V. Kalpathy, Gerhard Meyer, Dolores Pérez, Enrique Guitián, Diego Peña, Mary J. Wornat, Leo GrossRZ3937
1171. Unveiling the performance of fast NVM storage with the uDepot KV-store Kornilios Kourtis, Nikolas Ioannou, and Ioannis KoltsidasRZ3923
1172. InGaAs-on-Insulator MOSFETs Featuring Scaled Logic Devices and Record RF Performance C.B. Zota, C. Convertino, V. Deshpande, T. Merkle, M. Sousa, D. Caimi, L. CzornomazRZ3931
1173. Elevating Commodity Storage with the SALSA Host Translation Layer Nikolas Ioannou, Kornilios Kourtis, and Ioannis KoltsidasRZ3920
1174. Heterogeneous Resource Reservation Ofer Biran, David Breithand, Dean Lorenz, Michael Masin, Eran Raichstein, Avi Weit, Ilyas IyoobH-0331
1175. Performance Analysis of Iteratively Decoded 3-Dimensional Product Codes T. MittelholzerRZ3926
1176. INtERAcT: Interaction Network Inference from Vector Representations of Words Matteo Manica, Roland Mathis, Maria Rodriguez MartinezRZ3918
1177. Vulnerability Models Allowing for Incomplete Information and Imprecision Application to Eldercare Lea A. Deleris, Pol Mac Aonghusa, Robert ShortenRC25671
1178. A Comparison of Virtualization Technologies for Use in Cloud Data Centers Joel NiderH-0330
1179. Calibrating Noise to Variance in Adaptive Data Analysis Vitaly Feldman, Thomas SteinkeRJ10538
1180. Micro-cavity III-V Lasers Monolithically Grown on Silicon B. Mayer, S. Mauthe, Y. Baumgartner, S. Wirths, J. Winiger, P. Staudinger, H. Schmid, M. Sousa, L. Czornomaz and K. E. MoselundRZ3922
1181. Trends and Topics in Decision Tweets Lea A. DelerisRC25672
1182. Proceedings of the 11th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing Johanna Barzen , Rania Khalaf , Frank Leymann , Bernhard Mitschang , EditorsRC25670
1183. FBWTMEM : computing maximal exact matches with FBWT Masaru Ito, Hiroshi Inoue, Megumi Ito and Moriyoshi Ohara RT0981
1184. A Cloud-Native Monitoring and Analytics Framework Fabio A. Oliveira, Sahil Suneja, Shripad Nadgowda, Priya Nagpurkar, Canturk IsciRC25669
1185. A Cloud-Based Service That Protects End-User Devices from Malware in Email Attachments and Web Links Anrin Chakraborti, Rick Boivie, Zhongshu Gu, Mehmet Kayaalp, Ankita Lamba, Dimitrios PendarakisRC25662
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1188. Boltzmann machines and energy-based models Takayuki OsogamiRT0979
1189. Boltzmann machines for time-series Takayuki OsogamiRT0980
1190. A Scaled Replacement Metal Gate InGaAs-on-Insulator n-FinFET on Si with Record Performance H. Hahn, V. Deshpande, E. Caruso, S. Sant, E. O’Connor, Y. Baumgartner, M. Sousa, D. Caimi, A. Olziersky, P. Palestri, L. Selmi, A. Schenk and L. Czornomaz RZ3957
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1198. Threshold Signatures for Blockchain Systems C. Stathakopoulou, C. CachinRZ3910
1199. Atomic Force Microscopy for Molecular Structure Elucidation Leo Gross, Bruno Schuler, Niko Pavliček, Shadi Fatayer, Zsolt Majzik, Nikolaj Moll, Diego Peña, Gerhard MeyerRZ3940
1200. Investigation of InAs/GaSb tunnel diodes on SOI C. Convertino, D. Cutaia, H. Schmid, N. Bologna, P. Paletti, A.M. Ionescu, H. Riel, K. E. MoselundRZ3927
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1202. Low-resistive, CMOS-compatible ohmic contact schemes to moderately doped n-InP Herwig Hahn, Marilyne Sousa, Lukas CzornomazRZ3913
1203. Towards electro-optical integration of hybrid III-V on Si lasers into the BEOL of a CMOS technology H. Hahn, M. Seifried, G. Villares, Y. Baumgartner, M. Halter, C. Caër, D. Caimi, M. Sousa, R. Dangel, N. Meier, F. Horst, L. Czornomaz, B. J. OffreinRZ3911
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1205. Fast and Accurate Inference with Adaptive Ensemble Prediction in Image Classification with Deep Neural Networks Hiroshi InoueRT0978
1206. Understanding Security Implications of Using Containers in the Cloud Byungchul Tak, Canturk Isci, Sastry Duri, Nilton Bila, Shripad Nadgowda, James DoranRC25651
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1208. A Posteriori Error Estimate for Computing tr(f(A)) by Using the Lanczos Method Jie Chen, Yousef SaadRC25650
1209. Bayesian Regression Selecting Valuable Subset from Mixed Bag Training Data Takayuki Katsuki, Masato InoueRT0976
1210. Traffic Velocity Estimation from Vehicle Count Sequences Takayuki Katsuki, Tetsuro Morimura, Masato InoueRT0977
1211. Identifying Android Library Dependencies in the Presence of Code Obfuscation and Minimization Salman A. Baset, Shih-Wei Li, Philippe Suter, Omer TrippRC25649
1212. Scheduling for Clustered Vector Processors Near Memory Arpith C. Jacob, Zehra Sura, Tong Chen, Carlo Bertolli, Samuel Antao, Olivier Sallenave, Kevin O’Brien, Ravi Nair, Jose R. Brunheroto, Philip Jacob, Bryan S. Rosenburg, Yoonho Park, Alexandre E. Eichenberger, Changhoan KimRC25645
1213. Workload Characterization for Microservices Takanori Ueda, Takuya Nakaike, and Moriyoshi OharaRT0973
1214. Nonlinear Dynamic Boltzmann Machines for Time-series Prediction Sakyasingha Dasgupta and Takayuki OsogamiRT0975
1215. Low-Synchronization, Mostly Lock-Free, Elastic Scheduling for Streaming Runtimes Scott Schneider, Kun-Lung WuRC25641
1216. Scoring Disease-Medication Associations Using Advanced NLP, Machine Learning, and Multiple Content Sources Bharath Dandala, Murthy Devarakonda, Mihaela Bornea, Christopher NielsonRC25640
1217. Improving the Error-Floor Performance of Binary Half-Product Codes Thomas Mittelholzer, Thomas Parnell, Nikolaos Papandreou and Haralampos PozidisRZ3907
1218. Faster Algorithms for Security Games on Matroids Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25637
1219. Network Disconnection Games Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25638
1220. An Algorithm for Bus Network Design Francisco Barahona, João P. M. Gonçalves, Richard Santiago, Chai Wah WuRC25639
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1222. Extension Complexity Lower Bounds for Mixed-Integer Extended Formulations Robert Hildebrand, Robert Weismantel, Rico ZenklusenRC25636
1223. Lattice Closures of Polyhedra Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Günlük, Diego A. MoránRC25634
1224. On Bochner’s and Polya’s Characterizations of Positive-Definite Kernels and the Respective Random Feature Maps Jie Chen, Dehua Cheng, Yan LiuRC25633
1225. Teaching and Checking of Constraints for Surgical Tray Layout Lanbo She, Jonathan ConnellRC25632
1226. Model M Lite: A Fast Class-Based Language Model Stanley F. ChenRC25631
1227. FOQUS: A Smartwatch Application for Individuals with ADHD and Mental Health Challenges Victor DibiaRC25630
1228. Optimal Generalized Decision Trees via Integer Programming Matt Menickelly, Oktay Günlük, Katya Scheinberg, Jayant R. KalagnanamRC25646
1229. Generalized and Extended Product Codes Mario Blaum, Steven HetzlerRJ10535
1230. Tiling 2-Deficient Rectangular Solids with L-Trominoes in Three and Higher Dimensions Arthur Befumo, Jonathan LenchnerRC25628
1231. SemanticFind: Locating What You Want in a Patient Record, Not Just What You Ask For John M. Prager, Jennifer J. Liang, Murthy V. DevarakondaRC25627
1232. On the Safety of Machine Learning: Cyber-Physical Systems, Decision Sciences, and Data Products Kush R. Varshney, Homa AlemzadehRC25626
1233. Nonlinear Chance-Constrained Problems with Applications to Hydro Schedulings Andrea Lodi, Enrico Malaguti, Giacomo Nannicini, Dimitri ThomopulosRC25594
1234. Understanding the Performance of Networked Flash Storage Animesh Trivedi, Bernard Metzler, Jonas Pfefferle, Patrick Stuedi, Nikolas Ioannou, Ioannis Koltsidas, Thomas R. GrossRZ3906
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1237. A General Characterization of the Statistical Query Complexity Vitaly FeldmanRJ10534
1238. Globally Optimal MINLP Formulation for Symbolic Regression Lior Horesh, Leo Liberti, Haim AvronRC25620
1239. Usable Multi-Factor Authentication and Risk-Based Authorization Larry Koved, Pau-Chen Cheng, Diogo Marques, Nalini Ratha, Kapil Singh, Cal Swart, Shari TrewinRC25619
1240. Local thermometry of self-heated nanoscale devices F. Menges, F. Motzfeld, H. Schmid, P. Mensch, M. Dittberner, S. Karg, H. Riel, B. GotsmannRZ3924
1241. Physicians Assessment of IBM Watson Generated Problem List Murthy V. Devarakonda, Neil Mehta, Ching-Huei Tsou, Jennifer L. Liang, Amy S. Nowacki, John Eric JelovsekRC25615
1242. Generation, Manipulation and Characterization of Molecules by Atomic Force Microscopy Niko Pavlicek, Leo GrossRZ3914
1243. Monolithic integration of multiple III-V semiconductors on Si for MOSFETs and TFETs H. Schmid, D. Cutaia, J. Gooth, S. Wirths, N. Bologna, K. E. Moselund and H. Riel RZ3956
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1245. jVerbs: RDMA support for Java Patrick Stuedi, Bernhard Metzler, Animesh TrivediRZ3845
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1247. Multi-Level Storage in Phase-Change Memory Devices Abu Sebastian, Manuel Le Gallo, Wabe W. Koelmans, Nikolaos Papandreou, Haris Pozidis, Evangelos Eleftheriou RZ3947
1248. Claim Synthesis via Predicate Recycling Yonatan Bilu, Noam SlonimH-0325
1249. Effective Minimally-Invasive GPU Acceleration of Distributed Sparse Matrix Factorization Anshul Gupta, Natalia Gimelshein, Seid Koric, Steven RennichRC25611
1250. Solving Box-Constrained Nonconvex Quadratic Programs Pierre Bonami, Oktay Günlük, Jeff LinderothRC25612
1251. Minimal Cut-Generating Functions Are Nearly Extreme Amitabh Basu , Robert Hildebrand, Marco MolinaroRC25610
1252. Megos: Enterprise Resource Management in Mesos Clusters Abed Abu-Dbai, Khalid Ahmed, David Breitgand, Gidon Gershinsky, and Alex GliksonH-0324
1253. Sublinear Bounds for a Quantitative Doignon-Bell-Scarf Theorem Stephen R. Chestnut, Robert Hildebrand, Rico ZenklusenRC25609
1254. Performance Evaluation of a Tape Library System I. Iliadis, Y. Kim, S. Sarafijanovic, V. Venkatesan RZ3895
1255. Dynamic Information Flow Graphs with Flow Rules S. Bleikertz, T. Groß, S MödersheimRZ3893
1256. Universal Data Store Manager Arun IyengarRC25607
1257. USIW: Design and Implementation of Userspace Software iWARP using DPDK P.I. MacArthurRZ3894
1258. A Practical Price Optimization Approach for Omni-Channel Retaling Pavithra Harsha, Shivaram Subramanian, Markus EttlRC25605
1259. Product Codes for Data Storage on Magnetic Tape Roy D. Cideciyan, Simeon Furrer, Mark A. LantzRZ3909
1260. Optimization over Structured Subsets of Positive Semidefinite Matrices via Column Generation Amir Ali Ahmadi, Sanjeeb Dash, Georgina HallRC25602
1261. A Systolic Approach to Deriving Anytime Algorithms for Approximate Computing Joshua San Miguel, Ravi Nair, Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan, Daniel A. PrenerRC25600
1262. Infrastructure Components for Efficient Data Management Arun IyengarRC25599
1263. Synthesis and Characterization of Triangulene Niko Pavlicek, Anish Mistry, Zsolt Majzik, Nikolaj Moll, Gerhard Meyer, David J. Fox, Leo GrossRZ3915
1264. Axioms of Density: How to Define and Detect the Densest Subgraph Hiroki Yanagisawa and Satoshi HaraRT0972
1265. City-Wide Traffic Flow Estimation from Limited Number of Low Quality Cameras Tsuyoshi Idé, Takayuki Katsuki, Tetsuro Morimura, Robert Morrisrc25591
1266. Detection of Printable EUV Mask Absorber Defects and Defect Adders by Full Chip Optical Inspection of EUV Patterned Wafers Lucianna Meli, Scott D. Halle, Ravi Bonam, Nelson Felix, Kaushik VemareddyRC25571
1267. The Complexity of Deadline Analysis for Workflow Graphs with Multiple Resources Mirela Botezatu, Hagen Völzer, Lothar ThieleRZ3896
1268. Progressively Refining the Orientation and Speed of a Gravitational Wave or Plane Wave from Time of Arrival Detector Measurements Dilip Krishnaswamy IBM Research Division IBM India Research LabRI 16001
1269. Synthesis of a Naphthodiazaborinine and Its Verification by Planarization with Atomic Force Microscopy Zsolt Majzik, Ana B. Cuenca, Niko Pavlicek, Nuria Miralles, Gerhard Meyer, Leo Gross, Elena FernandezRZ3905
1270. ArF Excimer Laser Debrides Burns without Destruction of Viable Tissue: A Pilot Study Atulya Prasad , Katarzyna M. Sawicka , Kelly B. Pablo , Lauren K. Macri , Jerome Felsenstein , James J. Wynne , Richard A. F. ClarkRC25590
1271. Recursion Graphs: Consistent Inference for Cyclic Noisy-Logical Graphs David W. BuchananRC25589
1272. Supervised Item Response Models for Informative Prediction Tsuyoshi Idé, Amit DhurandharRC25586
1273. A Statistical Framework of Demand Forecasting for Resource-Pool-Based Software Development Services Ta-Hsin LiRC25585
1274. Enhanced Storage Clients Arun IyengarRC25584
1275. The Electric Field of CO Tips and Its Relevance for Atomic Force Microscopy Michael Ellner, Niko Pavlicek, Pablo Pou, Bruno Schuler, Nikolaj Moll, Gerhard Meyer, Leo Gross, Ruben PerezRZ3904
1276. How Accurately Should I Solve Linear Systems When Applying the Hutchinson Trace Estimator? Jie ChenRC25581
1277. Proceedings of the 9th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing Johanna Barzen , Rania Khalaf, Frank Leymann , Bernhard Mitschang , EditorsRC25564
1278. Creation of a Screening Analytical Approach for the Efficient Detection of Anomalous Performance across Large Refrigeration Pack Estates Using Electrical Usage Data N. Brady, J. WalshRC25579
1279. SoftwAre Log-Structured Array (SALSA) – A unified stack for SSDs and SMR disks Ioannis Koltsidas, Nikolas Ioannou, Kornilios Kourtis, and Thomas Weigold RZ3892
1280. Supplementary Material for A Deep Choice Model Makoto Otsuka and Takayuki OsogamiRT0970
1281. Blue Water: A Common Platform to Put Water Quality Data in India to Productive Use by Integrating Historical and Real-time Sensing Data Sandeep Sandha, Sukanya Randhawa, Biplav SrivastavaRI15002
1282. Enhancing Performance and Robustness of ILU Preconditioners through Blocking and Selective Transposition Anshul GuptaRC25577
1283. First RF Characterization of InGaAs RMG nFETs on SiGe-OI fin-FETs Fabricated by 3D Monolithic Integration V. Deshpande, V. Djara, E. O’Connor, P. Hashemi, K. Balakrishnan, D. Caimi, M. Sousa, L. Czornomaz and J. Fompeyrine RZ3959
1284. Designing Price Incentives in a Network with Social Interactions Maxime Cohen, Pavithra HarshaRC25575
1285. Constant-Time Sliding Window Aggregation Kanat Tangwongsan, Martin Hirzel, Scott SchneiderRC25574
1286. Quick Access to Compressed Data in Storage Systems Cornel Constantinescu, David ChamblissRJ10533
1287. A Dynamically Reconfigurable Equi-Joiner on FPGA Takanori Ueda, Megumi Ito, and Moriyoshi OharaRT0969
1288. Relatório das atividades desenvolvidas na APAE DE SÃOPAULO em setembro de 2015 Rodrigo Laiola Guimaraes, Vagner Figueredo De Santana, Andrea Britto Mattos LimaRC25570
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1290. Enabling Multiple QR Codes in Close Proximity Mercan Topkara, Thomas Erickson, Umut Topkara, Chandrasekhar NarayanaswamiRC25568
1291. A Simple Proof of a Generalized Cauchy-Binet Theorem Alan J. Hoffman, Chai Wah WuRC25569
1292. A Prolog Program for Matching Attribute-Based Credentials to Access Control Policies Jan Camenisch, Sebastian Mödersheim, Gregory Neven, Franz-Stefan Preiss, and Alfredo RialRZ3890
1293. Dynamic Load Balancing for Ordered Data-Parallel Regions in Distributed Streaming Systems Scott Schneider, Joel Wolf, Kirsten Hildrum, Kun-Lung Wu, Rohit KhandekarRC25567
1294. Sparsest Cut in Planar Graphs, Maximum Concurrent Flows and Their Connections with the Max-Cut Problem Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25565
1295. On Some Spanning Tree Games Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25566
1296. Workload Characterization and Optimization of TPC-H Queries on Apache Spark Tatsuhiro Chiba and Tamiya OnoderaRT0968
1297. Cross Industry Analytics Solution Library for Resource and Operations Management Jayant Kalagnanam, Young Min Lee, Tsuyoshi IdeRC25563
1298. A New Lift-and-Project Operator Merve Bodur, Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay GünlükRC25562
1299. Robust-to-Dynamics Linear Programming Amir Ali Ahmad, Oktay GünlükRC25559
1300. Revisiting Asynchronous Linear Solvers: Provable Convergence Rate through Randomization Haim Avron , Alex Druinsky , Anshul GuptaRC25560
1301. Contractive Rectifier Networks for Nonlinear Maximum Margin Classification Senjian An , Munawar Hayat , Salman H. Khan , Mohammed Bennamoun, Farid Boussaid, Ferdous SohelRC25561
1302. Learning dynamic Boltzmann machines with spike-timing dependent plasticity Takayuki Osogami and Makoto OtsukaRT0967
1303. Adaptive Caching Algorithms for Big Data Systems Avrilia Floratou, Nimrod Megiddo, Navneet Potti, Fatma Özcan, Uday Kale, Jan Schmitz-HermesRJ10531
1304. When the optimal policy is independent of the initial state Takayuki Osogami and Tetsuro MorimuraRT0966
1305. Trust the Raw Data? The Importance of Applying Data Integrity Intelligence to Building Energy Management Systems Niall Brady, Raymond LloydRC25537
1306. Scalable Computation of Regularized Precision Matrices via Stochastic Optimization Yves F. Atchadé, Rahul Mazumder, Jie ChenRC25543
1307. Exploring the APGAS Programming Model using the LULESH Proxy Application Josh Milthorpe, David Grove, Benjamin Herta, Olivier TardieuRC25555
1308. Error-Free 56 Gb/s NRZ Modulation of a 1530 nm VCSEL Link Daniel M. Kuchta, Fuad E. Doany, Laurent Schares, Christian Neumeyr, Aidan Daly, Benjamin Kögel, Jürgen Rosskopf, Markus OrtsieferRC25554
1309. A Data-Driven, Distribution-Free, Multivariate Approach to the Price-Setting Newsvendor Problem Pavithra Harsha, Ramesh Natarajan*, Dharmashankar SubramanianRC25557
1310. FAU Discrete Optimization Challenge: Efficient MIP Approach for Energy Efficient Train Timetables Reena Kapoor, Hamideh Anjomshoa, Claire ReevesRC25551
1311. On the Speed of Convergence of gen-OMP Algorithm under RIP Conditions Aurélie Lozano, Tomasz Nowicki, Grzegorz SwirszczRC25552
1312. Gridlock Models with the IBM Mega Traffic Simulator: Dependency on Vehicle Acceleration and Road Structure Bruce G. Elmegreen, Tayfun Gokmen, Biruk HabtemariamRC25550
1313. rSLA: Monitoring SLAs in Dynamic Service Environments Heiko Ludwig, Katerina Stamou, Mohamed Mohamed, Nagapramod Mandagere, Bryan Langston, Gabriel Alatorre, Hiroaki Nakamura, Obinna Anya, Alexander KellerRJ10529
1314. Investigating the Impact of Biasing on the Quality of Optimized Application Placement in the Cloud Asser N. TantawiRC25548
1315. Executive Summary of Characterization Results Compared to Modelling and Simulations Dan Corcos, Danny Elad, Thomas Morf, Lukas KullH-0321
1316. Automation of Daisy and Crop Yield Optimization Pramod KumarRC25538
1317. Next Generation Wellness: A Technology Model for Personalizing Healthcare Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh, Henry Chang, Sreeram RamakrishnanRC25540
1318. Shock Capturing Data Assimilation Algorithm for 1D Shallow Water Equations Seshu Tirupathi, Tigran Tchrakian, Sergiy Zhuk, Sean McKennaRC25541
1319. Lattice-Based Semantics for Combinatorial Model Evolution Rachel Tzoref-Brill, Shahar MaozH-0323
1320. Graph Aware Caching Policy for Distributed Graph Stores Hidayet Aksu, Mustafa Canim, Yuan-Chi Chang, Ibrahim Korpeoglu, Özgür UlusoyRC25542
1321. Reversible Bergman Cyclization by Atomic Manipulation Bruno Schuler, Shadi Fatayer, Fabian Mohn, Nikolaj Moll, Niko Pavlicek, Gerhard Meyer, Diego Pena, Leo Gross RZ3902
1322. FPVI: An Efficient Method for Discovering Privacy Vulnerabilities in Datasets Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, Stefano BraghinRC25544
1323. HotSpot 6.0: Validation, Acceleration and Extension Runjie Zhang, Mircea R. Stan, Kevin SkadronRC25545
1324. Research Life Abroad Hiroyuki MiyazoeRC25546
1325. Toggling the Local Electric Field with an Embedded Adatom Switch W. Steurer, B. Schuler, N. Pavlicek, L. Gross, I. Scivetti, M. Persson, G. MeyerRZ3901
1326. Docit: An Integrated System for Risk-Averse Multi-Modal Journey Advising Adi Botea, Michele Berlingerio, Stefano Braghin, Eric Bouillet, Francesco Calabrese, Bei Chen, Yiannis Gkoufas, Rahul Nair, Tim Nonner, Marco LaummansRC25547
1327. Introduction to CircuitML: Modeling Local Processing Units in the Drosophila Brain Daniel Salles Chevitarese, Dilza Szwarcman, Marley VellascoRC25536
1328. Comparing Urban Sensing Applications Using Event and Network-Driven Mobile Phone Location Data Fabio Pinelli, Giusy Di Lorenzo, Francesco CalabreseRC25533
1329. Cutting Planes from Extended LP Formulations Merve Bodur, Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay GünlükRC25532
1330. Handler Cloning for Optimizing Exception Handling Takeshi OgasawaraRT0529
1331. Crowdfunding in the Enterprise and on the Internet: Workplace Users Emphasize Collaboration and Sociality Rajan Vaish, Michael Muller, Todd Soule, Werner GeyerRC25535
1332. Meertens Number and Its Variations Chai Wah WuRC25531
1333. ExaPlan: Queueing-Based Data Placement and Provisioning for Large Tiered Storage Systems (Revised Version August 2015) Ilias Iliadis, Jens Jelitto, Yusik Kim, Slavisa Sarafijanovic, Vinodh VenkatesanRZ3887
1334. Labeled Multi-Lingual Data for Cognate Detection Jiri Navratil, Nanyun PengRC25527
1335. Probe-Based Data Storage Wabe W. Koelmans, Johan B. C. Engelen, and Leon AbelmannRZ3891
1336. Line Segment Visibility with Sidedness Constraints: Theory and Practice Jonathan Lenchner, Eli PackerRC25528
1337. Unraveling the Molecular Structures of Asphaltenes by Atomic Force Microscopy Bruno Schuler, Gerhard Meyer, Diego Pena, Oliver C. Mullins, Leo GrossRZ3900
1338. Defining the Food Microbiome for Authentication, Food Safety, and Probiotic Validation James H. Kaufman, David Chambliss, Bart C. Weimer, Dylan StoreyRJ10527
1339. The First Thin-Film Electronic Package Sol Krongelb, Lubomyr T. RomankiwRC25524
1340. Novel Mass Reflow Method for Organic Substrates Vijay D. Khanna, Sri M. Sri-JayanthaRC25525
1341. Integrator: An Architecture for an Integrated Cloud/On-Premise Data-Service Avraham Leff, James T. RayfieldRC25523
1342. A Virtual Factory Model for Complex Applications Development and Support Jarir K. Chaar, Ralph E. NelsonRC25521
1343. Blind Calibration for Radio Interferometry Using Convex Optimization S. Kazemi, P. Hurley, O. Öçal, G. CherubiniRC25520
1344. Local Measurements of Flow Boiling Heat Transfer on Hot Spots in 3D Compatible Radial Microchannels Fanghao Yang, Mark Schulz, Pritish Parida, Evan Colgan, Robert Polastre, Bing Dang, Cornelia Tsang, Michael Gaynes, John Knickerbocker, Timothy ChainerRC25519
1345. Tailoring the Nucleation of Domain Walls along Multi-Segmented Cylindrical Nanoelements R. F. Neumann, M. Bahiana, S. Allende, D. Altbir, D. Görlitz, K. NielschRC25503
1346. Symmetry-Based Subproduct Codes Thomas Mittelholzer, Thomas Parnell, Nikolaos Papandreou and Haralampos PozidisRZ3888
1347. A Multidimensional Marketplace for Cloud Services Ray Strong, Susanne Glissmann-HochsteinRJ10526
1348. On-surface Generation and Imaging of Arynes by Atomic Force Microscopy Niko Pavlicek, Bruno Schuler, Sara Collazos, Nikolaj Moll, Dolores Perez, Enrique Guitian, Gerhard Meyer, Diego Pena, Leo GrossRZ3899
1349. Gersgorin Variations IV: A Left Eigenvector Approach Alan J. Hoffman, Chai Wah WuRC25514
1350. Simplifying Web Programmin Nishant Sinha IBM Research, India Rezwana Karim Rutgers University, USA Monika Gupta IBM Research, IndiaRI 14009
1351. On the Polyhedrality of Cross and Quadrilateral Closures Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Günlük, Diego A. MoránRC25512
1352. Effect of electron–phonon interaction on the formation of one-dimensional electronic states in coupled Cl vacancies Bruno Schuler, Mats Persson, Sami Paavilainen, Niko Pavlicek, Leo Gross, Gerhard Meyer, Jascha ReppRZ3898
1353. Quantifying the Common Computational Problems in Contemporary Applications (Extended version) Rik Jongerius, Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Henk CorporaalRZ3885
1354. Graph Programming Interface: Rationale and Specification K. Ekanadham, Bill Horn, Joefon Jann, Manoj Kumar, José Moreira, Pratap Pattnaik, Mauricio Serrano, Gabi Tanase, Hao YuRC25508
1355. Some Insights into the Geometry and Training of Neural Networks E. van den BergRC25510
1356. Experimental Performance Evaluation to Enhance Database Compression on Commercial Servers Hangu Yeo, Vadim Sheinin, Petros ZerfosRC25505
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1386. The Role of Communication in Emergency Evacuations: An Analysis of a Ring Network with a Static Disruption Felicia Eng, Heng Soon Gan, Owen JonesRC25478
1387. Generalized Concatenated Types of Codes for Erasure Correction Mario Blaum, Steven HetzlerRJ10521
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1390. Cognitive Systems Jeffrey T. KreulenRJ10522
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1392. Semantic Model Vector Training Data for ImageCLEF2013 Noel Codella, Michele MerlerRC25474
1393. Rectifying Pitfalls in the Performance Evaluation of Flash Solid-State Drives Ilias IliadisRZ3877
1394. Personalised Public Transportation: A New Mobility Model for Urban and Suburban Transportation Arun Vishwanath, Heng Soon Gan, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Stephan Winter, Iven MareelsRC25472
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1397. New Developments in Culinary Computational Creativity Nan Shao, Pavankumar Murali, Anshul SheopuriRC25470
1398. Cloud Overbooking through Stochastic Admission Controller Merve Unuvar, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Asser N. Tantawi, Malgorzata SteinderRC25469
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1400. A Hybrid Algorithm for Error Trace Expl, anation Vijayaraghavan Murali, Nishant Sinha, Emina Torlak, Satish ChandraRI 14007
1401. Control Localization in Dynamical Systems Connected via a Weighted Tree Ravindra Bapat, Chai Wah WuRC25466
1402. New Algorithms for the Top-K Planning Problem Anton V. Riabov, Shirin Sohrabi, Octavian UdreaRC25463
1403. Clome: The Practical Implications of a Cloud-Based Smart Home Zubair Nabi, Atif AlviRC25462
1404. Mixing-time Regularized Policy Gradient Tetsuro Morimura, Takayuki Osogami, Tomoyuki ShiraiRT0961
1405. Industry Cloud - Effective Adoption of Cloud Computing for Industry Solutions Takayuki Kushida and Gopal PingaliRT0959
1406. GPUVolt: Modeling and Characterizing Voltage Noise in GPU Architectures Jingwen Leng, Yazhou Zu, Minsoo Rhu, Meeta Gupta, Vijay Janapa ReddiRC25458
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1410. Compiling Text Analytics Queries to FPGAs Raphael Polig, Kubilay Atasu, Heiner Giefers and Laura ChiticariuRZ3864
1411. Robust Test Automation Using Contextual Clues Rahulkrishna Yandrapally IBM Research – India Suresh Thummalapenta IBM Research – India Saurabh Sinha IBM Research – India Satish Chandra Samsung Electronics USA IBMRI14005
1412. Control and Verification of High-Dimensional Systems with DSOS and SDSOS Programming Anirudha Majumdar, Amir Ali Ahmadi, Russ TedrakeRC25454
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1414. A Bayesian Framework for Estimating Properties of Network Dilusions Satya R. K. Pasumarthi, Varun R. Embar, Indrajit BhattacharyaRI14004
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1428. OpenSample: A Low-Latency, Sampling-Based Measurement Platform for SDN Junho Suh, Ted “Taekyoung” Kwon, Colin Dixon, Wes Felter, John CarterRC25444
1429. Using a Big Data Analytics Approach to Unlock the Value of Refrigeration Case Parametric Data Niall Brady, Paulito Palmes, John WalshRC25443
1430. Large Scale Subgraph Node Centrality Computations Yves Ineichen, Costas Bekas, and Alessandro CurioniRZ3863
1431. Challenge: Loosely Synchronized Multi-Modal Plans for Traffic Improvement and Commuter Convenience Biplav Srivastava, Raj Gupta, Nirmit DesaiRI14001
1432. Dynamic Update of Public Transport Schedules in Cities Lacking Traffic Instrumentation Pramod Anantharam, Biplav Srivastava, Raj GuptaRI14002
1433. A $35 Firewall for the Developing World Zubair NabiRC25442
1434. Enumerative Modulation Codes Based on Sliding-Window Substitutions Thomas Mittelholzer, Roy CideciyanRZ3881
1435. Holistic Power Analysis of Implementation Alternatives for a Very Large Scale Synthesis Array with Phased Array Stations Andreea Anghel, Rik Jongerius, Gero Dittmann, JonasWeiss, and Ronald P. LuijtenRZ3861
1436. Resolving Ambiguity in Genome Assembly Using High Performance Computing Mahtab Mirmomeni, Tom Conway, Matthias Reumann, Justin ZobelRC25439
1437. Optimizing Memory Emulation in Full System Emulators Xin Tong, Motohiro KawahitoRT0955
1438. An Ontology-Based Framework for Model-Driven Analysis of Situations in Data Centers Yu Deng, Ronnie Sarkar, Harigovind Ramasamy, Rafah Hosn, Ruchi MahindruRC25437
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1442. Discretization Vertex Orders in Distance Geometry Andrea Cassioli , Oktay Günlük , Carlile Lavor , Leo LibertiRC25434
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1444. Cache Prediction for XIV Ohad Rodeh, David Chambliss, Haim HelmanRJ10517
1445. KnowMe and ShareMe: Understanding Automatically Discovered Personality Traits from Social Media andUser Sharing Preferences Liang Gou, Michelle X. Zhou, Huahai YangRJ10516
1446. Quantifiable Run-time Kernel Attack Surface Reduction Anil Kurmus, Sergej Dechand, Rüdiger KapitzaRZ3855
1447. Performance of Random Arbitration in Switching Fabrics Lydia Y. Chen, Nikolaos ChrysosRZ3856
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1449. A Framework for Predicting Services Delivery Efforts Using IT Infrastructure-to-Incident Correlation Joel W. Branch, Yixin Diao, Larisa ShwartzRC25431
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1452. On Complexity of LP&SDP-Based Stability Certificates for Switched Linear Systems Amir Ali Ahmadi, Raphaël M. JungersRC25430
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1454. Split Cuts for Stochastic Integer Programming Merve Bodur, Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Günlük, James LuedtkeRC25427
1455. Multi-Resolution Social Network Community Identification and Maintenance on Big Data Platform Hidayet Aksu, Mustafa Canim, Yuan-Chi Chang, Ibrahim Korpeoglu, Özgür UlusoyRC25426
1456. Integrating Service Release Management with Service Solution Design Heiko Ludwig, Juan Cappi, Valeria Becker, Bairbre Stewart, Susan MeadeRJ10515
1457. A variable-temperature nanostencil compatible with a low-temperature STM/AFM Wolfram Steurer, Leo Gross, Reto R. Schlittler, and Gerhard MeyerRZ3866
1458. On the p-Median Polytope and the Directed Odd Cycle Inequalities II: Oriented Graphs Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25421
1459. Next Generation Backplane and Copper Cable Challenges Roy D. Cideciyan, Mark Gustlin, Mike Peng Li, John Wang and Zhongfeng Wang RZ3862
1460. Suppressing Deceitful Influence in Cites-or-Writes Social Networks Adam Hackett, Shoukat Ali, Stephen Kirkland, Massimiliano MeneghinRC25419
1461. Visualizing Block IO Workloads Ohad Rodeh, Haim Helman, David ChamblissRJ10514
1462. Proof of Ownership for Deduplication Systems: a Secure, Scalable, and Efficient Solution Roberto DI Pietro, Alessandro SorniottiRZ3854
1463. Latent Variable Copula Inference for Bundle Pricing from Retail Transaction Data Benjamin Letham, Wei Sun, Anshul SheopuriRC25418
1464. A Predictive Method for Identifying Optimum Cloud Availability Zones Merve Unuvar, Yurdaer Doganata, Malgorzata Steinder, Asser Tantawi, Stefania TosiRC25417
1465. Domain-Adaptive Translation Models Based on Bilingual Data Clustering Fei Huang, Bing XiangRC25416
1466. A Case Based Approach To Serve Information Needs In Knowledge Intensive Processes Debdoot Mukherjee, Jeanette Blomberg, Rama Akkiraju, Dinesh Raghu, Monika Gupta, Sugata Ghosal, Mu Qiao and Taiga NakamuraRI13004
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1468. On the p-Median Polytope and the Directed Odd Cycle Inequalities I: Triangle-Free Oriented Graphs Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25413
1469. A Functional Data Model for Analytics Doug Kimelman, Manny PerezRC25412
1470. Efficient Domain-Adaptive Word Segmentation with Larger Context and Co-Training Fei Huang, Abraham Ittycheriah, Salim RoukosRC25411
1471. Identifying User Needs from Social Media Huahai Yang, Yunyao LiRJ10513
1472. Architecture for a Workload Centric Cloud Mike Spreitzer, Diana Arroyo, Malgorzata SteinderRC25410
1473. Parameter Tolerance in Queueing Models Ying Tat Leung, Manjunath Kamath, Juan MaRJ10512
1474. Distributed System of Digitally-Controlled Microregulators Enabling Per-Core DVFS for the POWER8TM Microprocessor Zeynep Toprak-Deniz, Michael Sperling, John Bulzacchelli, Gregory Still, Ryan Kruse, Seongwon Kim, David Boerstler, Tilman Gloekler, Raphael Robertazzi, Kevin Stawiasz, Timothy Diemoz, George English, David Hui, Paul Muench, Joshua FriedrichRC25409
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1476. Solving inverse problem of Markov chain with partial observations Tetsuro Morimura, Takayuki Osogami, Tsuyoshi IdeRT0952
1477. Bayesian Unsupervised Vehicle Counting Takayuki Katasuki, Tetsuro Morimura, Tsuyoshi IdéRT0951
1478. Elastic Scaling for Data Stream Processing Bugra Gedik, Scott Schneider, Martin Hirzel, Kun-Lung WuRC25401
1479. Effect of Sampling on the Extent and Accuracy of the Inferred Genetic History of Recombining Genome Daniel E. Platt, Filippo Utro, Laxmi ParidaRC25407
1480. The ExaChallenge Symposium Rolf Riesen, Sudip Dosanjh, Larry KaplanRC25406
1481. Construction of Sector-Disk (SD) Codes with Two Global Parity Symbols Mario Blaum, James S. PlankRJ10511
1482. An Introduction to SPARQL Optionals Julian Dolby, Kavitha SrinivasRC25402
1483. Stability of Polynomial Differential Equations: Complexity and Converse Lyapunov Questions Amir Ali Ahmadi, Pablo A. ParriloRC25399
1484. The IBM Performance Simulation Framework for Cloud Peter Altevogt, Wolfgang Denzel, Tibor KissRZ3851
1485. Occupancy Sampling for Terabit CEE Switches Resolving Output and Fabric-Internal Congestion Fredy D. Neeser, Nikolaos I. Chrysos, Mitch Gusat, Rolf Clauberg, Cyriel Minkenberg, Kenneth M. Valk, Claude BassoRZ3849
1486. A Method for Creating a Test Case Set to Achieve Maximum Specification Coverage in Model Transformation Testing Dániel Kovács and Jochen M. KüsterRZ3850
1487. Case Study: The Effective Use of an Extensive Logical Rule Based Data Analytics Approach in Establishing Root Cause of Performance Issues in Widespread Deployments of Unitary Space Air Conditioning Units Niall BradyRC25398
1488. Cognitive Computing Commercialization: Boundary Objects for Communication Benjamin Shaw, Aaron Cox, Paula Besterman, Jason Minyard, Camillo Sassano, Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza, Alexander Andreopoulos, Rathinakumar Appuswamy, Andrew Cassidy, Shyamal Chandra, Pallab Datta, Emmett McQuinn, William Risk, Dharmendra S. ModhaRJ10509
1489. On Identification of IT Capabilities to Achieve Maximum Business Outcome Nianjun Zhou, Satya Nitta, Ajay MohindraRC25397
1490. Tandem Queue Weighted Fair Smooth Scheduling Nikolaos Chrysos, Fredy Neeser, Mitch Gusat, Rolf Clauberg, Cyriel Minkenberg, Claude Basso, Kenneth ValkRZ3848
1491. Computational and Algebraic Aspects of Convexity Amir Ali AhmadiRC25395
1492. SOS-Convex Lyapunov Functions with Applications to Nonlinear Switched Systems Amir Ali Ahmadi, Raphaël M. JungersRC25396
1493. Adsorption geometry determination of single molecules by atomic force microscopy Bruno Schuler, Wei Liu, Alexandre Tkatchenko, Nikolaj Moll, Gerhard Meyer, Anish Mistry, David Fox, Leo GrossRZ3869
1494. Combining Machine Learning and Combinatorial Search in Program Repair Divya Gopinath, Sarfraz Khurshid, Diptikalyan Saha, Satish ChandraRI13002
1495. Effect of Latent Errors on the Reliability of Data Storage Systems Vinodh Venkatesan, Ilias IliadisRZ3847
1496. Enabling Customer Experience and Front-Office Transformation through Business Process Engineering Jorge L. SanzRJ10506
1497. Analytics for Smarter Buildings Young M. Lee, Lianjun An, Fei Liu, Raya Horesh, Young Tae Chae, Rui ZhangRC25393
1498. Mycotoxin Testing in Food-Stock Lots Ramesh Natarajan, Mary Helander, Janusz Marecki, Bonnie RayRC25392
1499. A PTAS for the Classical Ising Spin Glass Problem on the Chimera Graph Structure Rishi SaketRC25390
1500. Predicting the Likelihood of On-Time Delivery of Agile Projects Using ANDES Evelyn DuesterwaldRC25389
1501. FlowFlex: Malleable Scheduling for Flows of MapReduce Jobs Viswanath Nagarajan, Joel Wolf, Andrey Balmin, Kirsten HildrumRC25388
1502. A Note on QUBO Instances Defined on Chimera Graphs Sanjeeb DashRC25387
1503. On the Capacity of Memoryless Rewritable Storage Channels Luis A. Lastras-Montaño, Michele M. Franceschini, Thomas Mittelholzer, Mayank SharmaRC25386
1504. A Hybrid LP/NLP Paradigm for Global Optimization Relaxations Aida Khajavirad, Nikolaos V. SahinidisRC25385
1505. Agile Logistics Simulation and Optimization for Managing Disaster Responses Francisco Barahona, Markus Ettl, Marek Petrik, Peter M. RimshnickRC25383
1506. Generalized Reordering Rules for Improved SMT Fei Huang, Cezar PendusRC25380
1507. Stabilizer-Based Symmetry Breaking Constraints for Mathematical Programs Leo Liberti, James OstrowskiRC25381
1508. Visualizing Jobs with Shared Resources in Distributed Environments Wim De Pauw, Joel Wolf, Andrey BalminRC25382
1509. Short-Term Forecasting of the Daily Load Curve for Residential Electricity Usage in the Smart Grid Soumyadip Ghosh, J. R. M. Hosking, Ramesh Natarajan, Shivaram Subramanian, Xiaoxuan ZhangRC25375
1510. Millgrove Evacuation Study Anton Beloglazov, Juerg von Kaenel, Jan Richter, Kent Steer, Ziyuan WangRC25384
1511. Quantile Periodogram and Time-Dependent Variance Ta-Hsin LiRC25374
1512. Integrating Coverage Analysis into Test-driven Development of Model Transformations Jochen M. Kuester, Daniel Kovacs, Eduard Bauer, Christian GerthRZ3846
1513. VirtualWires for Live Migrating Virtual Networks across Clouds Dan Williams, Hani Jamjoom, Zhefu Jiang, Hakim WeatherspoonRC25378
1514. Application Management Services Analytics Ying Li, Ta-Hsin Li, Rong Liu, Jeaha Yang, Juhnyoung LeeRC25377
1515. Counting the Number of Solutions of KDMDGP Instances Leo Liberti, Carlile LavorRC25376
1516. Investigation of Sn Whisker Growth in Electroplated Sn and Sn-Ag as a Function of Plating Variables and Storage Conditions Jaewon Chang, Sung K. Kang, Jae-Ho Lee, Keun-Soo Kim, Hyuck Mo LeeRC25370
1517. Harnessing Disagreement in Crowdsourcing a Relation Extraction Gold Standard Lora Aroyo, Chris WeltyRC25371
1518. A Randomized Asynchronous Linear Solver with Provable Convergence Rate Haim Avron, Alex Druinsky, Anshul GuptaRC25373
1519. Configuring Cloud Admission Policies under Dynamic Demand Merve Unuvar, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Asser N. TantawiRC25372
1520. Sample Complexity of Risk-Averse Bandit-Arm Selection Jia Yuan Yu, Evdokia NikolovaRC25379
1521. SecureBlue++: CPU Support for Secure Executables Rick Boivie, Peter WilliamsRC25369
1522. Mathematical Programming and Turing-completeness Leo Liberti, Fabrizio MarinelliRC25368
1523. Malleable Scheduling for Flows of MapReduce Jobs Andrey Balmin, Kirsten Hildrum, Viswanath Nagarajan, Joel WolfRC25364
1524. Computer-Aided Auditing of Prescription Drug Claims Vijay Iyengar, Keith Hermiz, Ramesh NatarajanRC25391
1525. Mapping SBVR to OWL2 Elisa Kendall, Mark H. LinehanRC25363REV
1526. Construction of PMDS and SD Codes Extending RAID 5 Mario BlaumRJ10504
1527. Random Read Speedup in Compression Enabled Storage Systems Cornel Constantinescu, Joseph Glider, David Chambliss, Dilip SimhaRJ10508
1528. High Performance I/O Interposition in Virtual Systems Nadav Har’El, Abel Gordon, Alex Landau, Muli Ben-Yehuda, Avishay Traeger, Razya LadelskyH-0319
1529. Policy-based Secure Deletion Christian Cachin, Kristiyan Haralambiev, Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Alessandro SorniottiRZ3843
1530. Got Loss? Get zOVN! D. Crisan, R. Birke, G. Cressier, C. Minkenberg, M. GusatRZ3840
1531. Performance Analysis of the IBM XL UPC on the PERCS Architecture Gabriel Tanase, Gheorghe Almási, Ettore Tiotto, Michail Alvanos, Anny Ly, Barnaby DaltonRC25360
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1533. The Power 775 Architecture at Scale R. Rajamony, M. W. Stephenson, W. E. SpeightRC25366
1534. Effective Smart Completion for JavaScript Max Schäfer, Manu Sridharan, Julian Dolby, Frank TipRC25359
1535. Facilitating Clinical Data Analytics for Comparative Effectiveness Research Xingzhi Sun, Linhao Xu, Yiqin Yu, Matthias ReumannRC25357
1536. Design of a Wide-Bandwidth on-Chip Antenna for Uncooled Passive THz Imaging Bernhard Klein, Thomas Morf, Michel Despont, Ute Drechsler, Dan Corcos, Noam Kaminski, Danny Elad, Lukas Kull, Matthias Braendli, Thomas Toifl, Ronny Hahnel and Dirk PlettemeierRZ3844
1537. IBM Mega Traffic Simulator T. Osogami, T. Imamichi, H. Mizuta, T. Morimura, R. Raymond, T. Suzumura, R. Takahashi, T. Ide
1538. Avoiding Disruptive Failovers in Transaction Processing Systems with Multiple Active Nodes Gong Su, Arun IyengarRC25355
1539. Plastic Deformation Effect on Sn Whisker Growth in Electroplated Sn and Sn-Ag Solders Sung K. Kang, Jaewon Chang, Jaeho Lee, Keun-Soo Kim, Hyuck Mo LeeRC25354
1540. A Self-Optimizing Workload Management Solution for Cloud Applications Haishan Wu, Asser N. Tantawi, Tao YuRC25353
1541. On Verifying the Consistency of Remote Untrusted Services C. Cachin, O. OhrimenkoRZ3841
1542. Parallel and Distributed Triangle Counting on Graph Streams A. Pavan, Kanat Tangwongan, Srikanta TirthapuraRC25352
1543. Tools and Methods for Building Watson Eric Brown, Eddie Epstein, J. William Murdock, Tong-Haing FinRC25356
1544. A Note on Discretization Orders for Distance Geometry Problems Andrea Cassioli, Leo LibertiRC25351
1545. Symmetry-dependence of vibrational-assisted tunneling Niko Pavlicek, Ingmar Swart, Judith Niedenführ Gerhard Meyer, Jascha ReppRZ3868
1546. Untether: Middleware Components to Support Intermittently Connected Web-Applications Avraham Leff, James T. Rayfield, Ravi Konuru, Raj BalasubramanianRC25350
1547. Short Papers from the 6th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing (SummerSOC '12) Rania Khalaf, Kostas Magoutis (eds.)RC25348
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1549. Preservation DataStores in the Cloud (PDS Cloud): Long Term Digital Perservation in the Cloud Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, John Marberg, Kenneth NaginH-0318
1550. Hardware Acceleration of an Efficient and Accurate Proton Therapy Monte Carlo Thomas H. Osiecki, Min-yu Tsai, Anne E. Gattiker, Damir A. Jamsek, Sani R. Nassif, W. Evan Speight, Cliff C. N. SzeRC25343
1551. Automatic Identification of Heart Failure Diagnostic Criteria, Using Text Analysis of Clinical Notes from Electronic Health Records Roy J. Byrd, Steven R. Steinhubl, Jimeng Sun, Shahram Ebadollahi, Walter F. StewartRC25342
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1555. Terminology Extraction and Deep Parsing Arendse Bernth, Michael C. McCord, Carla QuinnRC25341
1556. Counting and Sampling Triangles from a Graph Stream A. Pavan, Kanat Tangwongsan, Srikanta Tirthapura, Kun-Lung WuRC25339
1557. Frame-Based Phonotactic Language Identification Kyu J. Han, Jason PelecanosRC25336
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1560. Applying Science and Mathematics to Big Data for Smarter Buildings Young M. Lee, Lianjun An, Fei Liu, Raya Horesh, Young Tae Chae, Rui ZhangRC25338
1561. Entity-Centric Operations Modeling for Business Process Management: A Multidisciplinary Review of the State-of-the-Art Jorge L. C. Sanz, Prabir NandiRC25330
1562. Using Slot Grammar Michael C. McCordRC25340
1563. Knowledge Driven Enterprise Risk Management Nitin Nayak, Rama AkkirajuRC25329
1564. A Tool for Analysis and Visualization of Application Properties Victoria Caparrós CabezasRZ3834
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1567. Simple Extended Formulation for the Dominating Set Polytope via Facility Location Mourad Baïou, Francisco BarahonaRC25325
1568. On the Relative Strength of Different Generalizations of Split Cuts Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Günlük, Marco MolinaroRC25326
1569. A Built-In BTI Monitor for Long-Term Data Collection in IBM Microprocessors Pong-Fei Lu, Keith A. JenkinsRC25328
1570. Next Generation Real Time Operational Database by Extending Informix Sheng Huang, Xiao Yan Chen, Kai Liu, Yao Liang Chen, Chen Wang, Simon DavidRC25327
1571. A Framework for the Analysis of Probabilistic Demand Response Schemes Pavithra Harsha, Mayank Sharma, Ramesh Natarajan, Soumyadip GhoshRC25408
1572. Selecting Spatially-Relevant Information Providers George Tychogiorgos, Chatschik BisdikianRC25321
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1575. Global Optimization of Nonconvex Problems with Multilinear Intermediates Xiaowei Bao, Aida Khajavirad, Nikolaos V. Sahinidis, Mohit TawarmalaniRC25318
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1577. Optimization of Reverse Time Migration for Fast and Scalable Seismic Imaging on Blue Gene Ligang Lu, Lurng-Kuo Liu, Karen Magerlein, Pascal Vezolle, Michael PerroneRC25313
1578. Fast Conical Hull Algorithms for Near-Separable Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Abhishek Kumar, Vikas Sindhwani, Prabhanjan KambadurRC25314
1579. Bond Order Discrimination by Atomic Force Microscopy Leo Gross, Fabian Mohn, Nikolaj Moll, Bruno Schuler, Alejandro Criado, Enrique Guitian, Diego Pena, André Gourdon, Gerhard MeyerRZ3871
1580. Valve Placement in Water Networks: Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Optimization with Quadratic Pipe Friction Bradley J. Eck, Martin MevissenRC25307
1581. Control Design along Trajectories with Sums of Squares Programming Anirudha Majumdar, Amir Ali Ahmadi, Russ TedrakeRC25308
1582. Complexity of Ten Decision Problems in Continuous Time Dynamical Systems Amir Ali Ahmadi, Anirudha Majumdar, Russ TedrakeRC25309
1583. VMAR: Virtual Machine I/O Access Redirection to Optimize Instantiation Performance and Resource Utilization Zhiming Shen, Zhe Zhang, Alexei Karve, Andrzej Kochut, Han Chen, Minkyong Kim, Hui Lei, Nicholas FullerRC25349
1584. Towards Scalable Checkpoint Restart: A Collective Inline Memory Contents Deduplication Proposal Bogdan NicolaeRC25316
1585. A Result in Order Statistics, with Applications to L-moments J. R. M. HoskingRC25310
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1587. The Effect of Social Affinity and Predictive Horizon on Churn Prediction Using Diffusion Modeling Dorit Baras, Amir Ronen, Elad Yom-TovH-0317
1588. Analyzing Analytics Rajesh Bordawekar, Bob Blainey, Chidanand ApteRC25317
1589. Seven Blunders of SIV Testing (and a Guide) Jiri Navratil, David NahamooRC25311
1590. On the Accuracy of k-Nearest Neighbors in MongoDB Dakshi Agrawal, Raghu Ganti, Mudhakar SrivatsaRC25332
1591. ExaBounds—Better-than-back-of-the-envelope Analysis for Large-Scale Computing Systems Phillip Stanley-MarbellRZ3883
1592. Effect of Codeword Placement on the Reliability of Erasure Coded Data Storage Systems (Updated version: April 8, 2013) V. Venkatesan, I. IliadisRZ3827
1593. Designing Modular Overlay Solutions for Network Virtualization Liane Lewin-Eytan, Katherine Barabash, Rami Cohen, Vinit Jain, Anna LevinH-03016
1594. A Linear Time Layout Algorithm for Business Process Models T. Gschwind, J. Pinggera, S. Zugal, H.A. Reijers, B. WeberRZ3830
1595. Research Issues in Supporting Data Intensive Applications within an Exascale System Abhirup Chakraborty, Dilma Da SilvaRC25302
1596. Detecting Deadlock in Programs with Data-Centric Synchronization Daniel Marino, Christian Hammer, Julian Dolby, Mandan Vaziri, Frank Tip, Jan VitekRC25300
1597. Co-Integration of III-V with Si for Scaled CMOS Devendra K. SadanaRC25299
1598. Language Definition for a Notation of Computational Problems R. Jongerius, P. Stanley-MarbellRZ3828
1599. The Influence of Transistor Properties on Performance Metrics and the Energy-Efficiency of Parallel Computations P. Stanley-MarbellRZ3829
1600. BlobCR: Virtual Disk Based Checkpoint-Restart for HPC Applications on IaaS Clouds Bogdan Nicolae, Franck CappelloRC25303
1601. Web Application Server Firewall and Interactive Virtual Patching Vugranam Sreedhar, Peng Ji, Lin Luo, Shun Yang, Yu ZhangRC25296
1602. User Friendly Web Application Firewall with Client Pre-Checking Vugranam Sreedhar, Peng Ji, Lin Luo, Shun Yang, Yu Zhang, Mary Ellen ZurkoRC25297
1603. Parallel Processing for Business Artifacts with Declarative Lifecycles Yutian Sun, Richard Hull, Roman VaculínRC25298
1604. BTRFS: The Linux B-tree Filesystem Ohad Rodeh, Josef Bacik, Chris MasonRJ10501
1605. Business Architecture for Banking as Described by Four Scenarios Joseph Kramer, Ignacio Terrizzano, Jorge Sanz, Gary GerloffRJ10500
1606. M3R: Increased Performance for In-Memory Hadoop Jobs Avraham Shinnar, David Cunningham, Ben Herta, Vijay SaraswatRC25294
1607. Visualizing Risk Donna Gresh, Léa A. Deleris, Luca GaspariniRC25293
1608. DOVE: Distributed Overlay Virtual nEtwork Architecture Rami Cohen, Katherine Barabash, Benny Rochwerger, Vinit Jain, Renato RecioH-0315
1609. Enabling Efficient Placement of Virtual Infrastructures in the Cloud Ioana Giurgiu, Claris Castillo, Asser Tantawi, Malgorzata SteinderRC25292
1610. QPX Architecture: Quad Processing eXtension to the Power ISA(TM) Thomas Fox, Michael Gschwind, Jaime MorenoRC25291
1611. HIL: A High-Level Scripting Language for Entity Integration Mauricio Hernández, Georgia Koutrika, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Lucian Popa, Ryan WisneskyRJ10499
1612. The Difficulty of Replacing an Inclusive OR-Join Cédric Favre, Hagen VölzerRZ3824
1613. SecureBlue++: CPU Support for Secure Execution Rick BoivieRC25287
1614. Excimer Laser Surgery: Laying the Foundation for Laser Refractive Surgery James J. WynneRC25286
1615. Towards Consensus Labeling of Malware Threats Ting Wang, Xin HuRC25288
1616. Efficient and Practical Stochastic Subgradient Descent for Nuclear Norm Regularization Haim Avron, Satyen Kale, Shiva Kasiviswanathan, Vikas SindhwaniRC25284
1617. A combined atomic force microscopy and computational approach for structural elucidation of breitfussin A and B, highly modified halogenated dipeptides from the Arctic hydrozoan Thuiaria breitfussi K. Hanssen, B. Schuler, A.Williams, T.B. Demissie, E. Hansen, J. Andersen, J. Svenson, K. Blinov, M. Repisky, F. Mohn, G. Meyer, J.-S. Svendsen, K. Ruud, M. Elyashberg, L. Gross, M. Jaspars, and J. IsakssonRZ3872
1618. Performance Evaluation of Inter-Thread Communication Mechanisms on Multicore/Multithreaded Architectures Massimiliano Meneghin, Davide Pasetto, Hubertus Franke, Fabrizio Petrini, Jimi XenidisRC25283
1619. DOME - Towards the ASTRON and IBM Center for ExaScale Technology P.C. Broekema, A.-J. Boonstra, V. Caparrós Cabezas, T. Engbersen, H. Holties, J. Jelitto, R.P. Luijten, P. Maat, R.V. van Nieuwpoort, R. Nijboer, J.W. Romein, B.J. OffreinRZ3822
1620. Alternate and Learn: Finding witnesses without looking all over Nishant Sinha, Nimit Singhania, Satish Chandra, Manu SridharanRI12003
1621. AdaptWatson: A Methodology for Developing and Adapting Watson Technology David Ferrucci, Eric BrownRC25244
1622. Requirements for Systemic Risk Management in the Financial Sector Donna N. Dillenberger, Alan J. King, Aviv Orani, Francis N. Parr, Gong SuRC25282
1623. Exploiting Rich Telecom Data for Increased Monetization of Telecom Application Stores Vikas Agarwal, Sumit Mittal, Sougata Mukherjea and Palak DalalRI12015
1624. A Language Framework for Privacy-Preserving Attribute-Based Authentication Jan Camenisch, Maria Dubovitskaya, Anja Lehmann, Gregory Neven, Christian Paquin, and Franz-Stefan PreissRZ3818
1625. Pigeonholes and Repunits Chai Wah WuRC25347
1626. Data Centers in the Wild: A Large Performance Study R. Birke, L.Y. Chen, E. SmirniRZ3820
1627. A Scalable Algorithm for Placement of Virtual Clusters in Large Data Centers Asser N. TantawiRC25280
1628. Reliability of Data Storage Systems under Network Rebuild Bandwidth Constraints V. Venkatesan, I. Iliadis, R. HaasRZ3821
1629. Querying Linked Ontological Data through Distributed Summarization Achille Fokoue, Felipe Meneguzzi, Murat Sensoy, Jeff Z. PanRC25278
1630. Modeling and Forecasting of Enterprise-level Retail Time Series Data with Implementation in SPSS Ramesh Natarajan; Xiaoxuan ZhangRC25279
1631. Effects of Energy Buffers in Distribution Grids with PV Generation Carl Binding, Olle SundströmRZ3819
1632. Different tips for high-resolution AFM and STM imaging of single molecules Fabian Mohn, Bruno Schuler, Leo Gross, and Gerhard MeyerRZ3865
1634. A General Reliability Model for Data Storage Systems V. Venkatesan, I. IliadisRZ3817
1635. h-IQ: Human Intelligence for Quality of Service Delivery Data Maja Vukovic, Jim Laredo, Valentina SalapuraRC25275
1636. Towards Cross-Lingual Sentence Similarity Comparison: A Generalized Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Approach Juan M. HuertaRC25273
1637. An Auxiliary Phrase Table Approach to Closed-Loop Multi-Pass SMT Juan M. HuertaRC25274
1638. Supporting Different Process Views through a Shared Process Model (Revised Version, June 2013) Jochen Kuester, Hagen Voelzer, Cedric Favre, Moises Castelo Branco, Krzysztof CzarneckiRZ3823
1639. Collective Intelligence Applications in IT Services Business Maja Vukovic, Osamuyimen StewartRC25272
1640. An Efficient Method to Formulate, Solve and Reuse Resource Allocation Problems Using Semantic Models Pranav Gupta, Biplav SrivastavaRI12008
1641. Reconfiguration Aware Resource Allocation in Contingency Planning in Distributed Service Delivery Vinayaka Pandit, Sreyash Kenkre, Krishnasuri NarayanamRI12019
1642. Operational Abstractions of Model Transforms Vibha Singhal Sinha, Pankaj Dhoolia, Senthil Mani, Saurabh SinhaRI12007
1643. Optimal Workflow-Aware Authorizations D. Basin, S.J. Burri, G. KarjothRZ3815
1644. Obstruction-Free Authorization Enforcement: Aligning Security and Business Objectives (Extended and Revised version of RZ3799) D. Basin, S.J. Burri, G. KarjothRZ3816
1645. Combinatorial Analysis for Efficient Distributed Top-K Keyword Aggregation Issei Yoshida, Yuya Unno, Yuta Tsuboi
1646. Survey of Software Fault Localization RI12002
1647. Goldilocks Failures: Not Too Soft, Not Too Hard Sani R. Nassif; Veit B. Kleeberger; Ulf SchlichtmannRC25266
1648. Predicting Personal Mobility with Individual and Group Travel Histories Giusy Di Lorenzo; Jonathan Reades; Francesco Calabrese; Carlo RattiRC25265
1649. Partial-MDS Codes and Their Application to RAID Type of Architectures Mario Blaum, James Lee Hafner, Steven HetzlerRJ10498
1650. Sylvester-Gallai-like Theorems for Polygons in the Plane Jonathan LenchnerRC25263
1651. DedupT: Deduplication for Tape Systems Abdullah Gharaibeh, Cornel Constantinescu, Maohua Lu, Anurag Sharma, Ramani R. Routray, Prasenjit Sarkar, David Pease, Matei RipeanuRJ10507
1652. AHAFS Enables AIX® Event Monitoring without Writing Code Joefon Jann; Niteesh DubeyRC25260
1653. Hybrid Collective Operations on Power7 IH Gabriel Tanase; Gheorghe Almasi; Charles Archer; Hanhong XueRC25259
1654. Towards Automatic Functional Test Execution Pablo Pedemonte; Jalal Mahmud; Tessa LauRJ10497
1655. Adaptive MapReduce Using Situation-Aware Mappers Rares Vernica, Andrey Balmin, Kevin S. Beyer, Vuk ErcegovacRJ10496
1656. Improving Consolidation of Virtual Machines with Risk-aware Bandwidth Oversubscription in Compute Clouds David Breitgand; Amir EpsteinH-0312
1657. System and Analytics for Continuously Assessing Transport Systems from Sparse and Noisy Observations: Case Study in Dublin L. Gasparini; E. Bouillet; F. Calabrese; O. Verscheure; Brendan O'Brien; Maggie O'DonnellRC25258
1658. QoI-Aware Energy Management in Internet-of-Things Sensory Environments Zhanwei Sun; Chi Harold Liu; Chatschik Bisdikian; Joel Branch; Bo YangRC25253
1659. Quality of Information in Sensor Networks Chatschik Bisdikian; Lance M. Kaplan; Mani B. SrivastavaRC25254
1660. Effective Event Discovery: Using Location and Social Information for Scoping Event Recommendations Elizabeth M. Daly; Werner GeyerRC25250
1661. v-Bundle: Flexible Group Resource Offerings in Clouds Liting Hu; Kyung Dong Ryu; Dilma Da Silva; Karsten SchwanRC25249
1662. Optimized Cloud Placement of Virtual Clusters Using Biased Importance Sampling Asser N. TantawiRC25248
1663. Answers for Nigerian Farmers: A Mobile Phone Service for Nigerian Farmers Catalina M. Danis; Ahmed L. Ala; James E. Christensen; Jason B. Ellis; Hassan A. Faskari; Wendy A. Kellogg; Aminu Mohammed; Paulinus O. UgwokeRC25246
1664. Availability Analysis of IaaS Cloud Using Analytic Models Francesco Longo; Rahul Ghosh; Vijay K. Naik; Kishor TrivediRC25247
1665. Model-Driven Consolidation of Java Workloads on Multicores D. Ansaloni, L.Y. Chen, E. Smirni, W. BinderRZ3814
1666. Simplified Authentication and Authorization for RESTful Services in Trusted Environments Eric Brachmann, Gero Dittmann, Klaus-Dieter SchubertRZ3813
1667. Dynamic Enforcement of Abstract Separation of Duty Constraints David Basin, Samuel J. Burri, Guenter KarjothRZ3812
1668. EPIC: A Multi-Tiered Approach to Enterprise Email Prioritization Jie Lu; Zhen Wen; Shimei Pan; Jennifer LaiRC25243
1669. Accelerating Business Analytics Applications Valentina Salapura; Priya Nagpurkar; Tejas Karkhanis; José MoreiraRC25242
1670. On Managing Quality of Experience of Multiple Video Streams in Wireless Networks Partha Dutta, Anand Seetharam, Vijay Arya, Malolan Chetlur, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Jim KuroseRI11008 REVISED
1671. Centrally Controlled Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Clemens Lombriser, Urs Hunkeler, Hong Linh TruongRZ3811
1672. HARE: Final Report Eric Van Hensbergen; Ron Minnich; Jim Mckie; Charles ForsythRC25241
1673. High Performance Distributed Co-clustering and Collaborative Filtering Ankur Narang, Abhinav Srivastava and Naga Praveen Kumar KattaRI11019
1674. Many Bills: Engaging Citizens through Visualizations of Congressional Legislation Yannick Assogba; Irene Ros; Joan M. DiMicco; Matt McKeonRC25240
1675. On the Network Effect in Web 2.0 Applications Charu C. Aggarwal; Philip S. YuRC24842 Revised
1676. Evaluating the Performance of Two Disk-Offload Architectures for Application-Caching Middleware Avraham Leff, James T. Rayfield, Tom Gissel, Ben PareesRC25239
1677. Integrated Stochastic Resource Planning of Human Capital Supply Chains Heng Cao, Jianying Hu, Chen Jiang, Tarun Kumar, Ta-Hsin Li, Yang Liu, Yingdong Lu, Shilpa Mahatma, Aleksandra Mojsilovic, Mayank Sharma, Mark S. Squillante, Yichong YuRC25238
1678. Real-Time Road Traffic Forecasting Using Regime-Switching Space-Time Models and Adaptive Lasso Yiannis Kamarianakis, Wei Shen, Laura WynterRC25237
1679. Mobile Devices Meet Customer Loyalty First Of A Kind (FOAK) Project Summary Alan Cole; Scott McFaddin; Chandra Narayanaswami; Alpana TiwariRC25236
1680. Imaging the charge distribution within a single molecule Fabian Mohn, Leo Gross, Nikolaj Moll, and Gerhard MeyerRZ3873
1681. Exploring Passenger Dynamics and Connectivities in Beijing Underground via Bluetooth Networks Rina Wu, Yuan Cao, Chi Harold Liu, Pan Hui, Li Li, Erwu LiuRC25234
1682. Partition Inequalities: Separation, Extensions and Network Design Mourad Baïou; Francisco Barahona; Ali Ridha MahjoubRC25233
1683. Enabling Real-Time Data Center Energy Management W. El-Essawy, A. P. Ferreira, J. C. Rubio, T. Keller, K. Rajamani, M. WareRC25268
1684. Determination of One-Way Bandwidth of Cellular Automata using Binary Decision Diagrams Andreas C. DoeringRZ3810
1685. Reexamination of Allais' Paradox, Prospect Theory, and Expected Utility Theory Nimrod MegiddoRJ10493
1686. Utility Functions in Repeated Games Nimrod MegiddoRJ10492
1687. A Combinatorial Algorithm for Facility Location with No G-odd Cycles Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC25232
1688. Perfectly Balanced AllocationWith Estimated Average Using Approximately Constant Retries Sourav Dutta, Souvik Bhattacherjee, Ankur NarangRI11023
1689. Exploring the Representation of Complex Processes in Information Intensive Services Uday Apte; Uday Karmarkar; Cheryl Kieliszewski; Ying Tat LeungRJ10491
1690. On t-Branch Split Cuts for Mixed-Integer Programs Sanjeeb Dash; Oktay GünlükRC25231
1691. Real-Time Traffic Prediction Using GPS Data with Low Samping Rates: A Hybrid Approach Wei Shen; Laura WynterRC25230
1692. On a Simple Comparison Procedure in Analyzing Observational Data Ying Tat Leung; Barbara JonesRJ10490
1693. Lessons From Existing Business Process Hierarchies for Building a New One for Traffic Pietro Mazzoleni, Biplav Srivastava and Srikanth TamilselvamRI11022
1694. Multidimensional Balanced Allocation for Multiple Choice & $(1+\beta)$ Processes Ankur Narang, Sourav Dutta and Souvik BhattacherjeeRI11018
1695. Optimal Node Ordering in Bayesian Belief Networks Witichai Sachchmarga; Lea Deleris; Bonnie RayRC25227
1696. Lurking as Personal Trait or Situational Disposition? Lurking and Contributing in Enterprise Social Media Michael MullerRC25221
1697. Brainstorming for Japan: Rapid Distributed Global Collaboration for Disaster Response Michael Muller; Sacha ChuaRC25222
1698. Quantifying Multiplexing Gains in a Wireless Network Cloud Mukundan Madhavan, Parul Gupta and Malolan ChetlurRI11021
1699. Path Planning Problems Motivated by a Data Center Robot Ning Xu; Jonathan LenchnerRC25217
1700. C-Codes: Cyclic Lowest-Density MDS Array Codes Constructed Using Starters for RAID 6 Mingqiang Li; Jiwu ShuRC25218
1701. Relaxing Synchronization for Performance and Insight Lakshminarayanan Renganarayana; Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan; Ravi Nair; Daniel Prener; Colin BlundellRC25256
1702. A Catalog of Stream Processing Optimizations Martin Hirzel, Robert Soulé, Scott Schneider, Bugra Gedik, Robert GrimmRC25215
1703. Lattice-Free Sets, Branching Disjunctions, and Mixed-Integer Programming Sanjeeb Dash, Neil B. Dobbs, Oktay Günlük, Tomasz J. Nowicki, Grzegorz M. SwirszczRC25212
1704. Subsystem and System-level Implications of PCM R. Haas, X.-Y. Hu, I. Koltsidas, R.A. PletkaRZ3809
1705. Reaching the Masses through a Rural Services Platform Vikas Agarwal, Sachin Gupta, Shalini Kapoor, Sumit MittalRI11017
1706. Accurate 3D Capacitance of Parallel Plates from 2D Analytical Superposition Richard Matick; Albert RuehliRC25206
1707. Entity-Centric Operations Modeling for Business Process Management. Part 1: A Multidisciplinary Review of the State-of-the-Art Jorge L. C. SanzRJ10488
1708. Correlating user activity with system data for fast detection and diagnosis of system outages Vijay Mann and Anilkumar VishnoiRI11013
1709. Protecting superconducting qubits from external sources of loss and heat (published as: Protecting Superconducting Qubits from Radiation) Antonio D. Córcoles, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta, Chad Rigetti, J. R. Rozen, George A. Keefe, Mary Beth Rothwell, Mark B. Ketchen, M. SteffenRC25203
1710. 3D CT Reconstruction on GPU using OpenGL Monu Kedia and Yogish SabharwalRI11003
1711. Dynamic Resource Allocation via Distributed Decisions in Cloud Environment Trieu C. Chieu, Hoi ChanRC25200
1712. A Comprehensive Approach to Naming and Accessibility in Refactoring Java Programs Max Schäfer; Andreas Thies; Friedrich Steimann; Frank TipRC25201
1713. ETree: Effective and Efficient Event Modeling for Real-Time Online Social Media Networks Hansu Gu, Xing Xie, Qin Lv, Yaoping Ruan, Li ShangRC25202
1714. Towards “Intelligent Compression” in Streams: A Biased Reservoir Sampling based Bloom Filter Construction Sourav Dutta, Souvik Bhattacherjee and Ankur NarangRI11015
1715. Towards Conversational Interfaces to Web Applications Tessa Lau; Julian Cerruti; Morgan Dixon; Jeffrey NicholsRJ10486
1716. Quantile Periodograms (Complete Version) Ta-Hsin LiRC25199revised
1717. Virtual Machines with Sharable Operating System Trieu Chieu; Hoi ChanRC25196
1718. A Framework for V-Learning Service Platform for API Based Programming Learning and Design Refinement Chengcheng Wan, Jian Wang, Yimin Wang, Lijun Mei, Qicheng LiRC25197
1719. Scalable and Agile Data Center Networking via Software Defined Network and Hybrid Control Yue Zhang, Kai Zheng, Chengchen Hu, Kai Chen, Hang Liu, Athanasios V. VasilakosRC25195
1720. Mode Choice for the Intermodal Transportation Considering Carbon Emissions Jun ZhangRC25193
1721. GPFS Scans 10 Billion Files in 43 Minutes Richard F. Freitas; Joe Slember; Wayne Sawdon; Lawrence ChiuRJ10484
1722. Path- and Index-sensitive String Analysis based on Monadic Second-order Logic Takaaki Tateishi, Marco Pistoia, Omer TrippRT0930
1723. Solving Hermitian positive definite systems using indefinite incomplete factorizations Haim Avron; Anshul Gupta; Sivan ToledoRC25191
1724. Object Initialization in X10 Yoav Zibin; Vijay Saraswat; David Cunningham; Igor PeshanskyRC25190
1725. Microwave-controlled universal entangling gate for fixed-frequency superconducting qubits Jerry M. Chow, A. D. Corcoles, Jay M. Gambetta, Chad Rigetti, B. R. Johnson, John A. Smolin, J. R. Rozen, George A. Keefe, Mary E. Rothwell, Mark Ketchen, M. SteffenRC25189
1726. Effective Stiffness: Generalizing Effective Resistance Sampling to Finite Element Matrices Haim Avron, Sivan ToledoRC25187
1727. Vertical Protocol Composition (Extended Version) Thomas Gross, Sebastian MoedersheimRZ3803
1728. Analyzing Analytics Part (1): A Survey of Business Analytics Models and Algorithms Rajesh Bordawekar; Bob Blainey; Chidanand Apte; Michael McRobertsRC25186
1729. Convexization Dimitri KanevskyRC25183
1730. The Design and Characterization of a Half-Volt 32nm Dual-Read 6T SRAM Jente B. Kuang, Jeremy D. Schaub, Fadi H. Gebara, Dieter Wendel, Thomas Fröhnel, Sudesh Saroop, Sani Nassif, Kevin NowkaRC25180
1731. Application-Agnostic Generation of Synthetic Task Graphs for Stream Computing Applications Deepak Ajwani; Shoukat Ali; John P. MorrisonRC25181
1732. Wireless Sensor Network for Continuously Monitoring Temperatures in Data Centers Beat Weiss, Hong Linh Truong, Wolfgang Schott, Thomas Scherer, Clemens Lombriser, Pierre ChevillatRZ3807
1733. On the Feasibility of Data Exfiltration with Storage-Device Backdoors (updated version: September 6, 2011) Anil Kurmus, Moitrayee Gupta, Ioannis Koltsidas, Erik-Oliver BlassRZ3806
1734. Industry Operations Architecture for Business Process Model Collections Jorge L. C. Sanz, Ying Leung, Ignacio Terrizzano, Valeria Becker, Susanne Glissmann, Joseph Kramer, Guang-Jie RenRJ10483
1735. Computational Experiments with Cross and Crooked Cross Cuts Sanjeeb Dash; Oktay Günlük; Juan Pablo VielmaRC25176
1736. Incident Duration Prediction with Hybrid Tree-based Quantile Regression Qing He, Yiannis Kamarianakis, Klayut Jintanakul, Laura WynterRC25175
1737. Polygraph: System for Dynamic Reduction of False Alerts in Large-Scale IT Service Delivery Environments Sangkyum Kim, Winnie Cheng, Shang Guo, Laura Luan, Daniela Rosu, Abhijit BoseRC25174
1738. Tooling and Practices for Business Process Model Collections Jorge L. Sanz, Ignacio Terrizzano, Valeria Becker, Susanne Glissmann, Pablo Pesce, Joseph Kramer, Ying Leung, Juan Cappi, Guang-Jie RenRJ10482
1739. Stream Computing for Large-Scale, Multi-Channel Cyber Threat Analytics: Architecture, Implementation, Deployment, and Lessons Learned Douglas L. Schales, Mihai Christodorescu, Josyula R. Rao, Reiner Sailer, Marc Ph. Stoecklin, Wietse VenemaRC25172
1740. One Meeting: Bringing Together All the Physical and Virtual Meetings William J. RipponRC25179
1741. RSCMap: Resiliency Planning in Storage Clouds Vimmi Jaiswal, Aritra Sen, Akshat VermaRI11012
1742. Vehicular Traffic Density State Estimation Based on Cumulative Road Acoustics Vivek Tyagi, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Raghuram KrishnapuramRI11010
1743. Fepstrum Features: Design and Application to Conversational Speech Recognition Vivek TyagiRI11009
1744. DIME: Disposable Index for Moving Objects Jing Dai; Chang-Tien LuRC25166
1745. Watson: Beyond Jeopardy! David Ferrucci, Anthony Levas, Sugato Bagchi, David Gondek, Erik MuellerRC25270
1746. Statistical Modeling for Anomaly Detection, Forecasting and Root Cause Analysis of Energy Consumption for a Portfolio of Buildings Young M. Lee; Fei Liu; Huijing Jiang; Jane Snowdon; Michael BobkerRC25165
1747. Analysis and Modeling of Social Influence in High Performance Computing Workloads Shuai Zheng; Zon-Yin Shae; Xiangliang Zhang; Hani Jamjoom; Liana FongRC25164
1748. Robust Data Sharing with Key-Value Stores (Revised and expanded version - Dec. 16, 2011) Cristina Basescu, Christian Cachin, Ittay Eyal, Robert Haas, Alessandro Sorniotti, Marko Vukolic, Ido ZachevskyRZ3802
1749. CARDIO: Cost-Aware Replication for Data-Intensive Workflows Claris Castillo, Asser N. Tantawi, Diana Arroyo, Malgorzata SteinderRC25159
1750. On-Demand Phrase Extraction: An On-Line String Similarity Approach to Machine Translation Juan M. HuertaRC25158
1751. Trust Inference and Query Answering over Uncertain Information Achille Fokoue-Nkoutche; Mudhakar Srivatsa; Robert YoungRC25157
1752. Container Marking: Combining Data Placement, Garbage Collection and Wear Levelling for Flash Xiao-Yu Hu, Robert Haas, Evangelos EleftheriouRZ3805
1753. Excimer Laser Debridement of Necrotic Erosions of Skin without Collateral Damage James J. Wynne, Jerome M. Felsenstein, Robert Trzcinski, Donna Zupanski-Nielsen, Daniel P. ConnorsRC25156
1754. HWMAC: Hardware-Enforced Fined-Grained Policy-Driven Security W. Eric Hall, Guerney D. H. Hunt, Paul A. Karger, Mark F. Mergen, David R. Safford, David C. TollRC25155
1755. Edges, Structure, and Constraints: The Layout of Business Process Models Thomas Gschwind, Jakob Pinggera, Stefan Zugal, Hajo A. Reijers, and Barbara WeberRZ3825
1756. Large-Scale Distributed Storage System for Business Provenance Szabolcs Rozsnyai, Aleksander Slominski, Yurdaer DoganataRC25154
1757. A Convex-Hull Approach to Sparse Representations for Exemplar-Based Speech Recognition Tara N. Sainath, David Nahamoo, Dimitri Kanevsky, Bhuvana Ramabhadran, Parikshit ShahRC25152
1758. Automated Information Flow Analysis of Virtualized Infrastructures S. Bleikertz, T. Gross, M. Schunter, K. ErikssonRZ3804
1759. IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer Alan Gara, José E. MoreiraRC25151
1760. A Generic Admission Control Methodology for Packet Networks Chi Harold Liu; Athanasios Gkelias; Kin K. LeungRC25149
1761. Active Online Classification via Information Maximization Noam Slonim; Elad Yom-Tov; Koby CrammerH-0307
1762. IBM RS/6000 SP José E. MoreiraRC25145
1763. IBM Power Architecture Tejas S. Karkhanis, José E. MoreiraRC25146
1764. A New One-Level Convex Optimization Approach for Estimating Origin-Destination Demand Wei Shen; Laura WynterRC25147
1765. Optimizing Access across Multiple Hierarchies in DataWarehouses Lipyeow Lim; Bishwaranjan BhattacharjeeRC25148
1766. On the Implementation of an Interior-Point Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization with Inexact Step Computations Frank Curtis; Johannes Huber; Olaf Schenk; Andreas WächterRC25143
1767. Power Generation Management under Time-Varying Power and Demand Conditions Soumyadip Ghosh, Dan A. Iancu, Dmitriy Katz-Rogozhnikov, Dzung T. Phan, Mark S. SquillanteRC25141
1768. Lagrangian Duality-Based Branch and Bound Algorithms for Optimal Power Flow Dzung T. PhanRC25142
1769. Migration to Multi-Image Cloud Templates Birgit Pfitzmann, Nikolai JoukovRC25138
1770. Conversational-Side-Specific Inter-Session Variability Compensation Mohamed Kamal Omar, Jason PelecanosRC25139
1771. Consuming Physicians' Non-compliance with Clinical Guidelines: Other Side of Coin Haifeng Liu, Jing Mei, Guotong Xie, Baoyao Zhou, Shengping LiuRC25137
1772. Dynamic Voronoi Treemaps: A Visualization Technique for Time-Varying Hierarchical Data David GotzRC25132
1773. Iterative Bayesian Demand Response Estimation and Sample-Based Optimization for Real-Time Pricing Pu HuangRC25133
1774. Managing Enterprise IT Systems using Online Communities Maja Vukovic; Vijay K. NaikRC25130
1775. Fault localization in ABAP Programs Diptikalyan Saha, Mangala Gowri Nanda, Pankaj Dhoolia, V. Krishna Nandivada,Vibha Sinha and Satish ChandraRI11004
1776. Power-Performance Trade-offs in IaaS Cloud: A Scalable Analytic Approach Rahul Ghosh; Vijay K. Naik; Kishor S. TrivediRC25129
1777. System Performance Issues in Flash-Based Solid-State Drives W. BuxRZ3801
1778. Large-Scale Matrix Factorization with Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent Rainer Gemulla; Peter J. Haas; Erik Nijkamp; Yannis SismanisRJ10481
1779. Automated Extraction and Validation of Security Policies from Natural-Language Documents Xusheng Xiao; Amit Paradkar; Tao XieRC25128
1780. Load/Store Characteristics for a Set of POWER Systems Benchmarks José E. MoreiraRC25126
1781. Towards Data Center Self-Diagnosis Using a Mobile Robot Jon Lenchner, Canturk Isci, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Christopher Mansley, Jonathan Connell, Suzanne McIntoshRC25123
1782. Dispatch-and-Search: Supporting Proofs Ting He; Ananthram Swami; Kang-Won LeeRC25124
1783. Genomic Regions Tools for High-throughput Analytics in Genomics A. Tsirigos; N. Haiminen; E. BilalRC25125
1784. Risk-Based Access Control Decisions Under Uncertainty Ian Molloy, Luke Dickens, Charles Morisset, Pau-Chen Cheng, Jorge Lobo, Alessandra RussoRC25121
1785. Corrosion Management for Data Centers L. J. Klein; P. J. Singh; M. Schappert; Marc Griffel; H. F. HamannRC25120
1786. We’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now Tobin J. Lehman; Saurabh VajpayeeRJ10480
1787. Minor Alloying Effects of Ni or Zn on Microstructure and Microhardness of Pb-free Solders Sun-Koung Seo; Moon Gi Cho; Sung K. Kang; Jaewon Chang; Hyuck Mo LeeRC25119
1788. CIRCUMFLEX: A Scheduling Optimizer for MapReduce Workloads Involving Shared Scans Joel Wolf, Andrey Balmin, Deepak Rajan, Kirsten Hildrum, Rohit Khandekar, Sujay Parekh, Kun-Lung Wu, Rares VernicaRC25118
1789. Parallel Implementation of Relational Database Management Systems Operations on a Multi-Core Network-Optimized System on a Chip Elahe Khorasani; Brent D. Paulovicks; Vadim Sheinin; Hangu YeoRC25117
1790. Development of Vacuum Underfill Technology for 3-D Chip Stack Katsuyuki Sakuma, Sayuri Kohara, Kuniaki Sueoka, Yasumitsu Orii, Mikio Kawakami, Kazuo Asai, Yoshikazu Hirayama, and John U. KnickerbockerRT0926
1791. A Unified Approach for Social-Medical Discovery Haggai Roitman; Yossi Mesika; Yevgenia Tsimerman; Sivan YogevH-0300
1792. Obstruction-free Authorization Enforcement: Aligning Security and Business Objectives (Revised Version 05/26/2011) D. Basin, S.J. Burri, G. KarjothRZ3799
1793. Visualization of Simulation Results for the PERCS Hub Chip Performance Verification A. Doering, H. IneichenRZ3798
1794. A Spectrum of Flexibility - Lowering Barriers to Modeling Tool Adoption Doug Kimelman; Ken HirschmanRC25108
1795. A Speech Recognition Solution to an Ancient Cryptography Problem Peder Olsen; John Hershey; Steven Rennie; Vaibhava GoelRC25109
1796. Test Suite Quality for Model Transformation Chains E. Bauer, J. Küster, G. EngelsRZ3797
1797. Policy-Driven Service Placement Optimization in Federated Clouds David Breitgand; Alessandro Maraschini; Johan TordssonH-0299
1798. A Data-Centric Approach to Synchronization Julian Dolby; Christian Hammer; Daniel Marino; Frank Tip; Mandana Vaziri; Jan VitekRC25106
1799. A Probing Algorithm for MINLP with Failure Prediction by SVM Giacomo Nannicini; Pietro Belotti; Jon Lee; Jeff Linderoth; François Margot; Andreas WächterRC25103
1800. A Standard Based Approach for Biomedical Knowledge Representation Ariel Farkash, Hani Neuvirth-Telem, Yaara Goldschmidt, Costanza Conti, Federica Rizzi, Stefano Bianchi, Erika Salvi, Daniele Cusi, Amnon ShaboH-0297
1801. Charging Service Elements for an Electric Vehicle Charging Service Provider Olle Sundstroem and Carl BindingRZ3796
1802. Order-of-Magnitude Influence Diagrams Radu Marinescu; Nic WilsonRC25100
1803. Use of Mutant-Specific Ion Channel Characteristics for Risk Stratification of Long QT Syndrome Patients Christian Jons, Jin O-Uchi, Arthur J. Moss, Matthias Reumann, John J. Rice, Ilan Goldenberg, Wojciech Zareba, Arthur A.M. Wilde, Wataru Shimizu, Jorgen K. Kanters, Scott McNitt, Nynke Hofman, Jennifer L. Robinson, Coeli M.B. LopesRC25101
1804. OFC: An Optimized Flash Controller for Enterprise Storage Systems R.A. Pletka, M. Varsamou, M. Bjoerkqvist, Th. Antonakopoulos, P. Mueller, R. Haas, E. EleftheriouRZ3795
1805. HealthKiosk: A Family-Based Connected Healthcare System for Long-Term Monitoring Chi Harold Liu; Jiajia Wen; Qi Yu; Bo Yang; Wenjie WangRC25096
1806. Friends in Low Places – Loading Firmware in the Field Elaine Palmer; Tamas VisegradyRC25095
1807. Scheduling Live Migrations of Virtual Machines during Host Evacuation Alex Glikson, Amir Epstein, Assaf Israel, John MarbergH-0296
1808. Soft Margin Keyframe Comparison: Enhancing Precision of Fraud Detection in Retail Surveillance Jiyan Pan, Quanfu Fan, Sharath Pankanti, Hoang Trinh, Prasad Gabbur, Sachiko MiyazawaRC25093
1809. A Novel Mobile Healthcare System in China Qi Yu; Chi Harold Liu; Jia Jia WenRC25094
1810. Gate Capacitance of Cylindrical Nanowires with Elliptical Cross-Sections Amlan Majumdar, Chung-hsun LinRC25092
1811. A Scalable Availability Model for Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Francesco Longo; Rahul Ghosh; Vijay K. Naik; Kishor S. TrivediRC25091
1812. Fuzziness Reduction and Training Set Generation for Text Classification in IT Services Domain Yu Deng, Ruchi Mahindru, Nithya Rajamani, Soumitra Sarkar, Rafah Hosn, Murthy DevarakondaRC25085
1813. Regulating Concurrency vs. Regulating Rate, for CPU Overload Protection of Web Servers Wolfgang Segmuller; Michael Spreitzer; Malgorzata Steinder; Asser N. TantawiRC25090
1814. A Clustering Approach to the Organization Design of Knowledge-Intensive Service Providers Ying Tat Leung; Susanne M. GlissmannRJ10478
1815. Optimizing MPI Collectives Using Efficient Intra-node Communication Techniques over the Blue Gene/P Supercomputer Amith Mamidala, Ahmad Faraj, Sameer Kumar, Douglas Miller, Michael Blocksome, Thomas Gooding, Philip Heidelberger, Gabor DozsaRC25088
1816. An Importance Sampling Method for Portfolio CVaR Estimation with Gaussian Copula Models Pu Huang; Dharmashankar Subramanian; Jie XuRC25089
1817. Gust Speed Forecasting Using Weather Model Outputs and Meteorological Observations Hongfei Li; Fei Liu; Jonathan R. M. Hosking; Yasuo AmemiyaRC25087
1818. Structured Differential Learning for Automatic Threshold Setting Jonathan H. Connell; Benjamin W. HertaRC25144
1819. Efficient Network Management for Context-Aware Participatory Sensing Chi Liu; Pan Hui; Joel W. Branch; Chatschik Bisdikian; Bo YangRC25086
1820. QoI-Aware Energy Management for Wireless Sensor Networks Chi Harold Liu; Pan Hui; Joel W. Branch; Bo YangRC25084
1821. Selecting Relevant Sensor Providers for Meeting "Your" Quality Information Needs George Tychogiorgos; Chatschik BisdikianRC25116
1822. Symbolic Execution of Acyclic Workflow Graphs C. Favre, H. VölzerRZ3780
1823. Collateral Damage-Free Debridement using 193 nm ArF Laser James J. Wynne, Jerome M. Felsenstein, Robert Trzcinski, Donna Zupanski-Nielsen, Daniel P. ConnorsRC25083
1824. A Collaborative Requirement Elicitation Technique for SaaS Applications Xin Zhou; Li Yi; Wei Zhang; Ying LiuRC25081
1825. Hidden Communication in P2P Networks - Steganographic Handshake and Broadcast R. Eidenbenz, T. Locher, R. WattenhoferRZ3794
1826. A Flexible Solutions Methodology for Resource Allocation with Applications to Sensor Network Operations Srikanth Hariharan; Chatschik Bisdikian; Lance M. Kaplan; Tien PhamRC25115
1827. A New Look at the Traffic Management Problem and Where to Start Biplav SrivastavaRI10014
1828. Defining the Controlling Parameter in Constrained Discriminative Linear Transform for Supervised Speaker Adaptation Danning Jiang; Dimitri Kanevsky; Emmanuel Yashchin; Yong QinRC25079
1829. VMFlow: Leveraging VM Mobility to Reduce Network Power Costs in Data Centers Vijay Mann, Partha Dutta,Shivkumar Kalyanaraman and Avinash KumaryRI10013
1830. Software Development as a Service: Agile Experiences Tobin J. Lehman; Akhilesh SharmaRJ10476
1831. A New Semantics for the Inclusive Converging Gateway in Safe Processes H. VölzerRZ3791
1832. End-to-End Congestion Management for Non-Blocking, Multi-Stage Switching Fabrics using Commodity Switches N. Chyrsos, L. Chen, C. Minkenberg, C. Kachris, M. KatevenisRZ3792
1833. Adaptive MapReduce using Self-aware Mappers Rares Vernica; Andrey Balmin; Kevin S. Beyer; Vuk ErcegovacRJ10494
1834. Unleashing the Power of Public Data for Financial Risk Measurement, Regulation, and Governance Mauricio A. Hernández; Howard Ho; Georgia Koutrika; Rajasekar Krishnamurthy; Lucian Popa; Ioana R. Stanoi; Shivakumar Vaithyanathan; Sanjiv DasRJ10475
1835. Supporting Enterprise Stakeholders in Software Projects Clay Williams, Patrick Wagstrom, Kate Ehrlich, Dick Gabriel, Tim Klinger, Jacquelyn Martino, Peri TarrRC25075
1836. Sparse Direct Methods Anshul GuptaRC25076
1837. Preconditioners for Sparse Iterative Methods Anshul GuptaRC25077
1838. Sparse Markov Net Learning with Priors on Regularization Parameters Katya Scheinberg; Irina Rish; Narges Bani AsadiRC25074
1839. On the p-Median Polytope of Fork-free Graphs Mourad Baïou; Francisco Barahona; Jose CorreaRC25072
1840. On the Linear Relaxation of the p-Median Problem Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC25073
1841. An Experimental Analysis of General Purpose Computing with Commodity Data-Parallel Multicore Processors Rebecca Collins; Cheng-Hong Li; Luca P. Carloni; Kevin J. Nowka; Eugen SchenfeldRC25070
1842. High Performance Computing of Line of Sight Viewshed Ligang Lu; Brent Paulovicks; Vadim Sheinin; Michael PerroneRC25068
1843. Parallelizing Loops in Parallel Programs Soham S. Chakraborty and V. Krishna NandivadaRI10007
1844. HPCC 2010 Class II Submission: UPC and CoArray Fortran George Almási, Barnaby Dalton, Lawrence L. Hu, Albert Sidelnik, Ilie Gabriel Tanase, Ettore Tiotto, Xing XueRC25067
1845. Avatars Meet Meetings: Design Issues in Integrating Avatars in Distributed Corporate Meetings N. Sadat Shami, Li-Te Cheng, Steven Rohall, Andrew Sempere, John PattersonRC25066
1846. Towards a Formal Analysis of Emotions in Games Nimrod MegiddoRJ10474
1847. Dependable Storage in the Intercloud C. Cachin, R. Haas, M. VukolićRZ3783
1848. Scheduling Time-Critical Flowshops: An Example from the Steel Industry Fatima Kilinç-Karzan, Jayant R. Kalagnanam, Andrew J. Davenport, Stuart Siegel, Chandra ReddyRC25065
1849. On Approximating the Entropy of Polynomial Mappings Zeev Dvir; Dan Gutfreund; Guy N. Rothblum; Salil VadhanH-0293
1850. Generating Compound Words with High Order n-Gram Information in Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Systems Jie Zhou, Qin Shi, Yong QinRC25063
1851. Efficacy of Techniques for Responsiveness in a Wide-Area Publish/Subscribe System Minkyong Kim, Kyriakos Karenos, Fan Ye, Johnathan Reason, Hui Lei, Konstantin ShaginRC25058
1852. Geometric Aspects of Robotic Mapping and Monitoring of Data Centers Chris Mansley, Jonathan Connell, Canturk Isci, Jonathan Lenchner, Rajarshi Das, Jeffrey O. KephartRC25060
1853. Robotic Mapping and Monitoring of Data Centers Chris Mansley; Jonathan Connell; Canturk Isci; Jonathan Lenchner; Jeffrey Kephart; Suzanne McIntosh; Michael SchappertRC25061
1854. Quantifying the stress relaxation modulus of polymer thin films via thermal wrinkling Edwin P. Chan, Santanu Kundu, Qinghuang Lin, Christopher M. StaffordRC25062
1855. Information at your Fingertips: Contextual IR in Enterprise Email Jie Lu; Shimei Pan; Jennifer Lai; Zhen WenRC25059
1856. One-Step Estimation of Spatial Dependence Parameters: Properties and Extensions of the APLE Statistic Hongfei Li; Catherine A. Calder; Noel CressieRC25057
1857. Using Email to Facilitate Wiki-based, Coordinated Collaborative Authoring Chang Yan Chi; Michelle X. Zhou; Min Yang; Wen Peng Xiao; Eric M. WilcoxRC25056
1858. Interacting Stochastic Models Approach for Performability Analysis of IaaS Cloud Rahul Ghosh; Kishor S. Trivedi; Vijay K. Naik; Dong Seong KimRC25050
1859. Locally Connected Processor Arrays for Matrix Multiplication and Linear Transforms Chai Wah WuRC25051
1860. Bias towards Regular Configuration in 2D Pointing Huahai Yang; Xianggang XuRJ10473
1861. Derandomizing Arthur-Merlin Games and Approximate Counting Implies Exponential-Size Lower Bounds Dan Gutfreund; Akinori KawachiH-0292
1862. Pruned Continuous Haar Transform of 2D Polygonal Patterns with Application to VLSI Layouts R. Scheibler, P. Hurley, A. ChebiraRZ3789
1863. A Survey of Enterprise View Models Grady Booch; Tilak MitraRC25049
1864. One-Step Estimation of Spatial Dependence Parameters: Properties and Extensions of the APLE Statistic Hongfei Li; Catherine A. Calder; Noel CressieRC25048
1865. A Framework for Automated Testing of JavaScript Web Applications Shay Artzi; Julian Dolby; Simon Jensen; Anders Møller; Frank TipRC25046
1866. The Virtual Mission Bus Theodore M. Wong, Richard A. Golding, Harvey M. Ruback, Wilfred Plouffe, Scott A. BrandtRJ10472
1867. Effects of Minor Alloying Additions on the Properties and Reliability of Pb-free Solders and Joints Sung K. KangRC25045
1868. Risk-Based Payment Fraud Detection K. JulischRZ3787
1869. Enhancing Mention Detection Using Projection via Aligned Corpora Yassine Benajiba; Imed ZitouniRC25043
1870. Planning Electric-Drive Vehicle Charging Under Constrained Grid Conditions O. Sundström, C. BindingRZ3785
1871. Automating Security Audits of Heterogeneous Virtual Infrastructures S. Bleikertz, T. Gross, M. Schunter, K. ErikssonRZ3786
1872. Omittable Planes Branko Grünbaum, Jonathan LenchnerRC25041
1873. KLUE Annotation Guidelines - Version 2.0 Ding-Jung (Benjamin) HanRC25042
1874. Discriminative Network Models of Schizophrenia Guillermo A. Cecchi; Irina Rish; Benjamin Thyreau; Bertrand Thirion; Marion Plaze; Marie-Laure Paillere-Martinot; Catherine Martelli; Jean-Luc Martinot; Jean-Baptiste PolineRC25040
1875. Mask and Mask-less Injection Molded Solder (IMS) Technology for Fine Pitch Substrate Bumping Jae-Woong Nah, Pter A. Gruber, Paul A. Lauro, Claudius FegerRC25039
1876. Tag Me While You Can: Making Online Recorded Meetings Shareable and Searchable Mercan Topkara; Shimei Pan; Jennifer Lai; Stephen P. Wood; Jeff BostonRC25038
1877. Harnessing Emergence for Manycore Programming: Early Experience Integrating Ensembles, Adverbs, and Object-based Inheritance David Ungar; Sam S. AdamsRC25036
1878. Quantifying Resiliency of IaaS Cloud Rahul Ghosh; Francesco Longo; Vijay K. Naik; Kishor S. TrivediRC25037
1879. Separation of Duties as a Service Samuel J. Burri, Günter Karjoth, David BasinRZ3784
1880. Program Sliding Ran EttingerH-0290
1881. Lessons Learned Building the Caernarvon High-Assurance Smart Card Operating System Paul A. Karger; Suzanne K. McIntosh; Elaine R. Palmer; David C. Toll; Samuel WeberRC25035
1882. Enterprise Data Classification using Semantic Web Technologies David Ben-David; Tamar Domany; Abigail TaremH-0289
1883. FALCON: Seamless Access to Meeting Data from the Inbox and Calendar Peter Bjellerup; Karl J. Cama; Mukundan Desikan; Yi Guo; Ajinkya Kale; Jennifer C. Lai; Nizar Lethif; Jie Lu; Mercan Topkara; Stephan H. WisselRC25034
1884. Can CPUs Match GPUs on Performance with Productivity?: Experiences with Optimizing a FLOP-intensive Application on CPUs and GPU Rajesh Bordawekar; Uday Bondhugula; Ravi RaoRC25033
1885. On the Ontological Nature of Software-Intensive Systems Grady BoochRC25032
1886. Approaches to Automatic Quality Estimation of Manual Translations in Crowdsourcing Parallel Corpora Development: A Quality Equivalence and Cohort-Consensus Approach Juan M. HuertaRC25031
1887. SLA-aware Placement of Multi-Virtual Machine Elastic Services in Compute Clouds David Breitgand; Amir EpsteinH-0287
1888. A Middleware Framework for Mashing Device and Telecom Features with the Web Vikas Agarwal, Sunil Goyal, Sumit Mittal and Sougata MukherjeaRI10009
1889. Computational and Monte-Carlo Aspects of Systems for Monitoring Reliability Data Emmanuel YashchinRC25029
1890. On the Quality of Inferring Interests From Social Neighbors Zhen Wen; Ching-Yung LinRC25027
1891. Experiences with a Lightweight Supercomputer Kernel: Lessons Learned from Blue Gene's CNK Mark Giampapa; Thomas Gooding; Todd Inglett; Robert W. WisniewskiRC25028
1892. Enterprise Data Classification Using Semantic Web Technologies David Ben-David; Tamar Domany; Abigail TaremH-0286
1893. Outline Wizard: Presentation Composition and Search Lawrence Bergman; Jie Lu; Ravi Konuru; Julie MacNaught; Danny YehRC25026
1894. Summarizing Processes Biplav SrivastavaRI10008
1895. Tracking Dynamic Networks under Sampling Constraints: Supporting Materials Ting He; Animashree Anandkumar; Dakshi AgrawalRC25025
1896. Sensor-Cloud Infrastructure - Physical Sensor Management with Virtualized Sensors on Cloud Computing - Madoka Yuriyama, Takayuki KushidaRT0897
1897. On Architecture: Systems Architecture Grady BoochRC25024
1898. Discovering Algorithms in Angelic Programs Shaon Barman; Rastislav Bodík; Satish Chandra; Emina TorlakRC25023
1899. A method to update UML model elements by editing the analysis results on a tabular view Atsushi Fukuda, Takashi Nerome, Hirofumi Matsuzawa, Naoshi TabuchiRT5300
1900. A Business Process Services Portal C. Favre, Z. Feldman, B. Gfeller, T. Gschwind, J. Koehler, J. M. Kuester, O. Maistrenko, A. Marinescu, B. Srivastava, H. VoelzerRZ3782
1901. SSD Bufferpool Extensions for Database Systems Mustafa Canim; George A. Mihaila; Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee; Kenneth A. Ross; Christian A. LangRC25021
1902. Voltage Drop Compensation for 3D Chip Stacks Katsuyuki Sakuma, Akihiro HoribeRT5312
1903. Three-Dimensional Die-to-Wafer Integration Technology for High Throughput and Yield Katsuyuki SakumaRT5313
1904. Vertical Interconnection Technology for 3D Integration Katsuyuki SakumaRT5314
1905. Driving Circuit for 3D Chip Stacks Katsuyuki SakumaRT5315
1906. Alignment Technology for 3D Chip Stack Katsuyuki Sakuma, Akihiro Horibe, and Shigenori ShimizuRT5316
1907. Balanced Stream Assignment for Service Facility Rahul Garg, Perwez Shahabuddin, Akshat VermaRI10004
1908. 時間制約を持つ仕様に対するUML/SysMLモデルの動的検査手法 小野康一、河原亮、中村宏明、石川浩RT0902
1909. Method to Extract Control Structures of Conditional Branch and Iteration for Generating Sequence Diagrams from Execution Traces Satoshi HARAGUCHI and Kouichi ONORT0909
1911. A Method for Verifying Behaviors in SysML Models Shinichi HiroseRT0900
1913. Low profile multi channel optical connector Fumiaki YamadaRT0911
1914. A Text Mining Approach to Confidential Document Detection for Data Loss Prevention Youngja ParkRC25055
1915. Method for managing quality of service of 3D drawing based on motion of visual field Kazunori OgataRT0901
1916. Optical Backplane with Variable-Ratio Spilitters Atsuya OkazakiRT0905
1917. Multi-lingual translation of short utterances of international spectators Hitoshi Akimoto, Tetsuya Nasukawa, Hironori Takeuchi, Hiroshi KanayamaRT0907
1918. Collision-based Partitioning for 3D Virtual World Hiroshi Horii, Toshihiro TakahashiRT0904
1919. Shared Management of Dynamic Business Process Extensions Laurent Baduel, Hideki Tai, Takayuki KushidaRT0850
1920. Model Driven Approach for Biomedical Data Integration David Carlson; Ariel Farkash; John T. E. TimmH-0284
1921. SPLGraph: Towards a Graph-Based Formalism for Software Product Lines Itay Maman; Goetz BotterweckH-0285
1922. Content Retrieval Delay Driven by Caching Policy and Source Selection Mathias Bjoerkqvist, Lydia Y. ChenRZ3781
1923. Measuring the Sustainability Performance of Software Projects Felipe Albertao; Jing Xiao; Chunhua Tian; Yu Lu; Kun Qiu Zhang; Cheng LiuRC25019
1924. Stochastic Analysis and Optimization of Multiserver Systems Mark S. SquillanteRC25018
1925. Empirical Methods for Two-Echelon Inventory Management with Service Level Constraints Based on Simulation-Regression Lan Li; Karthik Sourirajan; Kaan KatirciogluRC25016
1926. Return On Contribution (ROC): A Metric for Enterprise Social Software Michael J. Muller; Jill Freyne; Casey Dugan; David R. Millen; Jennifer Thom-SantelliRC25014
1927. Information Curators in an Enterprise File-Sharing Service Michael J. Muller; David R. Millen; Jonathan FeinbergRC25015
1928. Evolutionary Clustering and Analysis of Heterogeneous Information Networks Manish Gupta; Charu Aggarwal; Jiawei Han; Yizhou SunRC25012
1929. On Mixed-integer Sets with Two Integer Variables Sanjeeb Dash; Santanu S. Dey; Oktay GünlükRC25013
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1931. Aligning Infrastructure and Business Processes using Watermarks Heiko Ludwig; Kamal Bhattacharya; Rick Sheftic; Mike Nidd; Michael Moser; Andreas KindRC25011
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2027. The Future of Research Richard P. Gabriel; Laura Haas; Brent Hailpern; Michael Rosenfield; Edie Stern; Jacquelyn Martino; Rosario Uceda-SosaRC24921
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2034. Blends of PS-PMMA Diblock Copolymers with a Hydrogen Bonding Polymer Additive Ankit Vora, Baoqing Zhao, David To, Joy Cheng, Alshakim NelsonRJ10457
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2038. A Categorization of Hiero Reordering Rules Bing ZhaoRC24910
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2041. On Explicit Substitution with Names Kristoffer H. Rose; Roel Bloo; Frédéric LangRC24909
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2044. Performance Evaluation of the Write Operation In Flash-Based Solid-State Drives Werner BuxRZ3757
2045. An Ontology and Constraint Based Approach to Cache Preloading Rajiv Bhatia ; Eyal Bin; Eitan Marcus; Gil ShurekH-0272
2046. Real Time Traffic Estimation Using Data Expansion Roger Lederman; Laura WynterRC24903
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2048. A Unifying Theory of Security Metrics with Applications Klaus JulischRZ3758
2049. SOPI : An Object Oriented Semantic Web Programming API for Services Computing Arun Kumar, Himanshu Chauhan and D JanakiramRI09015
2050. The Telecom Web Application Framework Arun Kumar, Sheetal K. Agrawal and Priyanka ManwaniRI08017
2051. Yet Another Visit to Paxos Christian CachinRZ3754
2052. Workload Management in Cloud Computing using Meta-Schedulers Yanbin Liu, Norman Bobroff, Liana Fong, Seetharami SeelamRC24901
2053. Matroid Matching: the Power of Local Search Jon Lee; Maxim Sviridenko; Jan VondrákRC24898
2054. Program Behavior Prediction Using a Statistical Metric Model Ruhi Sarikaya; Canturk Isci; Alper BuyuktosunogluRC24899
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2058. A Time Bucket Formulation for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows Sanjeeb Dash; Oktay Günlük; Andrea Lodi; Andrea TramontaniRC24896
2059. Connection and Performance Model Driven Optimization of Pageview Response Time Dinesh Kumar; David P. Olshefski; Li ZhangRC24893
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2061. Enhanced Inferencing: Estimation of a Workload Dependent Performance Model Dinesh Kumar; Li Zhang; Asser TantawiRC24894
2062. Virtual Network Services for Federated Cloud Computing David Hadas; Sergey Guenender; Benny RochwergerH-0269
2063. MEDAL: Measuring of Emergency Departments Adaptive Load Edward Vitkin, Boaz Carmeli, Ohad Greenshpan, Dorit Baras, Yariv MarmorH-0270
2064. On Control of Networks of Dynamical Systems Chai Wah WuRC24892
2065. Fun, Seriously? Li-Te Cheng; N. Sadat Shami; Mark Blythe; Nathan BosRC24888
2066. Supporting Distributed Meetings through 'Lightweight' Virtual World Applications N. Sadat ShamiRC24889
2067. Real-Time Performance Modeling for Adaptive Software Systems Dinesh Kumar; Asser Tantawi; Li ZhangRC24887
2068. On a Connection between Facility Location and Perfect Graphs Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC24885
2069. A Polyhedral Study of a Two Level Facility Location Model Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC24886
2070. Flow Box Tiling Methods for Compact Invariant Manifolds Michael E. HendersonRC24884
2071. Taking IT Management Services to a Cloud Michael R. Head, Anca Sailer; Hidayatullah Shaikh, Mahesh ViswanathanRC24883
2072. The Parallel Machine Learning (PML) Framework and the Transform Regression Algorithm Sitaram Asur, Amol Ghoting, Ramesh Natarajan, Edwin PednaultRC24882
2073. Structural Analysis of a Business Enterprise Ying Tat Leung; Jesse BockstedtRJ10429 Revised
2074. Event Maps: A Collaborative Calendaring System for Navigating Large-Scale Events Jingtao Wang; Danny Soroker; Chandra NarayanaswamiRC24971
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2077. Extending the CIM-SPL Policy Language with RBAC for Distributed Management Systems in the WBEM Infrastructure Li Pan; Jorge Lobo; Seraphin CaloRC24875
2078. Text2Test: Automated Inspection of Natural Language Use Cases Stanley M. Sutton, Jr.; Avik Sinha; Amit ParadkarRC24877
2079. A Heuristic to Generate Rank-1 GMI Cuts Sanjeeb Dash; Marcos GoycooleaRC24874
2080. Orthogonal Recursive Bisection as Data Decomposition Strategy for Massively Parallel Cardiac Simulations on the IBM Blue Gene/L Supercomputer Matthias Reumann; Blake G. Fitch; Aleksandr Rayshubskiy; Michael C. Pitman; John J. RiceRC24872
2081. Ultra-High Quality-Factor Resonators with Perfect Azimuthal Modal-Symmetry N. Moll, T. Stöferle, S. Schönenberger, R.F. MahrtRZ3751
2082. Integrating Automated and Interactive Protocol Verification A. Brucker, S. MödersheimRZ3750
2083. Fusio: Semantic Integration of Systems Management and Enterprise Information Axel Tanner, Metin Feridun, Artem NikulchenkoRZ3752
2084. A Conditional Random Field Approach to Classroom Discourse Analysis Using Multilevel Features Juan M. HuertaRC24870
2085. Equilibrium in Prediction Markets with Buyers and Sellers Shipra Agrawal; Nimrod Megiddo; Benjamin AmbrusterRJ10453
2086. Managing Security of Virtual Machine Images in a Cloud Environment Jinpeng Wei; Xiaolan Zhang; Glenn Ammons; Vasanth Bala; Peng NingRC24867
2087. Pitch Conversion for Unit Selection TTS Using Combination of Direct and Differential Features Ryuki Tachibana, Zhiwei Shuang, and Masafumi NishimuraRT0881
2088. Simplified Computation and Generalization of the Refined Process Structure Tree (Revised version of July 20, 2010) Artem Polyvyanyy, Jussi Vanhatalo and Hagen VoelzerRZ3745
2089. Dynamic Security Policy Learning Yow Tzu Lim; Pau Chen Cheng; Pankaj Rohatgi; John A ClarkRC24865
2090. Discovery of Hard-coded External Dependencies in Enterprise Production Environments Nikolai Joukov, Vasily Tarasov, Birgit Pfitzmann, Sergej Chicherin, Marco Pistoia, Takaaki TateishiRC24979
2091. Gradient Boosting for Joint Regression Modeling of Mean and Dispersion Ramesh NatarajanRC24863
2092. A Formal Model of Identy Mixer Sebastian Moedersheim and Dieter SommerRZ3749
2093. A Credential-Based Access Control Requirements Language Jan Camenisch, Sebastian Moedersheim, Gregory Neven, Franz-Stefan Preiss, and Dieter SommerRZ3748
2094. The Method and Tool of Cost Analysis for Cloud Computing Xinhui Li, Ying Li, Tiancheng Liu, Jie Qiu, Fengchun WangRC24861
2095. Limit Cycles of Polynomial Vector Fields with Quadratic and Cubic Homogeneous Nonlinearities J. Llibre, G. SwirszczRC24860
2096. No Smart Phone Is an Island: The Impact of Places, Situations, and Other Devices on Smart Phone Use Tara Matthews; Jeffrey Pierce; John TangRJ10452
2097. Profiling user-defined events Takeshi OgasawaraRT0877
2098. Migrating contexts in asymmetric multiprocessors Takeshi OgasawaraRT0878
2099. Perspective Reformulation and Applications Oktay Günlük, Jeff LinderothRC24858
2100. A Lower Bound on the Euclidean Distance for Fast Nearest Neighbor Retrieval in High-dimensional Spaces George Saon; Peder OlsenRC24859
2101. Universally Composable Web Security Protocols for Delegation Suresh Chari; Charanjit JutlaRC24856
2102. Content-based Link Prediction for Patent Marketing Claudia Perlich; Grzegorz Swirszcz; Rick LawrenceRC24857
2103. Automatic draw method of a reading assist ruler using OCR technology Hiroaki Ozeki, Takuyra Ohko, Takashi Saitoh, Shinji IizukaRT0874
2104. A MAP Approach to Learning Sparse Gaussian Markov Networks N. Bani Asadi; I. Rish; K. Scheinberg; D. Kanevsky; B. RamabhadranRC24854
2105. Demand-Driven Execution of Static Directed Acyclic Graphs Using Task Parallelism Prabhanjan Kambadur; Anshul Gupta; Torsten Hoefler; Andrew LumsdaineRC24852
2106. Geographical Structure of the Y-chromosomal Genetic Landscape of the Levant: A Coastal-inland Contrast Mirvat El-Sibai; Daniel E. Platt; Marc Haber; Yali Xue; Sonia C. Youhanna; R. Spencer Wells; Hassan Izaabel; May F. Sanyoura; Haidar Harmanani; Maziar Ashraflan Bonab; Jaafar Behbehani; Fuad Hashwa; Chris Tyler-Smith; Pierre A Zalloua; Genographic ConsortiumRC24853
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2108. Interfacial Reactions and Microstructures of Sn-0.7Cu-xZn Solders with Ni-P UBM during Thermal Aging Moon Gi Cho; Sung K. Kang; Sun-Kyoung Seo; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24849
2109. A Comparative Review of Business Architecture Susanne Glissmann; Jorge SanzRJ10451
2110. SIMPLE: A Strategic Information Mining PLatform for IP Excellence Ying Chen, Scott Spangler, Jeffrey Kreulen, Stephen Boyer, Thomas D. Griffin, Alfredo Alba, Amit Behal, Bin He, Linda Kato, Ana Lelescu, Xian Wu, Li Zhang, Cheryl KieliszewskiRJ10450
2111. Optimal Long Code Test with One Free Bit Nikhil Bansal; Subhash KhotRC24848
2112. 論理的なディペンデンシーを使ったサーバ統合 塩谷知宏,加納真,串田高幸RT0870
2113. Macro-Scheduling of Base Stations for Video-on-Demand Flows in WiMAX Networks Shubhadip Mitra, UmaMaheswari Devi,Parul Gupta, Partha Dutta, Malolan Chetlur, Shivkumar KalyanaramanRI09011
2114. New Substitution Policies for Assemble-to-Order Systems with Exogenous Inventory Control Anshul Sheopuri; Karthik Sourirajan; Markus EttlRC24843
2115. An Application Framework for Business Developers to Create Service Based Business Applications Jie Cui; Jing Min XuRC24845
2116. Problem Classification Method to enhance the ITIL Incident, Problem and Change Management Process Yang Song; Anca Sailer; Hidayatullah ShaikhRC24847
2117. GreenCloud: A New Architecture for Green Data Center Liang Liu; Hao Wang; Xue Liu; Xing Jin; WenBo He; QingBo Wang; Ying ChenRC24844
2118. An efficient progress management approach by subjective maturity using check list Hirofumi Matsuzawa, Atsushi Fukuda, Takashi NeromeRT5299
2119. QoI-Aware Operations & Management in Multi-Task-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networks Chi Harold Liu, Chatschik Bisdikian, Joel W. Branch, Kin K. LeungRC24840
2120. Actively Learning Ontology Matching vis User Interaction Feng Shi; Juanzi Li; Jie Tang; Guotong Xie; Hanyu LiRC24841
2121. Contextual Analysis of User Interests in Social Media Sites - An Exploration with Micro-blogs Nilanjan Banerjee, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Koustuv Dasgupta, Anupam Joshi, Sameer Madan,Sumit Mittal, Seema Nagar, Angshu RaiRI09012
2122. Sparse Signal Recovery with Exponential-Family Noise Irina Rish; Genady GrabarnikRC24836
2123. SINCO - A Greedy Coordinate Ascent Method for Sparse Inverse Covariance Selection Problem Katya Scheinberg; Irina RishRC24837
2124. Flexible Modeling Tools for Pre-requirements Analysis: Conceptual Architecture and Research Challenges Harold Ossher, Rachel Bellamy, Ian Simmonds, David Amid, Ateret Anaby-Tavor, Matthew Callery, Michael Desmond, Jacqueline de Vries, Amit Fisher, Sophia KrasikovRC24873
2125. The Pattern Instance Notation: A Simple Hierarchical Visual Notation for the Dynamic Visualization and Comprehension of Software Patterns Jason McC. SmithRC24838
2126. Combining Quality of Service and Social Information for Ranking Services Qinyi Wu; Arun Iyengar; Revathi Subramanian; Isabelle Rouvellou; Ignacio Silva-Lepe; Thomas MikalsenRC24835
2127. Starting Hamlets René PawlitzekRZ3747
2128. Closed-form Supervised Dimensionality Reduction with Generalized Linear Models Irina Rish; Genady Grabarnik; Guillermo Cecchi; Francisco Pereira; Geoffrey J. GordonRC24834
2129. Spade Language Specification Martin Hirzel, Henrique Andrade, Bugra Gedik, Vibhore Kumar, Giuliano Losa, Mark Mendell, Howard Nasgaard, Robert Soulé, Kun-Lung WuRC24830
2130. Designing a Non-Finite-State Weighted Transducer Toolkit Stanley F. ChenRC24829
2131. Affinity Driven Distributed Scheduling Algorithms For Parallel Computations Shivali Agarwal, Ankur Narang, Rudrapatna K ShayamasundarRI09010
2132. Supporting Materials for "Enabling Inter-domain DTN Communications by Networked Static Gateways" Ting He; Kang-Won Lee; Nikoletta Sofra; Kin K. LeungRC24826
2133. Java Cold Method Refactoring David A. Wood; Bill TraceyRC24827
2134. VLAN-Based Routing Infrastructure for an All-Optical Circuit Switched LAN Xiaolan J. Zhang; Rohit Wagle; James GilesRC24828
2135. Reducing GC pause time at Web application servers Yohei Ueda, Hiroshi InoueRT0868
2136. Optimized XML/HTML parsing within single thread Masayoshi Teraguchi, Sachiko YoshihamaRT0851
2137. 3D Manipulation Device Based on Z-direction Moves of the Intersection of Two-Eye View Directions Akira Koseki, Kiyokuni KawachiyaRT0859
2138. A Method of Recording Navigable Movies in 3D Virtual Worlds Tatsubori Michiaki, Akira KosekiRT0860
2139. FSGC: String Garbage Collection on a Flat Java Heap Kiyokuni Kawachiya and Tamiya OnoderaRT0867
2140. Modeling and Simulating Flash Based Solid-State Disks for Operating Systems Kaoutar El Maghraoui; Gokul Kandiraju; Joefon Jann; Pratap PattnaikRC24825
2141. Agile Content Delivery Scheduling for Large-scale Context-aware Services Yasuharu Katsuno, Michiharu Kudo, and Takayuki KushidaRT0827
2142. A New Approach for Estimating Per-Transaction-Type Resource Consumption Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Michiaki Tatsubori, and Kazunori OgataRT0865
2143. Wireless Base Station Design on General Purpose Processor with Multicore Technology Yonghua Lin; Qing Wang; Jianwen Chen; Lin Chen; Zhenbo ZhuRC24823
2144. Analysis of the Antiferromagnetic Phase Transitions of the 2D Kondo Lattice T. Tzen Ong; B. A. JonesRJ10448
2145. Quality Monitoring and Composition in Information-Rich Services Supply Chains Sai Zeng; Jakka Sairamesh; Mitch Cohen; B. J. SteeleRC24821
2146. PHALANX: Parallel Checking of Expressive Heap Assertions Greta Yorsh; Eran Yahav; Martin Vechev; Bard BloomRC24822
2147. MobiVine - A Middleware Layer to Handle Fragmentation of Platform Interfaces for Mobile Applications Vikas Agarwal, Sunil Goyal, Sumit Mittal, Sougata MukherjeaRI09009
2148. Ordering Nodes for Parameter Elicitation in Bayesian Belief Networks Debarun Bhattacharjya; Lea A. Deleris; Bonnie RayRC24818
2149. Limit Cycles of Polynomial Vector Fields with Quadratic and Cubic Homogenous Nonlinearities J. Llibre, G. SwirszczRC24819
2150. COLA: Optimizing Stream Processing Applications Via Graph Partitioning Rohit Khandekar, Kirsten Hildrum, Sujay Parekh, Deepak Rajan, Joel Wolf, Kun-Lung Wu, Henrique Andrade, Bugra GedikRC24817
2151. ABCS: Approximate Bayesian Compressed Sensing Avishy Carmy; Pini Gurfil; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana RamabhadranRC24816
2152. Lossy Speech Compression Via Compressed Sensing-Based Kalman Filtering Avishy Carmi; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana RamabhadranRC24814
2153. Efficient Index Compression in DB2 LUW Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee; Lipyeow Lim; Timothy Malkemus; George Mihaila; Kenneth Ross; Sherman Lau; Cathy McArthur; Zoltan Toth; Reza SherkatRC24815
2154. Risk Extensions to the BPMN 1.1 Business Process Metamodel Eric Cope, Jochen M. Kuester, Dominik Etzweiler, Lea Deleris, Bonnie RayRZ3740
2155. Simulating Distribution of Emergency Relief Supplies for Disaster Response Operations Young M. Lee; Soumyadip Ghosh; Markus EttlRC24813
2156. Interoperable Model Graph Simulator for High-Performance Computing James Kozloski; Maria Eleftheriou; Blake Fitch; Charles PeckRC24811
2157. Sparse MRF Learning with Priors on Regularization Parameters Katya Scheinberg; Narges Bani Asadi; Irina RishRC24812
2158. An Algorithmic Framework for MINLP with Separable Non-convexity Claudia D'Ambrosio; Jon Lee; Andreas WächterRC24810
2159. Sparse Matrix Factorization on Massively Parallel Computers Anshul Gupta; Seid Koric; Thomas GeorgeRC24809
2160. Improved Approximations for the Erlang Loss Model J. Anselmi; Y. Lu; M. Sharma; M. S. SquillanteRC24806
2161. Improved Approximations for the Erlang Loss Model J. Anselmi; Y. Lu; M. Sharma; M. S. SquillanteRC24807
2162. Isometry-enforcing Data Transformations for Improving Sparse Model Learning Avishy Carmi; Irina Rish; Guillermo Cecchi; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana RamabhadranRC24801
2163. Securing Large and Distributed Enterprise VoIP Infrastructure Using Border Elements Archana H. Rao, William J. RipponRC24802
2164. Refactoring using Type Constraints Frank Tip; Robert M. Fuhrer; Adam Kiezun; Michael D. Ernst; Ittai Balaban; Bjorn De SutterRC24804
2165. Design and Implementation of a Key-Lifecycle Management System Mathias Bjoerkqvist, Christian Cachin, Robert Haas, Xiao-Yu Hu, Anil Kurmus, Rene Pawlitzek, and Marko VukolicRZ3739
2166. IBM Pattern-based Process Model Accelerators for WebSphere Business Modeler Thomas Gschwind, Jana Koehler, Janette Wong, Cedric Favre, Wolfgang Kleinoeder, Alexander Maystrenko, Krenar MuhidiniRZ3738
2167. Unifying Broadcast Encryption and Traitor Tracing for Content Protection Hongxia Jin; Jeff LotspiechRJ10447
2168. End-to-End Automated Analytics for CBM+ Nathaniel MillsRC24799
2169. A Scalable Middleware for Presence Virtualization and Federation Arup Acharya, Xiping Wang, Nilanjan Banerjee, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Koustuv Dasgupta, Shachi SharmaRI09008
2170. Service Interaction Networks: Simulation and Applications Kashyap Dixit, S Kameshwaran, Sameep Mehta, Vinayaka Pandit, N ViswanadhamRI09006
2171. Energy-Efficient Routing in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks using Mobility Prediction Andrea Munari, Wolfgang Schott, Sukanya KrishnanRZ3734
2172. Polarization-Independent Photo-Detectors with Enhanced Responsivity in a Standard SOI CMOS Process N. Moll, T. Morf, M. Fertig, T. Stöferle, B. Trauter, R. F. Mahrt, J. Weiss, T. Pflüger, and K.-H. BrennerRZ3735
2173. SoftBeam: Precise Tracking of Transient Faults and Vulnerability Analysis at Processor Design Time Michael Gschwind; Valentina Salapura; Catherine Trammell; Sally A. McKeeRC25220
2174. Strengthening Lattice-free Cuts Using Non-negativity Ricardo Fukasawa, Oktay GünlükRC24798
2175. Application of Feedback Control Method to Workforce Management in a Service Supply Chain Young M. Lee; Lianjun An; Daniel ConnorsRC24797
2176. Distributed Cross-Domain Change Management Bruno Wassermann; Heiko Ludwig; Jim Laredo; Kamal Bhattacharya; Liliana PasqualeRC24796
2177. Efficient Memory Management for Long-Lived Objects Ronny Morad; Martin Hirzel; Elliot K. Kolodner; Mooly SagivRC24794
2178. Test Cases for a WS-Federation Passive Requestor Profile Thomas Gross, Birgit PfitzmannRZ3732
2179. On Convex Relaxations of Quadrilinear Terms Sonia Cafieri; Jon Lee; Leo LibertiRC24792
2180. PADD: Power-Aware Domain Distribution Min Yeol Lim; Freeman Rawson; Tyler Bletsch; Vincent W. FreehRC24791
2181. Towards the Open Advancement of Question Answering Systems David Ferrucci; Eric Nyberg; James Allan; Ken Barker; Eric Brown; Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Arthur Ciccolo; Pablo Duboue; James Fan; David Gondek; Eduard Hovy; Boris Katz; Adam Lally; Michael McCord; Paul Morarescu; Bill Murdock; Bruce Porter; John Prager; Tomek Strzalkowski; Chris Welty; Wlodek ZadroznyRC24789
2182. Short Tutorial: Getting Started With Ipopt in 90 Minutes Andreas WächterRC24790
2183. Service Oriented File Systems Eric Van Hensbergen; Noah Evans; Phillip Stanley-MarbellRC24788
2184. Low-Cost Call Type Classification for Contact Center Calls Using Partial Transcripts Youngja Park; Wilfried Teiken; Stephen C. GatesRC24785
2185. Making Sense of Strangers' Expertise from Signals in Digital Artifacts N. Sadat Shami; Kate Ehrlich; Geri Gay; Jeffrey T. HancockRC24784
2186. How People Debug, Revisited: An Information Foraging Theory Perspective Joseph Lawrance; Christopher Bogart; Margaret Burnett; Rachel Bellamy; Kyle RectorRC24783
2187. Interpreting Written How-To Instructions Tessa Lau; Clemens Drews; Jeffrey NicholsRJ10443
2188. Alu and B1 Repeats Have Been Selectively Retained in the Upstream and Intronic Regions of Genes of Specific Functional Classes Aristotelis Tsirigos; Isidore RigoutsosRC24782
2189. Applying Knowledge Sharing for Business Intelligent Collaboration Bo Yang; Hao Wang; Fred DouglisRC24781
2190. On the Tour Planning Problem Chenbo Zhu; J. Q. Hu; Yifan Xu; Fengchun Wang; Shun Jiang; Rongzeng Cao; Wei DingRC24780
2191. Shared Management of Dynamic Business Process Extensions Laurent Baduel, Hideki Tai, Takayuki KushidaRT0850
2192. Compile-Time Polymorphism on a Diet Dan Tsafrir; Robert W. Wisniewski; David F. Bacon; Bjarne StroustrupRC24779
2193. A Multi-layered Architecture for Workflow Management of IT Systems Megumi Nakamura, Takayuki Kushida, Anuradha Bhamidipaty, Malolan ChetlurRT0829
2194. Submodular Maximization over Multiple Matroids via Generalized Exchange Properties Jon Lee; Maxim Sviridenko; Jan VondrákRC24775
2195. Green Transformation Workbench: a Practitioner’s Tool for Carbon Management in Data Centers Shyam Gonella;Juhnyoung Lee; Shyhkwei Chen; Chun Hua TianRC24774
2196. A Framework for Inverse Classification Charu C. Aggarwal; Chen Chen; Jiawei HanRC24776
2197. On the Applicability of Compressive Sampling in Fine Grained Processor Performance Monitoring Tomas Tuma, Sean Rooney, Paul HurleyRZ3731
2198. On Modeling Some Essential Dynamics of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Lianjun An; Dharmashankar Subramanian; Alan KingRC24771
2199. EDS: Data Service Middleware for Situational Applications Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC24770
2200. Architecture and Implementation of an MMU on a Server-Class Infiniband HCA A. DoeringRZ3759
2201. True Value: Assessing and Optimizing the Cost of Computing at the Data Center Level John Karidis, José E. Moreira, Jaime MorenoRC24768
2202. Morphogenesis in Computer Networks Vasileios Pappas, Dinesh C. VermaRC24769
2203. Specification of the Identity Mixer Cryptographic Library (Revised version 2.3.0)* Security Team**, Computer Science Department, IBM Research - Zurich, 8803 Rüschlikon, SwitzerlandRZ3730
2204. A State Transition Model for Policy Specification Dinesh Verma; Seraphin B. Calo; Gregory CirincioneRC24766
2205. The Spiral Cache: A Self-Organizing Memory Architecture Volker Strumpen; Matteo FrigoRC24767
2206. Building Principles for a Quality of Information Specification for Sensor Information Chatschik Bisdikian, Lance M. Kaplan, Mani B. Srivastava, David J. Thornley, Dinesh Verma, Robert I. YoungRC24762
2207. An End to End Life Cycle for ISR in Coalition Networks Dinesh Verma; Tien Pham; Gregory H. Cirincione; Gavin PearsonRC24763
2208. A Methodology for Value of Information Determination in Coalition Sensor Networks Theodore Brown, Dinesh VermaRC24764
2209. A New Approach to Architecture of Sensor Networks for Mission-Oriented Applications Chi Harold Liu; Kin K. Leung; Chatschik Bisdikian; Joel BranchRC24765
2210. Control of Parasitic Aberrations in Multi-pole Optics Philip E. BatsonRC24761
2211. SPADE Language Specification Martin Hirzel, Henrique Andrade, Bugra Gedik, Vibhore Kumar, Giuliano Losa, Robert Soulé, Kun-Lung WuRC24760
2212. Increasing Technology Adoption in Developing Regions through Trust Routes Ketki Dhanesha, Arun Kumar, Darshini Shah and Pallavi NaikRI09005
2213. The Microstructure and Crystal Orientation of Sn-Ag and Sn-Cu Solders Affected by Their Interfacial Reactions with Cu and Ni(P) Sun-Kyoung Seo; Sung K. Kang; Moon Gi Cho; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24757
2214. A New Schema for Security in Dynamic Uncertain Environments Dakshi AgrawalRC24759
2215. Medical Data Mining: Insights from Winning Two Competitions Saharon Rosset, Claudia Perlich, Grzergorz Swirszcz, Prem Melville, Yan LiuRC24758
2216. Learning Curves in Machine Learning Claudia ReiszRC24756
2217. Extended Compressed Sensing: Filtering Inspired Methods for Sparse Signal Recovery and Their Nonlinear Variants Avishy Carmi; Pini Gurfil; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana RamabhadranRC24755
2218. Where Do You Want to Go Today? Escalating Privileges by Pathname Manipulation Suresh Chari; Shai Halevi; Wietse VenemaRC24900
2219. Towards Real-Time Measurement of Customer Satisfaction Using Automatically Generated Call Transcripts Youngja Park, Stephen C. GatesRC24754
2220. The World Wide Telecom Web Browser Sheetal K Agarwal, Anupam Jain, Arun Kumar, Amit Anil Nanavati, Nitendra RajputRI09004
2221. Privacy in VoIP Networks: A k-Anonymity Approach Mudhakar Srivatsa; Arun Iyengar; Ling LiuRC24753
2222. Pattern Classification using the Principle of Parsimony Jayanta BasakRI09003
2223. An Efficient Decomposition Algorithm for Static, Stochastic, Linear and Mixed-Integer Linear Programs with Conditional-Value-at-Risk Constraints Dharmashankar Subramanian; Pu HuangRC24752
2224. The Complexity of Andersen's Analysis in Practice Manu Sridharan; Stephen J. FinkRC24751
2225. Runtime Address Disambiguation for Local Memory Management Tong Chen, Tao Zhang, Haibo Lin, Tao Liu, Kevin O'Brien, Marc Gonzalez TalladaRC24750
2226. Replication Versus RAID for Distributed Storage Systems Ilias Iliadis, Robert HaasRZ3733
2227. Job Admission and Resource Allocation in Distributed Streaming Systems Joel Wolf, Nikhil Bansal, Kirsten Hildrum, Sujay Parekh, Deepak Rajan, Rohit Wagle, Kun-Lung WuRC24749
2228. Inter Mode Selection for H.264/AVC Using Time-Efficient Learning-Theoretic Algorithms Yuri Vatis; Ligang Lu; Ashish JagmohanRC24748
2229. The Master Equality Polyhedron with Multiple Rows Sanjeeb Dash, Ricardo Fukasawa, Oktay GünlükRC24746
2230. activeNotes: Computer-Assisted Creation of Patient Progress Notes Lauren Wilcox; Jie Lu; Jennifer Lai; Steven Feiner; Desmond JordanRC24747
2231. Towards simultaneously exploiting structure and outcomes in interaction networks for node ranking Kashyap Dixit, S Kameshwaran, Sameep Mehta, Vinayaka Pandit and N ViswanadhamRI09002
2232. First Trustworthy wiki/blog Prototype: Functional Description Christian HoertnaglRZ3728
2233. Neural Learning of Kalman Filtering, Kalman Control, and System Identification Ralph LinskerRC24742
2234. Dependent and Conflicting Change Operations of Process Models Jochen Kuester, Christian Gerth, Gregor EngelsRZ3727
2235. Classification Via Compressed Random Fields Avishy Carmi; Guillermo Cecchi; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana Ramabhadran; Irina RishRC24740
2236. When Harry Met Harri, هاري and 亨利 : Cross-lingual Name Spelling Normalization Fei Huang; Ahmad Emami; Imed ZitouniRC24739
2237. A Trust Management Framework for Service-Oriented Environments William Conner; Arun Iyengar; Thomas Mikalsen; Isabelle Rouvellou; Klara NahrstedtRC24773
2238. An Empirical Analysis of Iterative Solver Performance for SPD Systems Thomas George; Anshul Gupta; Vivek SarinRC24737
2239. Staffing at Multiple Locations for a Multi-Skill Service Provider Ying Tat Leung; Jesse Bockstedt; Wolfgang KönigRJ10442
2240. An Example of a delta-Extendible Proof with a Spurious Interpolant Oded Fuhrmann; Shlomo HooryH-0265
2241. Nuclear Double Resonance between Statistical Spin Polarizations M. Poggio; H. J. Mamin; C. L. Degen; M. H. Sherwood; D. RugarRJ10440
2242. An Interior-Point Algorithm for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization with Inexact Step Computations Frank E. Curtis; Olaf Schenk; Andreas WaechterRC24736
2243. Simulating whole city traffic with millions of multiple vehicle agents S. Kato, G. Yamamoto, H. Mizuta, H. TalRT0759
2244. Load Balancing Using Work-stealing for Pipeline Parallelism in Emerging Applications Angeles Navarro; Rafael Asenjo; Siham Tabik; Calin CascavalRC24732
2245. A Generic Form Processing Approach for Large Variant Templates Yaakov Navon; Ella Barkan; Boaz OphirH-0267
2246. Building End-to-End Management Analytics for Enterprise Data Centers Hai Huang; Yaoping Ruan; Anees Shaikh; Ramani Routray; Chung-hao Tan; Sandeep GopisettyRC24731
2247. Explaining a Counterexample Using Causality Ilan Beer, Shoham Ben-David, Hana Chockler, Avigail Orni, Richard TreflerH-0266
2248. Rectangular Full Packed Format for Cholesky's Algorithm: Factorization, Solution, and Inversion Fred G. Gustavson; Jerzy Wasniewski; Jack J. Dongarra; Julien LangouRC24728
2249. Automated Inspection of Industrial Use Case Models Inferred from Textual Descriptions Palani Kumanan; Amit Paradkar; Avik Sinha; Stanley M. Sutton Jr.RC24729
2250. A Unified Test Framework to Support the Continuous Integration Testing of SOA Solutions Liu Hehui, Li Zhongjie, Zhu Jun, Tan Huafang, Huang HeyuanRC24730
2251. Level-3 Cholesky Kernel Subroutine of a Fully Portable High Performance Minimal Storage Hybrid Format Cholesky Algorithm Fred G. Gustavson; Jerzy Wasniewski; Jack J. DongarraRC24727
2252. Carry-Free Multiplication Fred G. GustavsonRC24726
2253. Isolation Mechanisms for Commodity Applications and Platforms Wietse VenemaRC24725
2254. Service Quality Evaluation Method for Community-based Software Outsourcing Process Huimin Jiang, Alice Liu, Zhongjie Wang, Shu LiuRC24723
2255. Experimental and Theoretical Explanation for the Orientation Dependence Gate-Induced Drain Leakage in Scaled MOSFETs P. M. Solomon; S. E. Laux; L. Shi; J. Cai; W. HaenschRC24724
2256. Dynamic Enforcement of Abstract Separation of Duty Constraints D. Basin, S.J. Burri and G. KarjothRZ3726
2257. Efficient Encoding of a Class of Maximum-Transition-Run and PRML Codes (updated version: March 24, 2009) Thomas MittelholzerRZ3723
2258. Video Compression and DICOM-Proxies for Remote Viewing of DICOM Images Elahe Khorasani; Vadim Sheinin; Brent Paulovicks; Ashish JagmohanRC24720
2259. Blue Eyes: Scalable and Reliable System Management for Cloud Computing Sukhyun Song; Kyung Dong Ryu; Dilma Da SilvaRC24721
2260. Performance Modeling of Operators in a Streaming System Xiaolan J. Zhang; Sujay S. Parekh; Bugra Gedik; Henrique Andrade; Kun-Lung WuRC24945
2261. Area-of-Polygon Based Projection for Simulation and Reconstruction in Fan-Beam X-ray CT Somesh Srivastava; Vadim SheininRC24735
2262. Using slicing to extract online services from batch programs Komondoor Raghavan, Krishna Nandivada Venkata, Saurabh S Sinha and John FieldRI09001
2263. Energy-Based Source Tracking and Motion Pattern Recognition Using Acoustic Sensor Networks Avishy Carmi; Pini Gurfil; Dimitri KanevskyRC24718
2264. Secure Pseudonymous Channels (updated version: August 3, 2009) Sebastian Moedersheim, Luca ViganoRZ3724
2265. Taking Managed Services to a Cloud Michael R. Head; Anca Sailer; Hidayatullah Shaikh; Mahesh ViswanathanRC24717
2266. Decentralized Inventory Management under Price Protection in the High-Technology Industry Karthik Sourirajan; Roman Kapuscinski; Markus EttlRC24715
2267. Stochasic Unit Committment Julio Goez; James Luedtke; Deepak Rajan; Jayant KalagnanamRC24713
2268. Throughput Maximization of Real-time Scheduling with Batching Amotz Bar-Noy; Sudipto Guha; Yoav Katz; Joseph Naor; Baruch Schieber; Hadas ShachnaiRC24714
2269. Towards Automated Security Policy Enforcement in Multi-Tenant Virtual Data Centers S. Cabuk, C.I. Dalton, K. Eriksson, D. Kuhlmann, H.G.V. Ramasamy, G. Ramunnok, A.-R. Sadeghi, M. Schunter, C. StuebleRZ3725
2270. An Analysis Engine for Dependable Elicitation of Natural Language Use Case Description and Its Application to Industrial Use Cases Avik Sinha, Amit Paradkar, Palani Kumanan, Branimir BoguraevRC24712
2271. A Simple Method for Sparse Signal Recovery from Noisy Observations Using Kalman Filtering. Embedding Approximate Quasi-Norms for Improved Accuracy Avishy Carmi; Pini Gurfil; Dimitri KanevskyRC24711
2272. A Simple Method for Sparse Signal Recovery from Noisy Observations Using Kalman Filtering Avishy Carmi; Pini Gurfil; Dimitri KanevskyRC24709
2273. Breast Cancer Identification: KDD CUP Winner's Report Claudia Reisz; Prem Melville; Yan Liu; Grzegorz Swirszcz; Richard Lawrence; Saharon RossetRC24707
2274. Lets Jam: Drawing from the Wisdom of Your Employees Claudia Perlich, Yan Liu, Rick Lawrence, Wojciech Grye, Mary Helander, Chandan Reddy, Saharon RossetRC24708
2275. IBM PowerPC Design in Bluespec Kattamuri Ekanadham; Jessica Tseng; Pratap PattnaikRC24706
2276. Intelligent Data Assistance for Patient Note Creation Lauren Wilcox, Jie Lu, Jennifer Lai, Steven Feiner, Desmond JordanRC24705
2277. Optimizing Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPUs Muthu Manikandan Baskaran; Rajesh BordawekarRC24704
2278. Reliability Modeling of RAID Storage Systems with Latent Errors Ilias IliadisRZ3722
2279. Nonlinear Integer Programming Raymond Hemmecke; Matthias Köppe; Jon Lee; Robert WeismantelRC24820
2280. The Fibonacci Scheme for Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation Panos Aliferis; John PreskillRC24702
2281. Trace-diven Co-simulation of High-performance Computing Systems using OMNeT++ Cyriel Minkenberg, German Rodriguez HerreroRZ3721
2282. Modeling Accuracy of Promised Ship Date and IT Costs in a Supply Chain Young M. LeeRC24699
2283. Fault-tolerant quantum computation against biased noise Panis Aliferis; John PreskillRC24700
2284. New Krylov-Subspace Solvers for Hermitian Positive Definite Matrices with Indefinite Preconditioners Haim Avron; Anshul Gupta; Sivan ToledoRC24698
2285. Minkowski and KZ Reduction of Nearly Orthogonal Lattice Bases Sanjeeb Dash; Ramesh Neelamani; Gregory B. SorkinRC24696
2286. IP Mobility to SupportLive Migration of Virtual Machines Across Subnets Ezra Silvera; Gilad Sharaby; Dean Lorenz; Inbar ShapiraH-0264
2287. A Secure Cryptographic Token Interface Christian Cachin, Nishanth ChandranRZ3719
2288. Semantic Digital Signatures Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Christian Hoertnagl, James RiordanRZ3720
2289. Convex Relaxations of Non-Convex Mixed Integer Quadratically Constrained Programs: Projected Formulations Anureet Saxena; Pierre Bonami; Jon LeeRC24695
2290. An Interactive, Smart Notepad for Context-Sensitive Information Seeking Jie Lu; Michelle X. ZhouRC24693
2291. Perspective Reformulations of Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs with Indicator Variables Oktay Günlük; Jeff LinderothRC24694
2292. Pre-Virtualization: Soft Layering for Virtual Machines Joshua LeVasseur; Volkmar Uhlig; Yaowei Yang; Matthew Chapman; Peter Chubb; Ben Leslie; Gernot HeiserRC24692
2293. A Letter Soup for the Quality of Information in Sensor Networks Chatschik Bisdikian; Joel Branch; Kin K. Leung; Robert I. YoungRC24691
2294. Relationships between Molecular Clock Deviations, Interactions, and Selection in Human mtDNA Haplogroups Daniel E. PlattRC24689
2295. Design of a Secure Smart Card Operating System for Pervasive Applications Paul A. Karger; David C. Toll; Elaine R. Palmer; Suzanne K. McIntosh; Samuel M. WeberRC24687
2296. Satisfying Common Criteria Security Evaluation Testing Requirements: Two Case Studies Using a High-Assurance Operating System Matthew Kaplan; Paul A. Karger; Suzanne K. McIntosh; Elaine Palmer; Amitkumar Paradkar; David C. Toll; Sam WeberRC24686
2297. Interpreting Hand-Written How-To Documentation Tessa Lau; Clemens Drews; Jeffrey NicholsRJ10438
2298. Extracting Enterprise Vocabulary Using Linked Open Data Julian Dolby; Achille Fokoue; Aditya Kalyanpur; Kavitha Srinivas; Edith SchonbergRC24684
2299. Efficient High-precision Dense Matrix Algebra on Parallel Architectures for Nonlinear Discrete Optimization John Gunnels; Jon Lee; Susan MarguliesRC24682
2300. On the p-Median Polytope and the Intersection Property (Title in journal - On the p-Median Polytope and the Intersection Property: Polyhedra and Algorithms) Mourad Baïou; Francisco Barahona; Jose CorreaRC24681
2301. On the Location and p-Median Polytopes Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC24683
2302. Maximizing Non-monotone Submodular Functions under Matroid and Knapsack Constraints Jon Lee; Vahab S. Mirrokni; Viswanath Nagarajan; Maxim SviridenkoRC24679
2303. Blind Estimation of Transmit-Power for Multiple Wireless Sources Ivan Wang-Hei Ho; Bong Jun Ko; Murtaza ZaferRC24680
2304. An Optimal-Control Based Decision-Making Model and Consulting Methodology for Services Enterprises Liang-Jie Zhang; Zhe Shan; Zhi-Hong MaoRC24678
2305. Practical Fault Localization for Dynamic Web Applications Shay Artzi; Julian Dolby; Frank TipRC24675
2306. A Case for Recombinomics Laxmi Parida; Asif Javed; Marta Melé; Jaume BertranpetitRC24677
2307. CFE - a system for testing, evaluation and machine learning of UIMA based applications Igor Sominsky; Anni Coden; Michael TanenblattRC24673
2308. Interactive Exploration of Model-Based Automatically Extracted Data Anni Coden; Igor Sominsky; Michael TanenblattRC24674
2309. Performance Prediction for Exponential Language Models Stanley F. ChenRC24671
2310. Automatic Software Fault Diagnosis by Exploiting Application Signatures Xiaoning Ding; Hai Huang; Yaoping Ruan; Anees Shaikh; Xiaodong ZhangRC24672
2311. Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Procedural Code and the Automated Extraction of Design Jason McC. SmithRC24669
2312. A New Model Selection Criterion for Monte Carlo Sampling Algorithms Avishy Carmi; Dimitri KanevskyRC24670
2313. Measuring Proximity on Graphs with Side Information Hanghang Tong; Huiming Qu; Hani T. JamjoonRC24668
2314. Characterizing, Constructing and Managing Resource Usage Profiles of System S Applications: Challenges and Experience Kirsten W. Hildrum; Deepak Rajan; Sujay Parekh; Joel L. Wolf; Kun-Lung WuRC24667
2315. A Problem of Maximum Consistent Subsets Raymond E. Miller, David E. MullerRC240
2316. A System Providing Tailored Directions within Enclosed Building Structure Danny Wong, Sam Chan, Nathan Lee, Paul MoskowitzRC24666
2317. Scalable Topology Discovery and Link State Detecting Using Routing Events Mudhakar Srivatsa; Bong Jun Ko; Alina Beygelzimer; Venkateswara R MadduriRC24665
2318. Asynchronous task dispatch for high throughput computing for the eServer IBM Blue Gene® Supercomputer Amanda Peters; Alan J. King; Tom Budnik; Pat McCarthy; Paul Michaud; Mike Mundy; James Sexton; Greg StewartRC24664
2319. Towards Separation of Duties for Services Chris Giblin, Satoshi HadaRZ3718
2320. Admission Control for Complex Responsive Systems Luis Garces-EriceRZ3716
2321. A C++ Modelling Environment for Stochastic Programming Michal Kaut; Alan King; Tim Helge HultbergRC24662
2322. Inferring Synchronization under Limited Observability Martin Vechev; Eran Yahav; Greta YorshRC24661
2323. Network Flow Based BSM Asssignment Hua Xiang; Haoxing Ren; Tingdong ZhouRC24663
2324. Support Vector Machine Solvers: Large-scale, Accurate, and Fast (Pick Any Two) Haggai Toledano; Elad Yom-Tov; Dan Pelleg; Edwin Pednault; Ramesh NatarajanH-0260
2325. System S - Stream Computing at IBM Research Stream Computing Research TeamRC24657
2326. Highly Concurrent B-Trees Using Atomic Blocks Rajesh Bordawekar; J. Eliot B. MossRC24658
2327. Parallelization of XPath Queries using Multi-Core Processors: Challenges and Experiences Rajesh Bordawekar; Lipyeow Lim; Oded ShmueliRC24659
2328. activeNotes: Computer-Assisted Creation of Patient Progress Notes in a Hospital Environment Lauren Wilcox; Jie Lu; Jennifer Lai; Steve Feiner; Desmond JordanRC24656
2329. Field and Bias Dependence of high-frequency Magnetic Noise in MgO-based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Y. Guan, D. W. Abraham, M. C. Gaidis, G. Hu, E. J. O'Sullivan, J. J. Nowak, P. L. Trouilloud, D. C. Worledge, J. Z. SunRC24655
2330. Formal Verification of Correctness and Performance of Random Priority-based Arbiters Krishnan Kailas; Viresh Paruthi; Brian MonwaiRC24654
2331. Nonlinear Sigma Model Analysis of the AFM Phase Transition of the Kondo Lattice T. Tzen Ong; B. A. JonesRJ10436
2332. Integrity Protection for Revision Control Christian Cachin, Martin GeislerRZ3717
2333. The Base Zone Protection Problem Dinesh C. Verma; Theodore Brown; Amotz Bar Noy; Andi Toce; Lance Kaplan; Mark NixonRC24651
2334. Analyzing Finite MANETs by Transformations to Equivalent Static Graphs Dinesh C. Verma; Bong Jun Ko; Ananthram SwamiRC24652
2335. Classification in High-Dimensional Spaces Using Markov Random Field Models with Application to fMRI Analysis Avishy Carmi; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana RamabhadranRC24648
2336. A Proposal for Trust Management in Coalition Environments Dakshi Agrawal, Howard Chivers, John Clark, Charanjit Jutla, John McDermidRC24647
2337. An Online Model Checking Tool for Safety and Liveness Bugs Zhengwei Qi; Liang Liu; Alei Liang; Hao Wang; Ying ChenRC24649
2338. Tripod: A Tool for Retrieval of People, Information, and Learning Keith Grueneberg; Amy Katriel; Jennifer Lai; Vicky Griffiths-FisherRC24650
2339. A 119mW 11.1Gb/s 5-Tap DFE Receiver with Digitally Calibrated Current–Integrating Summers in 65nm CMOS John F. Bulzacchelli, Timothy O. Dickson, Zeynep Toprak Deniz, Herschel A. Ainspan, Benjamin D. Parker, Michael P. Beakes, Sergey V. Rylov, Daniel J. FriedmanRC24646
2340. DotStar: Breaking the Scalability and Performance Barriers in Regular Expression Set Matching Davide Pasetto; Fabrizio PetriniRC24645
2341. Direct Device Assignment for Untrusted Fully-Virtualized Virtual Machines Ben-Ami Yassour; Muli Ben-Yehuda; Orit WassermanH-0263
2342. SPU Based Network Module for Software Radio System on Cell Multicore Platform Jianwen Chen, Shuwei Bai, Qingguo ZhouRC24643
2343. High Performance Viterbi Decoder on Cell/B.E. Junjie Lai; Jianwen ChenRC24644
2344. Multi-variate Finance Kernels in the Blue Gene Supercomputer David Daly; Kyung Dong Ryu; José E. MoreiraRC24640
2345. Management as a Service for IT Service Management Bo Yang; Hao Wang; Ying ChenRC24641
2346. Primal Heuristics for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs Pierre Bonami; João P. M. GonçalvesRC24639
2347. Estimation of the Parameters of Sinusoidal Signals in Non-Gaussian Noise Ta-Hsin Li; Kai-Sheng SongRC24446 Revised
2348. Maximum Throughput of Clandestine Relay: Proof of Selected Theorems Ting HeRC24634
2349. On Mixing Inequalities: Rank, Closure and Cutting Plane Proofs Sanjeeb Dash; Oktay GünlükRC24633
2350. Surveys on Inverted Index Updating and Semistructured Data Indexing and Aggregation for TAKMI Kit ChantolaRT0816
2351. Analysis and Improvements of the Table Space Allocation Algorithm Shanchan Wu; Yefim Shuf; Hong Min; Hubertus Franke; Bala Iyer; Frances H. Villafuerte; Julie WattsRC24631
2352. Out-of-Band Detection of Boot-Sequence Termination Events Naama Parush; Dan Pelleg; Muli Ben-Yehuda; Paula Ta-ShmaH-0268
2353. Pick Me! Link Selection in Expertise Search Results N. Sadat Shami; Kate Ehrlich; David R. MillenRC24624
2354. Difference Triangle Set Constructions James B. ShearerRC24623
2355. Convex Relaxations of Non-Convex Mixed Integer Quadratically Constrained Programs: Extended Formulations Anureet Saxena; Pierre Bonami; Jon LeeRC24621
2356. Branching and Bounds Tightening Techniques for Non-Convex MINLP Pietro Belotti; Jon Lee; Leo Liberti; Francois Margot; Andreas WaechterRC24620
2357. A Web Services Integration to Manage Invoice Identification, Metadata Extraction, Storage and Retrieval in a Multi-tenancy SaaS Application Thomas Kwok; Jim Laredo; Sridhar MaraduguRC24618
2358. On Quantifying Changes in Temporally Evolving Dataset Rohan Choudhary, Sameep Mehta and Amitabha BagchiRI08011
2359. Proposed New Appendix B for IEEE 1850 (PSL) Cindy Eisner; Dana FismanH-0261
2360. Service Cost Estimation for Packaged Business Application-Based Business Transformation Juhnyoung Lee; Shyhkwei Chen; Vikas Shivpuriya, Rakesh MohanRC24616
2361. A Conceptual Cortical Surface Atlas Dharmendra S. ModhaRJ10434
2362. Enterprise Architecture for IP Based Voice Systems William J. RipponRC24614
2363. Creating CDA R2 Laboratory Reports to Meet Public Health Surveillance Requirements S. R. Renly; S. E. Knoop; J. H. Kaufman; R. RamRJ10433
2364. An Alternative Information Web for Visually Impaired Users in Developing Countries Nitendra Rajput, Sheetal Agarwal, Arun Kumar and Amit Anil NanavatiRI08010
2365. Nonlinear Optimization for Matroid Intersection and Extensions Y. Berstein; Jon Lee; S. Onn; R. WeismantelRC24610
2366. Implementing ACL-based Policies in XACML Günter Karjoth, Andreas Schade and Els Van HerreweghenRZ3713
2367. Strategic Planning for Electric Utilities Under CO2 Emissions Regulations Stuart Siegel; Jayant Kalagnanam; Anshul Gupta; Dharmashankar SubramanianRC24609
2368. Trust Management for Secure Information Flows Mudhakar Srivatsa; Shane Balfe; Kenny Patterson; Pankaj RohatgiRC24608
2369. A Recommendation System for Preconditioned Iterative Solvers Thomas George; Anshul Gupta; Vivek SarinRC24600
2370. Omittable Lines Leah Wrenn Berman; Branko Grunbaum; Jonathan LenchnerRC24602
2371. A New Proof of the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem Jonathan LenchnerRC24603
2372. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Fusion for Coalition Operations Tien Pham; Gregory H. Cirincione; Dinesh Verma; Gavin PearsonRC24604
2373. The Green Zone Protection Problem Dinesh C. Verma; Theodore Brown; Amotz Bar-Noy; Lance Kaplan; Mark NixonRC24606
2374. A Note on alpha-Drawable k-Trees David Bremner; Jonathan Lenchner; Giuseppe Liotta; Christophe Paul; Marc Pouget; Svetlana Stolpner; Stephen WismathRC24605
2375. The Relevance of New Data Structure Approaches for Dense Linear Algebra in the New Multicore/Manycore Environments Fred G. GustavsonRC24599
2376. Clearer, Simpler and More Efficient LAPACK Routines for Symmetric Positive Definite Band Factorization Fred G. Gustavson, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí, Gregorio Quintana-Ortí, Alfredo Remón, Jerzy WasniewskiRC24597
2377. Adaptive Techniques for Improving the Performance of Incomplete Factorization Preconditioning Anshul Gupta; Thomas GeorgeRC24598
2378. Application Note: FPGA to IBM Power Processor Interface Setup Ibrahim Ouda; Kai SchleupenRC24596
2379. Measurements of Band to Band Tunneling in Bulk Silicon as a function of Crystal Orientation P. M. Solomon; Leathen Shi; W. HaenschRC24594
2380. High Density 3D Integration Roy YuRC24516
2381. Joint Timing and Frequency Offset Estimation Method for WiMAX OFDMA Ranging Yonghua Lin, Da Fan, Qing Wang, Jianwen ChenRC24593
2382. Specify Once Test Everywhere: Analyzing Invariants to Augment Service Descriptions for Automated Test Generation Amit Paradkar; Avik SinhaRC24592
2383. Virtualization and Hardware-Based Security Ronald Perez; Leendert van Doorn; Reiner SailerRC24590
2384. Algebraic Properties in Alice and Bob Notation (Extended Version, revised October 2008) Sebastian MoedersheimRZ3709
2385. Bootstrapping Coalition MANETs Mudhakar Srivatsa; Dakshi Agrawal; Shane BalfeRC24588
2386. Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks on the Chord Overlay Network: A Location Hiding Approach Mudhakar Srivatsa; Ling LiuRC24589
2387. Investigating Indirect Dependencies in Bipartite Cliques of IT Infrastructure Topology Istvan SzombathRZ3714
2388. Toward a General Parallel Operating System Using Active Storage Fabrics on Blue Gene/P Blake G. Fitch, Aleksandr Rayshubskiy, T. J. C. Ward, Robert S. GermainRC24586
2389. Towards Services Computing Curriculum Liang-Jie Zhang; Carl K. ChangRC24587
2390. A Distortion Model for Arabic to English Maximum Entropy Word Alignment Abhishek Arun; Abraham IttycheriahRC24584
2391. Scalable Algorithm for Distributed In-Memory Text Indexing Ankur Narang, Vikas Agarwal, Monu Kedia, Vijay K GargRI08009
2392. The Evolution of Microstructure and Microhardness of Sn-Ag and Sn-Cu Solders during High Temperature Aging Sun-Kyoung Seo; Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24579
2393. Effects of Under Bump Metallization and Nickel Alloying Element on the Undercooling Behavior of Sn-based, Pb-free Solders Moon Gi Cho; Sung K. Kang; Sun-Kyoung Seo; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24580
2394. An Investigation of Microstructure and Microhardness of Sn-Cu and Sn-Ag Solders as Functions of Alloy Composition and Cooling Rate Sun-Kyoung Seo; Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24581
2395. An Overview of Pb-free, Flip-Chip Wafer Bumping Technologies Sung K. Kang; Peter Gruber; Da-Yuan ShihRC24582
2396. Undercooling and Microhardness of Pb-free Solders on Various UBMs Moon Gi Cho; Sung K. Kang; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24583
2397. Managing Workforce Resource Actions with Multiple Feedback Control Schemes Young M. Lee; Lianjun An; Daniel ConnorsRC24575
2398. Analyzing Dispensing Plan for Emergency Medical Supplies in the Event of Bioterrorism Young M. LeeRC24576
2399. Inventory Mmanagement under Price Protection Karthik Sourirajan; Roman Kapuscinski; Markus Ettl; Pu HuangRC24577
2400. Reliability Assurance of RAID Storage Systems for a Wide Range of Latent Sector Errors Ilias Iliadis and Xiao–Yu HuRZ3711
2401. Your Call May Be Recorded for Automatic Quality-Control Youngja ParkRC24574
2402. Portably Preventing File Race Attacks with User-Mode Path Resolution Dan Tsafrir; Tomer Hertz; David Wagner; Dilma Da SilvaRC24572
2403. Interleaved Retrieval of Documents and Diagnostic Trees for Self Help Portals Dinesh Garg, Nanda Kambhatla, Gopal PingaliRI08008
2404. Controlling Workforce Resource Actions for Demand Disturbances in Services Supply Chains Young M. Lee; Lianjun An; Daniel ConnorsRC24569
2405. Simulating Order Fulfillment and Supply Planning for a Vertically Aligned Industry Solution Business Feng Cheng; Young M. Lee; Hong Wei Ding; Wei Wang; Stuart StephensRC24570
2406. A Framework and Toolkit to Evaluate the Value of Service Request in Telecommunication Chen Wang; Chunhua Tian; Qi Ye; Chong HuangRC24571
2407. A Note on Asymptotics of Least Squares for Nonlinear Harmonic Regression Kai-Sheng Song; Ta-Hsin LiRC24481Revised
2408. Routing in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Andrea Munari and Wolfgang SchottRZ3707
2409. Efficient Reasoning on Large SHIN Aboxes in Relational Databases Julian Dolby, Achille Fokoue, Aditya Kalyanpur, Li Ma, Chintan Patel, Edith Schonberg, Kavitha Srinivas, Xing Zhi SunRC24562
2410. Scalable Conjunctive Query Evaluation Over Large and Expressive Knowledge Bases Julian Dolby; Achille Fokoue; Aditya Kalyanpur; Li Ma; Edith Schonberg; Kavitha Srinivas; Xing Zhi SunRC24563
2411. Looking for Great Ideas: Analyzing the Innovation Jam Wojciech Gryc, Mary Helander, Rick Lawrence, Yan Liu, Claudia Perlich, Chandan Reddy, Saharon RossetRC24561
2412. Accuracy Analysis of Data Aggregation for Network Monitoring Nikoletta Sofra; Ting He; Petros Zerfos; Bong Jun Ko; Kang-won Lee; Kin K. LeungRC24557
2413. How to Enable Policy-based Interactions in Dynamic Wireless Networks? Chi-Kin Chau, Jon Crowcroft, Kang-Won Lee, Starsky H. Y. WongRC24558
2414. Understanding the Quality of Management in Computer Networks Dinesh Verma; Bong-Jun Ko; Petros Zerfos; Kang-Won Lee; Matthew Duggan; Kristian Stewart; Brian Rivera; Ananthram SwamiRC24560
2415. Inter-Domain Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Chi-Kin Chau; Jon Crowcroft; Kang-Won Lee, Starsky H. Y. WongRC24559
2416. Relationships between Molecular Clock Deviations and High Nonsynonymous to Synonymous Ratios among Some Older Haplogroups Daniel E. PlattRC24556
2417. Cooperative Transmit-Power Estimation under Wireless Fading Murtaza Zafer; BongJun Ko; Ivan W. HoRC24555
2418. SWORD4J: Security WORkbench Development environment 4 Java Ted Habeck; Larry Koved; Marco PistoiaRC24554
2419. Organizational Maps and Mashups Danny Soroker; Aaron Zinman; Chandrasekhar NarayanaswamiRC24551
2420. A Framework for Model Based Continuous Improvement of Global IT Service Delivery Operations Abhijit Bose; Aliza Heching; Sambit SahuRC24553
2421. Decision Support for Service Transition Management - Enforce Service Transition Management and Change Scheduling by Performing Risk Impact Analysis Thomas Setzer; Kamal Bhattacharya; Heiko LudwigRC24550
2422. "Localize": An Accurate Method for Predicting a Protein's Sub-cellular Location Aristotelis Tsirigos; Stanislav Polonsky; Kevin C. Miranda; Isidore RigoutsosRC24549
2423. Fast Pattern Matching on Cell Broadband Engine Francesco Iorio and Jan van LunterenRZ3710
2424. The Feasibility of Automated Feedback-Directed Test Generation: A Case Study of a High-Assurance Operating System Sam Weber; Suzanne K. McIntosh; Amitkumar Paradkar; David C. Toll; Paul A. Karger; Matthew Kaplan; Elaine R. PalmerRC24547
2425. Longitude: A Timeline Visualization of Organizational Processes Robert Farrell; Thomas Erickson; Wendy A. Kellogg; Paul MoodyRC24548
2426. Directed Assembly of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes via Drop-Casting onto a UV-Patterned Photosensitive Monolayer Julie A. Bardecker, Ali Afzali, George S. Tulevski, Teresita Graham, James B. HannonRC24546
2427. SOI Series MOSFET for Embedded High Voltage Applications and Soft-Error Immunity Jin Cai; Tak Ning; Philip Oldiges; Anthony Chou; Arvind Kumar; Werner Rausch; Wilfried Haensch; Ghavam ShahidiRC24545
2428. CANSYNC: Middleware for Data Checkpointing and Synchronization for Disconnected Browsers Paul Castro; Frederique Giraud; Ravi KonuruRC24544
2429. Rewritable Storage Channels L. A. Lastras-Montaño M. Franceschini, T. Mittelholzer, M. SharmaRC24653
2430. A Scalable, High Performance InfiniBand-Attached SAN Volume Controller D. Scott GuthridgeRC24543
2431. Self-Corrected Perceptual Colormaps Donna L. GreshRC24542
2432. A Language for Information Flow: Dynamic Tracking in Multiple Interdependent Dimensions Avraham Shinnar; Marco Pistoia; Anindya BanerjeeRC24541
2433. A Comparison of Bayesiann Network and Goal Programming Approaches for National Analysis Module (Fire Program Analysis System - Phase 2) Gyana R. Parija; Tarun Kumar; Yan Liu; Steve CartyRC24539
2434. Dynamic Pricing for Impatient Bidders Nikhil Bansal; Ning Chen; Neva Cherniavsky; Atri Rudra; Baruch Schieber; Maxim SviridenkoRC24538
2435. A Software as a Service with Multi-tenancy Support for an Electronic Contract Management Application Thomas Y. Kwok; Thao Nguyen; Linh LamRC24537
2436. Planning with Communicating Automata Jana Koehler, Biplav SrivastavaRI08006
2437. Enabling Selective Automation of Human Decision-Making Using Rules as Preferences in a Service-industry Application Biplav Srivastava and SivaKiran YellamRajuRI08007
2438. A New Policy for the Service Request Assignment Problem with Multiple Severity Level, Due Date and SLA Penalty Service Requests Anshul Sheopuri; Sai Zeng; Chitra DoraiRC24536
2439. Iterative Estimation Maximization for Stochastic Linear and Convex Programs with Conditional-Value-at-Risk Constraints Pu Huang, Dharmashankar SubramanianRC24535
2440. Harnessing Uncertainty: The Future of Risk Analytics Bonnie Ray; Chid Apte; Kevin McAuliffe, Lea Deleris; Eric CopeRC24534
2441. Effect of Sn Grain Orientation on Electromigration Degradation Mechanism in High Sn-Based Pb-free Solders Minhua Lu; Da-Yuan Shih; Paul Lauro; Charles Goldsmith; Donald W. HendersonRC24533
2442. Designing a Secure Smart Card Operating System Paul A. Karger; David C. Toll; Elaine R. Palmer; Suzanne K. McIntosh; Samuel M. WeberRC24531
2443. Trustworthy and Personalized Computing on Public Kiosks Scott Garriss; Ramón Cáceres; Stefan Berger; Reiner Sailer; Leendert van Doorn; Xiaolan ZhangRC24532
2444. Reverse Concatenation of Product and Modulation Codes Thomas Mittelholzer and Evangelos EleftheriouRZ3706
2445. Finding Bugs in Dynamic Web Applications Shay Artzi; Adam Kiezun; Julian Dolby; Frank Tip; Danny Dig; Amit Paradkar; Michael D. ErnstRC24528
2446. IT Security as Risk Management: A Research Perspective Pau-Chen Cheng; Pankaj RohatgiRC24529
2447. An Empirical Study of User Interaction Behavior during Visual Analysis David Gotz; Michelle ZhouRC24525
2448. Revisiting Stochastic Loss Networks: Structures and Algorithms Kyomin Jung; Yingdong Lu; Devavrat Shah; Mayank Sharma; Mark S. SquillanteRC24524
2449. A Framework Based on Role Patterns to Design Secure Business Processes Akhil Kumar; Rong LiuRC24523
2450. Mixed Integer Rounding Cuts and Master Group Polyhedra Sanjeeb DashRC24521
2451. Service-Oriented Workflow for Digital Media Broadcasting JuHee Bae, Paolo Dettori, DaeRyung Lee, Julio Nogima, Frank SchaffaRC24519
2452. Solution Templates Tool for Enterprise Business Applications Integration Shiwa S. Fu; Jeaha Yang; Jim Laredo; Ying Huang; Henry Chang; Santhosh Kumaran; Jen-Yao Chung; Yury KosovRC24518
2453. Compound Event Processing Using Regular Expressions: Examples from EventScript Norman H. CohenRC24517
2454. Performance Modeling and Placement of Transforms for Stateful Mediations Vinayaka Pandit, Rob Strom, Gerry Buttner and Roman GinisRI08002
2455. Measurements of Carrier Transport in MOSFETs with Bottom-up Nanowire Channel as a Function of the Nanowire Diameter G. M. Cohen; S. Bangsaruntip; S. Laux; M. J. Rooks; J. Cai; L. GignacRC24514
2456. Automatically Locating Framework Extension Examples Barthélémy Dagenais; Harold OssherRC24515
2457. Towards a Compiler for Business-IT Systems -- A Vision Statement complemented with a Research Agenda Jana Koehler, Thomas Gschwind, Jochen Küster, Hagen Völzer, Olaf ZimmermannRZ3705
2458. Nonlinear Optimization over a Weighted Independence System Jon Lee; Shmuel Onn; Robert WeismantelRC24513
2459. The Coming of Age of (Academic) Global Routing Michael D. Moffitt; Jarrod A. Roy; Igor L. MarkovRC24509
2460. COA: Finding Novel Patents through Text Analysis Mohammad Al Hasan; W. Scott Spangler; Thomas D. Griffin; Alfredo AlbaRJ10428
2461. Design Beyond Human Abilities Richard P. GabrielRC24510
2462. Using Stochastic Process Algebra Models to Estimate the Quality of Information in Military Sensor Networks David J. Thornley; Chatschik Bisdikian; Duncan F. GilliesRC24511
2463. Online Optimization for Latency Assignment in Distributed Real-Time Systems Cristian Lumezanu; Sumeer Bhola; Mark AstleyRC24503
2464. Bytecode Transformation-Tolerant Bytecode-Transformation in Java Michiaki TatsuboriRT0781
2465. Code Security in Transformed Java Bytecode Michiaki Tatsubori, Akihiko Tozawa, Akira KosekiRT0782
2466. Commutativity Analysis in XML Update Languages Giorgio Ghelli, Kristoffer Rose, Jérôme SiméonRC24505
2467. Toward Governance of Emergent Processes and Adaptive Organizations Peri L. TarrClay WilliamsBrent Hailpernno research number
2468. Staccato: A Parallel and Concurrent Real-time Compacting Garbage Collector for Multiprocessors Bill McCloskey; David F. Bacon; Perry Cheng; David GroveRC24504
2469. Disjunctive Cuts for Non-Convex Mixed Integer Quadratically Constrained Programs Anureet Saxena; Pierre Bonami; Jon LeeRC24502
2470. Process Merging in Business-Driven Development Jochen M. Kuester, Christian Gerth, Alexander Foerster, and Gregor EngelsRZ3703
2471. Evaluating and Optimizing the Scalability of Multi-core SIP Proxy Server Jia Zhou; Zhiyong Liang; Yiqi DaiRC24501
2472. Controlling the Interfacial Reactions in Pb-free Interconnections by Adding Minor Alloying Elements to Sn-rich Solders Sung K. Kang; Moon Gi Cho; Da-Yuan Shih; Sun-Kyoung Seo; Hyuck-Mo LeeRC24496
2473. Analyzing Finite MANETs by Transformations to Equivalent Static Graphs Dinesh Verma; Bong Jun Ko; Ananthram SwamiRC24497
2474. On the Relationship between Pinning Control Effectiveness and Graph Topology in Complex Networks of Dynamical Systems Chai Wah WuRC24498
2475. RingSTM: Scalable Transactions with a Single Atomic Instruction Michael F. Spear; Maged M. Michael; Christoph von PraunRC24499
2476. Security and Performance Trade-Offs in I/O Operations for Virtual Machine Monitors Paul A. Karger; David R. SaffordRC24500
2477. Risk Modulating Factors in Risk-Based Access Control for Information in a MANET Pau-Chen Cheng; Paul A. KargerRC24494
2478. Water Network Design by MINLP Cristiana Bragalli; Claudia D'Ambrosio; Jon Lee; Andrea Lodi; Paolo TothRC24495
2479. Rule-based XML Mediation for Data Validation and Privacy Anonymization Masayoshi Teraguchi, Issei Yoshida, Naohiko UramotoRT0778
2480. Comparison of Electromigration Performance for Pb-free Solders and Surface Finishes with Ni UBM Minhua Lu; Paul Lauro; Da-Yuan Shih; Robert Polastre; Charles Goldsmith; Donald W. Henderson; Hongqing Zhang; Moon Gi ChoRC24492
2481. Virtual Hand: A 3D Tactile Interface to Virtual Environments Bernice E. Rogowitz; Paul BorrelRC24493
2482. Runtime Monitoring of Metric First-order Temporal Properties (Revised Version, September 2008) David Basin, Felix Klaedtke, Samuel Mueller, and Birgit PfitzmannRZ3702
2483. Too Many Words, Too Little Time: Accelerating Real-Time Keyword Scanning with Multi-Core Processors Oreste Villa; Daniele Paolo Scarpazza; Fabrizio PetriniRC24488
2484. High-Performance Sorting Algorithms on AIX C. Eric Wu; Gokul Kandiraju; Pratap PattnaikRC24489
2485. Shockley-Read-Hall Mechanism for Dark Current in Ge-on-SOI Lateral PIN Photodetectors S. J. Koester, L. Schares, C. L. Schow, G. Dehlinger, R. A. JohnRC24490
2486. Agent Multiplication: An Economical Large-Scale Testing Environment for System Management Solutions Kyung Dong Ryu, David Daly, Mary Seminara, Sukhyun Song, Paul G. CrumleyRC24487
2487. RESERVOIR - An ICT Infrastructure for Reliable and Effective Delivery of Services as Utilities The RESERVOIR Seed TeamH-0262
2488. A Scalable Method for Access Control in Location-Based Services Mudhakar Srivatsa; Arun Iyengar; Jian Yin; Ling LiuRC24484
2489. Preserving Caller Anonymity in Voice-over-IP Networks Mudhakar Srivatsa; Ling Liu; Arun IyengarRC24485
2490. Scalable Server Provisioning with HOP-SCOTCH David Daly; Marcio A. Silva; José E. MoreiraRC24486
2491. Intra-File-Level Parallelism on XML Parsing: Framework and Performance Evaluation Zhi Yong Liang; Yang Xu; Ya Bin DangRC24482
2492. Exploring the Architecture of a Stream Register-Based Snoop Filter Matthias Blumrich; Valentina Salapura; Alan GaraRC24480
2493. Improving Information Access for a Community of Practice Using Business Process as Context Yu Deng, Murthy Devarakonda, Ruchi Mahindru, Nithya Rajamani, Norbert Vogl, Wlodek ZadroznyRC24420
2494. An Experimental Evaluation of Iterative Solvers for Large SPD Systems of Linear Equations Thomas George; Anshul Gupta; Vivek SarinRC24479
2495. Audits and Business Controls Related to Receipt Rules: Benford's Law and Beyond Vijay IyengarRC24491
2496. A Policy Evaluation Tool for Multi-Site Resource Management Mudhakar Srivatsa; Nithya Rajamani; Murthy DevarakondaRC24478
2497. Why PBD Systems Fail: Lessons Learned for Usable AI Tessa LauRJ10426
2498. Enhanced Professional Networking and Its Impact on Personal Development and Business Success J. Chen, C.-H Chen-Ritzo, C. A. Chess, K. Ehrlich, M. Eleftheriou, M. E. Helander, C. Lasser, S. C. McAllister, S. A. Medeiros, K. Penchuk, J. L. Snowdon, M. L. Steen, A. TopolRC24476
2499. Fast Metadata Update by Using Two-Phase Commit on Volatile Memory and Disk Tarun Thakur; Veera Deenadhayalan; Karan Gupta; Paul MuenchRJ10427
2500. Unified Prediction Method for Predicting Program Behavior Ruhi Sarikaya, Alper BuyuktosunogluRC24474
2501. Managing SLAs of Heterogeneous Workloads Using Dynamic Application Placement David Carrera; Malgorzata Steinder; Ian Whalley; Jordi Torres; Eduard AyguadéRC24469
2502. Use of the SPP Technique to Account for Inhomogeneities in Differential Printed-Circuit-Board Wiring A. Deutsch; Roger Krabbenhoft; C. W. Surovic; B. Rubin; T-M. WinkelRC24470
2503. Zazen: A Mediating SOA between Ajax Applications and Enterprise Data Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC24471
2504. Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and an Algorithm for Proving Combinatorial Infeasibility J. A. De Loera; Jon Lee; P. Malkin; S. MarguliesRC24472
2505. Laplace Periodogram for Time Series Analysis Ta-Hsin LiRC24473
2506. A Structural Lemma in 2-Dimensional Packing, and Its Applications on Approximability Nikhil Bansal; Alberto Caprara; Maxim SviridenkoRC24468
2507. Watson Women's Network Leadership: A Best Practice at IBM Research for Innovative and Effective Recruitment and Retention N. Burke, T. Chao, J. Chen, C.-H. Chen-Ritzo, C. A Chess, S. Chiras, D. Da Silva, E. Duch, E. Duesterwald, M. Eleftheriou, M. E. Helander, H. Hunter, C. Lasser, S. Mahatma, I. Nnebe, K. Penchuk, A. Sailer, V. Salapura, L. Sekaric, J. L. Snowdon, M. L. Steen, A. Topol, C. K. Tsang, M. ZhouRC24467
2508. SPIRIT: Service for Providing Infrastructure Recommendations for IT Ashwin Lall; Anca Sailer; Mark BrodieRC24466
2509. Stochastic Analysis of Multiserver Systems Mark S. SquillanteRC24465
2510. Case Study: CFI-enabled Application Development Leveraging Community Resource Xin Zhou; Ying Liu; Hui Su; Xin ZhangRC24464
2511. PAM: A Novel Performance/Power Aware Meta-Scheduler for Multi-Core Systems Mohammad Banikazemi; Dan Poff; Bulent AbaliRC24463
2512. Improved Bounds for Speed Scaling in Devices Obeying the Cube-Root Rule Nikhil Bansal; Ho-Leung Chan; Kirk Pruhs; Dmitriy Rogozhnikov-KatzRC24461
2513. Proposal for Extending Annex B of PSL with Local Variables, Procedural Blocks, Past Expressions and Clock Alignment Operators Cindy Eisner; Dana FismanH-0256
2514. Pattern Classification using the Principle of Parsimony: A Least square Kernel Machine with Box Constraints Jayanta BasakRI07011
2515. SERvartuka : Dynamic Distribution of State to Improve SIP Server Scalability Vijay Balasubramaniyan; Arup Acharya; Mustaque Ahamad; Mudhakar Srivatsa; Italo Dacosta; Charles P. WrightRC24459
2516. Accessibility Internet Browser (aiBrowser) for Multimedia Hironobu Takagi, Chieko AsakawaRT0773
2517. A Framework for Scheduling Parallel DBMS User-defined Programs on an Attached High-Performance Computer Michael A. Kochte, Ramesh NatarajanRC24402
2518. Tooling in Support of Common Criteria Evaluation of a High Assurance Operating System David C. Toll; Sam Weber; Paul A. Karger; Elaine R. Palmer; Suzanne K. McIntoshRC24455
2519. Design and Implementation of the Blue Gene/P Snoop Filter Valentina Salapura; Matthias Blumrich; Alan GaraRC24454
2520. The Structure of Inverses in Schema Mappings Ronald Fagin; Alan NashRJ10425
2521. SODA: An Optimizing Scheduler for Large-Scale Stream-Based Distributed Computer Systems Joel Wolf, Nikhil Bansal, Kirsten Hildrum, Sujay Parekh, Deepak Rajan, Rohit Wagle, Kun-Lung Wu, Lisa FleischerRC24453
2522. Provably Near-Optimal LP-Based Policies for Revenue Management in Systems with Reusable Resources Retsef Levi, Ana RadovanovicRC24452
2523. Effective Use of TimeBank for TimeML Analysis Branimir K. Boguraev; Rie Kubota AndoRC24449
2524. LeeWave: Level-Wise Distribution of Wavelet Coefficients for Processing kNN Queries over Distributed Streams Mi-Yen Yeh; Kun-Lung Wu; Philip S. Yu; Ming-Syan ChenRC24450
2525. Mingling: Mixed-Integer Rounding with Bounds Alper Atamtürk, Oktay GünlükRC24451
2526. Mining Frequent Substring Patterns with Ternary Partitioning Yuta TsuboiRT0548
2527. Implementation and Performance of WS-Security Satoshi Makino, Kent Tamura, Takeshi Imamura, and Yuichi NakamuraRT0546
2528. Translating Out of Predicated Static Single Assignment Form Kazuaki Ishizaki and Tatsushi InagakiRT0540
2529. Layout Group Extraction from Web Content for Effective Adaptation Kentarou Fukuda, Hironobu Takagi, Junji Maeda and Chieko AsakawaRT0493
2530. Optimizing Composite Web Services through Parallelization of Service Invocations N. Sato and S. Saito and K. MitsuiRT0459
2531. User-Driven Mashups in Interactive Public Spaces D. Soroker; Y. S. Paik; Y. S. Moon; S. McFaddin; C. Narayanaswami; H. K. Jang; D. Coffman; M. C. Lee; J. K. Lee; J. W. ParkRC24448
2532. Reading Companion: An Interactive Web-Based Tutor for Increasing Literacy Skills Keith W. Grueneberg; Amy G. Katriel; Jennifer C. LaiRC24438
2533. Motivating Online Expertise-Sharing for Informal Learning: The Influence of Age and Tenure in Knowledge Organizations David Huffaker; Jennifer LaiRC24440
2534. TVDc: Managing Security in the Trusted Virtual Datacenter Stefan Berger; Ramon Caceres; Dimitrios Pendarakis; Reiner Sailer; Enriquillo Valdez; Ronald Perez, Wayne Schildhauer; Deepa SrinivasanRC24441
2535. Trading in Risk: Using Markets to Improve Access Control Ian Molloy; Pau-Chen Cheng; Pankaj RohatgiRC24439
2536. Policy Evolution with Genetic Programming Yow Tzu Lim; Pau Chen Cheng; Pankaj Rohatgi; John Andrew ClarkRC24442
2537. Optimizing Data Sharing and Address Translation for the Cell BE Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessor Michael GschwindRC24660
2538. Investigation of the thermal resistance of three-dimensional (3D) chip stack from the thermal resistance measurement and simulation of a single-stacked-chip Keiji Matsumoto, Kuniaki Sueoka, Katsuyuki Sakuma and Fumiaki Yamada RT0771
2539. Automatic Model-Based Service Hosting Environment Migration Liang Liu; Li Ying; Qian Ma; Ke Wei Sun; Ying Chen; Hao WangRC24437
2540. Views of Activity Monitoring Mei KobayashiRT0625
2541. A More Flexible Algorithm for Two Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Stock Problem Toshinari Itoko and Kaiyang YangRT0606
2542. Defining Stochastic Process Algebraic Semantics of UML Activity Diagrams for Model-driven Performance Analysis Naoshi Tabuchi, Naoto Sato, Hiroaki NakamuraRT0604
2543. Stochastic Lagrangean Heuristics for the Knapsack Problem Hiroyuki OkanoRT0600
2544. Efficient decision procedure for a logic for xml Akihiko Tozawa and Masami HagiyaRT0592
2545. AM-OLED pixel circuits suitable for TFT array testing Y. Sakaguchi, D. NakanoRT0565
2546. Integration of Heterogeneous Bio-simulators Makoto KanoRT0559
2547. Playtime-Oriented Retransmission Control Method for Multimedea Streaming Hiroaki Hagino, Masaaki Taniguchi, Hirotaka Komaki, et al.RT0555
2548. Assurance of Web Services Sachiko Yoshihama, Paula K. Austel, Hiroshi MaruyamaRT0553
2549. Register Constraint Back-propagation Working in Collaboration with a Register Manager Akira Koseki and Hideaki KomatsuRT0551
2550. Array Bounds Check Elimination Utilizing a Page Protection Mechanism Motohiro KawahitoRT0550
2551. K42: Lessons for the OS Community Robert Wisniewski; Dilma Da Silva; Marc Auslander; Orran Krieger; Michal Ostrowski; Bryan RosenburgRC24436
2552. Measurement of Carrier Mobility in Silicon Nanowires Oki Gunawan; Lidija Sekaric; Amlan Majumdar; Michael Rooks; Joerg Appenzeller; Jeffrey Sleight; Supratik Guha; Wilfried HaenschRC24435
2553. Online Adaptive Decision Trees: Self-Organization Jayanta BasakRI07009
2554. Analysis of page replacement policies in the fluid limit Ryo Hirade, Takayuki OsogamiRT0768
2555. Beyond XSS - Towards Universal Content Filtering Sachiko Yoshihama, Ai Ishida, Naohiko UramotoRT0764
2556. Top-N Keyword Calculation on Dynamically Selected Documents Daisuke Takuma, Issei YoshidaRT0760
2557. A Hybrid Event-Processing Architecture based on the Model-driven Approach for High Performance Monitoring Yosuke Ozawa, Teruo Koyanagi, Mari Abe, Liangzhao ZengRT0728
2558. Online Analytical Processing of Text Data Akihiro Inokuchi, Koichi TakedaRT0703
2559. Classifying Suitability of Applications for the Hybrid Architecture Teruo Koyoanagi, Yosuke OzawaRT0727
2560. Early Capacity Testing of an Enterprise Service Bus Ken Ueno, Michiaki TatsuboriRT0699
2561. Automatic determination method for machine in performance trouble in distributed system Sei Kato, Toshiyuki Yamane and Takahide NogayamaRT0697
2562. CPU Resource Reservation for Simultaneous Multi-Thread Systems Hiroshi Inoue, Takao Moriyama, Yasushi Negishi, and Moriyoshi OharaRT0676
2563. Threat Analysis for AJAX Naishin Seki, Mine Altunay, Sachiko Yoshihama, Satoshi Makino, Michiharu Kudo, and Naohiko UramotoRT0671
2564. A New Loss Function with “Markov Property”for Information Extraction Yuta Tsuboi and Hisashi KashimaRT0660
2565. A New Idiom Recognition Framework for Exploiting Accelerators Motohiro Kawahito, Hideaki Komatsu, Takao Moriyama, Hiroshi Inoue, Toshio NakataniRT0639
2566. SQL-based Aggregation for Text Mining Akihiro Inokuchi and Kohichi TakedaRT0634
2567. Recursive Peer-to-Group Routing on a Network Hierarchy for Stable Overlay Multicast Shu Shimizu, Taiga Nakamura, Ryo Sugihara, Ken MasumitsuRT0633
2568. Complexity Evaluation of Web Service Interfaces for End Users Takayuki Yamaizumi, Takashi Sakairi, Masaki Wakao, Hideaki ShinomiRT0628
2569. Service Systems as Customer-Intensive Systems and Its Implications for Service Science and Engineering Claudio PinhanezRC24432
2570. Making the Most of Your Data: KDD Cup 2007 ``How Many Ratings'' Winner's Report Saharon Rosset; Claudia Perlich; Yan LiuRC24431
2571. Identifying and Tracking Suspicious Activities through IP Gray Space Analysis Yu Jin; Zhi-Li Zhang; Kuai Xu; Feng Cao; Sambit SahuRC24433
2572. A Quantitative Analysis of Space Waste from Java Strings and its Elimination at Garbage Collection Time Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Kazunori Ogata, and Tamiya OnoderaRT0750
2573. Performance Improvements for XML Security-Related Processing Using XML Parser Events Takahide Nogayama, Toshiro Takase, Ken Ueno, Hyen-Vui ChungRT0767
2574. An Automated Image Segmentation and Classification Algorithm for Immunohistochemically Stained Tumor Cell Nuclei Hangu Yeo; Vadim Sheinin; Yuri SheininRC24430
2575. User Collaborative Semantic Web Service Matching for Legacy Application Integration – A Case Study Hua Fang Tan; Rama Akkiraju; Anca-Andreea Ivan; Richard Goodwin; Diane KnappenbergerRC24424
2576. A Pattern-Based Approach to Development of Service Mediators for Protocol Mediation Xitong Li; Yushun Fan; Jian Wang; Li Wang; Feng JiangRC24425
2577. Data Integration and Composite Business Services, Part 3: Building a Multi-Tenant Tier with Access Control and Security Chang Jie Guo; Mary TaylorRC24426
2578. Coordinating Multiple Autonomic Managers to Achieve Specified Power-Perfomance Tradeoffs Jeffrey O. Kephart; Hoi Chan; Rajarshi Das; David W. Levine; Gerald Tesauro; Freeman Rawson; Charles LefurgyRC24427
2579. Fast String Search on the Cell Processor Daniele Paolo Scarpazza; Oreste Villa; Fabrizio PetriniRC24428
2580. Building a Practical Event-Scheduler for a Multi-Processor Architecture S. Rooney, D. Bauer, L. Garces-EriceRZ3695
2581. Transforming Contact Center Processes to Facilitate Agent Efficiency and End-User Enablement Sinem Güven, Mark Podlaseck, Gopal PingaliRC24421
2582. Tracking in a Spaghetti Bowl: Monitoring Transactions Using Footprints Animashree Anandkumar; Chatschik Bisdikian; Dakshi AgrawalRC24422
2583. Bayesian Learning of Markov Network Structure Aleks Jakulin; Irina RishRC24413
2584. Information-Theoretic Approaches to Cost-Efficient Diagnosis Irina RishRC24414
2585. Supply Chain Risk Management: A Delicate Balancing Act Gautam Basu, Karen Butner, Eric Cope, Léa Deleris, Jin Dong, Mary Helander, Kann Katircioglu, Bonnie RayRC24415
2586. Evaluation of Optimization Methods for Network Bottleneck Diagnosis Alina Beygelzimer; Jeff Kephart; Irina RishRC24416
2587. On the Usability of Virtualization Technologies for Application with Stringent Requirements Claris Castillo; Arun Iyengar; Amol NayateRC24417
2588. End-to-End Performance of Commercial Applications in the Face of Changing Hardware Joefon Jann; R. Sarma Burugula; Niteesh Dubey; Pratap PattnaikRC24418
2589. Implementation Model Simulation of Business Integration Solutions Makoto Kano, Akio Koide, Te-Kai Liu, and Bala RamachandranRT0587
2590. WS-Attestation: Efficient and Fine-Grained Remote Attestation on Web Services Sachiko Yoshihama, Tim Ebringer, Megumi Nakamura, Seiji Munetoh, Hiroshi MaruyamaRT0598
2591. Composable XML Transformations with Tree Transducers Hisashi MIYASHITA and Makoto MURATART0618
2592. Thin Clean Client Sachiko Yoshihama, Megumi Nakamura, Kristian Sorensen, Seiji MunetohRT0631
2593. Easy SOA: Rapid Prototyping with Web Services for End Users Takayuki Yamaizumi, Takashi Sakairi, Masaki Wakao, Hideaki Shinomi, Samuel AdamsRT0638
2594. Problem Determination for a Java JIT Compiler using Replay Compilation Kazunori Ogata, Tamiya Onodera, Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Hideaki Komatsu, Toshio NakataniRT0641
2595. Easy SOA: Rapid Prototyping environment with Web Services for End Users Takayuki Yamaizumi, Takashi Sakairi, Masaki Wakao, Hideaki Shinomi, Samuel AdamsRT0642
2596. Automated Verification Tool for DHTML Takaaki Tateishi, Hisashi Miyashita, Kohichi Ono, Shin SaitoRT0651
2597. A presentation document interface for the blind based on automated meta-data Tatsuya Ishihara, Hironobu Takagi, Takashi Itoh, Chieko AsakawaRT0659
2599. biXid: A Bidirectional Transformation Language for MXL Shinya KAWANAKA, Haruo HOSOYART0673
2600. Accessibility Evaluation based on Machine Learning Technique Daisuke Sato, Hironobu Takagi, Chieko AsakawaRT0674
2601. A Platform for Massive Agent-based Simulation and its Evaluation Gaku Yamamoto, Hideki Tai, Hideyuki MizutaRT0682
2602. Finding probably best systems quickly via simulations Takayuki OsogamiRT0684
2603. A Database Scale-Out Solution for Emerging Write-Intensive Commercial Workloads Yi Ge; Chen Wang; Xiaowei Shen; Honesty YoungRC24412
2604. Performance Modeling of Service Businesses Barbara Jones; Ying Tat Leung; Suresh Muthulingam; Sunil Noronha; Jorge SanzRJ10423
2605. Divergent Vocabularies in Four Enterprise Tagging Services Michael MullerRC24409
2606. Patterns of Tag Usage across Four Diverse Enterprise Tagging Services Michael J. MullerRC24410
2607. Anomalous Tagging Patterns Can Show Communities among Users Michael MullerRC24407
2608. A Framework for Quality of Information Analysis for Detection-Oriented Sensor Network Deployments Sadaf Zahedi; Mani B. Srivastava; Chatschik BisdikianRC24404
2609. Ultralow Dielectric Constant pSiCOH Films Prepared with Tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane as Skeleton Precursor A. Grill; V. PatelRC24405
2610. Inertia-Revealing Preconditioning for Large-Scale Nonconvex Constrained Optimization Olaf Schenk; Andreas Wächter; Martin WeiserRC24403
2611. Organizing the Unorganized – Employing IT to Empower the Under-privileged Arun Kumar, Nitendra Rajput, Sheetal K. Agarwal, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Amit Anil NanavatiRI07007
2612. Data Tagging Architecture for System Monitoring in Dynamic Environments Bharat Krishnamurthy, Anindya Neogi, Bikram Sengupta, Raghavendra SinghRI07008
2613. WSMP: Watson Sparse Matrix Package. Part III: Iterative Solution of Sparse Systems. Version 7.11 Anshul GuptaRC24398
2614. How Programmers Can Turn Comments into Waypoints for Code Navigation M.-A. Storey; L.-T. Cheng; J. Singer; M. Muller; D. Myers; J. RyellRC24399
2615. Upper Bounds on Entangling Rates of Bipartite Hamiltonians Sergey BravyiRC24401
2616. On the Linear Relaxation of the p-Median Problem II: Directed Graphs Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC24395
2617. On the linear relaxation of the p-median problem I: oriented graphs Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC24396
2618. Enabling Optimizations Suppressed by a Loop Transfer Motohiro Kawahito, Hideaki Komatsu, and Toshio NakataniRT0568
2619. A Survey of Uncertain Data Algorithms and Applications Charu C. Aggarwal; Philip S. YuRC24394
2620. The Evolution of Microstructure and Microhardness of Sn-Ag and Sn-Cu Solders during High Temperature Aging Sun-Kyoung Seo; Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC24392
2621. The Caernarvon Secure Embedded Operating System David C. Toll; Paul A. Karger; Elaine R. Palmer; Suzanne K. McIntosh; Sam WeberRC24393
2622. Component Variability as a Limit in Digital Electronics Robert W. KeyesRC24391
2623. Neural Network Learning of Optimal Kalman Prediction and Control Ralph LinskerRC24390
2624. An e-Business Framework for Developing Rich and Reliable Client Applications JIN Lai and SAKAIRI TakashiRT0538
2625. Tracking the Evolution of Topics in On-line Postings: 2006 IBM Innovation Jam data Mei KOBAYASHI and Raylene Kay YUNGRT0710
2626. Business Process Transformation Wizard Kaori Fujiwara, Bala Ramachandran, Akio Koide, Jay Benayon, and Makoto KanoRT0716
2627. Technology Advances and Standardization toward Accessible Business Graphics Hironobu Takagi, Tatsuya IshiharaRT0715
2628. Accessibility Evaluation for Multimedia Content Chieko Asakawa, Takashi Itoh, Hironobu Takagi, and Hisashi MiyashitaRT0720
2629. Making multimedia Internet content accessible and usable Hisashi Miyashita, Hironobu Takagi, Daisuke Sato, and Chieko AsakawaRT0719
2630. Secure Behavior of Web Browsers to Prevent Information Leakages Takaaki Tateishi, Naoshi TabuchiRT0736
2631. A Formal Study of Algebraic Constraint Issei YoshidaRT0754
2632. Direct density ratio estimation for large-scale covariate shift adaptation Yuta Tsuboi, Hisashi Kashima, Shohei Hido, Steffen Bickel, and Masashi SugiyamaRT0756
2633. Haute or Not? - Revisiting Topical Popularities Julia Grace, Daniel Gruhl, Kevin Haas, Meena Nagarajan, Christine Robson, Nachiketa SahooRJ10421
2634. Sheepdog, Parallel Collaborative Programming-by-Demonstration Vittorio Castelli; Lawrence Bergman; Tessa Lau; Daniel OblingerRC24445
2635. Optimizing the Point-of-Sale Device Mix in a Retail Store Ying Tat Leung; Mayank Sharma; Anupam Singh; Myron FlicknerRJ10420
2636. aiBrowser for Multimedia --- Introducing Multimedia Content Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users Hisashi Miyashita and Daisuke Sato and Hironobu Takagi and Chieko AsakawaRT0740
2637. Automatic Accessibility Transcoding for Flash Content Daisuke Sato, Hisashi Miyashita, Hironobu Takagi, Chieko AsakawaRT0739
2638. EventScript: Using Regular Expressions to Program Event-Processing Agents Norman H. CohenRC24387
2639. Celadon: Delivering Business Services to Mobile Users in Public Spaces S. McFaddin, D. Coffman, J. H. Han, H. K. Jang, J. H. Kim, J. K. Lee, M. C. Lee, Y. S. Moon, C. Narayanaswami, Y. S. Paik, J. W. Park, D. SorokerRC24381
2640. Quasi-Birth-and-Death Processes, Lattice Path Counting, and Hypergeometric Functions Johan S. H. van Leeuwaarden; Mark S. Squillante; Erik M. M. WinandsRC24382
2641. Decision Support in Multi-Vendor Services Partner Negotiation Mary E. Helander; Hua Ni; Paul M. Thompson; Leanne K. VieraRC24380
2642. Fusing Animals and Humans Jonathan ConnellRC24377
2643. Four Paths to AI Jonathan Connell; Kenneth LivingstonRC24378
2644. IBM’s Unified Governance Framework (UGF) Initiative Birgit Pfitzmann, Calvin Powers, Michael WaidnerRZ3699
2645. Design and Implementation of the Blue Gene/P Snoop Filter Valentina Salapura; Matthias Blumrich, Alan GaraRC24376
2646. On Approximating the Ideal Random Access Machine by Physical Machines Gianfranco BIilardi; Kattamuri Ekanadham; Pratap PattnaikRC24379
2647. Plasma Deposited Low k SiCOH Films with Improved Properties Using Nano Imbedded Layers Insertion Son Nguyen, E. Liniger, B. Herbst, K. Malone, N. Klymko, S. Cohen, E. Simonyi, S. Lane, C. Dziobkowski, M. Lane, A. Grill, D. Restaino, S. Gates, D. Edelstein, Tom IversRC24375
2648. MOSFET with a Silicon Nanowire Channel: Materials Science, Fabrication and Electrical Characterization G. M. Cohen; S. Bangsaruntip; M. J. Rooks; L. GignacRC24456
2649. High performance liquid metal thermal interface for large volume production Yves Martin; Theodore van KesselRC24372
2650. Local Crystal Anisotropy Obtained in the Small Probe Geometry Philip E. BatsonRC24373
2651. Logarithmic Regret Algorithms for Online Convex Optimization Elad Hazan; Amit Agarwal; Satyen KaleRJ10419
2652. Adaptive Algorithms for Online Decision Problems Elad Hazan; C. SeshadhriRJ10418
2653. Active Collaborative Prediction with Maximum Margin Matrix Factorization Irina Rish; Gerald TesauroRC24371
2654. Blind Source Separation Approach to Performance Diagnosis and Dependency Discovery Gaurav Chandalia; Irina RishRC24370
2655. Low-Rate Hybrid Wyner-Ziv Coding of Laplace-Markov Source Using Uniform Scalar Quantization Vadim Sheinin; Ashish Jagmohan; Dake HeRC24369
2656. At-a-Glance: The Demographic Imperative of Accessibility Anne-Rivers ForckeRC24368
2657. Towards an Agile Service System for a Global Call Center Isaac Cheng; Vikas Krishna; Neil Boyette; Joel BetheaRJ10416
2658. A Family of Linear Programming Algorithms Based on an Algorithm by von Neumann João P. M. Gonçalves; Robert H. Storer; Jacek GondzioRC24365
2659. A Sensor Placement Algorithm for Redundant Covering Based on Riesz Energy Minimization Chai Wah Wu; Dinesh VermaRC24367
2660. Performance without Pain = Productivity: Data Layout and Collective Communication in UPC Rajesh Nishtala; Gheorghe Almási; Calin CascavalRC24364
2661. Adapted Extended Baum-Welch Transformations Dimitri Kanevsky, Daniel Povey, Bhuvana Ramabhadran, Tara N. SainathRC24458
2662. Online Make-to-Order Joint Replenishment Model: Primal Dual Competitive Algorithms N. Buchbinder; T. Kimbrel; R. Levi; K. Makarychev; M. SviridenkoRC24362
2663. Almost Peer-to-Peer Clock Synchronization Ahmed Sobeih; Michel Hack; Zhen Liu; Li ZhangRC24361
2664. Stochastic Analysis of Multiserver Systems Mark S. SquillanteRC24360
2665. Evaluating the Use of Data Transformation for Information Visualization Zhen Wen; Michelle X. ZhouRC24358
2666. SIdeCAR: Secure Identity Consent and Authentication Responder Ravi Chandra Jammalamadaka; Michael McIntosh; Paula AustelRC24359
2667. Support Services: Persuading Employees and Customers to do what is in the Community’s Best Interest Mark Brodie; Jennifer Lai; Jonathan Lenchner; William Luken; Kavitha Ranganathan; Jung-Mu Tang; Maja VukovicRC24357
2668. Thermal Response to DVFS: Analysis with an Intel Pentium M Heather Hanson; Steven W. Keckler; Soraya Ghiasi; Karthick Rajamani; Freeman Rawson; Juan RubioRC24356
2669. Performance Characteristic of a Thermo-electric Topography Sensor Abu Sebastian; Dorothea W. Wiesmann; Christoph Hagleitner; Evangelos S. EleftheriouRZ3696
2670. Interface Engineering for High Interfacial Strength between SiCOH and pSiCOH ILDs and Diffusion Caps A. Grill; D. Edelstein; M. Lane; V. Patel; S. Gates; D. Restaino; S. MolisRC24354
2671. The Feasibility of Automated Feedback-Directed Test Generation Sam Weber; Paul A. Karger, Suzanne K. McIntosh; Amitkumar Paradkar; David C. TollRC24355
2672. Cooperative Transmit-Power Estimation in MANETs Ivan W. H. Ho, Bong Jun Ko, Murtaza Zafer, Chatschik Bisdikian, Kin K. LeungRC24353
2673. Partial Disk Failures: Using Software to Analyze Physical Damage Hai Huang; Kang G. ShinRC24352
2674. Next-Generation Performance Counters: Towards Monitoring over Thousand Concurrent Events Valentina Salapura; Karthik Ganesan; Alan Gara; Michael Gschwind; James C. Sexton; Robert E. WalkupRC24351
2675. ReCon: A Tool to Recommend Dynamic Server Consolidation in Multi-Cluster Data Centers Sameep Mehta, Anindya NeogiRI07006
2676. Capacity and Value Based Pricing Model for Professional Services Clarence Wardell; Laura Wynter; Mary HelanderRC24349
2677. Power-Law and Exponential Tails in a Stochastic, Priority-Based, Model Queue G. Grinstein; R. LinskerRC24350
2678. A Comprehensive Semantic-Based Resource Allocation Framework for Workflow Management Systems Chong Wang; Zhile Zou; Qian Ma; Ru Fang; Hao WangRC24348
2679. Additive guarantees for degree bounded directed network design Nikhil Bansal; Rohit Khandekar; Viswanath NagarajanRC24347
2680. SIP Application Composition Framework Based on Business Rules Lina Ren; Jia Jia Wen; Qi Yu; Lee LongmoreRC24346
2681. Modeling and Managing Pervasive Computing Spaces using RESTful Data Services D. Coffman; S. McFaddin; C. Narayanaswami; D. Soroker; J. H. Han; H. K. Jang; J. H. Kim; J. K. Lee; M. C. Lee; Y. S. Moon; Y. S. Paik; J. W. ParkRC24344
2682. Approximate Model of Cooperative Activation and Crossbridge Cycling in Cardiac Muscle Using Ordinary Differential Equations John Jeremy Rice; Fei Wang; Donald Bers; Pieter P. de TombeRC24343
2683. Proceedings of the IBM PhD Student Symposium at ICSOC 2007 Tudor Dumitras; Andreas Hanemann; Benedikt Kratz; Jyotishman PathakRC24341
2684. Design, Implementation, and Performance Analysis of PKI Certificate Repository using LDAP Component Matching Sang Seok Lim; Jong Hyuk Choi; Kurt D. ZeilengaRC24339
2685. Space Efficient Matrix Methods for Lost Data Reconstruction in Erasure Codes Bruce Cassidy, James Lee HafnerRJ10415
2686. On Asymptotic Normality of Nonlinear Least Squares for Sinusoidal Parameter Estimation Ta-Hsin Li; Kai-Sheng SongRC24340REV
2687. Distributed SBP Cholesky Factorization Algorithms with Near-Optimal Scheduling Fred Gustavson; Lars Karlsson; Bo KågströmRC24342
2688. Efficient Web Services Message Exchange by SOAP Bundling Framework Toshiro Takase, Keishi TajimaRT0747
2689. Easy-To-Use Programming Model for Web Services Security Yumi Yamaguchi, Hyen-Vui Chung, Masayoshi Teraguchi, and Naohiko UramotoRT0745
2690. Accurate and efficient stochastic reliability analysis of composite services using their compact Markov reward model representations N. Sato and K. TrivediRT0729
2691. Verifying the Consistency of Security Policies by Abstracting into Security Types Kouichi Ono, Yuichi Nakamura, Fumiko Satoh, Takaaki TateishiRT0714
2692. Best Practice Patterns and Tool Support for Configuring Secure Web Services Messaging Michiaki TatsuboriRT0646
2693. The "Arrangement Method" for Linear Programming is Equivalent to the Phase-One Method Elad Hazan; Nimrod MegiddoRJ10414
2694. SERvartuka: Enhancing SIP Server Scalability with Dynamic State Management Vijay Balasubramaniyan; Arup Acharya; Mustaque Ahamad; Charles P. WrightRC24336
2695. 3D Integration - Past, Present and Future Roy YuRC24337
2696. Continuity Properties of Equilibrium Prices and Allocations in Linear Fisher Markets Nimrod Megiddo; Vijay V. VaziraniRJ10411
2697. Online Learning with Prior Knowledge Elad Hazan; Nimrod MegiddoRJ10412
2698. Youth, Pornography and the Internet Dick Thornburgh and Herbert S. Lin (editors), Robert Schloss (co-author)NONE
2699. Understanding Approaches for Web Service Composition and Execution Vikas Agarwal, Girish Chafle, Sumit Mittal and Biplav SrivastavaRI07005
2700. A Study of the Effects of Machine Geometry and Mapping on Distributed Transpose Performance M. Eleftheriou; B. Fitch; A. Rayshutskiy; T. J. C. Ward; P. Heidelberger; R. S. GermainRC24333
2701. Temperature-Aware Scheduling: When Is System-Throttling Good Enough? Deepak Rajan; Philip S. YuRC24331
2702. Spatially-Compressed Cardiac Myofilament Models Generate Hysteresis That Is Not Found in Real Muscle John Jeremy Rice; Yuhai Tu; Corrado Poggesi; Pieter P. de TombeRC24329
2703. Knowledge-Enhanced IT Service Management Hao Wang; Bo Yang; Liang Liu; Qian Ma; Ke Wei Sun; Ying ChenRC24330
2704. Performance Analysis Of All-to-All Communication on the Blue Gene/L Supercomputer Sameer Kumar; Philip HeidelbergerRC24327
2705. Algorithms for Capacitated Rectangle Stabbing and Lot Sizing with Joint Set-Up Costs Guy Even; Retsef Levi; Dror Rawitz; Baruch Schieber; Shimon (Moni) Shahar; Maxim SviridenkoRC24328
2706. An Algebraic Approach to Rule-Based Information Extraction Frederick Reiss, Sriram Raghavan, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Huaiyu Zhu, Shivakumar VaithyanathanRJ10409
2707. Secure Search of Private Documents in an Enterprise Content Management System Trieu C. Chieu; Thao Nguyen; Liangzhao ZengRC24326
2708. Material and Mobility Characteristics of Ultra-thin (110) Compressively-Strained SiGe pMOSFETs K. K. Chan, M. Yang, K. Rim, N. Klymko, J. Ott, D. Canaperi, A. W. Topol, E. Sikorski, B. To, D. C. Boyd, W. Price, J. Newbury, K. W. Guarini, M. IeongRC24325
2709. A Framework for QoI-Inspired Analysis for Sensor Network Deployment Planning Sadaf Zahedi; Chatschik BisdikianRC24323
2710. Timing-aware Power Minimization via Extended Timing Graph Methods Haifeng Qian; Emrah AcarRC24324
2711. On Test Sets for Nonlinear Integer Maximization Jon Lee; Shmuel Onn; Robert WeismantelRC24322
2712. Socially Augmenting Employee Profiles with People-Tagging Stephen Farrell; Tessa Lau; Eric Wilcox; Stefan Nusser; Michael MullerRJ10410
2713. Semantic Analysis for Topical Segmentation of Videos Youngja Park; Ying LiRC24319
2714. Map Feature Language (MFL) Specification. Version 1.0 Jonathan P. MunsonRC24318
2715. Some Remarks on Origami and Its Limitations Tomasz Maszczyk, Grzegorz SwirszczRC24313
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2920. Is Cache-oblivious DGEMM Viable J. Gunnels; F. Gustavson; K. Pingali; K. YotovRC24172
2921. A Static Compliance Checking Framework for Business Process Models Y Liu; Samuel Mueller; K. XuRZ3679
2922. An Integrated Development Environment for Web Service Composition Girish Chafle, Gautam Das, Koustuv Dasgupta, Arun Kumar, Sumit Mittal, Sougata Mukherjea, Biplav SrivastavaRI06009
2923. B-trees, Shadowing, and Range-Operations Ohad RodehH-0248
2924. Randomized Algorithms for Weighted Paging Nikhil BansalRC24109
2925. Speculative Flow Control for High-Radix Datacenter Interconnect Routers Cyriel Minkenberg; Mitch GusatRZ3676
2926. Aggressive Function Inlining with Global Code Reordering Omer Boehm; Daniel Citron; Gadi Haber; Moshe Klausner; Roy LevinH-0247
2927. Causal Models for Business Decision Making Sunil J. Noronha; Joseph KramerRJ10397
2928. Performance Evaluation of the Interleaved Parity-Check Intra-Disk Redundancy Scheme Ilias IliadisRZ3677
2929. The Design and Implementation of an IP Only Server Muli Ben-Yehuda; Oleg Goldshmidt; Elliot K. Kolodner; Zorik Machulsky; Vadim Makhervaks; Julian Satran; Marc Segal; Leah Shalev; Ilan ShimonyH-0246
2930. A Winner--Loser Labeled Tournament Has at Most Twice as Many Outdegree Misrankings as Pair Misrankings Nikhil Bansal; Don Coppersmith; Gregory B. SorkinRC24107
2931. Provenance-aware Collaboration Developing Environment Daming Hao; Lin Luo; Yabin Dang; Bo Hou; Shunxiang YangRC24108
2932. B-Trees, Shadowing, and Clones Ohad RodehH-0245
2933. SLA Based Resource Allocation Policies in Autonomic Environments Danilo Ardagna; Marco Trubian; Li ZhangRC24106
2934. A Comparison of Three Programming Models for Telecom Service Composition Yuan Yuan; Jia Jia Wen; Wei Li; Bing Bing ZhangRC24105
2935. Superior Multi-Class Classification through a Margin-Optimized Single Binary Problem Ran El-Yaniv; Dmitry Pechyony; Elad Yom-TovH-0243
2936. Improving Resource Matching through Estimation of Actual Job Requirements Elad Yom-Tov; Yariv AridorH-0244
2937. Efficient Hash Probes on Modern Processors Kenneth A. RossRC24100
2938. Deep Analysis of Biomedical Abstracts Arendse BernthRC24098
2939. On the Integrality of the Uncapacitated Facility Location Polytope Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC24101
2940. Resource Analysis in Project Portfolio Management Vijay Iyengar; Joseph Kramer; Daniel Milch; Ignacio Terrizzano; John VergoRC24102
2941. What’s Next Charles Schwab? Personal SPACE for Personal Financial Investing in Future Markets Dawn N. Jutla; Dimitri KanevskyRC24099
2942. Augmenting Employee Profiles with People-Tagging Stephen P. Farrell; Tessa A. Lau; Eric M. Wilcox; Michael Muller; Kate EhrlichRJ10395
2943. Modeling Human Performance of Pen Stroke Gestures Xiang Cao; Shumin ZhaiRJ10392
2944. Introduction to Shape Writing Shumin Zhai; Per Ola KristenssonRJ10393
2945. Renewable Traitor Tracing: A Broadcast, Tracing and Revoke System for Anonymous Attack Hongxia Jin; Jeffery LotspiechRJ10394
2946. Bayesian Learning of Markov Network Structure: Application to Class Probability Estimation Aleks Jakulin; Irina RishRC24097
2947. A Negotiation Protocol Framework for WS-Agreement Sebastian Hudert; Heiko Ludwig; Guido WirtzRC24094
2948. Best Practice Guide for Portable Java Components Woody Yun-Wu Huang; John Ponzo; Matt Hogstrom; Dain Sundstrom; Tom MustaRC24092
2949. Discourse Semantics for Biomedical Information Discovery Arendse BernthRC24093
2950. A Meta-Data and Reasoning Framework for Open Assertion and Evidence Exchange and Query G. Hogben; Dieter M. SommerRZ3674
2951. WebRB: A Different Way To Write Web-Applications Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC24091
2952. TxBeans: Light-Weight Enablement of Transactional, Intermittently Connected, XML-Based Applications Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC24090
2953. Notes on Reliability Models for Non-MDS Erasure Codes James Lee Hafner; KK RaoRJ10391
2954. Transaction Reordering and Grouping for Continuous Data Loading Gang Luo; Jeffrey F. Naughton; Curt J. Ellmann; Michael W. WatzkeRC24087
2955. Locking Protocols for Materialized Aggregate Join Views Gang Luo; Jeffrey F. Naughton; Curt J. Ellmann; Michael W. WatzkeRC24088
2956. Partial Materialized Views Gang LuoRC24089
2957. Evaluating Design Tradeoffs in On-Chip Power Management for CMPs Joseph Sharkey; Alper Buyuktosunoglu; Pradip BoseRC24086
2958. Relational Blocks: A Visual Dataflow Language for Relational Web-Applications (original title: WebRB: a Language and Runtime For Multi-Page Relational Web-Applications) Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC24085
2959. AutoSeek: A Method to Identify Candidate Automation Steps in a Service Delivery Process Biplav SrivastavaRI06008
2960. On the Complexity of Cutting Plane Proofs Using Split Cuts Sanjeeb DashRC24082
2961. Towards Trustworthy Kiosk Computing Scott Garriss; Ramón Cáceres; Stefan Berger; Reiner Sailer; Leendert van Doorn; Xiaolan ZhangRC24081
2962. A Classification of UML2 Activity Diagrams Jana Koehler; Jochen M. Kuester; John Novatnack; Ksenia RyndinaRZ3673
2963. On the Role and Controllability of Persistent Clients in Traffic Aggregates Hani Jamjoom; Kang G. ShinRC24080
2964. From Regulatory Policies to Event Monitoring Rules: Towards Model-Driven Compliance Automation Christopher J. Giblin; Samuel Mueller; Birgit PfitzmannRZ3662
2965. AXIL: An XPath Intermediate Language Christoph Reichenbach; Michael Burke; Igor Peshansky; Mukund Raghavachari; Rajesh BordawekarRC24075
2966. A Load Shedding Framework and Optimizations for M-way Windowed Stream Joins Bugra Gedik; Kun-Lung Wu; Philip S. Yu; Ling LiuRC24079
2967. Is Your Layout Density Verification Exact? A Fast Exact Algorithm for Density Calculation Hua Xiang; Kai-Yuan Chao; Ruchir Puri; Martin D.F. WongRC24076
2968. Dummy Fill Density Analysis with Coupling Constraints Hua Xiang; Liang Deng; Ruchir Puri; Kai-Yuan Chao; Martin D.F. WongRC24077
2969. Evidence-Based Analysis and Inferring Precondiitons for Bug Detection Daniel Brand; Marcio Buss; Vugranam C. SreedharRC24103
2970. Answering Relationship Queries on the Web Gang Luo; Chunqiang Tang; Ying-li TianRC24071
2971. On the Second-Order Feasibility Cone: Primal-Dual Representation and Efficient Projection Alexandre Belloni; Robert M. FreundRC24072
2972. An Efficient Re-scaled Perceptron Algorithm for Conic Systems Alexandre Belloni; Robert M. Freund; Santosh VempalaRC24073
2973. Overview of Component Services for Knowledge Integration in UIMA (a.k.a. SUKI) David Ferrucci; J. William Murdock; Christopher WeltyRC24074
2974. Efficient Traitor Tracing Hongxia Jin; jeffery lotspiech; Nimrod MegiddoRJ10390
2975. Low Dielectric Constant Nanocomposite Thin Films Based on Silica Nanoparticle and Organic Thermosets Qinghuang Lin; Stephan A. Cohen; Lynne Gignac; Brian Herbst; David Klaus; Eva Simonyi; Jeffrey Hedrick; John Warlaumont, Hae-Jeong Lee, Wen-li WuRC24069
2976. On Sensor Sampling and Quality of Information: A Starting Point Chatschik BisdikianRC24067
2977. Sign and Encrypt Any Element in a SOAP Message Hyen-Vui Chung; Michael McIntosh; Paula Austel; Masayoshi TeraguchiRC24068
2978. A Characterization of Shared Data Access Patterns in UPC Programs Christopher Barton; Calin Cascaval; Jose Nelson AmaralRC24066
2979. The Cell Broadband Engine: Exploiting Multiple Levels of Parallelism in a Chip Multiprocessor Michael GschwindRC24128
2980. Improvements in Vision-based Pointer Control Rick KjeldsenRC24065
2981. Understanding IT Governance: Definitions, Contexts, and Concerns Sunita Chulani; Clay Williams; Mark N. Wegman; Avi Yaeli; Murray CantorRC24064
2982. Comprehensive Change Management for SoC Design Sunita Chulani; Stanley M. Sutton; Gray Bachelo; P. SanthanamRC24063
2983. A Shared- and Distributed-Memory Parallel General Sparse Direct Solver Anshul GuptaRC24062
2984. How to Select a Good Alternate Path in Large Peer-to-Peer Systems? Teng Fei; Shu Tao; Lixin Gao; Roch GuerinRC24059
2985. Computing Similarities between Natural Language Descriptions of Knowledge and Skills Robert G. Farrell; Feng PanRC24060
2986. Rule-Based On-Line Feature Interaction Detection for IMS Call Control Services Lina Ren; Fei Li; Qi Yu; Bo YangRC24061
2987. Critical Sizing of LRU Caches with Dependent Requests Predrag R, Jelenkovic; Ana Radovanovic; Mark S. SquillanteRC24058
2988. When Role Models Have Flaws: Static Validation of Enterprise Security Policies Marco Pistoia; Stephen J. Fink; Robert J. Flynn; Eran YahavRC24056
2989. Distributed Augmentation-Based Learning: A Learning Algorithm for Distributed Collaborative Programming-by-Demonstration Vittorio Castelli; Lawrence BergmanRC24055
2990. Confirmed Join Points Harold OssherRC24057
2991. Implicit Parallelism with Ordered Transactions Christoph von Praun; Luis Ceze; Calin CascavalRC24054
2992. Progress in Scaling Biomolecular Simulations to Petaflop Scale Platforms Blake G. Fitch; Aleksandr Rayshubskiy; Maria Eleftheriou; T. J. Christopher Ward; Mark Giampapa; Michael C. Pitman; Robert S. GermainRC24051
2993. An Enterprise Electronic Contract Management System using Dual XML and Secure PDF Documents Thomas Kwok; Thao NguyenRC24052
2994. Flow Management for SIP Application Servers Jing Sun; Jinfeng Hu; Ruixiong Tian; Bo YangRC24053
2995. Optimizating Communication in MPI Programs for an Execution Environment Peter F. Sweeney; Robert W. Wisniewski; Calin Cascaval; Stephen E. SmithRC24290
2996. TimeBank Evolution as a Community Resource for TimeML Parsing Branimir Boguraev; James Pustejovsky; Rie Ando; Marc VerhagenRC24050
2997. Forms of Collaboration in High Performance Computing: Exploring Implications for Learning Catalina DanisRC24049
2998. Cryptographic Security for a High-Performance Distributed File System Roman Pletka, Christian CachinRZ3661
2999. Extension of an InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter Model and Performance Analysis Florian Auernhammer; Andreas Doering; Maria Gabrani; Patricia Sagmeister; Andreas HerkersdorfRZ3660
3000. Indoor Location Positioning Using Radio Signal Strength Pedro Coronel, Wolfgang Schott and Beat WeissRZ3659
3001. Predicting Labor Cost through IT Management Complexity Metrics Yixin Diao; Alexander Keller; Sujay Parekh; Vladislav V. MarinovRC24048
3002. Service Assurance Process Re-Engineering Using Location-aware Infrastructure Intelligence Hani Jamjoom; Nikos Anerousis; Raymond Jennings; Debanjan SahaRC24047
3003. Implicit Predicate Arguments and Discourse Arendse BernthRC24046
3004. To Know or Not to Know: On the Needed Amount of Management Information David Breitgand; Amir Nahir; Danny RazH-0242
3005. "Tail Splitting" to Predict Failing Software Modules --with a Case Study on an Operating Systems Product Ram Chillarege; P. SanthanamRC24045
3006. Towards Knowledge Acquisition from Information Extraction Chris Welty; J. William MurdockRC24043
3007. Copenhagen: Heisenberg and von Neumann Daniel E. PlattRC24039
3008. Crossover in Scaling Regimes in Species-Area Relationships Daniel E. PlattRC24040
3009. Spreadsheets in Operations Management Modeling: IBM Research Experience Sheneeta W. White; Kaan Katircioglu; Tarun KumarRC24041
3010. Designing a Highly-Scalable Operating System: The Blue Gene/L Story José Moreira, Michael Brutman, José Castaños, Thomas Engelsiepen, Mark Giampapa, Tom Gooding, Roger Haskin, Todd Inglett, Derek Lieber, Pat McCarthy, Mike Mundy, Jeff Parker, Brian WallenfeldRC24037
3011. Identifying Bundles of Product Options using Mutual Information Clustering Claudia Perlich; Saharon RossetRC24038
3012. A Temperature-Aware Power Estimation Methodology Madhu Saravana Sibi Govindan; Stephen W. Keckler; Sani Nassif; Emrah AcarRC24034
3013. Software Engineering Aspects of Cache Oblivious Stencil Computations Volker Strumpen; Matteo FrigoRC24035
3014. Before-Commit Client State Management Services for AJAX Applications Paul Castro; Frederique Giraud; Ravi Konuru; John Ponzo; Jerome WhiteRC24033
3015. In-Plane Coupling into Circular-Grating Resonators for All-Optical Switching Asma Jebali; Daniel Erni; Stephan Gulde; Rainer F. Mahrt; Werner BächtoldRZ3664
3016. An Open Trusted Computing Architecture — Secure Virtual Machines Enabling User-Defined Policy Enforcement Dirk Kuhlmann; Rainer Landfermann; Hari V. Ramasamy; Matthias Schunter; Gianluca Ramunno; Davide VernizziRZ3655
3017. Dynamic and Risk-based Compliance Management Samuel Mueller; Chonawee SupatgiatRZ3656
3018. Optimized Enterprise Risk Management C. Abrams; J. von Känel; Samuel Mueller; Birgit Pfitzmann; S. Ruschka-TaylorRZ3657
3019. High bandwidth board-level parallel optical interconnects for server applications Bert Jan Offrein; Christoph Berger; Rene Beyeler; Roger Dangel; Laurent Dellmann; Folkert Horst; Tobias Lamprecht; Norbert Meier; J. KashRZ3658
3020. Understanding the Trade-offs of Blending Collaboration Services in Support of Contextual Collaboration Roberto S. Silva Filho; Werner Geyer; Beth A. Brownholtz; David F. RedmilesRC24030
3021. A Graph-search Based Approach to BPEL4WS Test Generation Yuan Yuan; Zhongjie Li; Wei SunRC24028
3022. CPU Load Shedding for Binary Stream Joins Bugra Gedik; Kun-Lung Wu; Philip S. Yu; Ling LiuRC24029
3023. TagOrbitals: A Tag Index Visualization Bernard KerrRC24027
3024. The IBM Arabic-English Word Alignment Corpus Abraham Ittycheriah; Yaser Al-Onaizan; Salim RoukosRC24024
3025. Semantics in Model-Driven Business Design Mark H. LinehanRC24026
3026. Privacy-Enhancing Radio Frequency Identification Tag: Implementation of the Privacy-Enhancing Clipped Tag Paul A. Moskowitz; Andris Lauris; Stephen S. MorrisRC24023
3027. Optimizing the Use of Static Buffers for DMA on a CELL Chip Tong Chen; Zehra Sura; Kathryn O'Brien; Kevin O'BrienRC24021
3028. A Programmable Message Classification Engine for Session Initation Protocol (SIP) Arup Acharya; Xiping Wang; Charles P. WrightRC24022
3029. Enterprise Telesales Opportunity Pipelines Performance Management Trieu C. Chieu; Pawan Chowdhary; Shiwa S. Fu; Florian Pinel; Jih-Shyr YihRC24018
3030. Dynamic Estimation of CPU Demand of Web Traffic Giovanni Pacifici; Wolfgang Segmuller; Mike Spreitzer; Asser TantawiRC24019
3031. Alpha Particle Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Chip Soft Error Upsets C. Cabral Jr; K. P. Rodbell; M. S. GordonRC24016
3032. WISE: a Wizard Interface Supporting Enhanced Usability Joshua HailpernRC24015
3033. Relational Blocks: Declarative Visual Assembly of Enterprise Applications Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC24014
3034. Competing for Customers in a Social Network Pradeep Dubey, Rahul Garg, Bernard De MeyerRI06005
3035. Study of the Undercooling of Pb-free, Flip-Chip Solder Bumps and In-situ Observation of Solidification Process Sung K. Kang; M. G. Cho; P. Lauro; Da-Yuan ShihRC24010
3036. Simulation Study of a Metal / High-k Gate Stack for Low-Power Applications Arvind Kumar; Paul M. SolomonRC24008
3037. A Perspective on Today's Scaling Challenges and Possible Future Directions Robert H. Dennard; Jin Cai; Arvind KumarRC24006
3038. Online Power and Performance Estimation for Dynamic Power Management Karthick Rajamani; Heather Hanson; Juan C. Rubio; Soraya Ghiasi; Freeman L. RawsonRC24007
3039. Learning on Graph with Normalized Laplacian Regularization Rie Kubota Ando; Tong ZhangRC24005
3040. Pericles: An Object-Oriented Parallel Programming Model Donald P. PazelRC24003
3041. A Middleware System for Protecting Against Application Level Denial of Service Attacks Mudhakar Srivatsa; Arun Iyengar; Jian Yin; Ling LiuRC24004
3042. Augmentation-Based Learning Vittorio Castelli; Daniel Oblinger; Lawrence D. BergmanRC23999
3043. Enhanced Cracking Resistance of Plasma Deposited Low k SiCOH Films with Nano Imbedded Layers Insertion Son Nguyen, E. Liniger, K. Ida, B. Herbst, K. Malone, N. Klymko, S. Cohen, E. Simonyi, S. Lane, C. Dziobkowski, M. Lane, A. Grill, D. Restaino, S. Gates, D. Edelstein, T. Nogami, Tom IversRC24000
3044. MAGICAL Demonstration: System for Metadata Automated Generation for Instructional Content Chitra Dorai; Robert Farrell; Amy Katriel; Galina Kofman; Ying Li; Youngja ParkRC24002
3045. Software/Hardware Co-managed Cache Optimizations Rajiv Ravindran; Krishnan Kailas; Zehra SuraRC23998
3046. FastPlace 3.0: A Fast Multilevel Quadratic Placement Algorithm with Placement Congestion Control Natarajan Viswanathan, Min Pan, Chris ChuRC24001
3047. Methodology and Tooling to Combine an Existing Legacy Business Process Model with Best-practice Industry Reference Models for Business Transformation Jochen Küster, Jana Koehler, Rainer Hauser, Ksenia Ryndina, Jussi Vanhatalo, Michael Wahler RZ3663
3048. The Slot Grammar Lexical Formalism Michael C. McCordRC23977
3049. Model-Driven Dashboards for Business Performance Reporting Pawan Chowdhary; Themis Palpanas; Florian Pinel; Shyh-Kwei Chen; Frederick Y. WuRC23997
3050. A Formal System for Slot Grammar Michael C. McCordRC23976
3051. Automatic Composition of Secure Workflows Marc Lelarge; Zhen Liu; Anton RiabovRC23996
3052. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM): Using Digital Signatures for Domain Verification Barry Leiba; Jim FentonRC23995
3053. Analysis of Navigability of web Applications for Improving Blind Usability Hironobu TakagiTakashi SaitohKentaroh FukudaChieko AsakawaRT0665
3054. EasyEnglishAnalyzer: Taking Controlled Language from Sentence to Discourse Level Arendse BernthRC23994
3055. Fringe Contacts: People-Tagging for the Enterprise Stephen Farrell; Tessa LauRJ10384
3056. A Client-Transparent Approach to Defend Against Denial-of-Service Attacks Mudhakar Srivatsa; Arun Iyengar; Jian Yin; Ling LiuRC23993
3057. Reverse Engineering Methods for Digital Restoration Applications Ioana Boier-Martin; Holly RushmeierRC23991
3058. Fabrication of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) and Strain-Silicon-on-Insulator (sSOI) Wafers Using Ion Implantation Devendra K. Sadana, Michael I. CurrentRC23992
3059. IBM SmartSCOR - A SCOR Based Supply Chain Transformation Platform through Simulation and Optimization Techniques Jin Dong; Hongwei Ding; Changrui Ren; Wei WangRC23986
3060. Applying Simulation in a Supply Chain Transformation Case Hongwei Ding; Changrui Ren; Wei Wang; Jin DongRC23987
3061. A Comparison of Business Process Modeling Methods Wei Wang; Hongwei Ding; Jin Dong; Changrui RenRC23988
3062. A SCOR-Based Framework for Supply Chain Performance Management Changrui Ren; Jin Dong; Hongwei Ding; Wei WangRC23989
3063. Metrics-based Management of Software Product Portfolios Sunita Chulani; P. Santhanam; Brent Hodges; Kelley BlackstenRC23990
3064. Linking Strategic Objectives to Operations: Towards a More Effective Supply Chain Decision Making Changrui Ren; Jin Dong; Hongwei Ding; Wei WangRC23985
3065. Multi-Level Security for Service-Oriented Architectures Hari V. Ramasamy; Matthias SchunterRZ3672
3066. Revenue Management for e-Services: Joint Optimization of Price and Service Levels Parijat Dube; Tieming Liu; Laura WynterRC23984
3067. Capacity Planning Tools for Web and Grid Environments Sugato Bagchi; Eugene Hung; Arun Iyengar; Norbert Vogl; Noshir WadiaRC23983
3068. A Decentralized Application Placement Controller for Web Applications Constantin Adam; Giovanni Pacifici; Michael Spreitzer; Rolf Stadler; Malgorzata Steinder; Chunqiang TangRC23980
3069. Linking Remote Attestation to Secure Tunnel Endpoints Kenneth A. Goldman; Ronald Perez; Reiner SailerRC23982
3070. An Algorithm for Partitioning Trees Augmented with Sibling Edges Rajesh Bordawekar; Oded ShmueliRC23979
3071. Simulating Order Fulfillment with Product Substitutions in an Assemble-to-Order Supply Chain Thomas R. Ervolina; Markus Ettl; Young M. Lee; Daniel J. PetersRC23975
3072. A New Way to Plan for the Future Ray Strong, Ying Leung, John Bosma, Sonia Sachs, Joseph Ryan, Ruoyi Zhou, Tony Sabbadini, Peter Bishop, Doug McDavid, Eric Strauss, David Jarvis, Cody ClarkRJ10385
3073. A 10-Gb/s 5-Tap DFE/4-Tap FFE Transceiver in 90-nm CMOS Technology John F. Bulzacchelli; Mounir Meghelli; Sergey V. Rylov; Woogeun Rhee; Alexander V. Rylyakov; Herschel A. Ainspan; Benjamin D. Parker; Michael P. Beakes; Aichin Chung; Troy J. Beukema; Petar K. Pepeljugoski; Lei Shan; Young H. Kwark; Sudhir Gowda; Daniel J. FriedmanRC23974
3074. Augmentation-Based Learning, Combining Observations and User Edits for Programming-by-Demonstration Vittorio Castelli; Daniel Oblinger; Lawrence BergmanRC23971
3075. Quantifying the Complexity of IT Service Management Processes Yixin Diao; Alexander KellerRC23972
3076. The Eclipse Open Health Framework Srivatsava R. Ganta, Eishay Smith, Sarah E. Knoop, Sondra R. Renly, James H. KaufmanRJ10382
3077. Using Secure Coprocessors for Privacy Preserving Collaborative Data Mining and Analysis Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee; Naoki Abe; Kenneth Goldman; Bianca Zadrozny; Vamsavardhana R. Chillakuru; Marysabel del Carpio; Chid ApteRC23970
3078. Performance Study of Rollout for Multi Dimensional Clustered Tables in DB2 Bishwaranjan BhattacharjeeRC23969
3079. A 40 Gb/s Optical Receiver for Short-Distance High-Density Interconnects in 80-nm CMOS Christian Kromer; G. Sialm; D. Erni; H. Jaeckel; Thomas Morf; Marcel A. KosselRZ3669
3080. Compiling Hamlets Rene A. PawlitzekRZ3670
3081. High-Rate PRML(G,I) Block Codes for Reverse Concatenation Thomas MittelholzerRZ3671
3082. On the Strength of Gomory Mixed-Integer Cuts as Group Cuts Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay GunlukRC23967
3083. Business Services as a Modeling Approach for Smart Business Networks J. L. C. Sanz; N. Nayak; V. BeckerRJ10381
3084. A Dependability Perspective on Enterprise Compliance Samuel MuellerRZ3667
3085. Shame on Trust in Distributed Systems Trent Jaeger; Patrick McDaniel; Luke St. Clair; Reiner Sailer; Ramón CáceresRC23964
3086. Formalization, Verification and Restructuring of BPEL Models with Pi Calculus and Model Checking Ke Xu; Ying Liu; Geguang PuRC23962
3087. Obtaining Formal Knowledge from Informal Text Analysis J. William Murdock; Christopher WeltyRC23961
3088. Dynamic Adaptation of Temporal Event Correlation for QoS Management in Distributed Systems Rean Griffith; Joseph Hellerstein; Gail Kaiser; Yixin DiaoRC23959
3089. Biased Diffusion and Universality in Model Queues G. Grinstein; R. LinskerRC23960
3090. A Tutorial Example of a Cache Memory Protocol and RTL Implementation Steven M. German; Geert JanssenRC23958
3091. Diagnosing and Tuning a Statistical Forecasting System: A Case Study Ying Tat Leung; Kumar BhaskaranRJ10379
3092. Control of Large Scale Computing Systems Yixin Diao; Joseph L. Hellerstein; Sujay ParekhRC23955
3093. Blue Matter: Approaching the Limits of Concurrency for Classical Molecular Dynamics Blake G. Fitch; Aleksandr Rayshubskiy; Maria Eleftheriou; T. J. Christopher Ward; Mark Giampapa; Michael C. Pitman; Robert S. GermainRC23956
3094. Germanium-on-SOI Infrared Detectors for Integrated Photonic Applications S. J. Koester; J. D. Schaub; G. Dehlinger; J. O. ChuRC23957
3095. A Java Framework for Building and Integrating Runtime Module Systems Olivier Gruber; Richard S. HallRC23954
3096. A Statistical Framework for Optimal Workload Consolidation with Application to Capacity Planning for On-Demand Computing Ta-Hsin LiRC24036
3097. A Neural Network Analogue of the Mammalian Local Cortical Circuit Implements Optimal Kalman Prediction and Control Ralph LinskerRC23952
3098. Guided Reasoning of Complex E-Business Process with Business Bug Patterns Ke Xu, Ying Liu, Cheng WuRC23948
3099. WS-Agreement Concepts and Use - Agreement-Based Service-Oriented Architectures Heiko LudwigRC23949
3100. Experience with Collaborating Managers: Node Group Manager and Provisioning Manager Ian Whalley; Asser Tantawi; Malgorzata Steinder; Mike Spreitzer; Giovanni Pacifici; Rajarshi Das; David M. ChessRC23950
3101. An Input Queueing Implementation for Low-Latency Speculative Optical Switches Raj B. Krishnamurthy; Peter MuellerRZ3665
3102. (4,1)-Quantum Random Access Coding Does Not Exist Raymond Harry RudyMASAMITSU HAYASHIMasafumi NishimuraRT0657
3103. On Text Around Anchors and Its Use in Web IR Einat AmitayH-0238
3104. Minimizing Setup and Beam-on Times in Radiation Therapy Nikhil Bansal; Don Coppersmith; Baruch SchieberRC23945
3105. An Operational Semantics and Type Safety Proof for Multiple Inheritance in C++ Daniel Wasserrab; Tobias Nipkow; Gregor Snelting; Frank TipRC23946
3106. Finding Failure-Inducing Changes in Java Programs using Change Classification Maximilian Stoerzer; Barbara Ryder; Xiaoxia Ren; Frank TipRC23947
3107. An Experimental Investigation of the Effectiveness of Individualized Web-based Learning based on the Dynamic Assembly of Learning Objects John C. Thomas; Robert FarrellRC23941
3108. Managing the Response Time for Multi-tiered Web Applications Giovanni Pacifici; Wolfgang Segmuller; Michael Spreitzer; Malgorzata Steinder; Asser Tantawi; Ian WhalleyRC23942
3109. Architecture for Service Oriented Solution Delivery Using Grid Systems Vijay K. Naik; Pawel Garbacki; Ajay MohindraRC23943
3110. On-line Evolutionary Resource Matching for Job Scheduling in Heterogeneous Grid Environments Vijay K. Naik; Pawel Garbacki; Krishna Kummamuru; Yong ZhaoRC23944
3111. Modeling Differentiated Services of Multi-Tier Web Applications Yixin Diao; Joseph Hellerstein; Sujay Parekh; Hidayatullah Shaikh; Maheswaran Surendra; Asser TantawiRC23939
3112. Teaching Control Theory to Computing Practitioners Yixin Diao; Joseph L. Hellerstein; Sujay ParekhRC23940
3113. Trojan Detection Using IC Fingerprinting Dakshi Agrawal; Selcuk Baktir; Deniz Karakoyunlu; Pankaj Rohatgi; Berk SunarRC24110
3114. Wire Density Driven Global Routing for CMP Variation and Timing Minsik Cho; Hua Xiang; Ruchir Puri; David Z. PanRC23938
3115. An Automatic Method to Extract Data from an Electronic Contract Composed of a Number of Documents in PDF Format Thomas Y. Kwok; Thao NguyenRC24083
3116. Generalized Constraint Satisfaction Problems Alexander D. Scott; Gregory B. SorkinRC23935
3117. A Privacy-Enhancing Radio Frequency Identification Tag: Implementation of the Clipped Tag Paul A. Moskowitz; Andris Lauris; Stephen S. MorrisRC23937
3118. Simulating Impact of Available-to-Promise Generation on Supply Chain Performance Young M. LeeRC23934
3119. Investigating Early-Stage Design of User Interfaces for Cross-Device Web Applications James Lin; James A. Landay; Lawrence D. Bergman; Guruduth Banavar; Danny Soroker; Richard J. CardoneRJ10377
3120. High Mobility Channels for Ultimate CMOS D. K. Sadana; S. Koester; Y. Sun; E. Kiewra; S. W. Bedell; A. Reznicek; H. J. Hovel; J. Ott; K. Fogel; D. J. Webb; J. Fompeyrine; J.-P. Locquet; M. Sousa; R. GermannRC23932
3121. Amorphization/Templated Recrystallization (ATR) Methods for Hybrid Orientation Substrates K. L. Saenger; J. P. de Souza; K. E. Fogel; J. A. Ott; A. Reznicek; C.-Y. Sung; H. Yin; D. K. SadanaRC23931
3122. Accurate Phylogenetic Classification of DNA Fragments Based on Sequence Composition Alice C. McHardy; Hector Garcia Martin; Aristotelis Tsirigos; Philip Hugenholtz; Isidore RigoutsosRC23930
3123. A 6-bit, 1.6-GSample/s CMOS Flash Converter for Multi-Gigabit Wireless Communication Mohit Kapur; Vincent W. Leung; Scott K. Reynolds; Daniel M. Kuchta; Christian W. BaksRC23933
3124. Controlling Quality of Service in Multi-Tier Web Applications Yixin Diao; Joseph L. Hellerstein; Sujay Parekh; Hidayatullah Shaikh; Maheswaran SurendraRC23929
3125. First Explorations towards Semantic Wiki Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Marcel Graf, Christian HoertnaglRZ3654
3126. Automating System Administration: Landscape, Approaches, and Costs Aaron B. Brown; Joseph L. Hellerstein; Alexander KellerRC23928
3127. Zygaria: Storage Performance as a Managed Resource Theodore M. Wong; Richard A. Golding; Caixue Lin; Ralph A. Becker-SzendyRJ10376
3128. Grexmk: Speeding Up Scripted Builds Glenn AmmonsRC23925
3129. A Java Framework for Runtime Modules Olivier Gruber; Richard S. HallRC23927
3130. Circuit Implementation of a dc-balanced 8B10B-P Transmission Code with Local Parity Albert X. WidmerRC23924
3131. Supply and Demand Synchronization in Assemble-To-Order Supply Chains Markus Ettl; Pu Huang; Karthik Sourirajan; Thomas R. Ervolina; Grace LinRC23923
3132. Efficient Algorithms for Allocation Policies Doug Burdick; Prasad M. Deshpande; T. S. Jayram; Raghu Ramadrishnan; Shivakumar VaithyanathanRJ10375
3133. Autonomic Management of Stream Processing Applications via Adaptive Bandwidth Control Dimitrios Pendarakis; Jeremy Silber; Laura WynterRC23922
3134. Designing Flexible Supply Chain Contracts with Options Feng Cheng; Markus Ettl; Grace Lin; Maike Schwarz; David D. YaoRC23917
3135. On-Demand Index for Efficient Structural Joins Kun-Lung Wu; Shyh-Kwei Chen; Philip S. YuRC23918
3136. Automatic User Interface Composition by a Semantic Web Client Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Marcel Graf, Christian HoertnaglRZ3653
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3139. Safe Arrays via Regions and Dependent Types Christian Grothoff; Jens Palsberg; Vijay SaraswatRC23911
3140. Effective Typestate Verification in the Presence of Aliasing Stephen Fink; Eran Yahav; Nurit Dor; G. Ramalingam; Emmanuel GeayRC23913
3141. Preventing Attacks on Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) Gaurav Kc; Paul A. KargerRC23909
3142. Privacy and Security Threat Analysis of the Federal Employee Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Program Paul A. KargerRC23910
3143. Relational Blocks: Fully Declarative Visual Application Assembly Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC23908
3144. INTELLECT: INTErmediate-Language LEvel C Translator Sumit K. Jain; Guillaume Marceau; Xiaolan Zhang; Larry Koved; Trent JaegerRC23907
3145. An Open Source Environment for Cell Broadband Engine System Software Michael Gschwind; David Erb; Sidney Manning; Mark NutterRC24296
3146. Fundamental Limits on the Anonymity Provided by the MIX Technique Dogan Kesdogan; Dakshi Agrawal; Vinh Pham; Dieter RautenbachRC23905
3147. Analyzing the Effectiveness of Availability Management Process Young M. LeeRC23903
3148. MCM LGA Package with Optical I/O Passively Aligned to Dual Layer Polymer Waveguides in PCB F. R. Libsch; R. Budd; P. Chiniwalla, P. C. D. Hobbs; M. Mastro; J. L. Sanford; J. XuRC23904
3149. Use Domain Knowledge to Improve Data Mining Performance of Very Large Datasets via Clustering Uri Shani; Simona CohenH-0239
3150. Towards an Understanding of Decision Complexity in IT Configuration Bin Lin; Aaron B. Brown; Joseph L. HellersteinRC23901
3151. Simulation Study of a Metal-gate / High-k Gate Stack for Low-Power Applications Arvind Kumar; Paul M. SolomonRC23900
3152. Lossless Compression for Large Scale Cluster Logs Raju Balakrishnan, Ramendra K. SahooRC23902
3153. PRIMA -- Policy Reduced Integrity Measurement Architecture Trent Jaeger; Reiner Sailer; Umesh ShankarRC23898
3154. Covering an Invariant Manifold with Fat Trajectories Michael E. HendersonRC23919
3155. Evaluating Batching for TCP Offload Doug Freimuth, Elbert Hu, Jason LaVoie, Ronald Mraz, Erich Nahum, John TraceyRC23894
3156. Additive-Containing Rinses for Line Edge Roughness and Defectivity Control during High-Resolution Resist Patterning Dario L. Goldfarb; Sean D. BURNS; Marie Angelopoulos; Spyridon Skordas; Ryan L. Burns; Margaret C. Lawson; Colin J. Brodsky; Vishnu Vandana; Erin L. Jablonski; Vivek M. Prabhu; Ronald L. Jones; Brian D. Vogt; Christopher L. Soles; Eric K. Lin; Wen-li WuRC23896
3157. SEMAPLAN: Combining Planning with Semantic Matching to Achieve Web Service Composition Rama Akkiraju; Biplav Srivastava; Anca-Andreea Ivan; Richard Goodwin; Tanveer Syeda-MahmoodRC23897
3158. Scalable Algorithms for Global Snapshots in Distributed Systems : Extended Version Rahul Garg, Vijay K. Garg, Yogish SabharwalRI06003
3159. Analysis and Optimization of the HPCC Randomaccess Benchmark on Blue Gene/L Supercomputer : Extended Version Rahul Garg, Yogish SabharwalRI05010
3160. Cross Channel Customer Mapping Jayanta Basak, Sunil GoyalRI06004
3161. An MINLP Solution Method for a Water Network Problem Christiana Bragalli; Claudia D'Ambrosio; Jon Lee; Andrea Lodi; Paolo TothRC23893
3162. Chip Multiprocessing and the Cell Broadband Engine Michael GschwindRC23921
3163. Analysis of TimeBank as a Resource for TimeML Parsing Branimir Boguraev; Rie Kubota AndoRC23892
3164. Field Effect Transistors with SrHfO3 as Gate Oxide Christophe P. Rossel; Bogdan Mereu; Chiara Marchiori; Daniele Caimi; Marilyne Sousa Petit; Alexandre Guiller; Heinz Siegwart; Roland Germann; Jean-Pierre Locquet; Jean Fompeyrine; David J. Webb; Ch. Dieker; Jin Won SeoRZ3651
3165. Global Power Management Policies for Multi-Core Processors Canturk Isci; Alper Buyuktosunoglu; Pradip Bose; Chen-Yong CherRC23890
3166. Single Event Upset Critical Charge Measurements and Modeling of 65 nm Silicon-on-Insulator Latches and Memory Cells David F. Heidel, Kenneth P. Rodbell, Phil Oldiges, Michael S. Gordon, Henry Henry H. K. Tang, Ethan H. Cannon, Cristina Plettner RC23891
3167. ACE: Classification for Information Lifecycle Management Gauri Shah; Kaladhar Voruganti; Piyush Shivam; Maria AlvarezRJ10372
3168. Blue Matter: Strong Scaling of Molecular Dynamics on Blue Gene/L Blake G. Fitch, Aleksandr Rayshubskiy, Maria Eleftheriou, T. J. Ward, Mark Giampapa, Yuri Zhestkov, Michael C. Pitman, Frank Suits, Alan Grossfield, Jed Pitera, William Swope, Ruhong Zhou, Scott Feller, Robert S. GermainRC23888
3169. Performance of a Speculative Transmission Scheme for Arbitration Latency Reduction Ilias Iliadis; Cyriel MinkenbergRZ3650
3170. Applying Planning in Composition of Web Services with a User-Driven Contingent Planner Biplav Srivastava, Anupam MedirattaRI06002
3171. The Relation Between the ROC Curve and the CMC R. M. Bolle; J. H. Connell; S. Pankanti; N. K. Ratha; A. W. SeniorRC23885
3172. EGRET: A Collaborative Tool for Distributed Requirements Management Bikram Sengupta, Vibha S Sinha, Satish ChandraRI06001
3173. Video Analysis and Compression on the STI CELL Broadband Engine Processor Lurng-Kuo Liu, Sreeni Kesavarapu, Jonathan Connell, Ashish Jagmohan, Lark-hoon Leem, Brent Paulovicks, Vadim Sheinin, Lijung Tang, Hangu YeoRC23884
3174. A Business Value Modeling Tool Set for Exploring the Value of RFID in a Supply Chain Ying Tat Leung; Feng Cheng; Young M. Lee; James J. HennessyRJ10370
3175. Semantic Composition of Learning Object Collections Robert G. Farrell; Brian F. WhiteRC23880
3176. Efficient Replication for Disconnected Business Applications Avraham Leff; James T. RayfieldRC23881
3177. Usability and Learning in a Speech-Enabled Reading Tutor: A Field Study Paula M. Bach; Jennifer LaiRC23877
3178. Product Offering Conditioning in Assemble-To-Order Supply Chains Markus Ettl; Pu Huang; Karthik Sourirajan; Feng ChengRC23878
3179. vTPM: Virtualizing the Trusted Platform Module Stefan Berger, Ramón Cáceres, Kenneth A. Goldman, Ronald Perez, Reiner Sailer, Leendert van DoornRC23879
3180. Role-Based Access Control Consistency Validation Paolina Centonze; Gleb Naumovich; Stephen J. Fink; Marco PistoiaRC23876
3181. A High-Performance Domain Specific Parallel and Distributed Massive Collection System Uri Shani; Aviad Sela; Inna SkarbovskyH-0250
3182. Magnetic Domain Walls in Nanowires Rolf Allenspach; Pierre-Olivier JubertRZ3649
3183. Learning Rules of Thumb Dan PellegH-0255
3184. Prediction of Losses Caused by Roughness of Metallization in Printed-Circuit Boards A. Deutsch; C. W. Surovic; R. S. Krabbenhoft; G. V. Kopcsay; B. J. ChamberlinRC23872
3185. On Range Query Indexing for Efficient Stream Processing Kun-Lung Wu; Shyh-Kwei Chen; Philip S. YuRC23873
3186. Stochastic Banach Principle in Operator Algebras Genady Ya. Grabarnik; Laura ShwartzRC23870
3187. Rheology and Stability of Highly Filled Thermal Pastes C. Feger; M. McGlashan-Powell; I. Nnebre; D. M. KalyonRC23869
3188. Spatial Multiplexing in the Single-Relay MIMO Channel Pedro Coronel; Wolfgang SchottRZ3647
3189. A Tunnelling Displacement Sensor based on a Squeezable Molecular Bilayer Marko Dorrestijn; Alexander Bietsch; Christoph Gerber; Ernst MeyerRZ3648
3190. On Multiclass Classification via a Single Binary Classifier Ran El-Yaniv; Tomer Kotek; Dmitry Pechyony; Elad Yom-TovH-0241
3191. A CMOS-compatible Process for Fabricating Electrical Through-vias in Silicon P. S. Andry; C. Tsang; E. Sprogis; C. Patel; S. L. Wright; B. C. Webb; L. P. Buchwalter; D. Manzer; R. Horton; R. Polastre; J. KnickerbockerRC23867
3192. A Feasibility Pump for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs Pierre Bonami, Gérard Cornuéjols, Andrea Lodi, François MargotRC23862
3193. A System for Distributed Mandatory Access Control Jonathan M. McCune, Stefan Berger, Ramón Cáceres, Trent Jaeger, Reiner SailerRC23865
3194. Deployment-time Binding Selection to Improve the Performance of Distributed Applications Sangjeong Lee; Kang-Won Lee; Kyung Dong Ryu; Jong-Deok Choi; Dinesh VermaRC23861
3195. Searching Service Repositories by Combining Semantic and Ontological Matching Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood; Gauri Shah; Rama Akkiraju; Anca-Andreea Ivan; Richard GoodwinRC23857
3196. Distribution-Based Aggregation for Relational Learning with Identifier Attributes Claudia Perlich; Foster ProvostRC23858
3197. Learning from Identifier Attributes: Distribution-Based Aggregation for Relational Learning Claudia Perlich; Foster ProvostRC23859
3198. Wallet Estimation Models Saharon Rosset; Claudia Perlich; Bianca Zadrozny; Srujana Merugu; Sholom Weiss; Rick LawrenceRC23860
3199. Identical Synchronization in Networks of Coupled Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Chai Wah WuRC23848
3200. In Interleaved HMM/DTW Approach to Robust Time Series Clustering Jianying Hu; Bonnie Ray; Lanshan HanRC23851
3201. Traffic Engineering of Management Flows by Link Augmentation on Confluent Trees Randeep Bhatia; Nicole Immorlica; Tracy J. Kimbrel; Vahab S. Mirrokni; Joseph Naor; Baruch SchieberRC23852
3202. Shared Memory Programming for Large Scale Machines Christopher Barton; Calin Cascaval; George Almási; Yili Zheng; Montse Farreras; José Nelson AmaralRC23853
3203. Web Service Semantics WSDL-S R. Akkiraju; J. Farrell; J. A. Miller; M. Nagarajan; A. Sheth; K. VermaRC23854
3204. How Much Is Shared in a Shared Activity Michael J. Muller; Michael WuRC23855
3205. On Dependency Changes in Collaborative Software Development Cleidson de Souza; Gloria Mark; David Redmiles; Li-Te Cheng; John Patterson; David MillenRC23856
3206. Phantom XML Kristoffer Rose; Lionel VillardRC23850
3207. SAML Artifact Information Flow Revisited Thomas Gross and Birgit PfitzmannRZ3643
3208. Side Information Generation for Low Complexity Video Coding Systems Based on Wyner-Ziv Theorem Ligang Lu; Vadim SheininRC23845
3209. Gate Oxide Reliability for Nano-Scale CMOS J. H. StathisRC23844
3210. Babel: A Version Management System for the Java Programming Language Thomas Gschwind; Michael MoserRZ3644
3211. Wire Variation and Dummy Fill Impacts on RC and Delay Hua Xiang; Ibrahim M. Elfadel; Ruchir PuriRC23843
3212. Distributed Crossbar Schedulers Cyriel Minkenberg; Francois Abel; Enrico SchiattarellaRZ3645
3213. Threat Assessment of IP Based Voice Systems William J. RipponRC23842
3214. Temperature-Aware Operating System Scheduling Policies for CMP Architectures Eren Kursun; ChenYong-Cher; Alper Buyuktosunoglu; Pradip BoseRC23841
3215. Adding Authentication to Model Driven Security Yuhichi NakamuraKohichi OnoRT5255
3216. A PQ Tree-based Framework for Reconstructing Common Ancestors under Inversions and Translocations Laxmi ParidaRC23837
3217. Practical Considerations in the Modeling and Characterization of Printed-Circuit Board Wiring A. Deutsch; R. Krabbenhoft; C. W. Surovic; T-M. Winkel; C. Schuster; Y. Kwark; E. KlinkRC23840
3218. Unsupervised Segmentation with Dynamical Units A. Ravishankar Rao; Guillermo A. Cecchi; Charles C. Peck; James R. KozloskiRC23838
3219. Self-Consistent Electro-Thermal Modeling for FinFET Technologies Satish Kumar; Rajiv V. Joshi; Ching-Te Chuang; Keunwoo Kim; Jayathi Y. MurthyRC23834
3220. Managing Peak System-level Power with Feedback Control Xiaorui Wang; Charles Lefurgy; Malcolm WareRC23835
3221. OPC-Friendly Bus Driven Floorplanning Hua Xiang; Liang Deng; Li-Da Huang; Martin D.F. WongRC23833
3222. Minimum Cost Coverage of Point Sets by Disks Helmut Alt, Esther M. Arkin, Hervé Brönnimann, Jeff Erickson, Sándor Fekete, Christian Knauer, Jonathan Lenchner, Joseph S. B. Mitchell, Kim WhittleseyRC23831
3223. Detection and Location of Very Small Print Defects in Real Time for High-Speed Digital Printing Gordon W. BraudawayRC23832
3224. BPSL Modeler - Visual Notation Language for Intuitive Business Property Reasoning Xu Ke; Liu Ying; Wu ChengRC23830
3225. Aspect-Oriented Business Process Modeling Jian Wang; Jun Zhu; Haiqi Liang; Ke XuRC23829
3226. Competing for Customers in a Social Network Pradeep Dubey, Rahul GargRI05009
3227. An O(n log n) Algorithm for Constrained Network Nash Equilibrium D. Towsley, L. WynterRC23828
3228. A Preorder Relation for Markov Reward Processes David Daly; Peter Buchholz; William H. SandersRC23827
3229. A Pricing Problem under Monge Property Oktay GünlükRC23823
3230. Combinatorial Approaches to the Solution of Saddle-Point Problems in Large-Scale Parallel Interior-Point Optimization Olaf Schenk; Andreas Wächter; Michael HagemannRC23824
3231. Proceedings of the IBM PhD Student Symposium at ICSOC 2005 Andreas HanemannRC23826
3232. Effective Typestate Verification in the Presence of Aliasing Stephen Fink; Eran Yahav; Nurit Dor; G. Ramalingam; Emmanuel GeayRC23825
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3234. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Service-Oriented Business Processes Integration (SOBPI'05) Stéphane Gagnon; Heiko Ludwig; Marco Pistore; Wasim Sadiq (Eds.)RC23820
3235. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Engineering Service Compositions (WESC'05) Christian Zirpins; Guadalupe Ortiz; Winfried Lamersdorf; Wolfgang Emmerich (Eds.)RC23821
3236. Proceedings of the International Workshop in Dynamic Web Processes (DWP 2005) Kunal Verma; Amit Sheth; Michal Zaremba; Christoph Bussler (Eds.)RC23822
3237. Electrodeposition of Gold on Silicon Q. Huang; H. Deligianni; L. T. RomankiwRC23818
3238. Auto-Vectorization of Interleaved Data for SIMD Dorit Nuzman; Ira Rosen; Ayal ZaksH-0235
3239. Multi-Platform Auto-Vectorization Dorit Naishlos; Richard HendersonH-0236
3240. Characterizing Probe Performance in the Aberration Corrected STEM P. E. BatsonRC23815
3241. On the Number of Euclidean Ordinary Points for Lines in the Plane Jonathan Lenchner; Hervé BrönnimannRC23817
3242. Classification of Quadratic Systems Admitting the Existence of an Algebraic Limit Cycle Jaume Llibre, Grzegorz SwirszczRC23816
3243. Lasing in interferometrically structured organic materials Rik Harbers; John A. Hoffnagle; William D. Hinsberg; Rainer F. Mahrt; Nikolaj Moll; Daniel Erni; Baechtold WernerRZ3641
3244. An Interleaved HMM/DTW Approach to Robust Time Series Clustering Jianying Hu; Bonnie K. Ray; Lanshan HanRC23814
3245. Host Metrics to Relate Application Performance to Storage Performance Norman Bobroff; Kirk A. Beaty; Andrzej KochutRC23812
3246. Dynamic Discovery and Binding of Web Services to Abstract Web Process Flows Rama Akkiraju; John Colgrave; Kunal Verma; Prashant Doshi; Richard T. GoodwinRC23808
3247. Semantic Matching of Web Service Policies Kunal Verma; Rama K. Akkiraju; Richard T. GoodwinRC23809
3248. DocWizards: A System for Authoring Follow-me Documentation Wizards Lawrence Bergman; Vittorio Castelli; Tessa Lau; Daniel OblingerRC23811
3249. Model-Based and Model-Free Approaches to Autonomic Resource Allocation Rajarshi Das; Gerald J. Tesauro; William E. WalshRC23802
3250. Data Compression with Restricted Parsings Peter A. Franaszek; Luis A. Lastras-Montaño; Song Peng; John T. RobinsonRC23804
3251. Improved Demand Parameter Estimators in Inventory Problems Kaan Katircioglu; Derek AtkinsRC23805
3252. Suitability of Metal Gate Stacks for Low-Power and High-Performance Applications: Impact of Carrier Confinement Arvind Kumar; Paul M. SolomonRC23801
3253. An Evaluation of Using Programming by Demonstration and Guided Walkthrough Techniques for Authoring and Utilizing Deocumentation Vittorio Castelli; Madhu Prabaker; Lawrence BergmanRC23800
3254. An MDA-Based System for Ontology Engineering Yu Pan; Guotong Xie; Li Ma; Yang Yang; ZhaoMing Qiu; Juhnyoung LeeRC23795
3255. Intentional MPI Programming in a Visual Development Environment Donald P. Pazel; Beth R. TibbittsRC23797
3256. First-Passage Percolation on a Width-2 Strip, and the Path Cost in a VCG Auction (title in journal: First-Passage Percolation on a Ladder Graph, and the Path Cost in a VCG Auction) Abraham Flaxman; David Gamarnik; Gregory B. SorkinRC23793
3257. Interfacial Microstructure of NiSix/HfO2/SiOx/Si Gate Stacks M. A. Gribelyuk; C. Cabral Jr.; E. P. Gusev; V. NarayananRC23794
3258. Two Step MIR Inequalities for Mixed-Integer Programs Sanjeeb Dash; Oktay Günlük; Marcos GoycooleaRC23791
3259. Trusted Virtual Domains: Secure Foundations for Business and IT Services Anthony Bussani; John Linwood Griffin; Bernhard Jansen; Klaus Julisch; Guenter Karjoth; Hiroshi Maruyama; Megumi Nakamura; Ronald Perez; Matthias Schunter; Axel Tanner; Leendert Van Doorn; Els A. Van Herreweghen; Michael Waidner; Sachiko YoshihamaRC23792
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3261. A Quantitative View on How RFID Will Improve a Supply Chain Young M. Lee; Feng Cheng; Ying Tat LeungRC23789
3262. Preventing Security and Privacy Attacks on Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) Gaurav S. Kc; Paul A. KargerRC23788
3263. Relationships between Limit Cycles and Algebraic Invariant Curves for Quadratic Systems Jaume Llibre, Grzegorz SwirszczRC23790
3264. Codes from Zero-divisors and Units in Group Rings Paul Hurley, Ted HurleyRZ3639
3265. Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Coscheduling in Parallel and Distributed Environments Mark S. Squillante; Yanyong Zhang; Anand Sivasubramaniam; Natarajan Gautam; Hubertus Franke, Jose MoreiraRC23780
3266. Buffer Scalability of Wireless Networks Predrag R. Jelenkovic; Petar Momcilovic; Mark S. SquillanteRC23781
3267. Dynamic Scheduling to Optimize Sojourn Time Moments and Tail Asymptotics in Queueing Systems Yingdong Lu; Mark S. SquillanteRC23782
3268. Some Theory and Practical Uses of Trimmed L-moments J. R. M. HoskingRC23783
3269. Blutopia: Cluster Life-cycle Management F. Oliveira; J. Patel; E. Van Hensbergen; A. Gheith; R. RajamonyRC23784
3270. Middleware and Performance Issues for Financial Risk Analytics on Blue Gene/L Thomas Phan; Satoki Mitsumori; Ramesh Natarajan; Hao YuRC23785
3271. Fair Integrated Scheduling of Unicast and Multicast Traffic in an Input-Queued Switch Enrico Schiattarella; Cyriel MinkenbergRZ3635
3272. Advanced Pipelined Crossbar Arbitration Cyriel Minkenberg; Ilias Iliadis; Francois AbelRZ3636
3273. Techniques for Integrating Sensors into the Enterprise Network Sean Rooney; Daniel Bauer; Paolo ScottonRZ3637
3274. An Algorithmic Framework for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs Pierre Bonami, Lorenz T. Biegler, Andrew R. Conn, Gérard Cornuéjols, Ignacio E. Grossmann, Carl D. Laird, Jon Lee, Andrea Lodi, François Margot, Nicolas Sawaya, Andreas WächterRC23771
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3276. Solving Structured Convex Quadratic Programs by Interior Point Methods with Application to Support Vector Machines and Portfolio Optimization D. Goldfarb; K. ScheinbergRC23773
3277. An Efficient Implementaion of an Active Set Method for SVM Katya ScheinbergRC23774
3278. Near Optimality of the Discrete Persistent Access Caching Algorithm Predrag Jelenkovic; Xiaozhu Kang; Ana RadovanovicRC23775
3279. Asymptotic Optimality of the Static Frequency Caching in the Presence of Correlated Requests Predrag R. Jelenkovic; Ana RadovanovicRC23777
3280. Critical Sizing of LRU Caches with Dependent Requests Predrag Jelenkovic; Ana Radovanovic; Mark S. SquillanteRC23779
3281. Bridging Mandatory Access Control Across Machines Jonathan M. McCune; Stefan Berger; Ramon Caceres; Trent Jaeger; Reiner SailerRC23778
3282. Interprocedural Analysis for Automatic Evaluation of Role-Based Access Control Policies Marco Pistoia; Robert J. FlynnRC23846
3283. Dynamic Collaboration in Autonomic Computing David M. Chess; Jeffrey O. Kephart; James E. Hanson; Ian N. Whalley; Steve R. WhiteRC23767
3284. Augmentation-Based Learning: Combining Observations and User Edits for Programming-by-Demonstration Daniel Oblinger; Vittorio Castelli; Lawrence BergmanRC23768
3285. The p-median Polytope of Restricted Y-graphs Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC23769
3286. Solution-Phase Study of the Deprotection and Depurination Rates of Protected Nucleotides Melanie McNeil; Anjali Srivastava; Phillip Brock; Gregory M. Wallraff; Leanna E. Kinsey; Sally SwansonRJ10366
3287. A General Certification Framework with Applications to Privacy-Enhancing Certificate Infrastructures Jan Camenisch, Dieter M. Sommer, Roger D. ZimmermannRZ3629
3288. On the Use of Hierachy Information in Mapping Patents to Biomedical Ontologies Luo Si; Tapas KanungoRJ10365
3289. Disambiguation of References to Individuals Levon Lloyd; Varun Bhagwan; Daniel F. Gruhl; Andrew TomkinsRJ10364
3290. Distributed Systems Diagnosis Using Belief Propagation Irina RishRC23763
3291. Matrix: Adaptive Middleware for Distributed Multiplayer Games Rajesh Balan; Archan Misra; Maria Ebling; Paul CastroRC23764
3292. Processing Moving Queries over Moving Objects Using Motion Adaptive Indexes Bugra Gedik; Kun-Lung Wu; Philip S. Yu; Ling LiuRC23762
3293. VESA Digital Packet Video Link (DPVL) Standard and its Applications K. R. Schleupen; S. E. Millman; T. Matsui; R. Feuerstein; P. BorbergRC23759
3294. One-Benefit Learning: Cost-Sensitive Learning with Restricted Cost Information Bianca ZadroznyRC23760
3295. A Logistic Regression Framework for Information Technology Outsourcing Lifecycle Management Aleksandra Mojsilovic; Bonnie Ray; Samer Takriti; Richard LawrenceRC23761
3296. Direct Determination of the Local Polarity in Wurzite Crystals; published as Direct Determination on Local Lattice Polarity in Crystals K. A. Mhkoyan; P. E. Batson; J. Cha; W. J. Schaff; J. SilcoxRC23753
3297. Towards OntoClean 2.0: A framework for rigidity Christopher Welty; William AndersenRC23754
3298. A Reusable Ontology for Fluents in OWL Christopher Welty; Richard Fikes; Selene MakariosRC23755
3299. Architectural Trade-Offs for Collaboration Services Supporting Contextual Collaboration Roberto S. Silva Filho; Werner Geyer; Beth Brownholtz; Ido Guy; David F. Redmiles; David R. MillenRC23756
3300. A Complete and Efficient Algebraic Compiler for XQuery Christopher Ré, Jérôme Siméon, Mary FernándezRC23757
3301. A1: End-User Programming for Web-based System Administration Eser Kandogan; Eben Haber; Rob Barrett; Allen Cypher; Paul Maglio; Haixia ZhaoRJ10361
3302. Connection Time for Strange Devices John J. Barton; Fopefolu Folowosele; Stina Nylander; Mave Houston; Shumin ZhaiRJ10363
3303. Stochastic Analysis of Resource Allocation in Parallel Processing Systems Mark S. SquillanteRC23751
3304. Trusted Mobile Computing Ramón Cáceres; Reiner SailerRC23752
3305. Conditions for Separability in Generalized Laplacian Matrices and Diagonally Dominant Matrices as Density Matrices Chai Wah WuRC23758
3306. Mobile Phones Will Become The Primary Personal Computing Devices John J. Barton; Shumin Zhai; Steven B. CousinsRJ10360
3307. The IBM Wireless Sensor Networking Testbed Simeon Furrer; Wolfgang Schott; Hong Linh Truong; Beat WeissRZ3634
3308. Computing Slater Rankings Using Similarities Among Candidates Vincent ConitzerRC23748
3309. Evaluation of a Dynamic Processor Overclocking Implementation for Power-Constrained Systems Juan Rubio; Karthick Rajamani; Freeman Rawson; Heather Hanson; Soraya Ghiasi; Tom KellerRC23747
3310. A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Identifying Strongly Connected Components Don Coppersmith; Lisa Fleischer; Bruce Hendrickson; Ali PinarRC23744
3311. Discriminative Training and Support Vector Machine for Natural Language Call Routing Imed Zitouni; Hui Jiang; Qiru ZhouRC23745
3312. The Impact of Morphological Stemming on Arabic Mention Detection and Coreference Resolution Imed Zitouni; Jeff Sorensen; Xiaoqiang Luo; Radu FlorianRC23746
3313. Extended Baum Transformations for General Functions, II Dimitri KanevskyRC23739
3314. Measurement-based Characterization of a Collection of On-line Games Chris Chambers; Wu-Chang Feng; Sambit Sahu; Debanjan SahaRC23740
3315. Electronic Identification as Economic Commodities in the Black Market Alan BoulangerRC23741
3316. Silicon Microchannel Cooling for High Power Chips Evan G. Colgan; Bruce Furman; Michael Gaynes; Nancy LaBianca; John Magerlein; Robert Polastre; R. J. Bezama; Rehan Choudhary; Ken Marston; Hilton Toy; Jamil A. Wakil; Roger SchmidtRC23737
3317. Synergistic Processing in Cell's Multicore Architecture Michael Gschwind; H Peter Hofstee; Brian Flachs; Marty Hopkins; Yukio Watanabe; Takeshi YamazakiRC24291
3318. Relational Learning for Customer Relationship Management Claudia Reisz; Zan HuangRC23735
3319. Analytical Processing of XML Documents: Opportunities and Challenges Rajesh R. Bordawekar; Christian A. LangRC23734
3320. Conflicting XML Updates Mukund Raghavachari; Oded ShmueliRC23733
3321. Secure Key-Updating for Lazy Revocation Michael Backes, Christian Cachin, Alina OpreaRZ3627
3322. Lazy Revocation in Cryptographic File Systems Michael Backes, Christian Cachin and Alina OpreaRZ3628
3323. Ontology Management for Large-Scale Enterprise Systems Juhnyoung Lee; Richard GoodwinRC23730
3324. Model-Driven Business Transformation and Semantic Web Juhnyoung LeeRC23731
3325. SLA Based Profit Optimization in Multi-tier Systems Danilo Ardagna; Marco Trubian; Li ZhangRC23732
3326. Finding Failure-Inducing Changes Using Change Classification Maximilian Stoerzer; Barbara G. Ryder; Xiaoxia Ren; Frank TipRC23729
3327. Multiple Users’ Perspectives of Collaborative Activities in Complex Work Michael J. Muller; Michael WuRC23727
3328. Aspects of the Controlled Chemical Etching of Thin Metal Films, in Particular Multilayer Type E. J. O'SullivanRC23726
3329. Synchronization and Convergence of Linear Dynamics in Random Directed Networks Chai Wah WuRC23725
3330. Exploiting Workload Parallelism for Performance and Power Optimization Valentina Salapura; Robert E. Walkup; Alan GaraRC23724
3331. Parallel Optical Interconnects in Printed Circuit Boards Bert Jan Offrein; Christoph Berger; Rene Beyeler; Roger Dangel; Laurent Dellmann; Folkert Horst; Tobias Lamprecht; Norbert Meier; R. Budd; F. Libsch; J. KashRZ3633
3332. Inverted Browser: A Novel Approach towards Display Symbiosis Mandayam Raghunath; Nishkam Ravi; Marcel C. Rosu; Chandra NarayanaswamiRC23719
3333. On the Integration of Web Services and Messaging Ignacio Silva-Lepe; Michael J. Ward; Francisco CurberaRC23720
3334. Reliability for Networked Storage Nodes KK Rao; James L. Hafner; Richard A. GoldingRJ10358
3335. Virtual XML: A Toolbox and Use Cases for an XML World View Kristoffer H. Rose; Susan Malaika; Robert Schlossno research number
3336. Optimization of Ultrafast All-Optical Resonator Switching Stephan Gulde; Asma Jebali; Nikolaj MollRZ3632
3337. Chicken & Egg: Dependencies in Security Testing and Compliance with Common Criteria Evaluations Amit Paradkar; Suzanne McIntosh; Sam Weber; David Toll; Paul Karger; Matt KaplanRC23717
3338. Online Sorting Buffers On Line Vinayaka Pandit, Rohit KhandekarRI05008
3339. Dialing for Displays: Session Initiation Protocol for Opportunistic Augmentation John J. Barton; Stina Nylander; Fopefolu Folowosele; Beverly HarrisonRJ10357
3340. Dynamic Circuit Techniques Using Independently Controlled Double-Gate Devices J. B. Kuang; K. Kim; C. T. Chuang; H. C. Ngo; K. J. NowkaRC23716
3341. 10 Lessons from Finance for Commercial Sharing of IT Resources Giorgos Cheliotis, Chris Kenyon, Rajkumar BuyyaRZ3631
3342. Graph Based Semi-Supervised Learning and Spectral Kernel Design Tong Zhang; Rie AndoRC23713
3343. Algorithm Compiler Architecture Interaction Relative to Dense Linear Algebra Fred G. GustavsonRC23715
3344. A Vulnerability Taxonomy Methodology applied to Web Services Chris Vanden Berghe; James Riordan; Frank PiessensRZ3630
3345. The Optimality of the On-Line Greedy Algorithm in Carpool and Chairman Assignment Problems Don Coppersmith; Tomasz J. Nowicki; Giuseppe A. Paleologo; Charles Tresser; Chai Wah WuRC23721
3346. Latent Variable Models for Misclassified Polytomous Outcome Variables Jens Eickhoff; Yasuo AmemiyaRC23712
3347. An Operational Semantics and Type Safety Proof for C++-like Multiple Inheritance Daniel Wasserrab; Tobias Nipkow; Gregor Snelting; Frank TipRC23709
3348. Disabling RFID Tags with Visible Confirmation: Clipped Tags Are Silenced Guenter Karjoth, Paul MoskowitzRC23710
3349. On Reducing Classifier Granularity in Mining Concept-Drifting Data Streams Peng Wang; Haixun Wang; Xiaochen Wu; Wei Wang; Baile ShiRC23711
3350. Simple Ergodic and Outage Capacity Expressions for Correlated Diversity Ricean Fading Channels Simeon Furrer, Pedro Coronel, Dirk DahlhausRZ3638
3351. Kybos: Self-Management for Distributed Brick-Based Storage Theodore M. Wong, Richard A. Golding, Joseph S. Glider, Elizabeth Borowsky, Ralph A. Becker-Szendy, Claudio Fleiner, Deepak R. Kenchammana Hosekote, Omer A. ZakiRJ10356
3352. Surrogate Cost Techniques in Classification and Regression Analysis S. L. HantlerRC23697
3353. The Diary of a Datum: An Approach to Analyzing Runtime Complexity in Framework-Based Applications Nick Mitchell; Gary Sevitsky; Harini SrinivasanRC23703
3354. Localized Electroluminescence of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes M. Freitag; J. C. Tsang; J. Kirtley; A. Carlsen; J. Chen; A. Troeman; H. Hilgenkamp; Ph. AvourisRC23706
3355. Fast Error Diffusion and Digital Halftoning Algorithms Using Look-Up Tables Chai Wah Wu; Mikel Stanich; Hong Li; Yue Qiao; Larry ErnstRC23708
3356. Characterizing a Complex J2EE Workload: A Comprehensive Analysis and Opportunities for Optimizations Yefim Shuf, Ian M. SteinerRC23704
3357. Statistical Models for Unequally Spaced Time Series Emre Ergodan; Sheng Ma; Alina Beygelzimer; Irina RishRC23702
3358. Fundamentals of Micro-mechanical Thermo-electric Sensors Urs T. DuerigRZ3626
3359. Managing System Capabilities and Requirements using Rough Set Theory Larisa Shwartz; Naga Ayachitula; Surendra Maheswaran; Genady GrabarnikRC23699
3360. Electron Mobility Temperature Dependence of W/HfO2 Gate Stacks: The Role of the Interfacial Layer A. Callegari; P. Jamison; D. Neumayer; F. McFeely; J. Shepard; W. Andreoni; A. Curioni; C. PignedoliRC23700
3361. Adaptive Diagnosis in Distributed Systems Irina Rish; Mark Brodie; Sheng Ma; Natalia Odintsova; Alina Beygelzimer; Genady Grabarnik; Karina HernandezRC23698
3362. Minimizing Wire Length in Floorplanning Xiaoping Tang; Ruiqi Tian; Martin D. F. WongRC23695
3363. Illustrating Macros with Existing Documentation Eugene R. Creswick; Lawrence Bergman; Tessa Lau; Vittorio Castelli; Daniel OblingerRC23696
3364. P.R.O.S.E. : Partitioned Reliable Operating System Environment Eric Van HensbergenRC23694
3365. A Best Practice Approach for Automating IT Management Processes Aaron B. Brown; Alexander KellerRC23693
3366. Service-oriented Assurance – Comprehensive Security by Explicit Assurances Guenter Karjoth; Birgit Pfitzmann; Matthias Schunter; Michael WaidnerRZ3625
3367. Online Resource Allocation Using Decompositional Reinforcement Learning Gerald TesauroRC23690
3368. XML Signature Element Wrapping Attacks and Countermeasures Michael McIntosh Paula AustelRC23691
3369. Research Challenges of Autonomic Computing Jeffrey O. KephartRC23692
3370. Transforming Unstructured Cycles to Structured Cycles in Sequential Flow Graphs Rainer F. HauserRZ3624
3371. Blue Matter: Strong Scaling of Molecular Dynamics on Blue Gene/L Blake G. Fitch; Aleksandr Rayshubskiy; Maria Eleftheriou; T.J. Christopher Ward; Mark Giampapa; Yuri Zhestkov; Michael C. Pitman; Frank Suits; Alan Grossfield; Jed Pitera; William Swope; Ruhong Zhou; Robert S. Germain, Scott FellerRC23688
3372. Properties of Photoresist Polymers Qinghuang LinRC23689
3373. Dynamic Introduction of Attributes into Policies Alla Segal; Murthy Devarakonda; Ian Whalley; David ChessRC23687
3374. Adaptive Load Shedding for Windowed Stream Joins Bugra Gedik; Kun-Lung Wu; Philip S. Yu; Ling LiuRC23684
3375. Policy-based Management of Networked Computing Systems Dakshi Agrawal; Kang-Won Lee; Jorge LoboRC23685
3376. An Implementation of a Separation Procedure for Mixed Integer Rounding Inequalities João P. M. Gonçalves; Laszlo LadanyiRC23686
3377. Carrier Confinement in UTSOI Devices: Impact of Metal Gate Work Function Arvind Kumar; Robert H. DennardRC23682
3378. The Effect of Plasma Chemistry on the Damage Induced to Porous SiCOH Dielectrics. A. Grill; V. PatelRC23683
3379. Application of Three-Parameter Lognormal Distribution in EM Data Analysis Baozhen Li; Emmanuel Yashchin; Cathryn Christiansen; Jason Gill; Ronald Filippi; Timothy SullivanRC23680
3380. Minimum Void Size and 3-Parameter Lognormal Distribution for EM Failures in Cu Interconnects Baozhen Li; Cathryn Christiansen; Jason Gill; Ronald Filippi; Timothy Sullivan; Emmanuel YashchinRC23679
3381. Studying the Effects of Nitrogen and Hafnium Incorporation into the SiO2/Si(100) Interface with Replica-exchange Molecular Dynamics and Density-functional-theory Calculations W. Andreoni, A. Curioni, D. Fischer, S. Billeter, and C.A. PignedoliRZ3618
3382. Approaching the ILP 2005 Challenge: Class-Conditional Bayesian Propositionalization for Genetic Classification Claudia PerlichRC23677
3383. Multi-Relational Learning for Genetic Data: Issues and Challenges Claudia Perlich; Srujana MeruguRC23678
3384. Modeling of Risk Losses Based on Incomplete Data Emmanuel YashchinRC23676
3385. PowerNap: An Efficient Power Management Scheme for Mobile Devices C. Michael Olsen; Chandra NarayanaswamiRC23675
3386. Associating Synchronization Constraints with Data in an Object-Oriented Language Mandana Vaziri; Frank Tip; Julian DolbyRC23674
3387. Regulations Expressed as Logical Models (REALM) Christopher J. Giblin; Alice Y. Liu; Samuel Mueller; Birgit Pfitzmann; Xin ZhouRZ3616
3388. Modeling Operational Risks in Business Processes Feng Cheng; David Gamarnik; Nitin Jengte; Wanli Min; Bala RamachandranRC23672
3389. Scheduling Processor Voltage and Frequency in Server and Cluster Systems Ramakrishna Kotla; Soraya Ghiasi; Tom Keller; Freeman RawsonRC23425Revised
3390. The ZRL Wireless Sensor Networking Testbed Hong Linh Truong; Daniel Bauer; Simeon Furrer; Sean Rooney; Wolfgang Schott; Beat WeissRZ3620
3391. A General Algorithmic Model for Subscription Propagation and Content-based Routing with Delivery Guarantees Yuanyuan Zhao; Sumeer Bhola; Daniel SturmanRC23669
3392. Decoupling Capacitance Modeling Sani R. Nassif; Kanak Agarwal; Emrah AcarRC23670
3393. Blue Matter on Blue Gene/L: Massively Parallel Computation for Biomolecular Simulation Robert S. Germain; Blake G. Fitch; Aleksandr RayshubskiyRC23671
3394. The Structure of the SiO2/Si(100) Interface from a Restraint-free Search using Computer Simulations Dominik Fischer, Alessandro Curioni, Salomon Billeter, and Wanda AndreoniRZ3617
3395. On-chip Bus Interleaving Revisited I. M. ElfadelRC23668
3396. A Systematic Approach to Designing Model Transformations Jochen M. Kuester; Ksenia Ryndina; Rainer F. HauserRZ3621
3397. Low-Jitter 10-GHz Multiphase PLL in 90-nm CMOS Marcel A. Kossel; Peter Buchmann; Christian Menolfi; Thomas Morf; Martin Schmatz; Thomas Toifl; Jonas WeissRZ3622
3398. Physical Layer Modelling for Reader Scenario Martin WeisenhornRZ3595
3399. Automatic Search from Streaming Data Anni R. Coden; Eric W. BrownRC23667
3400. Dynamic Processor Overclocking for Improving Performance of Power-Constrained Systems Juan Rubio; Karthick Rajamani; Freeman Rawson; Heather Hanson; Soraya Ghiasi; Tom KellerRC23666
3401. Matrix Methods for Lost Data Reconstruction in Erasure Codes Veera Deenadhayalan, James Lee Hafner, KK Rao, John A. TomlinRJ10354
3402. The Case for the Business Process Engineer Ying Tat Leung; Nathan Caswell; Manjunath KamathRJ10355
3403. Holistic Information Management Solutions Ying Chen; Shauchi OngRJ10351
3404. HoVer Erasure Codes for Disk Arrays James Lee HafnerRJ10352
3405. WEAVER Codes: Highly Fault Tolerant Erasure Codes for Storage Systems James Lee HafnerRJ10353
3406. Glamour: A Wide-Area Filesystem Middleware Using NFSv4 Renu Tewari; Jonathan M. Haswell; Manoj P. Naik; Steven M. ParkesRJ10368
3407. Optimal Capacity Allocation for Web Systems with End-to-end Delay Guarantees Wuqin Lin; Zhen Liu; Cathy H. Xia; Li ZhangRC23664
3408. Template-Based Automated Service Provisioning - Supporting the Agreement-Driven Service Life-Cycle Heiko Ludwig; Henner Gimpel; Asit Dan; Bob KearneyRC23660
3409. Dynamic Learning Experience: A System for Just-in-Time Learning Robert Farrell; Ernest Fuller; Raymond O'Donnell; Yael Ravin; Steve Rolando; John C. ThomasRC23662
3410. Efficient Test Selection in Active Diagnosis via Entropy Approximation Alice X. Zheng; Irina Rish; Alina BeygelzimerRC23663
3411. Managing the End-to_end Lifecycle of Global Service Policies Daniela Rosu; Asit DanRC23661
3412. Imperfect Learning for Autonomous Concept Modeling Ching-Yung Lin; Xiaodan Song; Gang WuRC23659
3413. Proactive Management of Service Instance Pools for Meeting Service Level Agreements Kavitha Ranganathan; Asit DanRC23723
3414. Refactoring Support for Class Library Migration Ittai Balaban; Frank Tip; Robert FuhrerRC23654
3415. IBM Express Services for Inventory Management - with SAP Kaan Katircioglu; Timothy M. Brown; Mateen AsgharRC23656
3416. Applications of Synchrotron X-Rays in Microelectronics Industry Research Jean L. Jordan-Sweet; Christophe Detavernier; Christian Lavoie; Patricia M. Mooney; Michael F. ToneyRC23658
3417. Semantic Routing and Filtering for Large-Scale Video Streams Monitoring Ching-Yung Lin; Olivier Verscheure; Lisa AminiRC23653
3418. Managing the Response Time for Multi-tiered Web Applications Giovanni Pacifici; Wolfgang Segmuller; Mike Spreitzer; Malgorzata Steinder; Asser Tantawi; Alaa YoussefRC23651
3419. Learning Speech-Based Video Concept Models Using WordNet Xiaodan Song; Ching-Yung Lin; Ming-Ting SunRC23648
3420. A Study on the Manipulation of 2D Objects in a Projector/Camera-Based Augmented Reality Environment Stephen Voida; Mark Podlaseck; Rick Kjeldsen; Claudio PinhanezRC23652
3421. TimeBank-Driven TimeML Analysis Branimir K. Boguraev; Rie AndoRC23649
3422. Symbolic and Cryptographic Analysis of the Secure WS-ReliableMessaging Scenario Michael Backes; Sebastian Mödersheim; Birgit Pfitzmann; Luca ViganoRZ3619
3423. Autonomous Learning of Visual Concept Models Xiaodan Song; Ching-Yung Lin; Ming-Ting SunRC23647
3424. Monte-Carlo Simulations of Performance Scaling in Strained-Si nMOSFETs Arvind Kumar; Massimo V. Fischetti; Steven E. LauxRC23643
3425. Extended Baum Transformations for General Functions, II Dimitri KanevskyRC23645
3426. A Control Theory Foundation for Self-Managing Computing Systems Yixin Diao; Joseph L. Hellerstein; Sujay Parekh; Rean Griffith; Gail Kaiser; Dan PhungRC23646
3427. Flexible Workload-directed Clustering of XML Documents Rajesh Bordawekar; Oded ShmueliRC23839
3428. Leveraging IPSec for Mandatory Access Control of Linux Network Communications Trent R. Jaeger; Serge Hallyn; Joy LattenRC23642
3429. A Survey on Minimizing Makespan for the Preemptive Job Shop with Two Machines Tracy KimbrelRC23639
3430. H2 DIBs Model Revisited P. P. Sorokin; J. H. GlowniaRC23641
3431. On the p-Median Polytope of a Special Class of Graphs Mourad Baïou; Francisco BarahonaRC23636
3432. Analysis of Transition Energy and Latency of the PowerDown State in Advanced System-on-a-Chip Processors: 0.13 um Process Update C. Michael Olsen; Malcolm WareRC23637
3433. On Incremental Processing of Continual Range Queries for Location-Aware Services and Applications Kun-Lung Wu; Shyh-Kwei Chen; Philip S. YuRC23635
3434. Levels of Business Structures Representation K. Grigorova; P. Hristova; G. Atanasova; J. Q. TrelewiczRJ10349
3435. Ranking Pilots in Aerobatic Flight Competitions Andrew Davenport, Douglas LovellRC23631
3436. Fast Online Pointer Analysis Martin Hirzel; Daniel von Dincklage; Amer Diwan; Michael HindRC23638
3437. A Quantitative Analysis of Content Creation and Content Rendering in Media Applications Brett Matthews; John David Wellman; Michael GschwindRC23630
3438. Automata Construction for On-the-Fly Model Checking PSL Safety Simple Subset Sitvanit Ruah; Dana Fisman; Shoham Ben-DavidH-0258
3439. Minimum Up/Down Polytopes of the Unit Commitment Problem with Start-Up Costs Deepak Rajan; Samer TakritiRC23628
3440. Building a MAC-based Security Architecture for the Xen Opensource Hypervisor Reiner Sailer; Trent Jaeger; Enriquillo Valdez; Ronald Perez; Stefan Berger; John Linwood Griffin; Leendert van DoornRC23629
3441. A Maximum Entropy Word Aligner for Arabic-English Machine Translation Abraham Ittycheriah; Salim RoukosRC23627
3442. Defending Against Injection Attacks Through Context-Sensitive String Evaluation Tadeusz Pietraszek, Chris Vanden BergheRZ3615
3443. Instruction-Set Synthesis for Reactive Real-Time Processors: An ILP Formulation Gero Dittmann and Paul HurleyRZ3611
3444. Losses Caused by Roughness of Metallization in Printed-Circuit Boards A. Deutsch; C. Surovic; R. Krabbenhoft; G. V. Kopcsay; B. ChamberlinRC23625
3445. The Effect of Power Islands on Delta-I Noise, Interconnect Noise, and Timing for Wide, On-chip Data-buses A. Deutsch; H. H. Smith; H.-M. Huang; A. ElfadelRC23626
3446. Multi-Level Security Requirements for Hypervisors Paul A. KargerRC23624
3447. On Architectures of Transmit-Only, UWBased Wireless Sensor Networks Bozidar Radunovic; Hong Linh Truong; Martin WeisenhornRZ3596
3448. A Cross-Layer System Simulator for UWB-Based Wireless Sensor Network Bozidar RadunovicRZ3594
3449. Unraveling Flexible OLED Displays for Wearable Computing Chandra Narayanaswami, M. T. RaghunathRC23622
3450. Observations and Computations in Sylvester-Gallai Theory Hervé Brönnimann, Jonathan LenchnerRC23619
3451. On Nearly Orthogonal Lattice Bases Ramesh Neelamani; Richard G. Baraniuk; Sanjeeb DashRC23620
3452. Optimal Capacity Allocation for Web Systems with End-to-end Delay Guarantees Wuqin Lin; Zhen Liu; Cathy H. Xia; Li ZhangRC23650
3453. Capability and Context Aware Content Indexing in P2P Network Lei Ma; Yu Chen ZhouRC23617
3454. Device Collaboration for Ubiquitous Computing: Scenarios and Challenges C. Narayanaswami, M. T. Raghunath, M. C. Rosu, H. K. Jang, S. E. Jin, S. Y. Kim, M. C. Lee, S. Lee, Y. S. PaikRC24031
3455. Control Considerations for Scaling Event Correlation Wei Xu, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Bill Kramer, David PattersonRC23614
3456. An ECO Algorithm for Resolving OPC and Crosstalk Violations Hua Xiang; Li-Da Huang; Kai-Yuan Chao; Martin D. F. WongRC23615
3457. System Data Management: an inter-disciplinary collaboration architecture for systems engineering José Gomes; Man-Mohan Singh; Mila Keren; Sai Zeng; Julia Rubin; Laurent Balmelli; Ioana Boier-MartinRC23613
3458. Synchronizability of Networks of Chaotic Systems Coupled via a Graph with a Prescribed Degree Sequence Chai Wah WuRC23610
3459. Recent Progress on Pb-free Electronics in IBM Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan Shih; Peter A. Gruber; Donald W. Henderson; Eric Laine; Mukta Farooq; Marie ColeRC23611
3460. A Light Scale Concept Ontology for Multimedia Understanding for TRECVID 2005 Milind R. Naphade; Lyndon Kennedy; John R. Kender; Shih-Fu Chang; John R. Smith; Paul Over; Alex HauptmannRC23612
3461. Two-Sensor Based H-infinity Control for Nanopositioning in Probe Storage Aggeliki Pantazi, Abu Sebastian, Haris Pozidis, and Evangelos EleftheriouRZ3610
3462. Billy Goat, an Accurate Worm-Detection System (Revised Version) James Riordan; Diego Zamboni; Yann DuponchelRZ3609
3463. Unified Communication System Based on Distributed SMIL Browser for Pervasive Computing Devices Yu Chen Zhou; Yi Min GanRC23609
3464. Specifying and Verifying Business Process Models with Labeled Pi Calculus Ke Xu; Ying Liu; Cheng WuRC23606
3465. A Diophantine Equation - Sums of Squares Don CoppersmithRC23605
3466. Shared Landmarks in Complex Coordination Environments Michael Muller; Olga Kuchinskaya; Suzanne O. Minassian; John C. Tang; Catalina Danis; Chen Zhao; Beverly Harrison; Thomas P. MoranRC23604
3467. Gate Oxide Reliability for Nano-Scale CMOS James H. StathisRC23600
3468. Kikuchi-Bayes: MArkov Networks for Classification Aleks Jakulin; Irina RishRC23602
3469. Working Together Inside an Emailbox Michael J. Muller; Daniel M. GruenRC23601
3470. CPWCT: Making P2P Home Network Secure Virtual Multimedia Device Yu Chen Zhou; Julian A Cerruti; Lin Ma; Lei MaRJ10374
3471. Self-Assembled Diisocyanide Monolayer Films on Gold and Palladium Sally A. Swanson; Richard McLain; Katherine S. Lovejoy; Neda B. Alamdari; JEREMY S. HAMILTON; J. ScottRJ10347
3472. Fault Diagnois in Scale-free versus Random Networks Natalia Odintsova; Irina RishRC23599
3473. Network Design Arc Set with Variable Upper Bounds Alper Atamtürk, Oktay GünlükRC23598
3474. Building a Distributed Database with Device-Served Leases Ohad RodehH-0233
3475. Toward Web Services Interaction Styles E. Michael Maximilien; Munindar P. SinghRJ10345
3476. Agent-Based Trust Model Involving Multiple Qualities E. Michael Maximilien; Munindar P. SinghRJ10346
3477. Combination of RSS Newsfeeds and Forms for Driving Web-bases Workflows Daniela Bourges-Waldegg; Christian HoertnaglRZ3606
3478. On-line Resource Matching for Heterogeneous Grid Environments Vijay K. Naik; Chuang Liu; Lingyun Yang; Jonathan WagnerRC23597
3479. Performance Evaluation of the Data Vortex Photonic Switch Ilias Iliadis, Nikolaos Chrysos, Cyriel MinkenbergRZ3603
3480. Trusted Virtual Domains: Toward Secure Distributed Services John Linwood Griffin; Trent Jaeger; Ronald Perez; Reiner Sailer; Leendert van Doorn; Ramón CáceresRC23595
3481. Characterization of Equalized 10-Gb/s Multimode Fibre LAN Links Using Transverse 7-Tap Analog FIR Filter in 0.13 mu m CMOS Aleksandar Risteski; Scott Reynolds; Jose Tierno; Laurent Schares; Sudhir Gowda; Jeffrey A. Kash; Petar PepeljugoskiRC23596
3482. Internet Emergency Alert System Paridhi Verma; Dinesh C. VermaRC23594
3483. Application Integration Using Instant Messaging Based Web Services Carl Binding; Christian Hoertnagl; Ted Bonkenburg; Benjamin C. ReedRZ3608
3484. The Impact of Noise on the Scaling of Collectives: A Theoritical Approach Saurabh Agarwal, Rahul Garg, Nisheeth K VishnoiRI05003
3485. Effect of Body Contacts on High-Speed Circuits in 90 nm CMOS SOI Technology Jonas R.M. Weiss, Christian Menolfi, Thomas Morf, Martin L. Schmatz, Heinz JaeckelRZ3602
3486. Tails for (max,plus) Recursions under Subexponentiality A. B. Dieker; Marc LelargeRC23591
3487. Hierarchical System Synchronization and Signaling for High-Performance – Low-Latency Interconnects Peter Mueller; Urs Bapst; Ronald P. LuijtenRZ3604
3488. Ultrafast All-Optical Switching: Photonic Engineering of Resonator Structures with Organic Nonlinear Kerr Materials Rainer F. Mahrt; Nikolaj Moll; Stephan Gulde; Asma Jebali; Rik Harbers; Selim Jochim; P. Haring-Bolivar; C. Moormann; R. Zamboni; F. KajzarRZ3605
3489. A Combination Training Framework for Domain-Specific Nominal Entity Recognition Hong Lei Guo; Zhi Li GuoRC23590
3490. Browser Model for Security Analysis of Browser-Based Protocols Thomas Gross, Birgit Pfitzmann, Ahmad-Reza SadeghiRZ3600
3491. Cryptographic Key Secrecy of the Strengthened Yahalom Protocol via a Symbolic Security Proof Michael Backes; Birgit PfitzmannRZ3601
3492. In Situ Column Generation for a Cutting-Stock Problem Jon LeeRC23589
3493. A Stochastic Newton Method for Control of Stream Processing and Multimedia Systems through Network-Level Actuation Dimitrios Pendarakis; Jeremy Silber; Laura WynterRC23588
3494. De-convolving Variability in Technology/Circuit Co-Design Ruth Wang; Paul Friedberg; Kerry Bernstein; Dale Pearson; Mark. B. Ketchen; Wilfried E. HaenschRC23586
3495. On Two Consensus Problems in Groups of Interacting Agents with Linear Dynamics Chai Wah WuRC23582
3496. Layering Advanced User Interface Functionalities onto Existing Applications Vittorio Castelli; Lawrence D. Bergman; Tessa A. Lau; Daniel OblingerRC23583
3497. Visualizing Supply Chains: A Design Study Donna L. GreshRC23584
3498. Optimizing Compiler for a CELL Processor Alexandre E. Eichenberger, Kathryn O'Brien, Kevin O'Brien, Peng Wu, Tong Chen, Peter H. Oden, Daniel A. Prener, Janice C. Shepherd, Byoungro So, Zehra Sura, Amy Wang, Tao Zhang, Peng Zhao, Michael GschwindRC24311
3499. Business Performance Management System for CRM and Sales Execution Markus Ettl; Bianca Zadrozny; Pawan Chowdhary; Naoki AbeRC23580
3500. A Method for Enabling Cross Platform Function Calls Leonard Berman; David JensenRC23581
3501. Dynamic Assembly and Customization of Web-based Courses Robert G. Farrell; John C. ThomasRC23579
3502. To Frame or Not to Frame: The Role and Design of Frameless Displays in Ubiquitous Applications Claudio Pinhanez; Mark PodlaseckRC23576
3503. High Temperature Hardness of Lead-free and Composite Solders Joo Won Lee; Zin H. Lee; Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan Shih; Hyuck Mo LeeRC23578
3504. Nanopositioning for Probe Storage Abu Sebastian; Aggeliki Pantazi; Giovanni Cherubini; Evangelos S. Eleftheriou; Mark A. Lanz; Haris PozidisRZ3598
3505. Cause-to-Effect Operational Risk Quantification (revised version, January 2006) Chonawee Supatgiat; Chris Kenyon; Lucas S. HeuslerRZ3599
3506. Self-Adjusting Trust and Selection for Web Services E. Michael Maximilien; Munindar P. SinghRJ10343
3507. Multiagent System for DynamicWeb Services Selection E. Michael Maximilien; Munindar P. SinghRJ10344
3508. Security and Privacy Issues in Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) Gaurav S. Kc; Paul A. KargerRC23575
3509. Limits of the Reactive Simulatability/UC of Dolev-Yao Models with Hashes (revised version) Michael Backes; Birgit Pfitzmann; Michael WaidnerRZ3607
3510. Charge Control in a Model Biphenyl Molecular Transistor Norton D. Lang; Paul M. SolomonRC23572
3511. Simulation of Grid Computing Infrastructure: Challenges and Solutions Sugato BagchiRC23573
3512. Impact of Ultra Thin Oxide Breakdown on Circuits James H. StathisRC23569
3513. Numerical Simulation of Electrochemical Planarization of Copper Overburden Alan C. West; Ingrid Shao; Hariklia DeligianniRC23571
3514. On Weak Convergence of Iterates in Quantum Lp-Spaces (p >= 1) Genady Ya. Grabarnik; Alexander A. Katz; Laura ShwartzRC23568
3515. Competitive Equilibrium in e-Commerce: Pricing and Outsourcing Parijat Dube; Zhen Liu; Laura Wynter; Cathy XiaRC23567
3516. Disabling RFID Tags with Visible Confirmation: Clipped Tags Are Silenced G. Karjoth, P.A. MoskowitzRZ3597
3517. Information Diffusion through Blogspace D. Gruhl; S. Guha; David Liben-Nowell; A. TomkinsRJ10342
3518. Redescriptions: Structure Theory and Algorithms Laxmi Parida; Naren RamakrishnaRC23565
3519. Discovering Topological Motifs Using a Compact Notation Laxmi P. ParidaRC23566
3520. Adaptive Barrier Strategies for Nonlinear Interior Methods Jorge Nocedal; Andreas Wächter; Richard A. WaltzRC23563
3521. A Wristwatch-Computer Based Password-Vault Gabor Blasko; Chandra Narayanaswami; Mandayam RaghunathRC23616
3522. Making the Intangibles Visible: How Emerging Technologies Will Redefine Enterprise Dashboards Wlodek ZadroznyRC24020
3523. Accelerating Backtrack Search James B. ShearerRC23562
3524. Towards a Real-Time Ad-Hoc Intelligent Collaboration in a Pervasive Environment Uri Shani; Ziva Sommer; David BotzerH-0249
3525. Interfacial Reactions of Sn-Ag-Cu Solders Modified by Minor Zn Alloying Addition Sung K. Kang; Donovan Leonard; Da-Yuan Shih; Lynne Gignac; D. W. Henderson; Sungil Cho; Jin YuRC23558
3526. Study on Oxidation of Lead-Free Sn Alloys by Electrochemical Reduction Analysis Sungil Cho; Jin Yu; Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan ShihRC23559
3527. Exploiting the Flexibility of Vision-Based User Interactions Rick KjeldsenRC23560
3528. Projecting a Connected Programming-Model for Business Applications onto Disconnected Devices: A Practical Approach Avraham Leff; James RayfieldRC23561
3529. The Semantic Analysis Workbench (SAW): Towards a Framework for Knowledge Gathering and Synthesis Anthony Levas; Eric Brown; J. William Murdock; David FerrucciRC23738
3530. Toward Through-Process Layout Quality Metrics Fook-Luen Heng; Jin-Fuw Lee; Puneet GuptaRC23557
3531. 10+ Gb/s 90nm CMOS Serial Link Demo in CBGA package Sergey Rylov; Scott Reynolds; Daniel Storaska; Brian Floyd; Mohit Kapur; Thomas Zwick; Sudhir Gowda; Michael SornaRC23556
3532. Optimal Resilience for Erasure-Coded Byzantine Distributed Storage Christian Cachin; Stefan TessaroRZ3575
3533. An Algorithm for Integrated Pin Assignment and Buffer Planning Hua Xiang; Xiaoping Tang; Martin D.F. WongRC23553
3534. Optimization of MPI Collective Communication on BlueGene/L Systems Gheorghe Almasi; Charles J. Archer; C. Chris Erway; Philip Heidelberger; Xavier Martorell; Jose E. Moreira; B. Steinmacher-Burow; Yili ZhengRC23554
3535. A Model for Selective Line-Driven Acceleration of Ions in the Stellar Winds of OB-Type Stars Occurring via the Nonlinear Process of Stimulated Rayleigh Scattering P. P. Sorokin; J. H. GlowniaRC23550
3536. Application of Nanoindentation to Characterize Fracture in ILD Films Used in the BEOL Eva E. Simonyi; E. Liniger; M. Lane; Q. Lin; C. D. Dimitrakopoulos; C. TybergRC23545
3537. Solving Maximum-Entropy Sampling Problems Using Factored Masks Samuel Burer; Jon LeeRC23542
3538. A Performance Metric for Coreference Resolution: Constrained Entity-Alignment F-Measure (CEAF) Xiaoqiang LuoRC23543
3539. Monte-Carlo Simulations of Performance Scaling in Strained-Si nMOSFETs Arvind Kumar; Massimo V. Fischetti; Steven E. LauxRC23546
3540. MEMS Fabrications for Wireless Communications Using Copper Interconnect Technology Hariklia Deligianni; John M. Cotte; Christopher V. Jahnes; Paivikki Buchwalter; Nils Hoivik; Mahadevaiyer Krishnan; James Tornello; John H. Magerlein; David E. SeegerRC23547
3541. Hydrogen Plasma Effects on Ultralow-k Porous SiCOH Dielectrics A. Grill; V. Sternhagen; D. Neumayer; V. PatelRC23548
3542. Origins and Directions in Sense & Respond Research Stephen BuckleyRC23544
3543. A Study on the Manipulation of 2D Objects in a Projection-Based Augmented Reality Environment Stephen Voida; Mark Podlaseck; Rick Kjeldsen; Claudio PinhanezRC23541
3544. A Software Flaw Taxonomy: Aiming Tools At Security Sam Weber; Paul A. Karger; Amit ParadkarRC23538
3545. Building a General-Purpose Secure Virtual Machine Monitor Reiner Sailer; Trent Jaeger; John Linwood Griffin; Stefan Berger; Leendert van Doorn; Ronald Perez; Enriquillo ValdezRC23537
3546. Dislocation-Free Strained Silicon-on-Silicon by In-Place Bonding G. M. Cohen; P. M. Mooney; V. K. Paruchuri; H. J. HovelRC23536
3547. Providing Dynamic Update in an Operating System Andrew Baumann; Gernot Heiser; Jonathan Appavoo; Dilma Da Silva; Orran Krieger; Robert W. Wisniewski; Jeremy KerrRC23534
3548. Power and Performance Optimization at the System Level Valentina Salapura; Randy Bickford; Matthias Blumrich; Arthur A. Bright; Dong Chen; Paul Coteus; Alan Gara; Mark Giampapa; Michael Gschwind; Manish Gupta; Shawn Hall; Ruud A. Haring; Philip Heidelberger; Dirk Hoenicke; Gerard V. Kopcsay; Martin Ohmacht; Rick A. Rand; Todd Takken; Pavlos VranasRC23555
3549. An Automatic Electronic Contract Document Signing System in a Secure Environment Thomas Kwok; Thao NguyenRC23535
3550. rna22: A Unified Computational Framework for Discovering miRNA Precursors, Localizing Mature miRNAs, Identifying 3’ UTR Target-islands, and Determining the Targets of Mature-miRNAs Isidore Rigoutsos; Kevin Miranda; Tien HuynhRC23530
3551. Discovering Analysis Components in Unstructured Information Management Architecture Lev Kozakov; Yurdaer Doganata; Tong-Haing Fin; Youssef DrissiRC23528
3552. Repairing MIP infeasibility through Local Branching Matteo Fischetti; Andrea LodiRC23532
3553. Direct Integration of Dense Parallel Optical Interconnects on a First Level Package for High-End Servers Evan G. Colgan, Bruce Furman, J. H. Magerlein, Jeremy Schaub, Clint Schow, Dan Stigliani, Jr., John Torok, Alan Benner, Dale Becker, George Katopis, John Abshier, Warren Dyckman, Brian E. Lemoff, Mohammed E. Ali, George Panotopoulos, Edwin de Groot, Graham M. Flower, Glen H. Rankin, Andrew J. Schmit, Kostadin D. Djordjev, Michael R.T. Tan, Ashish Tandon, William Gong, Richard P. Tella, Benjamin Law, Steven A. Rosenau, Lisa A. Buckman Windover, David W. DolfiRC23529
3554. Information Modeling for End to End Composition of Semantic Web Services Arun Kumar, Sumit Mittal and Biplav SrivastavaRI05001
3555. Metric Service : A Mediation Engine for Metrics Collection, Aggregation and Composition Arun Kumar, Vikas AgarwalRI05002
3556. From Regional Healthcare Information Organizations to a National Healthcare Information Infrastructure J. H. Kaufman; I. Eiron; G. Deen; D. A. Ford; H. Nelkin; T. Kol; Y. Mesika; E. Smith; K. Julier; C. Bennet; Bill RappRJ10340
3557. Role of Cholesterol and Polyunsaturated Chains in Lipid-Protein Interactions: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Rhodopsin in a Realistic Membrane Environment Mike C. Pitman; Alan Grossfield; Frank Suits; Scott E. FellerRC23527
3558. A Layered Approach to Defining a Transformation Language - Informal Description and Validation by Case Study K. Ryndina, J.M. KüsterRZ3574
3559. Electron-Phonon Effects and Transport in Carbon Nanotubes (title in journal is Electron-Phonon Interaction and Transport in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes) Vasili Perebeinos; Jerry Tersoff; Phaedon AvourisRC23524
3560. Magnetic Tunnel Junction-Based MRAM and Related Processing Issues E. J. O'SullivanRC23525
3561. What Makes Good Application-Led Research in Ubiquitous Personal Workspace? Nathan J. Lee; Juhnyoung LeeRC23523
3562. Adaptive Techniques for Scheduling Distributed Data Intensive Applications: Experiments on a Production Grid Kavitha Ranganathan; Ian FosterRC23522
3563. Query Indexing with Containment-Encoded Intervals for Efficient Stream Processing Kun-Lung Wu; Shyh-Kwei Chen; Philip S. YuRC23519
3564. Online Change-point Detection Methods for Nonstationary Time Series Hyunyoung Choi; Hernando Ombao; Bonnie RayRC23520
3565. NHPP Models for Categorized Software Defects Zhaohui Liu; Nalini Ravishanker; Bonnie K. RayRC23521
3566. IBM TotalStorage SAN File System, Performance Report: Results of the 6th Alice Data Challenge at CERN R. Ananthanarayanan; P.L. Bradshaw; J. Gomez; Robert Haas; B. Henderson; C. Silvan; C. TriboletRZ3578
3567. System Evolution Tracking through Execution Trace Analysis M. Fischer; J. Oberleitner; H. Gall; Thomas GschwindRZ3581
3568. Automatic Generation of Hierarchical Taxonomies for Text Categorization Li Zhang; Tao Li; Shi Xia Liu; Yue PanRC23517
3569. Building and Querying a Repository of BPEL Process Specifications J. VanhataloRZ3582
3570. A Multiphase PLL for 10 Gb/s Links in SOI CMOS Technology Marcel A. Kossel; Thomas Morf; W. Baumberger; Alice Biber; Christian Menolfi; Thomas Toifl; Martin SchmatzRZ3587
3571. Performance of Product Codes on Channels with Memory S. Sankaranarayanan; Evangelos S. EleftheriouRZ3579
3572. Disproving a Silicon Analog of an Alkyne with the Aid of Topological Analyses of the Electronic Structure and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Calculations Carlo A. Pignedoli; Alessandro Curioni; Wanda AndreoniRZ3576
3573. Disproving a Silicon Analog of an Alkyne with the Aid of Topological Analyses of the Electronic Structure and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Calculations Carlo A. Pignedoli; Alessandro Curioni; Wanda AndreoniRZ3576
3574. Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics on Massively Parallel Computers Jürg Hutter; Alessandro CurioniRZ3577
3575. Efficient and Safe Networked Storage Protocols Marc KramisRZ3580
3576. UVC: A Universal Virtual Computer for Long-term Preservation of Digital Information Raymond A. Lorie; Raymond J. van DiessenRJ10338
3577. Effect of Intermetallics Spalling on the Mechanical Behavior of Electroless Ni(P)/Pb-free Solder Interconnection Yoon-Chul Sohn; Jin Yu; Sung K. Kang; Da-Yuan Shih; Taek-Yeong LeeRC23513
3578. Superior Electrical Properties of High Performance Glass Ceramic Packaging for Demanding SiGe, ASIC, Microprocessor and Advanced Server Applications Warren D. Dyckman; Benjamin Fasano; Christopher Spring; Gary Lafontant; Hsichang Liu; Alina Deutsch; Thomas-Michael Winkel; Christopher SurovicRC23514
3579. On the Tradeoff among Capacity, Routing Hops, and Being Peer-to-Peer in the Design of Structured Overlay Networks Chunqiang Tang; Melissa J. Buco; Rong N. Chang; Sandhya Dwarkadas; Laura Z. Luan; Edward So; Christopher WardRC23515
3580. Properties of UWB 2PPM Transceiver System with Noncoherent Receiver Martin Weisenhorn, Walter HirtRZ3589
3581. Focused Sampling: Computing Topical Web Statistics Ziv Bar-Yossef; Tapas Kanungo; Robert KrauthgamerRJ10339
3582. BlueBot: Asset Tracking via Robotic Location Crawling Abhishek Patil; Jonathan Munson; David Wood; Alan ColeRC23510
3583. sHype: Secure Hypervisor Approach to Trusted Virtualized Systems Reiner Sailer; Enriquillo Valdez; Trent Jaeger; Ronald Perez; Leendert van Doorn; John Linwood Griffin; Stefan BergerRC23511
3584. Reducing the Cost of IT Operations -- Is Automation Always the Answer? Aaron B. Brown; Joseph L. HellersteinRC23512
3585. Descriptive Naming of Context Data Providers Norman H. Cohen; Paul Castro; Archan MisraRC23509
3586. Protecting (Anonymous) Credentials with the Trusted Computing Groups Trusted Platform Modules V1.2 Jan CamenischRZ3590
3587. Immersion Plating of Bismuth on Tin-Based Alloys to Stabilize Lead-Free Solder Emanuel I. Cooper; Charles C Goldsmith; Carmen Mojica; Stephen J. Kilpatrick; Henry A. Nye III; Robert J. AlleyRC23508
3588. Methods for Accurate Wirelength Estimation of Functional Circuitry in ULSI Chips M. Y. Lanzerotti; G. Fiorenza; R. RandRC23505
3589. Accounting for Circuitry Type in Assessments of Wire-Length Distribution Models for ULSI Chips G. Fiorenza; R. Rand; M. Y. LanzerottiRC23506
3590. Efficient Modeling Methodology and Hardware Validation of Glass-ceramic Based Wiring for High-Performance Single- and Multi-Chip Modules Sungjun Chun, Anand Haridass, Alina Deutsch, Barry Rubin, Christopher Surovic, Erich Klink, Daniel O'Connor, Hsichang Liu, Christopher Spring, Thomas-Michael Winkel, Warren Dyckman, George Katopis, Gerard KopcsayRC23518
3591. Interface State Generation in pFETs with Ultra-Thin Oxide and Oxynitride on (100) and (110) Si Substrates J. H. Stathis; R. Bolam; M. Yang; T. B. Hook; A. Chou; G. LarosaRC23502
3592. Electrodeposited Bismuth Thin Films on n-GaAs (110) Kenneth Rodbell; Philippe M. Vereecken; Chunxin Ji; Peter C. SearsonRC23503
3593. Predicting Interconnect Requirements in Ultra-Large-Scale Integrated Control Logic Circuitry Mary Yvonne Lanzerotti; Giovanni Fiorenza; Rick A. RandRC23500
3594. Characterization of the Impact of Interconnect Design on the Capacitive Load Driven by a Global Clock Distribution G. G. Lopez; Giovanni Fiorenza; Thomas J. Bucelot; Phillip J. Restle; Mary Yvonne WisniewskiRC23501
3595. Policy Management for Networked Systems and Applications Dakshi Agrawal; Seraphin Calo; James Giles; Kang-Won Lee; Dinesh VermaRC23498
3596. CSR: Speaker Recognition from Compressed VoIP Packet Stream Charu Aggarwal, David Olshefski, Debanjan Saha, Zon-Yin Shae, Philip S. YuRC23499
3597. A Secure Electronic Contract Management and Process System Automated with Predefined Tasks Thomas Kwok; Thao NguyenRC23496
3598. Designing a Privacy Management Tool: Progressive Human-Computer Interaction Based Privacy Research with Organizational Users Carolyn Brodie; John Karat; Clare-Marie N. KaratRC23495
3599. A Model of the Formation of a Self-Organized Cortical Representation of Color A. Ravishankar Rao; Guillermo Cecchi; Charles Peck; James KozloskiRC23494
3600. Inner-Outer Bracket Models for Word Alignment using Hidden Blocks Bing Zhao; Niyu Ge; Kishore PapineniRC23491
3601. Ni-NiO-Ni Tunnel Junctions for Terahertz and Infrared Detection Philip C. D. Hobbs; Robert B. Laibowitz; Frank R. LibschRC23493
3602. FIPS PUB 201 Security and Privacy Recommendations Paul A. KargerRC23871
3603. SANFS Maestro: A SAN File System Planner Aameek Singh; Kaladhar Voruganti; Sandeep Gopisetty; Aki Fleshler; Ramani Routray; Chung-hao TanRJ10337
3604. New Methodology for Combined Simulation of Delta-I Noise Interaction with Interconnect Noise for Wide, On-chip Data-buses Using Lossy Transmission-line Power-blocks A. Deutsch; H. H. Smith; B. J. Rubin; B. L. Krauter; G. V. KopcsayRC23487
3605. Scheduling for Heterogeneous Processors in Server Systems Soraya Ghiasi; Tom Keller; Freeman RawsonRC23488
3606. Conditions for Weak Ergodicity of Inhomogeneous Markov Chains Don Coppersmith; Chai Wah WuRC23489
3607. A Channel Model for a Magnetic Tape Storage System with Dropouts Sundararajan Sankaranarayanan, Jens Jelitto, Evangelos Eleftheriou, Bane VasicRZ3573
3608. Weaving a Social Fabric into Existing Software Li-Te Cheng; John Patterson; Steven L. Rohall; Susanne Hupfer; Steven RossRC23485
3609. Designing ConNote, A System for Contextual Notetaking Daniel Gruen; Norman M. SuRC23481
3610. Exact Algorithms for Coupling Capacitance Minimization by Adding One Metal Layer Hua Xiang; Kai-yuan Chao; D. F. WongRC23483
3611. Reinventing Team Spaces for a Collaborative Development Environment Susanne Hupfer; Li-Te Cheng; Steven Ross; John PattersonRC23484
3612. A Practical Implementation of Silicon Microchannel Coolers for High Power Chips E. G. Colgan; B. Furman; M. Gaynes; W. Graham; N. LaBianca; J. H. Magerlein; R. J. Polastre; M. B. Rothwell; R. J. Bezama; R. Choudhary; K. Marston; H. Toy; J. Wakil; J. Zitz; R. SchmidtRC23482
3613. A Gate Leakage Reduction Technique for CMOS Diriver Circuits J. B. Kuang; Hung C. Ngo; Kevin J. NowkaRC23480
3614. Policy Ratification Dakshi Agrawal; James Giles; Kang-Won Lee; Jorge LoboRC23478
3615. Dynamic Data Rate and Transmit Power Adjustment in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs Pierre Chevillat; Jens Jelitto; Hong Linh TruongRZ3572
3616. Miniaturized Single-Crystal Silicon Cantilevers for Scanning Force Microscopy J.L. Yang; Michel Despont; Ute Drechsler; B.W. Hoogenboom; P.L.T.M. Frederix; S. Martin; A. Engel; Peter Vettiger; H.J. HugRZ3563
3617. A Highly Efficient Importance Sampling Method for LDPC Codes Using Trapping Sets Enver Cavus; Charles HaymesRC23472
3618. Distributed Multimedia Service Composition with Statistical QoS Assurances Xiahui Gu; Klara NahrstedtRC23473
3619. Potential Imaging of Si/HfO2/poly-Si Gate Stacks: Evidence for an Oxide Dipole (title in journal: Potential Imaging of Si/HfO2/Polycrystalline Silicon Gate Stacks: Evidence for an Oxide Dipole) R. Ludeke; V. Narayanan; E. P. Gusev; E. Cartier; S. J. CheyRC23474
3620. Optimizing Abstaining Classifiers using ROC Analysis (Revised Version) Tadeusz PietraszekRZ3571
3621. Synchronization of the Acoustic Evidence in the Assassination of President Kennedy Ralph Linsker; Richard L. Garwin; Herman Chernoff; Paul Horowitz; Norman F. RamseyRC23470
3622. Improving Network Robustness by Edge Modification Alina Beygelzimer; Geoffrey Grinstein; Ralph Linsker; Irina RishRC23471
3623. On Curves Contained in Convex Subsets of the Plane Don Coppersmith; Gyozo Nagy; Sasha RavskyRC23467
3624. Improved Approximation Algorithms for Broadcast Scheduling Nikhil Bansal; Don Coppersmith; Maxim SviridenkoRC23468
3625. PARMA: A PHY/MAC Aware Routing Metric for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks with Multi-Rate Radios Suli Zhao; Zhibin Wu; Arup Acharya; Dipankar RaychaudhuriRC23469
3626. About the Optimal Density Associated to the Chiral Index of a Sample from a Bivariate Distribution Don Coppersmith; Michel PetitjeanRC23464
3627. Non-Abelian Homomorphism Testing, and Distributions Close to their Self-Convolutions Michael Ben Or; Don Coppersmith; Mike Luby; Ronnitt RubinfeldRC23465
3628. Divisors in Residue Classes, Constructively Don Coppersmith; Nick Howgrave-Graham; S.V. NagarajRC23466
3629. A Framework for Learning Predictive Structures from Multiple Tasks and Unlabeled Data Rie Kubota Ando; Tong ZhangRC23462
3630. Applying Control Theory to Computing Systems Joseph L. Hellerstein; Yixin Diao; Sujay S. ParekhRC23459
3631. Nuclear Processes and Soft Fails in Microelectronics Henry H. TangRC23461
3632. Optimal Price Design for Variable Capacity Outsourcing Contracts Chris KenyonRZ3567
3633. Asynchronous Verifiable Information Dispersal Christian Cachin; Stefano TessaroRZ3569
3634. Direct Observation of Domain-wall Configurations Modified by Spin Currents M. Kläui; Pierre-Olivier Jubert; Andreas Bischof; Rolf Allenspach; C.A.F. Vaz; G. Faini; U. RüdigerRZ3570
3635. A Web Services Based Communication Services Framework for Collaborative Work Jun Liu; Bo Yang; Wei LuRC23458
3636. Faster Exponential-Time Algorithms for Max 2-Sat, Max Cut, and Max k-Cut Alexander D. Scott; Gregory B. SorkinRC23457
3637. A Cryptographically Sound Dolev-Yao Style Security Proof of an Electronic Payment System Michael Backes; Markus DuermuthRZ3565
3638. Planning Models for Component-Based Software Offerings under Uncertain Operational Profiles Mary Helander; Bonnie RayRC23456
3639. TimeML-Compliant Analysis of Text Documents Branimir K. Boguraev; Rie K. AndoRC23455
3640. Multiplayer Network Gaming with the Session Initiation Protocol. Aameek Singh; Arup AcharyaRC23477
3641. A Comprehensive Toolset for Workload Characterization, Performance Modeling and On-line Control Li Zhang; Zhen Liu; Anton Riabov; Monty Schulman; Honghui Xia; Fan ZhangRC23451
3642. A New Array Format for Symmetric and Triangular Matrices John A. Gunnels, Fred G. GustavsonRC23452
3643. Exploiting Fine-Grained Memory Locality with Predictive Dispatch Michael Gschwind, John-David WellmanRC23633
3644. Entropy Approximation for Active Fault Diagnosis Alice X. Zheng; Irina Rish; Alina BeygelzimerRC23441
3645. Near Sufficiency of Random Coding for Two Descriptions Luis Alfonso Lastras-Montaño, Vittorio CastelliRC23442
3646. A Novel Theoretical Model Produces Matrix Multiplication Algorithms That Predict Current Practice John A. Gunnels; Fred G. Gustavson; Greg M. Henry; Robert A. van de GeijnRC23443
3647. Business Process Modeling in Abstract Logic Tree Ying Liu; Jian Wang; Jun Zhu; Haiqi Liang; Zhong Tian; Wei SunRC23444
3648. A Theoretical Performance Analysis Method for Business Process Model Liping Yang; Ying Liu; Xin ZhouRC23445
3649. Enterprising Individuals: An Investigation into Fostering Professional Ties within Large Organizations Eric Wilcox; Chad ThorntonRC23446
3650. Dynamic Adaptation in Server-Class Microprocessors: Workload Phase and Duration Predictions with Live Counter Measurements Canturk Isci; Margaret Martonosi; Alper BuyuktosunogluRC23448
3651. Discharge-Pumped, CW Gas Lasers Utilizing "Dressed-Atom" Gain Media P. P. Sorokin; J. H. Glownia; R. T. HodgsonRC23447
3652. Static Evaluation of Role-Based Access Control Policies in Distributed Component-Based Systems Marco Pistoia; Robert J. Flynn; Vugranam C. SreedharRC23836
3653. Control of Weighted Fair Queueing: Modeling, Implementation, and Experiences Ronghua Zhang; Sujay Parekh; Yixin Diao; Maheswaran Surendra; Tarek Abdelzaher; John StankovicRC23437
3654. 120 Gb/s VCSEL-based Parallel Optical Links Daniel M. Kuchta; Daniel Kucharski; Young H. Kwark; Richard JohnRC23440
3655. Stream Processing Planning G. Ya. Grabarnik; Z. Liu; A. Riabov; J. BigusRC23438
3656. Expoiting Structural Duplication for Lifetime Reliability Enhancement Jayanth Srinivasan; Sarita V. Adve; Pradip Bose; Jude A. RiversRC23439
3657. A Service Creation Environment based on End to End Composition of Web Services Vikas Agarwal, Koustuv Dasgupta, Neeran Karnik, Arun Kumar, Ashish Kundu, Sumit Mittal and Biplav SrivastavaRI04008
3658. Enhanced Semantic Networks: Hybrid Knowledge Structures for Reasoning Leora Morgenstern; Erik T. Mueller; Doug Riecken; Moninder Singh; Leiguang GongRC23436
3659. Push-Pull Production Planning Feng Cheng; Markus Ettl; Grace Lin; Yingdong Lu; David YaoRC23433
3660. Architecture and Policy for Adaptive Optimization in Virtual Machines Matthew Arnold; Stephen Fink; David Grove; Michael Hind; Peter F. SweeneyRC23429
3661. MEMSIM User Guide Karthick RajamaniRC23431
3662. A Linear Programming Approach to Increasing the Weight of all Minimum Spanning Trees Francisco Barahona, Mourad BaiouRC23432
3663. Interval Query Indexing for Efficient Stream Processing Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. YuRC23426
3664. Word Sense Disambiguation in a Slot Grammar Framework Michael C. McCordRC23397
3665. Techniques for Efficiently Serving and Caching Dynamic Web Content Arun Iyengar; Lakshmish Ramaswamy; Bianca SchroederRC23423
3666. Experimental Investigation of Supplier-Retailer Contracts: The Wholesale Price Contract Claudia Keser; Giuseppe A. PaleologoRC23424
3667. ICSOC 2004 Proceedings - Short Papers Sanjiva Weerawarana (editor)RA221
3668. Blogs for Corporate Learning Michal Jacovi; Elad Shahar; Vova Soroka; TaiH-0231
3669. Nanoindentation analysis of mechanical properties of low to ultra-low dielectric constant SiCOH films Lugen Wang; M. Ganor; S. I. Rokhlin; Alfred GrillRC23422
3670. Analysis of Stochastic Online Bin Packing Processes David Gamarnik; Mark S. SquillanteRC23413
3671. Optimal Probabilistic Routing in Distributed Parallel Queues Xin Guo; Yingdong Lu; Mark S. SquillanteRC23414
3672. Scheduling to Minimize General Functions of the Mean and Variance of Sojourn Times in Queueing Systems Yingdong Lu; Mark S. SquillanteRC23415
3673. Stochastic Analysis of Scheduling in Parallel Processing Systems Mark S. SquillanteRC23416
3674. Solving Sparse Semi-Random Instances of Max Cut and Max CSP Alexander D Scott; Gregory B. SorkinRC23417
3675. Fundamentals of Dynamic Decentralized Optimization in Autonomic Computing Systems Tomasz Nowicki; Mark S. Squillante; Chai Wah WuRC23419
3676. Reincarnating PCs with Portable SoulPads Mandayam Raghunath; Chandra Narayanaswami; Casey Carter; Ramón CáceresRC23418
3677. 8B/10B Encoding and Decoding for High Speed Applications Albert X. WidmerRC23408
3678. 5B/6B-T(urbo), 3B/4B-T, and Partitioned 8B-/10B-T Transmission Code and its Implementation for High Operating Rates Albert X. WidmerRC23409
3679. DC-Balanced 6B/8B-P Transmission Code with Local Parity Albert X. WidmerRC23410
3680. Forecasting Demand for IBM Semiconductor Products Aliza R. Heching; J. R. M. Hosking; Ying Tat LeungRC23407
3681. The Potential Role for Cloud-Scale Numerical Weather Prediction for Terminal Area Planning and Scheduling Lloyd A. Treinish; Anthony P. PrainoRC23405
3682. Reconstruction of gridded model data received via NOAAport Lloyd A. Treinish; Anthony P. Praino; Craig TashmanRC23406
3683. Euphoria Semantic Analysis Arendse BernthRC23396
3684. Partitioning Knowledge Bases between Advanced Notification and Clinical Decision Support Systems Yves Lussier, Rose Williams, Srikant Jalan, Tara Borlawsky, Jianrong Li, Edie SternRC23402
3685. Agreement and Consensus Problems in Groups of Autonomous Agents with Linear Dynamics Chai Wah WuRC23403
3686. Discovery of Protein-Protein Interactions Using a Combination of Liguistic, Statistical and Graphical Information James W. Cooper; Aaron KershenbaumRC23404
3687. Expanding the Reach of the Digital Camera Chandra Narayanaswami; M. T. RaghunathRC23400
3688. Dynamic Model Selection in IOHMMs Vittorio Castelli; Daniel A. Oblinger; Lawrence Bergman; Tessa A. LauRC23395
3689. On Convergence and Bias Correction of a Joint Estimation Algorithm for Multiple Sinusoidal Frequencies Kai-Sheng Song; Ta-Hsin LiRC23479Revised
3690. A Review of Nonlinear Factor Analysis Statistical Methods Melanie M. Wall, Yasuo AmemiyaRC23392
3691. Latent Class Regression on Latent Factors Yasuo Amemiya; Melanie Wall; Jia GuoRC23391
3692. Annotation-Based Finite State Processing in a Large-Scale NLP Architecture Branimir K. BoguraevRC23393
3693. Ergodic Type Theorems for Actions of Finitely Generated Semigroups on von Neumann Algebras II Genady Grabarnik; LARISA SHWARTZ; Alexander KatzRC23394
3694. Problem Determination Using Dependency Graphs and Run-time Behavior Models Manoj K Agarwal; Karen Appleby; Manish Gupta; Gautam Kar; Anindya Neogi; Anca SailerRC23390
3695. Building Context-Aware Applications with Context Weaver Norman H. Cohen; James Black; Paul Castro; Maria Ebling; Barry Leiba; Archan Misra; Wolfgang SegmullerRC23388
3696. Factorial Analysis and Forecasting of Integrated-Circuit Yield Michael Baron, Asya Takken, Emmanuel Yashchin, Mary LanzerottiRC23386
3697. Thirty Years of Monte Carlo Simulations of Electronic Transport in Semiconductors: Their Relevance to Science and Mainstream VLSI Technology M. V. Fischetti; S. E. Laux; P. M. Solomon; A. KumarRC23381
3698. Multifault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems Natalia Odintsova; Irina Rish; Sheng MaRC23385
3699. On Detection of Changes in Count Data Emmanuel YashchinRC23383
3700. Allocation Problem with Sequencing in Steel Industry Richa Agarwal; Jayant Kalagnanam; Chandra ReddyRC23384
3701. A Computational Model for Color Naming and Describing Color Composition of Images Aleksandra MojsilovicRC23379
3702. A Light-Weight and Scalable Network Profiling System Andreas Kind, Paul Hurley, Jeroen R. MassarRZ3561
3703. Fossilization: A Process for Establishing Truly Trustworthy Records Windsor W. Hsu; Shauchi OngRJ10331
3704. Content Immutable Storage: Truly Trustworthy and Cost-Effective Storage for Electronic Records Windsor W. Hsu; Lan Huang; Shauchi OngRJ10332
3705. Calculation of Non-Adiabatic Couplings in Density-Functional Theory Salomon R. Billeter; Alessandro CurioniRZ3564
3706. Dynamic Application Placement under Service and Memory Constraints Tracy Kimbrel; Malgorzata Steinder; Maxim Sviridenko; Asser TantawiRC23376
3707. Self-Managing Systems: A Control Theory Foundation Yixin Diao, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Gail Kaiser, Sujay Parekh, Dan PhungRC23374
3708. Synchronous Neural Activity in Scale-Free vs. Random Network Models Geoffrey Grinstein; Ralph LinskerRC23375
3709. A Framework for Applying Inventory Control to Capacity Management for Utility Computing Joseph L. Hellerstein; Kaan Katircioglu; Maheswaran SurendraRC23373
3710. Test-Based Diagnosis: Tree and Matrix Representations (report title: Troobleshooting: Comparing Tree and Matrix Representation) Alina Beygelzimer, Mark Brodie, Sheng Ma, Irina RishRC23370
3711. Text Analysis as Formal Inference for the Purposes of Uniform Tracing and Explanation Generation David FerrucciRC23372
3712. A J2EE Application for Process Accounting, LPAR Accounting, and Transaction Accounting C. Eric Wu; William P. HornRC23369
3713. Study of Spalling Behavior of Intermetallic Compounds during the Reaction between Electroless Ni-P Metallization and Lead-free Solders Yoon-Chul Sohn, Jin Yu, Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan Shih, Taek-Yeong LeeRC23366
3714. Spalling of Intermetallic Compounds during the Reaction between Lead-free Solders and Electroless Ni-P Metallization Y. C. Sohn, Jin Yu, S. K. Kang, D. Y. Shih; T. Y. LeeRC23367
3715. An Evaluation of Over-The-Counter Medication Sales for Syndromic Surveillance Murray Campbell; Chung-Sheng Li; Charu Aggarwal; Milind Naphade; Kun-Lung Wu; Tong ZhangRC23368
3716. SABER: Smart Analysis Based Error Reduction Darrell Reimer, Edith Schonberg, Kavitha Srinivas, Harini Srinivasan, Bowen Alpern, Robert D. Johnson, Aaron Kershenbaum, Larry KovedRC23364
3717. Toward Engineered, Useful Use Cases Clay Williams, Matthew Kaplan, Tim Klinger, Amit ParadkarRC23365
3718. The Role of TPM in Enterprise Security Reiner Sailer; Leendert Van Doorn; James P. WardRC23363
3719. Inverted Index Support for Parametric Search Marcus Fontoura, Jason Zien, Ronny Lempel, Runping QiRJ10329
3720. A Grid-Based Approach for Enterprise Scale Data Mining Ramesh Natarajan; Radu Sion; Chid Apte; Inderpal S. NarangRC23362
3721. Semantic-friendly Indexing and Quering of Images Based on the Extraction of the Objective Semantic Cues Aleksandra Mojsilovic; Jose Gomes; Bernice E. RogowitzRC23353
3722. Topology Changes in a Reliable Publish/Subscribe System Sumeer K. BholaRC23354
3723. Neutral One-Dimensional Attractor of a Two-Dimensional System Derived from Newton's Means Tomasz Nowicki; Grzegorz SwirszczRC23355
3724. A Multi-Agent Systems Approach to Autonomic Computing Gerald Tesauro, David M. Chess, William E. Walsh, Rajarshi Das, Alla Segal, Ian Whalley, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Steve R. WhiteRC23357
3725. Discriminative Training of Naïve Bayes Classifiers for Natural Language Call Routing Pengfei Liu, Hui Jiang, Imed ZitouniRC23358
3726. Speech Trumps Finger: Examining Modality Usage in a Mobile 3G Environment Jennifer Lai, Stella J. Mitchell, Chris PavlovskiRC23359
3727. Who Gets to Know What When: Configuring Privacy Permissions in an Awareness Application Sameer Patil, Jennifer C. LaiRC23360
3728. MoHiDoC: Modular Hierachical Diagnosis on Chip* Maria Gabrani; Dominique TschoppRZ3568
3729. Laterally-Scaled Si/Si0.7Ge0.3 n-MODFETs with fmax over 200 GHz and Low Operating Bias S. J. Koester, K. L. Saenger, J. O. Chu, Q. C. Ouyang, J. A. Ott, K. A. Jenkins, D. F. Canaperi, J. A. Tornello, C. V. Jahnes, S. E. SteenRC23352
3730. Characterizing the Impact of Different Memory-Intensity Levels Ramakrishna Kotla, Anirudh Devgan, Soraya Ghiasi, Freeman Rawson, Tom KellerRC23351
3731. The Power-Aware Streaming Proxy Architecture Marcel C. Rosu; C. Michael Olsen; Lu Luo; Chandrasekhar NarayanaswamiRC23350
3732. Creating the BlueGene/L supercomputer from low power System-on-a-Chip ASICs Arthur A. Bright, Matthew R. Ellavsky, Alan Gara, Ruud A. Haring, Gerard V. Kopcsay, Robert F. Lembach, James A. Marcella, Martin Ohmacht, Valentina SalapuraRC23632
3733. Oxidation Study of Pure Tin and Its Alloys via Electrochemical Reduction Analysis Sungil Cho, Jin Yu, Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan ShihRC23348
3734. A Taxonomy of Internet Instant Messaging and Chat Protocols Raymond B. Jennings III; Erich M. Nahum; David P. Olshefski; Debanjan Saha; Zon-Yin Shae; Chris WatersRC23349
3735. Concepts for Describing Composition of Software Artifacts William Harrison, Harold Ossher, Peri TarrRC23345
3736. Programming Model Alternatives for Disconnected Business Applications Avraham Leff, James RayfieldRC23347
3737. Pervasive Query Support in the Concern Manipulation Environment Peri Tarr, William Harrison, Harold OssherRC23343
3738. Concern Modeling in the Concern Manipulation Environment William Harrison, Harold Ossher, Stanley Sutton Jr., Peri TarrRC23344
3739. Characterizing Communication in a Large-Scale, Global Deployment of a Broadcast Messaging System Justin Weisz, Tracee L. Wolf, Frank Jania, Jessica Ramirez, Rachel BellamyRC23340
3740. On the Sequencing of Tree Structures for XML Indexing Haixun Wang, Xiaofeng MengRC23341
3741. Semantic Annotatino of Multimedia Using Maximum Entropy Models Janne Argillander, Giridharan Iyengar, Harriet NockRC23342
3742. A Need-Based Collaboration Classfication Framework Anita Sarma, André van der Hoek, Li-Te ChengRC23339
3743. Spin-Reorientation in YbFeO3 Ya. B. Bazaliy, L. T. Tsymbal, G. N. Kakazei, V. I. Kamenev, P. E. WigenRJ10326
3744. An Experimental Investigation on the Effectiveness of Individualized Web-based Learning Based on the Dynamic Assembly of Learning Objects John C. Thomas, Robert FarrellRC23338
3745. A Model of Configuration Complexity and Its Application to a Change Management System Aaron B. Brown; Alexander Keller; Joseph L. HellersteinRC23621
3746. Computing the Minimum DNF Representation of Boolean Functions Defined by Intervals Baruch Schieber, Daniel Geist, Ayal ZaksRC23335
3747. SIP-Based Mobility Architecture for Next Generation Wireless Networks Nilanjan Banerjee, Arup Acharya, Sajal K. DasRC23336
3748. On the Dual and Sharpened Dual of Sylvester's Theorem in the Plane Jonathan LenchnerRC23411
3749. An Optimality of the Transposition Rule (Title in journal: A Transposition Rule Analysis Based on a Particle Process) David Gamarnik, Petar MomcilovicRC23330
3750. Speed Scaling to Manage Temperature Nikhil Bansal, Kirk PruhsRC23331
3751. Generalized Tree-LRU Replacement John T. RobinsonRC23332
3752. Threshold Management for Problem Determination in Transaction Based e-Commerce Systems Manoj K Agarwal, Karen Appleby, Jamal Faik, Gautam Kar, Anindya Neogi, Anca SailerRC23334
3753. Model-Based Automation of Service Deployment in a Constrained Environment Tamar Eilam; Michael Kalantar; Alexander Konstantinou; Giovanni PacificiRC23382
3754. Challenges of Business Media Chitra Dorai; Martin KienzleRC23333
3755. Latent Class Regression on Latent Factors Jia Guo, Melanie Wall, Yasuo AmemiyaRC23329
3756. Health Monitoring and Control for Application Server Environments Nikos Anerousis, Ann Black, Susan Hanson, Lily Mummert, Giovanni PacificiRC23387
3757. Management of SLA Management Data Relationships Using the DIRECT Metadata Management Framework Christopher Ward, Nianhua Li, Melissa J. Buco, Rong N. Chang, Laura Z. LuanRC23327
3758. On a Binary-Encoded ILP Coloring Formulation Jon Lee, François MargotRC23324
3759. Redistribute White Space for Minimizing Wire Length Xiaoping Tang, Martin D. F. WongRC23323
3760. Fabrication of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) and Strain-Si-on-Insulator (SSOI) Wafers Using Ion Implantation Devendra K. Sadana, Michael I. CurrentRC23337
3761. Document models and XML Vocabulary Building for Business Users Susan L. Spraragen; Douglas LovellRC23322
3762. Lessons from the ReMail Prototypes Daniel Gruen, Steven L. Rohall, Suzanne Minassian, Bernard Kerr, Paul Moody, Bob Stachel, Martin Wattenberg, Eric WilcoxRC23315
3763. A Smart Hill-Climbing Algorithm for Application Server Configuration Bowei Xi, Zhen Liu, Mukund Raghavachari, Cathy H. Xia, Li ZhangRC23316
3764. HCI as Translation Work: How Translation Studies Can Inform HCI Research and Practice Michael MullerRC23318
3765. Utility Functions in Autonomic Systems William E. Walsh, Gerald Tesauro, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Rajarshi DasRC23319
3766. Improving Network Robustness Alina Beygelzimer, Geoffrey Grinstein, Ralph Linsker, Irina RishRC23321
3767. Performance Inference of Queueing Models for IT Systems Using End-to-End Measurements Zhen Liu, Laura Wynter; Cathy H. Xia; Fan ZhangRC23317
3768. Catch the Moment: Maintaining Closed Frequent Itemsets over a Data Stream Sliding Window Yun Chi, Haixun Wang, Philip S. Yu, Richard R. MuntzRC23312
3769. Kikuchi-Bayes: Factorized Models for Approximate Classification in Closed Form Aleks Jakulin, Irina Rish, Ivan BratkoRC23314
3770. Cooperative Software-Hardware Power Management for DRAM Hai Huang, Tom W. Keller, Eric Van Hndsbergen, Kang Shin, Karthick Rajamani, Charles Lefurgy, Freeman L. Rawson IIIRC23313
3771. Putting Knowledge to Work - A Visual Basic Migration Case Study Avi Yaeli, Neta Aizenbud-Reshef, Jonathan Bnayahu, Nurit Dor, Sara Porat, Asaf YaffeH-0230
3772. Text Analytics for Asset Valuation Wlodek ZadroznyRC23311
3773. Sometimes You Need to See through Walls - A Field Study of Application Programming Interfaces Cleidson R. B. de Souza, David Redmiles, Li-Te Cheng, David Millen, John PattersonRC23309
3774. How a Good Software Practice Thwarts Collaboration - The Multiple Roles of APIs in Software Development Cleidson R. B. de Souza, David Redmiles, Li-Te Cheng, David Millen, John PattersonRC23310
3775. Retrofitting Collaboration into UIs with Aspects Li-Te Cheng, Steven L. Rohall, John Patterson, Seven Ross, Susanne HupferRC23307
3776. Projector-Camera Systems for Telepresence Claudio Pinhanez, Gopal PingaliRC23308
3777. Informatics for Business Is More than Process Automation: i-Business > e-Process J. Q. Trelewicz, J. L. C. Sanz, D. W. McDavid, A. Chandra, S. C. BellRJ10325
3778. Games of Connectivity Pradeep Dubey, Rahul GargRI04006
3779. Advanced Clinical Notification System Rose Williams, Yves A. Lussier, Srikant Jalan, Tara Borlawsky, Jianrong LiRC23306
3780. Model to Hardware Closure for nm Generation Technologies Sani R. NassifRC23303
3781. Flash Forums and ForumReader: Navigating a New Kind of Large-Scale Online Discussion Kushal Dave, Martin Wattenberg, Michael MullerRC23305
3782. Motion Adaptive Indexing for Moving Continual Queries over Moving Objects Bugra Gedik, Kun-Lung Wu, Philip S. Yu, Ling LiuRC23302
3783. Impact of the FCC Average- and Peak Power Constraints on the Power of UWB Radio Signals Martin Weisenhorn and Walter HirtRZ3544
3784. Safety Driver Manager Dimitri Kanevsky, Barbara Churchill, Alex Faisman, David Nahamoo, Roberto SicconiRC23301
3785. Designing Remail: Reinventing the Email Client through Innovation and Integration Bernard Kerr, Eric M. WilcoxRC23300
3786. Two-Edged Faces in Arrangements Jonathan LenchnerRC23412
3787. Space-Time Clusters with Flexible Shapes Vijay S. IyengarRC23398
3788. Activity Graphs of the Microstructure of Complex Work Michael MullerRC23298
3789. Achievable Sojourn Times by Non-Sized Based Policies in a GI/GI/1 Queue Nikhil BansalRC23296
3790. Improved Local Learning Rule for Information Maximization and Related Applications Ralph LinskerRC23297
3791. The Jikes RVM Project: Building an Open Source Research Community B. Alpern; S. Augart; S. M. Blackburn; M. Butrico; A. Cocchi; P. Cheng; J. Dolby; S. Fink; D. Grove; M. Hind; K. S. McKinley; M. Mergen; J. E. B. Moss; T. Ngo; V. Sarkar; M. TrappRC23476
3792. Analysis and Control of Correlated Web Server Queues Soumyadip Ghosh, Mark S. SquillanteRC23291
3793. On Bounds of Extremal Eigenvalues of Irreducible and m-Reducible Matrices Chai Wah WuRC23293
3794. Introducing Collaboration into an Application Development Environment Susanne Hupfer, Li-Te Cheng, Steven Ross, John PattersonRC23292
3795. Elastic Stylus Keyboards - Automatic Error Correction in Stylus Typing by Pattern Matching Per-Ola Kristensson, Shumin ZhaiRJ10323
3796. R5X0: An Efficient High Distance Parity-Based Code with Optimal Update Complexity Jeff R. Hartline, Tapas Kanungo, James Lee HafnerRJ10322
3797. An Efficient Subspace Sampling Framework for High Dimensional Data Reduction, Selectivity Estimation and Nearest Neighbor Search Charu C. AggarwalRC23287
3798. Unleashing the Power of Wearable Devices in a SIP Infrastructure Sefan Gerger, Arup Acharya, Chandra NarayanaswamiRC23288
3799. Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging and Presence Services over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Nilanjan Banerjee, Arup Acharya, Sajal DasRC23289
3800. Stateless Application-Level Multicast for Dynamic Group Communication George Popescu, Zhen LiuRC23290
3801. A Modified Dempster's Rule of Combination for Weighted Sources of Evidence Jayanta Basak, Sunil Goyal, Ravi KothariRI04007
3802. Performance Metrics for Erasure Codes in Storage Systems James Lee Hafner, Veera Deenadhayalan, Tapas Kanungo, KK RaoRJ10321
3803. Intelligent Business Performance Management - Sense and Respond Value Net Optimization Steve Buckley, Markus Ettl, Grace Lin, Ko-Yang WangRC23286
3804. Exploring the Impact of RFID on Supply Chain Dynamics Young M. Lee, Feng Chen, Ying Tat LeungRC23284
3805. Simulating Availability Outlook for e-Commerce Business of Personal Computer Sales Young M. LeeRC23285
3806. Are On-Chip Power-Ground Planes Really Needed? A Signal Integrity Perspective I. M. Elfadel, P. Feldmann, H. Chen, D. OstapkoRC23279
3807. A Note on Multi-Step Forecasting with Functional Coefficient Autoregressive Models Jane L. Harvill, Bonnie K. RayRC23282
3808. Evaluating the Thermal Efficiency of SMT and CMP Architectures Yingmin Li; David Brooks; Zhigang Hu; Kevin SkadronRC23281
3809. A High Perfomance, Energy Efficient GALS Processor Microarchitecture with Reduced Implementation Complexity Yongkang Zhu; David H. Albonesi; Alper BuyuktosunogluRC23280
3810. Gloss-Ont: A Concept-focused Ontology Building Tool Youngja ParkRC22982 REVISED
3811. Discovery of Protein-Protein Interactions Using a Combination of Linguistic, Statistical and Graphical Information James W. Cooper, Aaron KershenbaumRC23278
3812. Power Measurement on the Apple Power Mac G5 Wes Felter, Tom KellerRC23276
3813. Handling Load with Less Stress Nikhil Bansal, David GamarnikRC23277
3814. Using Symbiotic Displays to View Sensitive Information in Public Stefan Berger, Rick Kjeldsen, Chandra Narayanaswani, Claudio Pinhanez, Mark Podlaseck, Mandayam RaghunathRC23274
3815. Linux with TCPA Integrity Measurement Hiroshi Maruyama, Taiga Nakamura, Seiji Munetoh, Yoshiaki Funaki, Yuhji Yamashita RT0507
3816. Job Shop Scheduling with Unit Processing Times Nikhil Bansal, Tracy Kimbrel, Maxim SviridenkoRC23273
3817. A Simple Proof of the 2-Competitiveness of the Greedy FIFO Buffering Algorithm Tracy KimbrelRC23272
3818. Enabling SIP-Based Session Setup in Ad Hoc Networks Nilanjan Banerjee, Arup Acharya, Sajal K. DasRC23270
3819. Voluntary Teaming and Effort Clauda Keser, Claude MontmarquetteRC23269
3820. Order Selection in Passive Transmission Line Macromodels Based on the Lie Decomposition I. M. Elfadel, H-M. HuangRC23268
3821. Digital Watermarking and Stenography via Overlays of Halftone Images Chai Wah Wu, Gerhard Thompson, Mikel StanichRC23267
3822. Thousands of Micro-Cantilevers for Highly Parallel and Ultra-dense Probe Data Storage M. Despont, T. Altebaeumer, P. Bächtold, G. K. Binnig, G. Cherubini, U. Drechsler, U. Dürig, E. Eleftheriou, B. Gotsmann, W. Häberle, C. Hagleitner, D. Jubin, M.A. Lantz, A. Pantazi, H. Pozidis, H. Rothuizen, R. Stutz, P. Vettiger, D. Wiesmann, and J. WindelnRZ3558
3823. Automata Construction for Regular Expressions in Model Checking Shoham Ben-David, Dana Fisman, Sitvanit RuahH-0229
3824. Cremona: An Architecture and Library for Creation and Monitoring of WS-Agreements Heiko Ludwig, Asit Dan, Robert KearneyRC23265
3825. Methodology to Simulate Delta-I Noise Interaction with Interconnect Noise for Wide, On-chip Data-buses Using Lossy Transmission-line Power-blocks A. Deutsch, H. H. Smith, B. J. Rubin, B. L. Krauter, G. V. KopcsayRC23263
3826. A Programming Framework for Mobilizing Enterprise Applications Paul Castro, Ravi Konuru, Frederique Giraud, Apratim Purakayastha, Danny YehRC23264
3827. Minimum Distance of Column-Weight-4 LDPC Codes Derived from Array Codes Thomas MittelholzerRZ3556
3828. Synchronization in Networks of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Coupled via a Directed Graph Chai Wah WuRC23256
3829. An Optimization-Based Approach to Dynamic Data Content Selection in Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces Michelle X. Zhou, Vikram AggarwalRC23259
3830. An Algebra for Composing Enterprise Privacy Policies Michael Backes, Markus Duermuth, and Rainer SteinwandtRZ3557
3831. Constructive Bounds on Ordered Factorizations Don Coppersmith, Moshe LewensteinRC23253
3832. Bounds on Expansion in LZ'77-like Coding Vittorio Castelli, Luis Alfonso Lastras-MontañoRC23254
3833. A Computational Study of the Kemeny Rule for Preference Aggregation Andrew Davenport, Jayant KalagnanamRC23255
3834. Stimulated Rayleigh Scattering: A Mechanism for Generating High Ion Velocities in the Solar Winds of Mass-Losing Stars P. P. Sorokin, J. H. GlowniaRC23260
3835. Future Aware Algorithms for Probabilistic Regression Suites Shady Copty, Shai Fine, Shmuel Ur, Avi ZivH-0251
3836. Indexing Continual Range Queries for Efficient Stream Processing Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. YuRC23249
3837. Polynomial-Time Separation of a Superclass of Simple Comb Inequalities Lisa K. Fleischer, Adam N. Letchford, Andrea LodiRC23250
3838. How Productivity Improves in Hands-Free Continuous Dictation Tasks: Lessons Learned from a Longitudinal Study Jinjuan Feng, Clare-Marie Karat, Andrew SearsRC23251
3839. SiGe HBTs on CMOS-Compatible SOI Jin Cai, Tak H. NingRC23247
3840. Quantum-Based Simulation Analysis of Scaling in Ultra-Thin Body Device Structures Arvind Kumar, Jakub Kedzierski,, Steven E. LauxRC23248
3841. SAMVAAD: Speech Application Made Viable For Access-Anywhere Devices Pankaj Kankar, Mohit Kumar, Amit Anil Nanavati, Nitendra RajputRI04003
3842. Experimental Measurement of a Novel Power Gating Structure with Intermediate Power Saving Mode Suhwan Kim, Stephen V. Kosonocky, Daniel R. Knebel, Keven StawiaszRC23244
3843. What the Meaning of What Is: Descriptive Naming of Data Providers in Context Weaver Norman H. Cohen, Paul Castro, Archan MisraRC23245
3844. Applying Static Analysis to Verifying Security Properties Xiaolan Zhang, Trent Jaeger, Larry KovedRC23246
3845. A Graph Based Simplex Method for the Integer Minimum Perturbation Problem with Sum and Difference Constraints Alexey Lvov, Fook-Luen HengRC23243
3846. Resolution versus Search: Two Strategies for SAT Irina Rish, Rina DechterRC23242
3847. Scaling IR-System Evaluation Using Term Relevance Sets Einat Amitay, David Carmel, Ronny Lempel, Aya SofferH-0228
3848. Efficient Processing of Continual Range Queries for Location-Aware Mobile Services Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. YuRC23239
3849. Feeling Blue Danial GruhlRJ10320
3850. Refactoring Techniques for Migrating Applications to Generic Java Container Classes Frank Tip, Robert Fuhrer, Julian Dolby, Adam KiezunRC23238
3851. Implementing MPI on the BlueGene/L Supercomputer George Almási, Charles Archer, José G. Castaños, C. Chris Erway, Philip Heidelberger, Xavier Martorell, José E. Moreira, Kurt Pinnow, Joe Ratterman, Nils Smeds, Burkhard Steinmacher-Burow, William Gropp, Brian ToonenRC23237
3852. Architecture and Performance of the BlueGene/L Message Layer Gheorghe Almasi; Charles Archer; John A. Gunnels; Philip Heidelberger; Xavier Martorell; Jose E. MoreiraRC23236
3853. Chemical Etching of MRAM Permalloy Soft Layers: Role of Passive Films E. J. O'Sullivan, D. W. Abraham, A. G. SchrottRC23232
3854. On Rayleigh-Ritz Ratios of a Generalized Laplacian Matrix of Directed Graphs Chai Wah WuRC23233
3855. Enabling Text Processing Applications with Automatic Glossary Extraction Youngja Park, Roy J. Byrd, Branimir K. BoguraevRC23234
3856. Hysteretic Electroluminescence in Organic Light-emitting Diodes for Spin Injection G. Salis, S. F. Alvarado, M. Tschudy, T. Brunschwiler, and R. AllenspachRZ3554
3857. Maximum Weight Independent Sets and Matchings in Sparse Random Graphs. Exact Results Using the Local Weak Convergence Method David Gamarnik, Tomasz Nowicki, Grzegorz SwirszczRC23229
3858. Transform Regression and the Kolmogorov Superposition Theorem Edwin PednaultRC23227
3859. Symmetric Encryption in a Simulatable Dolev-Yao Style Cryptographic Library Michael Backes, Birgit PfitzmannRZ3552
3860. Bringing Efficient Advanced Queries to Distributed Hash Tables Daniel Bauer, Paul Hurley, Roman A. Pletka, Marcel WaldvogelRZ3553
3861. Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Improving Annotation Performance of N-gram Models Incorporating Stochastic Finite State Grammars Vaibhava GoelRC23224
3862. Practical Lock-Free and Wait-Free LL/SC/VL Implementations Using 64-Bit CAS Maged M. MichaelRC23220
3863. Processing Continual Range Queries over Moving Objects Using VCR-Based Query Indexes Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. YuRC23222
3864. A Personalized Offer Presentation Scheme for Retail In-Store Applications Yew-Huey Liu, Jih-Shyr Yih, Trieu C. ChieuRC23221
3865. Asynchronous Proactive Cryptosystems Without Agreement Bartosz Przydatek and Reto StroblRZ3551
3866. An Ethnographic Study of Copy and Paste Programming Practices in OOPL Miryung Kim, Lawrence Bergman, Tessa Lau, David NotkinRC23217
3867. Programming Shell Scripts by Demonstration Tessa Lau, Lawrence Bergman, Vittorio Castelli, Daniel OblingerRC23218
3868. Temperature Dependent Defect Formation and Charging of Hafnium Oxides and Hafnium Silicates D. Lim, R. HaightRC23214
3869. Autovectorization in GCC Dorit NaishlosH-0227
3870. Vehicle Routing and Staffing for Sedan Service Oktay Günlük, Tracy Kimbrel, Laszlo Ladanyi, Baruch Schieber, Gregory B. SorkinRC23208
3871. Using Session Initiation Protocol to Build Context-Aware VoIP Support for Multiplayer Networked Games Aameek Singh, Arup AcharyaRC23209
3872. DCMA: A Label Switching MAC for Efficient Packet Forwarding in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks Arup Acharya, Sachin Ganu, Archan MisraRC23210
3873. Towards Formal Verification of UML Diagrams Based on Graph Transformation Yu Zhao, Yushun Fan, Xinxin Bai, Yuan Wang, Hong Cai, Wei DingRC23211
3874. High-Performance SiGe MODFET Technology S. J. Koester, J. O. Chu, K. L. Saenger, Q. C. Ouyang, J. A. Ott, D. F. Canaperi, J. A. Tornello, C. V. Jahnes, S. E. SteenRC23212
3875. Measurement Volume Considerations in X-Ray Microdiffraction Stress Analysis I. C. Noyan, S. K. KaldorRC23207
3876. Jitter Measurement Algorithm for Serial Links M. Kossel, P. Buchmann, C. Menolfi, T. Morf, M. Schmatz, T. ToiflRZ3547
3877. Property Attestation---Scalable and Privacy-friendly Security Assessment of Peer Computers Jonathan Poritz, Matthias Schunter, Els Van Herreweghen, and Michael WaidnerRZ3548
3878. Small Angle X-ray Scattering Metrology for Sidewall Angle and Cross Section of Nanometer Scale Gratings Tangjiao Hu, Ronald L. Jones, Wen-li Wu, Eric K. Lin, Qinghuang Lin, John QuintanaRC23206
3879. Effect of Low Numerical-Aperture Femtosecond Two-Photon Absorption on (SU-8) Resist for Ultrahigh-Aspect-Ratio Microstereolithography W.H. Teh, U. Duerig, U. Drechsler, C.G. Smith, H.-J. GuentherodtRZ3546
3880. On Intermediate Precision Required for Correctly-Rounding Decimal-to-Binary Floating-Point Conversion Michel HackRC23203
3881. A Multiprocessor System-on-a-Chip Design Methodology for Networking Applications Valentina Salapura, Christos J. Georgiou, India NairRC23204
3882. Discharge-Pumped Phasers P. P. Sorokin, J. H. Glownia, R. T. HodgsonRC23202
3883. An Information Integration Framework for Product Life Cycle Management of Diverse Data Huong Morris, Simon Lee, Eric Shan, Sai ZangRC23201
3884. Attestation-based Policy Enforcement for Remote Access Reiner Sailer, Trent Jaeger, Xiaolan Zhang, Leendert van DoornRC23205
3885. Elix0r: Cost-Effective Incident Response Suresh Chari, Sudhakar Govindavajhala, Daisuke Nojiri, Josyula R. Rao, Michael SteinerRC23765
3886. An Active Adapter with Edge Cache Approach for Order Status Information Integration Jih-Shyr Yih, Shiwa S. Fu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Sebastien HouillotRC23199
3887. Unified Commerce Server Architecture for Large Number of Enterprise Stores Trieu C. Chieu, Florian Pinel, Jih-Shyr YiRC23200
3888. Analysis of Business Process and Capability Hypergraphs J. Q. Trelewicz, Jorge L. C. Sanz, Ankur ChandraRJ10317
3889. Reducing Program Image Size by Extracting Frozen Code and Data Daniel Citron, Gadi Haber, Roy LevinH-0224
3890. Basic Results on the Semantics of Accellera PSL 1.1. Foundation Language John Havlicek, Dana Fisman, Cindy EisnerH-0223
3891. Tree Models Richard Daniels, Dailun ShiRC23198
3892. A Multi-Layer Conversation Management Approach for Information Seeking Applications Shimei PanRC23197
3893. Domain-Specific Language Models and Lexicons for Tagging Anni R. Coden, Serguei V. Pakhomov, Rie K. Ando, Patrick H. Duffy, Christopher G. ChuteRC23195
3894. Secure Client-Managed Authentication: A Passport-Free Solution Reiner Sailer, James Giles, Anca Dracinschi SailerRC23193
3895. Relocate White Space in Floorplanning Xiaoping TangRC23190
3896. Spin-Based Quantum Dot Quantum Computing in Silicon Mark A. Eriksson, Mark Friesen, Susan N. Coppersmith, Robert Joynt, Levente J. Klein, Keith Slinker, Charles Tahan, P. M. Mooney, J. O. Chu, S. J. KoesterRC23192
3897. A Novel Web Sales Tracking Solution for Multi-channel Marketing Programs on Electronic Commerce Thomas Kwok, Thao NguyenRC23188
3898. Algebraic Connectivity of Directed Graphs Chai Wah WuRC23187
3899. Process Information Factory: A Data Management Approach for Enhancing Business Process Intelligence Josef Schiefer, Jun-jang Jeng, Shubir Kapoor, Pawan ChowdharyRC23184
3900. On the Average Sojourn Time under M/M/1/SRPT Nikhil BansalRC23185
3901. Efficient Algorithms for Finding Submasses in Weighted Strings Nikhil Bansal, Mark Cieliebak, Zsuzsanna LiptákRC23186
3902. Adaptive Resource Sharing in a Web Services Environment Vijay K. Naik, Swami Sivasubramanian, Sriram KrishnanRC23361
3903. e-PIM: A Conversational Multimodal Interface for a Thin Client Jennifer Lai, Stella Mitchell, David Wood, Christopher Pavlovski, Harry StavropoulosRC23182
3904. Constructive Bounds on Ordered Factorizations Don Coppersmith, Moshe LewensteinRC23183
3905. Non-Abelian Homomorphism Testing, and Distributions Close to Their Self-Convolutions Michael Ben-Or, Don Coppersmith, Mike Luby, Ronitt RubinfeldRC23181
3906. Characterization of Parallel Optical-interconnect Waveguides Integrated on a Printed Circuit Board G.L. Bona, B.J. Offrein, U. Bapst, C. Berger, R. Beyeler, R. Budd, R. Dangel, L. Dellmann, and F. HorstRZ3543
3907. Discovery of Protein-Protein Interactions Using a Combination of Linguistic and Statistical Information James W. CooperRC23179
3908. 10+ Gb/s 90nm CMOS Serial Link Demo in CBGA Package Sergey Rylov, Scott Reynolds, Daniel Storaska, Brian Floyd, Mohit Kapur, Thomas Zwick, Sudhir Gowda, Michael SornaRC23180
3909. Creating a Corpus of Clinical Notes Manually Tagged for Part-of-Speech Information Serguei V. Pakhomov, Anni Coden, Christopher G. ChuteRC23178
3910. Handling and Profiling the Increasingly Large and Complex Memory Allocation Patterns of the 64 Bit Era Ulrich FinklerRC23377
3911. IBM Research and the University of Colorado TREC 2003 Genomics Track Eric W. Brown, Andrew Dolbey, Lawrence HunterRC23056
3912. Parameter Inference of Queueing Models for IT Systems Using End-to-End Measurements Zhen Liu, Laura Wynter, Cathy H. Xia, Fan ZhangRC23175
3913. Approximability of Probability Distributions Alina Beygelzimer, Irina RishRC23173
3914. Real-Time Problem Determination in Distributed Systems Using Active Probing Irina Rish, Mark Brodie, Natalia Odintsova, Sheng Ma, Genady GrabarnikRC23174
3915. Unification in Privacy Policy Evaluation - Translating EPAL into Prolog M. Backes, M. Dürmuth, and G. KarjothRZ3541
3916. Server Scheduling in the Weighted lp Norm Nikhil Bansal, Kirk R. PruhsRC23170
3917. FinFET SRAM for High-Performance Low-Power Applications Rajiv V. Joshi, Richard Q. Williams, Ed Nowak, Keunwoo Kim, Jochen Beintner, T. Ludwig, I. Aller, C. ChuangRC23171
3918. Mining Activity Data for Dynamic Dependency Discovery in e-Business Systems Manoj K. Agarwal, Manish Gupta, Anindya Neogi,Gautam Kar, Anca SailerRI04002
3919. Identifying Important Facets of the Master Polyhedra Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay GünlükRC23169
3920. The AGEDIS Tools for Model Based Testing A. Hartman, K. NaginH-0222
3921. An Authoring Technology for Multi-Device Web Applications G. Banavar, L. Bergman, R. Cardone, V. Chevalier, Y. Gaeremynck, F. Giraud, S. Hirose, M. Hori, F. Kitayama, G. Kondoh, A. Kundu, K. Ono, A. Schade, D. Soroker, K. WinzRC23168
3922. A Cryptographically Sound Dolev-Yao Style Security Proof of the Otway-Rees Protocol Michael BackesRZ3539
3923. Wafer-scale Microdevice Transfer/Interconnect: Its Application in an AFM-based Data-storage System M. Despont, U. Drechsler, R. Yu, H.B. Pogge and P. VettigerRZ3542
3924. The Generic Manageability Library (GeMaL) Y. Arido, Y. Gal, Z. Har'El, A. Orlovsky, B. Rochwerger, M. SilbersteinH-0219
3925. Towards a Comprehensive Taxonomy for Computer-Assisted Collaboration Uri ShaniH-0220
3926. A Novel Cascode Differential Amplifier Y. Bruck, G. Burdo, M. Zelikson, L. BoreyshaH-0221
3927. On the Singularity of Matrices Don Coppersmith, Alan J. HoffmanRC23166
3928. Strained Si-on-Insulator Fabricated from Elastically-Relaxed Si/SiGe Structures P. M. Mooney, G. M. Cohen, H. Chen, J. O. Chu, N. KlymkoRC23165
3929. Throttling Utilities in the IBM DB2 Universal Database Server Suyay Parekh, Kevin Rose, Yixin Diao, Victor Chang, Joseph Hellerstein, Sam Lightstone, Matthew HurasRC23163
3930. Interactive Multimedia Messaging Service Pei Sun, Song Song, Jun Shen, Changjie GuoRC23164
3931. XQuery at Your Web Service Nicola Onose, Jérôme SiméonRC23162
3932. Direct Anonymous Attestation Ernie Brickell, Jan Camenisch, and Liqun ChenRZ3540
3933. Parallelism in a CRC Coprocessor Andreas DöringRZ3555
3934. Semi-Automatic J2EE Transaction Configuration Stephen Fink, Julian Dolby, Logan ColbyRC23326
3935. Support material for: "On Successive Refinement of the Binary Symmetric Markov Source" Luis Lastras, Toby BergerRC23160
3936. A Software Framework for Applying Planning Techniques Biplav SrivastavaRI04001
3937. Arbitrage Pricing of American Contingent Claims in Incomplete Markets -- A Convex Optimization Approach Teemu Pennanen, Alan KingRC23158
3938. Adaptive Server Selection for Large Scale Interactive Online Games Kang-Won Lee, Seraphin B. Calo, Bong-Ju KoRC23157
3939. DMD Measurements and Equalization Simulations for 62.5 and 50 mu m Legacy Mutlimode Fibers at 1300 nm Aleksandar Risteski, Eric Corisch, John Ewen, Jose Tierno, Petar PepeljugoskiRC23156
3940. On a Matrix Inequality and its Application to the Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Systems Chai Wah WuRC23155
3941. Ambipolar Organic Field-Effect Transistor based on an Organic Heterostructure Constance Rost, David J. Gundlach, Siegfried Karg, and Walter RiessRZ3537
3942. Design and Implementation of SIP Network and Client Services for Enabling Collaborative Applications Aameek Singh, Priya Mahadevan, Arup Acharya, Zon-Yin ShaeRC23148
3943. On the Implementation of an Interior-Point Filter Line-Search Algorithm for Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming Andreas Waechter, Lorenz T. BieglerRC23149
3944. Multiparameter Parallel Search Branch Switching Michael E. HendersonRC23150
3945. A Per-Object-Granularity Tracking Mechanism and System for Interactive TV Viewership Estimation and Program Rating in Real-Time Liang-Jie Zhang, Lurng-Kuo Liu, Jen-Yao Chung, James Lipscomb, Qun Zhou, Dong XieRC23154
3946. A Condensation Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Mining Charu C. Aggarwal, Philip S. YuRC23147
3947. An Approach to Benchmarking Configuration Complexity Aaron B. Brown, Joseph L. HellersteinRC23146
3948. Study of Oxidation of Sn-Pb Solders for Microelectronic Applications Sung-il Cho, Jin Yu, Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan ShihRC23141
3949. Controlling Ag3Sn Plate Formation in Near-Ternary-Eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu Solders by Minor Zn Alloying Addition Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan Shih, Donovan Leonard, Donald W. Henderson, Timothy Gosselin, Sung-il Cho, Jin Yu, Won K. ChoiRC23142
3950. Using XSLT to Detect Cycles in a Directed Graph David MarstonRC23144
3951. Supporting Efficient Keyword-Based File Search in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems Lintao Liu, Kyung Dong Ryu, Kang-Won LeeRC23145
3952. Similarity-Based Alignment and Generalization: A New Paradigm for Programming By Demonstration Daniel Oblinger; Vittorio Castelli; Tessa Lau; Lawrence D. BergmanRC23140
3953. The Design and Evaluation of Network RAID Protocols Deepak R. Kenchammana-Hosekote, Richard A. Golding, Claudio Fleiner, Omer A. ZakiRJ10316
3954. An Overiew of Enterprise Risk Management from the Perspective of the Supply Chain Dailun ShiRC23138
3955. Managing Supply Chain Risks with Derivatives Dailun Shi, Richard Daniels, William GreyRC23139
3956. The Impact of Options Trading on Supply Chain Management Dailun Shi, Robert Hampshire, Richard Daniels, William GreyRC23001
3957. Understanding the Molecular Transistors Paul Solomon and Cherie R. KaganRC23137
3958. Isomerization of a Peptide Fragment Studied Theoretically in Vacuum and in Explicit Water Solvent at Fine Temperature Yves A. Mantz, Glenn J. Martyna, Helene Gerard, Radu IftimieRC23136
3959. Cross Channel Optimized Marketing by Reinforcement Learning Naoki Abe, Naval Verma, Chid Apte, Robert SchrokoRC23132
3960. Parameterized Semantic Matchmaking for Workflow Composition Prashant Doshi, Richard T. Goodwin, Rama Akkiraju, Sascha RoederRC23133
3961. Dynamic Workflow Composition Using Markov Decision Processes Prashant Doshi, Richard Goodwin, Rama Akkiraju, Kunal VermaRC23134
3962. One-Hundred Days in an Activity-Centric Collaboration Environment based on Shared Objects Michael J. Muller, Werner Geyer, Beth Brownholtz, Eric Wilcox, and David R. MillenRC23130
3963. Explorations in an Activity-Centric Collaboration Environment Beth Brownholtz, Werner Geyer, Michael J. Muller, Eric Wilcox, David R. MillenRC23131
3964. Semantic Lexicon Construction: Learning from Unlabeled Data via Spectral Analysis Rie Kubota AndoRC23135
3965. P4P: Role-Specific Web Experiences Michael Ströbel, Markus Stolze, and Joy AlgesheimerRZ3536
3966. Designing Remail: Reinventing the Email Client Through Innovation and Integration Bernard Kerr, Eric WilcoxRC23127
3967. An Efficient and Systematic Method to Generate XSLT Stylesheets for Different Wireless Pervasive Devices Thomas Kwok, Thao Nguyen, Linh Lam, 'Kakan RoyRC23129
3968. Multilingual Annotation of a Shallow Ontology of Entities, Events, and Relations Judith G. Hochberg, Nanda Kambhatla, Salim RoukosRC23128
3969. An Algorithm for Finding Invariant Algebraic Curves of a Given Degree for Polynomial Planar Systems Grzegorz SwirszczRC23120
3970. An EM Algorithm for History-Based Statistical Parsers Xiaoqiang Luo, Min Tang, Salim Roukos, Todd WardRC23121
3971. Estimate of Resource Consumption Using Work Index Matrix G. Grabarnik, L. Kozakov, Sheng MaRC23123
3972. Policy-Based Management for Dynamic Surge Protection Seraphin Calo, Steven Froehlich, Maheswaran Surendra, Dinesh Verma, Xiping WangRC23125
3973. A Risk-Driven Approach to Designing Privacy-Enhanced Secure Applications Els Van HerreweghenRZ3535
3974. Broad Energy Distribution of NBTI-Induced Interface States in p-MOSFETs with Ultra-Thin Nitrided Oxide James H. Stathis, Giuseppe La Rosa, Anthony I. ChouRC23114
3975. Learning Procedures for Autonomic Computing Tessa Lau, Daniel Oblinger, Lawrence Bergman, Vittorio Castelli, Corin AndersonRC23115
3976. Programming-by-Demonstration for Behavior-based User Interface Customization Lawrence D. Bergman, Tessa A. Lau, Vittorio Castelli, Daniel OblingerRC23116
3977. Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on Multilevel Linguistic Features Honglei Guo, Jian Min Jiang, Gang Hu, Tong ZhangRC23110
3978. Monitoring Continual Range Queries Philip S. Yu, Kun-Lung Wu, and Shyh-Kwei ChenRC23111
3979. On Detecting Space-Time Clusters Vijay S. IyengarRC23225
3980. Towards an On Demand Services Oriented Architecture: Integrating Business Processes, Application and IT Infrastructure Enablement in Enterprise Computing Environments Catherine H. Crawford, Pau Bate, Luba Cherbakov, Kerrie Holley, Charles TsocanosRC23109
3981. Thermal Impedance Measurements of Junction-Down Mounted Singe-Side Contact Laser Diodes Guy Cohen, Lei Shan, Daniel Kuchta, Bruce Furman, Joanna Rosner, Christian Baks, Jean Trewhella, Y. Tatsuoka, S. Shirai, K. Takagi, T. Aoyagi, E. OmuraRC23108
3982. Merits of Cellwise Model-Based OPC Puneet Gupta, Fook-Luen Heng, Mark LavinRC23107
3983. Taming Pattern and Focus Variation in VLSI Design Fook-Luen Heng, Puneet Gupta, Kafai Lai, Ron Gordon, Jin-Fuw LeeRC23105
3984. Exploiting the Web for Point-in-Time file Sharing Roberto J. Bayardo; Sebastian ThomschkeRJ10334
3985. Motion Estimatino Based on Spatio-Temporal Correlations and Pixel Decimation V. SheininRC23102
3986. Achieving Scalability and Throughput in a Publish/Subscribe System Mark Astley, Joshua Auerbach, Sumeer Bhola, Gerard Buttner, Marc Kaplan, Kevan Miller, Robert Saccone, Jr., Robert Strom, Daniel C. Sturman, Michael J. Ward, Yuanyuan ZhaoRC23103
3987. Making the Most of It: Pathway Reconstruction and Integrative Simulation Using the Data at Hand J. Jeremy Rice, Gustavo StolovitzkyRC23104
3988. A Method for Using Mathematical Optimization to Allocate and Reallocate Geographically Distributed, Reconfigureable Resources with Spatial Considerations and Time Windows John A. Tomlin, Mary E. Helander, Brenda L. Dietrich, J. P. Fasano, Baruch M. SchieberRJ10301
3989. Evaluation of Thermal Fatigue Life and Failure Mechanisms of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Joints with Reduced Ag Contents Sung K. Kang, Paul A. Lauro, Da-Yuan Shih, Donald Henderson, Timothy Gosselin, Jay Bartelo, Steve R. Cain, Charles Goldsmith, Karl J. Puttlitz, Tae-Kyung HwangRC23100
3990. Analysis of Task Assignment with Cycle Stealing under Central Queue Mor Harchol-Balter, Cuihong Li, Takayuki Osogami, Alan Scheller-Wolf, Mark S. SquillanteRC23098
3991. Structural and Surface Potential Characterization of Annealed HfO2 and (HfO2)x(SiO2)1-x Films R. Ludeke, E. GusevRC23099
3992. On Cayley's Formula for Counting Trees in Nested Interval Graphs Don Coppersmith, Zvi LotkerRC23118
3993. Overlapping Memory Operations with Circuit Evaluation in Reconfigurable Computing Yosi Ben-Asher, Daniel Citron, Gadi HaberH-0218
3994. Cycle Stealing under Immediate Dispatch Task Assignment Mor Harchol-Balter, Cuihong Li, Takayuki Osogami, Alan Scheller-Wolf, Mark S. SquillanteRC23093
3995. Optimal Control of Web Hosting Systems under Service Level Agreements Alan J. King, Mark S. SquillanteRC23094
3996. Service Level Agreements for Web Hosting Systems Alan J. King, Mark S. SquillanteRC23095
3997. Analysis and Control of Correlated Web Server Queues Soumyadip Ghosh, Mark S. SquillanteRC23097
3998. ABA Prevention Using Single-Word Instructions Maged M. MichaelRC23089
3999. Extraction of er(f) and tan d(f) for Printed Circuit Board Insulators up to 30 GHz Using the Short-Pulse Propagation Technique A. Deutsch, T.-M. Winkel, G. V. Kopcsay, C. W. Surovic, B. J. Rubin, G. A. Katopis, B. J. Chamberlin, R. S. KrabbenhoftRC23090
4000. Profiling and Tracing OpenMP Applications with POMP Based Monitoring Libraries Luiz DeRose, Bernd Mohr, Seetharami SeelamRC23091
4001. Web Services QoS: External SLAs and Internal Policies Or: How Do We Deliver What We Promise? Heiko LudwigRC23092
4002. Parameterization of Triangle Meshes over Quadrilateral Domains Ionana Boier-Martin, Holly Rushmeier, Jingyi JinRC23083
4003. ToBI Prosodic Analysis of a Professional Speaker of American English John F. PitrelliRC23086
4004. Policy-basiertes Management: State-of-the-Art und zukünftige Fragenstellungen Alexander Keller, Heiko LudwigRC23087
4005. Liquid-Crystal Displays for Medical Imaging: A Discussion of Monochrome versus Color Steven L. Wright, Ehsan SameiRC23085
4006. Visualizing Costs of Customer Service Strategies Donna Gresh, Eugene KeltonRC23084
4007. Surface Potential and Morphology Issues of Annealed (HfO2)x(SiO2)1-x Gate Oxides R. Ludeke, P. Lysaght, E. Cartier, E. Gusev, M. Chudzik, B. Foran, G. BersukerRC23081
4008. The ZRL High-Speed Wireless LAN Testbed: OFDM Physical Layer Architecture and Implementation Simeon Furrer, Jens Jelitto, Wolfgang Schott, and Beat Weiss RZ3534
4009. On Networking Multithreaded Processor Design: Hardware Thread Prioritization Andreas Doering, Maria GabraniRZ3531
4010. Fault-Aware Job Scheduling for BlueGene/L Systems A. J. Oliner, R. K. Sahoo, J. E. Moreira, M. Gupta, A. SivasubramaniamRC23077
4011. Charge Trapping in SiO2/HfO2 Dual Layer Gate Stacks E. Cartier, A. Kerber, L. PantisanoRC23080
4012. A Toolkit for Policy Enablement in Autonomic Computing Dinesh C. Verma, Seraphin B. CaloRC23076
4013. A Gradiometer-Based Superconducting Flux Qubit D. M. Newns, G. J. Martyna, C. C. Tsuei, R. H. KochRC23075
4014. Strain Relaxation and Threading Dislocation Density in Helium-Implanted and Annealed Si1-xGex/Si (100) Heterostructures J. Cai, P. M. Mooney, S. H. Christiansen, H. Chen, J. O. Chu, J. A. OttRC23074
4015. A Computational Study of the Kemeny Rule for Preference Aggregation Andrew Davenport, Jayant KalagnanamRC23096
4016. Minimizing Makespan in No-Wait Job Shops Nikhil Bensal, Mohammad Mahdian, Maxim SviridenkoRC23070
4017. Video Coding for Decoding Power Constrained Embedded Devices Ligang Lu, Vadim ScheininRC23071
4018. Molecular Dynamics Investigation of the Structural Properties of Phosphatidylethanolamine Lipid Bilayers Michael C. Pitman, Frank Suits, Scott E. FellerRC23072
4019. Incorporating Cost of Control into the Design of a Load Balancing Controller Yixin Diao, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Adam J. Storm, Maheswaran Surendra, Sam Lightstone, Sujay Parekh, Christian Garcia-ArellanoRC23230
4020. Linking Workflow with Web Front End Christian HörtnaglRZ3530
4021. A Federated Peer-to-Peer Network Game Architecture Sean Rooney, Daniel Bauer, Rudy DeydierRZ3528
4022. Focused Named Entity Recogntion Using Machine Learning Li Zhang, Yue Pan, Tong ZhangRC23066
4023. 120 Gb/s VCSEL-Based Parallel Optical Interconnect and Custom 120 Gb/s Testing Station Daniel Kuchta, Young Kwark, Christian Schuster, Christian Baks, Chuck Haymes, Jeremy Schaub, Petar Pepeljugoski, Lei Shan, Richard John, Daniel Kucharski, Dennis Rogers, Mark Ritter, Jack Jewell, Luke Graham, Karl Schrödinger, Alexander Schild, Hans-Martin ReinRC23067
4024. Designing Anonymous Applications with Accountability Using idemix Anonymous Credentials Els Van HerreweghenRZ3526
4025. Trends in Access Control Thomas Gross and Anthony MoranRZ3529
4026. A C-Band Monolithic Silicon-Bipolar Low-Power Low-IF WLAN Receiver Corrado Carta, Martin Schmatz, Rolf Vogt and Werner BaechtoldRZ3532
4027. The Fluid Computing Middleware: Bringing Application Fluidity to the Mobile Internet Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Yann Duponchel, Marcel Graf, Michael MoserRZ3533
4028. MEMPOWER: A Simple Memory Power Analysis Tool Set Freeman RawsonRC23068
4029. Supporting Isolation for Fault and Power Management with Fully Virtualized Memory Systems Freeman RawsonRC23069
4030. On Integrating Salt Motion in Basin Modeling: An Hybrid Approach for Goal-Oriented Salt Flow Ulisses T. Mello, Sebastião C. A. Pereira, Jorge M. de Mendonça, José R. P. RodriguesRC23065
4031. Design and Implementation of a TCG-Based Integrity Measurement Architecture Reiner Sailer, Xiaolan Zhang, Trent Jaeger, Leendert Van DoornRC23064
4032. Policy-Based Validation of SAN Configuration Dakshi, Agrawal, James Giles, Kang-Won Lee, Kaladhar Voruganti, Khalid Filali-AdibRC23061
4033. Shingle-Based Query Indexing for Location-Based Mobile E-Commerce Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. YuRC23062
4034. Efficient Interval Indexing for Content-Based Subscription E-Commerce and Services Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. Yu, Mark MeiRC23063
4035. Discovery of Protein-Protein Interactions Using a Combination of Proximity and Linguistic Information James W. CooperRC23060
4036. Optimized External Scheduling for Fair Service Discrimination Asser N. TantawiRC23059
4037. Jitter Measurements of High-Speed Serial Links Marcel A. Kossel and Martin L. SchmatzRZ3524
4038. Nonlinear Mechanical Coupling of Harmonic Oscillators Applied for a Vibrational AND Function U. Dürig, O. Züger, A. Knoll, P. Vettiger, and G. BinnigRZ3525
4039. Birefringence Control and Manipulation in SiliconOxyNitride Folkert Horst, Bert Offrein, Roger Dangel, Dorothea Wiesmann, Ton Koster, and Gian-Luca BonaRZ3549
4040. A Low-Voltage Swing Latch for Reduced Power Dissipation in High-Frequency Microprocessors Pong-Fei Lu, Leon Sigal, Nianzheng Cao, Pieter Woltgens, R. Robertazzi, D. HeidelRC23054
4041. Inequalities for Differentiable Functions with Application to Some Statistical Problems Dimitri KanevskyRC23055
4042. High Resolution DMD Measurement Set-up for 850-nm Laser-Optimised Graded Index Multimode Optical Fibres Characterisation: A Comparison F. J. Achten, T. Boone, P. Pepeljugoski, C. Brokke, P. PleunisRC23050
4043. Optimized Laser Launch Conditions in 10 Gb/s Links Using Next Generation Multimode Fibers Aleksandar Risteski, Petar Pepeljugoski, Boris SpasenovskiRC23051
4044. SLA Based Profit Optimization in Web Systems Li Zhang, Danilo ArdagnaRC23052
4045. View-in-Context Aravind Kalaiah, Holly Rushmeier, Fausto BernardiniRC23053
4046. Demonstration of Thermomechanical Recording at 641 Gbit/ Haris Pozidis, Walter Haeberle, Dorothea W. Wiesmann, Ute Drechsler, Michel Despont, Tom Albrecht and Evangelos S. EleftheriouRZ3522
4047. Polarization-Independent Thermooptic Phase Shifters in Silion-Oxynitride Waveguides B.J. Offrein, D. Jubin, T. Koster, T. Brunschwiler, F. Horst, D. Wiesmann, I. Meijer, M. Sousa Petit, D. Webb, R. Germann and G.L. BonaRZ3523
4048. A Novel Cascode Differential Amplifier Y. Bruck, G. Burdo, M. Zelikson, L. BoreyshaH-0217
4049. Evaluation of CMOS Gate Metal Materials Using In Situ Characterization Techniques C. Cabral, Jr., C. Lavoie, A. S. Ozcan, R. S. Amos, V. Narayanan, E. P. Gusev, J. L. Jordan-Sweet, J. M. E. HarperRC23046
4050. RAMP: A Model for Reliability Aware MicroProcessor Design Jayanth Srinivasan, Sarita V. Adve, Pardip Bose, Jude Rivers, Chao-Kun HuRC23048
4051. Effects of Radiation and Charge Trapping on the Reliability of High-K Gate Dielectrics J. A. Felix, J. R. Schwank, D. M. Fleetwood, M. R. Shaneyfelt, E. P. GusevRC23049
4052. The Impact of Technology Scaling on Processor Lifetime Reliability Jayanth Srinivasan, Sarita V. Adve, Pradip Bose, Jude RiversRC23047
4053. Kernel-Level Caching of Dynamic HTTP Content from Many Sources Jason LaVoie, John M. TraceyRC23044
4054. Indexing Continual Range Queries for Location-Aware Mobile Services Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. YuRC23045
4055. Overlay Multicast Trees of Minimal Delay Anton Riabov, Zhen Liu, Li ZhangRC23043
4056. An Online, Business-Oriented Optimization of Performance and Availability for Utility Computing Joseph Hellerstein, Kaan Katircioglu, Maheswaran SurendraRC23325
4057. The Role of E-Marketplaces in Relationship-Based Supply Chains William Grey, Thomas Olavson, Dailun ShiRC23041
4058. Redundancy Elimination within Large Collections of Files Purushottam Kulkarni, Fred Douglis, Jason LaVoie, John M. TraceyRC23042
4059. The Phase Shift Detection Problem is Non-Monotonic Michael Hind, V. T. Rajan, Peter F. SweeneyRC23058
4060. Improved Local Search Algorithm for Universal Facility Location Vinayaka Dattatraya Pandit, Naveen Garg, Rohit Khandekar, Amit KumarRI03014
4061. SIGIR 2003 Workshop on Text Analysis and Search for Bioinformatics Eric W. Brown, William Hersh, Alfonso ValenciaRC23040
4062. A Survey of Adaptive Optimization in Virtual Machines Matthew Arnold, Stephen Fink, David Grove, Michael Hind, Peter F. SweeneyRC23143
4063. Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization in Circuit Tuning Andreas Wächter, Chandu Visweswariah, Andrew R. ConnRC23032
4064. Line Search Filter Methods for Nonlinear Programming: Local Convergence Andreas Wächter, Lorenz T. BieglerRC23033
4065. A Product-Form Cholesky Factorization Method for Handling Dense Columns in Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming D. Goldfarb, K. ScheinbergRC23034
4066. Customization of Java Library Classes Using Type Constraints and Profile Information Bjorn De Sutter, Frank Tip, Julian DolbyRC23037
4067. Numerically Stable Product-Form Cholesky (LDLT) Factorization Based Implementations of Interior Point Methods for Second-Order Cone Programming D. Goldfarb, K. ScheinbergRC23035
4068. A Graph Based Simplex Method for the Integer Minimum Perturbation Problem with Sum and Difference Constraints Alexey Y. Lvov, Fook-Luen HengRC23031
4069. Crystallinity and Wet Etch Behavior of HfO2 Films Grown by MOCVD Katherine L. Saenger, Cyril Cabral, Jr., Paul C. Jamison, Edward Preisler, Andrew J. KellockRC23030
4070. Object Store Based SAN File Systems J. Satran, A. TepermanH-0214
4071. Visual Roation Detection and Estimation for Mobile Robot Navigation Matthew E. Albert, Jonathan H. ConnellRC23029
4072. Power Performance Tradeoffs in Design for SoCs Victor Zyuban, Philip StrenskiRC23026
4073. Design Methodology for Low Power High Performance Semi Custom Processor Cores V. Zyuban, S. Asaad, T. Fox, A. Haen, D. Littrell, J. MorenoRC23027
4074. Perfect Competition in a Bilateral Monopoly Pradeep Dubey and Dieter SondermannRI03013
4075. Domain Walls, Bloch-Line Vortices, and Their Resonances Imaged in Garnet Films Using Cotton-Mouton Magneto-Optics Bernell E. ArgyleRC23024
4076. Reliability in Large-Capacity Bandwidth-Limited Storage Systems Ami Tavory, Valdimir Dreizin, Shmuel Gal, Meir FederH-0211
4077. Hierarchical Storage-Reliability and Object-Based Storage Ami Tavory, Vladimir Dreizin, Shmuel Gal, Meir FederH-0213
4078. Topical Document Clustering Rie Kubota AndoRC23023
4079. Verifying Safety Properties Using Separation and Heterogeneous Abstractions Eran Yahav, G. RamalingamRC23022
4080. Design and Analysis of the BlueGene/L Torus Interconnection Network M. Blumrich, D. Chen, P. Coteus, A. Gara, M. Giampapa, P. Heidelberger, S. Singh, B. Steinmacher-Burow, T. Takken, P. VranasRC23025
4081. Describing Protein Folding Kinetics by Molecular Dynamics Simulations: I. Theory William C. Swope, Jed W. Pitera, Frank SuitsRJ10312
4082. Describing Protein Folding Kinetics by Molecular Dynamics Simulations: II. Application to a beta-Hairpin Peptide William C. Swope, Jed W. Pitera, Frank Suits, Mike Pitman, Maria Eleftheriou, Blake G. Fitch, Robert S. Germain, Aleksandr Rayshubski, T. J. C. Ward, Yuriy Zhestkov, Ruhong ZhouRJ10313
4083. Development of an Improved Four-Site Water Model for Bio-Molecular Simulations: TIP4P-Ew Hans W. Horn, William C. Swope, Jed W. Pitera, Jeffry D. Madura, Thomas J. Dick, Greg L. Hura, Teresa Head-GordonRJ10314
4084. Effects of Nitridation on the Characteristics of Silicon Dioxide: Dielectric and Structural Properties from ab initio Calculations Dominik Fischer, Alessandro Curioni, Salomon Billeter, and Wanda AndreoniRZ3517
4085. Transport Layer Protocol Support for Large Federated Peer-to-Peer Games Sean Rooney, Rudy Deydier and Daniel BauerRZ3521
4086. Winter Forecase Performance of an Operations Mesoscale Modelling System in the Northeast U.S. -- Winter 2002-2003 Anthony P. Praino, Lloyd A. TreinishRC23073
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4119. Using Surveys to Understand the Present and Predict the Future Aliza Heching, Ying Tat LeungRC22987
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4262. The assessment of on-chip wire-length distribution models Mary Yvonne Wisniewski, Giovanni Fiorenza, Rick A. RandRC22853
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4264. THREAD ARCS: An Email Thread Visualization Bernard J. KerrRC22850
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4280. The MetaPad: A Disembodied Computer Kenneth B. Ocheltree, James R. Moulic, Robert S. Olyha JrRC22842
4281. Approximating Rate - Based work Conserving Schedulers with limited state buffer Management Rahul Garg Abhinav KamraRI03009
4282. Implementing flexible Data Collection and Aggregation for Performance Management with the CIM Metrics Model Alexander Keller, Oliver Benke, Markus Debusmann, Andreas Koeppel, Heather M. Kreger, Andreas R Maier, Karl Schopmeyer RC22840
4283. Minimizing Migrations in Fair Multiprocessor Scheduling of Persistent Tasks Tracy Kimbrel, Baruch Schieber, Maxim SviridenkoRC22965
4284. Efficient Programmable Middleboxes for Scaling Large Distributed Applications Sean Rooney, Daniel Bauer, Paolo ScottonRZ3519
4285. Adaptive Resource Management and Workload Scheduling for a Peer Grid Vijak K. Naik, Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, Sriram KrishnanRC22839
4286. A Survey of Methods and Algorithms for mining of Web Access Logs Ravi Kothari, Parul MittalRI03007
4287. Descending Price Multi-items Auctions Rahul Garg, Debasis MishraRI03008
4288. Lock Free File System (LFFS) Edya Ladan, Ohad Rodeh, Dan TouitouH-0177
4289. Stable Ergodicity Charles Pugh, Michael ShubRC22837
4290. Parsimonious Binary-Encoding In Integer Programming Jon Lee, Don CoppersmithRC22838
4291. "Dressed-atom" lasers in symbiotic stars Peter P. Sorokin, James H. GlowniaRC22835
4292. Understanding the variation of the electrostatic potential along a biased molecular wire Norton D. Lang, Phaedon AvourisRC22836
4293. Dynamic Replica Management in Distributed Hash Tables Marcel Waldvogel, Paul Hurley and Daniel BauerRZ3502
4294. Security Analysis of the SAML Single Sign-on Browser/Artifact Profile Thomas GrossRZ3501
4295. Quickest Flows Over Time Lisa K. Fleischer, Martin SkutellaRC22833
4296. Approximately Optimal Control of Fluid Networks Lisa K. Fleischer, Jay SethuramanRC22834
4297. Communication Architectures for Massive Multi-Player Games Daniel Bauer, Ilias Iliadis, Sean Rooney, and Paolo ScottonRZ3500
4298. Latent Variable Models for Misclassified Polytomous Outcome Variables Jens C. Eickhoff, Yasuo AmemiyaRC22954
4299. An Implementation of the POMP Performance Monitoring Interface for OpenMP Based on Dynamic Probes Luiz DeRose, Bernd Mohr, Seetharami SeelamRC22831
4300. Autonomic Computing Features for Large-Scale Server Management and Control Ramendra K. Sahoo, Irina Rish, A.J. Oliner, Manish Gupta, Jose E. Moreira, Sheng Ma, Ricardo Vilalta, A. SivasubramaniamRC22830
4301. Scaling MOSFETs to the limit: A physicist's perspective Massimo V. FischettiRC22828
4302. Transport and exchange of hydrogen isotopes in silicon device-related stacks Cristiano Krug, Evgeni Gousev, Eduard Cartier, Theodore H. ZabelRC22829
4303. Synchronization Analysis for Decentralizing Composite Web Services Mangala Gowri Nanda, Neeran KarnikRI03005
4304. On the Optimal Assignment of Streams in Server Rahul Garg, Perwez Shahabuddin, Akshat VermaRI03004
4305. Decentralizing Composite Web Services. Mangala Gowri Nanda, Satish ChandraRI03006
4306. Extraction of eps(f) and tand(f) for BT Insulator up to 30 GHz Using the Short-Pulse Propagation Technique Thomas-Michael Winkel, Gerard V. Kopcsay, Christopher W. Surovic, Barry J. Rubin, George A. Katopis, Bruce J. Chamberlin, Alina DeutschRC22827
4307. Resequencing Worst-Case Analysis for Parallel Buffered Packet Switches Ilias Iliadis and Wolfgang E. DenzelRZ3499
4308. Reduced-Complexity Decoding of LDPC Codes J. Chen, A. Dholakia, E. Eleftheriou, M. Fossorier, and X.--Y. HuRZ3498
4309. Harmony: A Desktop Grid for Delivering Enterprise Computations Vijay K. Naik, Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, David F. Bantz, Sriram KrishnanRC22832
4310. Suppression of Spin Diffusion near a Micron-size Ferromagnet R. Budakian, H. J. Mamin, D. RugarRJ10295
4311. Insights on the Performance of Cache Management Policies for Fragment-Assembling Caches Daniela Rosu, Xindian LongRC22826
4312. A Comprehensive Toolset for Workload Characterization, Performance Modeling and On-line Control Li Zhang, Zhen Liu, Anton Riabov, Monty Schulman, Honghui Xia, Fan ZhangRC22824
4313. Leakage and Leakage Sensitivity Computation for Combinational Circuits Emrah Acar, Anirudh Devgan, Rahul Rao, Ying Liu, Haihua Su, Sani R. Nassif, Jeffrey L. BurnsRC22825
4314. Efficiently Serving Dynamic Data at Highly Accessed Web Sites James R. Challenger, Paul M. Dantzig, Arun K. Iyengar, Mark S. Squillante, Li ZhangRC22823
4315. Manageability Services for Linux Resources Ching-Farn E. Wu, Hariharan Balakrishnan, Biju T. Maniampadavathu, William P. HornRC22821
4316. Hybrid Model for VoIP Embedded Application Zon-Yin Shae, Xiping WangRC22822
4318. Probing Depth of UV Photoemission Electron Microscopy G.K.L. Marx, P.-O. Jubert, A. Bischof, and R. AllenspachRZ3494
4319. Understanding Common-Mode Noise on Wide Data-Buses Alina Deutsch, Howard H. Smith, Gerard V. Kopcsay, Byron L. Krauter, Christopher W. Surovic, Ibrahim M. Elfadel, David J. WidigerRC22818
4320. Active Probing Mark A. Brodie, Irina Rish, Sheng Ma, Genady Grabarnik, NATALIA V. ODINTSOVARC22817
4321. Developers and Evaluators in Composite Evaluations Need Full Information Paul A. Karger, Helmut KurthRC22816
4322. Privacy preserving data mining: a signal processing perspective and a simple data perturbation protocol Chai Wah WuRC22815
4323. A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Production Planning in the Fabrication/Fulfillment Manufacturing Process Heng Cao, Haifeng Xi, Stephen F. SmithRC23003
4324. A Deployer's Problem: Configuring Application Servers for Optimum Performance Mukund Raghavachari, Darrell Reimer, Robert D. JohnsonRC22814
4325. Candidate Technologies for Next-Generation Wireless Access Systems Pedro Coronel and Wolfgang SchottRZ3497
4326. An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Minimum Latency Problem Aaron Archer, Asaf Levin, David P. WilliamsonRJ10294
4327. The Effects of Nonsymmetric Matrix Permutations and Scalings in Semiconductor Device and Circuit Simulation Olaf Schenk, Stefan Rollin, Anshul GuptaRC22811
4328. Blue Matter, An Application Framework for Molecular Simulation on Blue Gene Blake G. Fitch, Robert S. Germain, Mark Mendell, Jed W. Pitera, Mike C. Pitman, Aleksandr Rayshubski, Yuk Sham, Frank Suits, William C. Swope, T. J. C. Ward, Yuriy Zhestkov, Ruhong ZhouRC22683
4329. Function of Social Browsing in Integration into a Workplace Catalina M. Danis, Alison Lee, Unmil KaradkarRC22807
4331. Calibrated Option Bounds Alan J. King, Matti Koivu, Teemu PennanenRC22810
4332. A Unified Framework for Digital Halftoning and Dither Mask Construction: Variations on a Theme and Implementation Issues Chai Wah Wu, Gerhard R. Thompson, Mikel J. StanichRC22849
4333. Designing Private Line Networks Oktay Gunluk, Beate Brockmuller, Lawrence WolseyRC22808
4334. An Information Model for Metering and Accounting Vikas Agarwal, Neeran Karnik, Arun KumarRI03003
4335. Unifying Simulatability Definitions in Cryptographic Systems under Different Timing Assumptions Michael BackesRZ3478
4336. Achieving Scalable and Efficient Video-on-Demand Over Multicast Ramaprabhu Janakiraman, Marcel Waldvogel, Wei Deng and Lihao XuRZ3495
4337. Establishing Trust in Distributed Storage Providers Germano Caronni and Marcel WaldvogelRZ3496
4338. Web Services on Mobile Devices - Implementation and Experience Stefan Berger, Herbert S. McFaddin, Chandrasekhar Narayanaswami, Mandayam T. RaghunathRC22805
4339. A Volumetric FFT for Blue Gene/L Maria Eleftheriou, Jose E. Moreira, Blake G. Fitch, Robert S. GermainRC22806
4340. A Volumetric FFT for BlueGene/L Maria Eleftheriou, Jose E. Moreira, Blake G. Fitch, Robert S. GermainRC22806
4341. Process Data Store: A Real-Time Data Store for Monitoring Business Processes Josef Schiefer, Beate List, Robert M. BrucknerRC22904
4342. Obtaining Hardware Performance Metrics for the BlueGene/L Supercomputer Pedro Mindlin, José R. Brunheroto, Luiz Derose, José E. MoreiraRC22804
4343. A Peer to Peer System for Data Management Dinesh VermaRC22803
4344. Hyper-Q Learning of Mixed Strategies in Multi-Player Normal Form Games Gerald J. TesauroRC22801
4345. Compatibility Analysis of WSLA Service Level Objectives Weilai Yang, Heiko Ludwig, Asit DanRC22800
4346. Linear Phase Transition in Random Linear Constraint Satisfaction Problems David P. GamarnikRC22802
4347. Does Circulation in Individual Current States Survive in the Total Current Density? Steven E. Laux, Arvind Kumar, Massimo V. FischettiRC22798
4348. BAC: A BCP based Branch-and-Cut Example FRANCOIS MARGOTRC22799
4349. PURPLE: Predictive Active Queue Management Utilizing Congestion Information Roman Pletka, Marcel Waldvogel and Soenke MannalRZ3489
4350. Active Queue Management for Fair Bandwidth Allocation of Mixed Responsive and Non-Responsive Traffic Using a Closed-Loop Congestion Control Scheme Roman Pletka, Andreas Kind, Marcel Waldvogel and Soenke MannalRZ3490
4351. The Performance of Measurement-Based Routing on Overlay Networks Ilias Iliadis, Daniel Bauer, Sean Rooney, Paolo Scotton, and Sonja BucheggerRZ3492
4352. Single SiGe transistor power output limits at frequencies greater than 31 GHz based upon published journal data and theoretical approximations. Ullrich Pfeiffer, Brian P. Gaucher, Modest M. Oprysko, Mehmet SoyuerRC22797
4353. High-Density 3D Interconnect: Merging VLSI-CMOS and VLSI-MEMS Technologies M. Despont, U. Drechsler, R. Yu, M. Geissler, E. Delamarche, H.B. Pogge and P. VettigerRZ3491
4354. A Fine-grained Evaluation Framework for Machine Translation System Development Nelson CorreaRC22796
4355. Ag3Sn Plate Formation in the Solidification of Near Ternary Eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu (Report title: Study of Ag3Sn Plate Formation in the Solidification of Near Ternary Eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu Alloys) Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan Shih, Donald W. Henderson, Timothy A. Gosselin, Charles C. Goldsmith, Karl J. Puttlitz, Amit Sarkhel, Won Kyoung ChoiRC22795
4356. A Hybrid Approach to Deriving Selectional Preferences Arendse Bernth, Michael C. McCordRC22793
4357. ISCSI Performance and Architecture and Comparison to Other Network Protocols Jai Menon, Carlos FuenteRJ10293
4358. Growth and Characterization of Al2O3:HfO2 Nanolaminate Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Christopher P. D'Emic, Evgeni Gousev, Matthew Copel, Joseph S. Newbury, Harold J. Hovel, Paul M. Kozlowski, John Bruley, Richard J. MurphyRC22791
4359. Authenticating Mandatory Access Controls and Preserving Privacy for a High-Assurance Smart Card Helmut Scherzer, Ran Canetti, Paul A. Karger, HUGO KRAWCZYK, Tal D. Rabin, David C. TollRC22792
4360. Correlated Populations with Fixed and Non-normal Latent Variables Savas Papadopoulos, Yasuo AmemiyaRC22955
4361. A new approach to data storage using localized structures Pierre Coullet, Christophe Riera, Charles P. TresserRC22787
4362. Erratum to Stable ergodicity and julienne quasi-conformality, J.Eur. Math.Soc. 2, 1-52 Charles Pugh, Michael Shub, Alexander StarkovRC22790
4363. Advances in Lexical Navigation James W. CooperRC22789
4364. Perturbation of coupling matrices and its effect on the synchronizability in arrays of coupled chaotic systems Chai Wah WuRC22788
4365. A Practical Web-based SAP Integration Using Enterprise Application Integration Software Shiwa S. Fu, Shyhkwei Chen, Yew Huey Liu, Jih Shyr YihRC22785
4366. Precedence-Inclusion Patterns and Relational Learning Frank J. OlesRC22786
4367. Organizing Pattern Libraries for ASIP Design Gero DittmannRZ3488
4368. Server-Centric P3P Rakesh Agrawal, Jerry Kiernan, Ramakrishnan Srikant, Yirong XuRJ10291
4369. Line Search Filter Methods for Nonlinear Programming: Motivation and Global Convergence Andreas Wächter, Lorenz T. BieglerRC23036
4370. Local Search Heuristics for Budget Constrained K-Median Problem. Vinayaka Pandit, Naveen Garg, Rohit Khandekar. RI03002
4371. Making Multimedia Meeting Records More Meaningful Werner Geyer, Heather Richter, Gregory AbowdRC22780
4372. A Practical Approach to Location Privacy in Public WiFi Networks M. T. Raghunath, Chandrasekhar NarayanaswamiRC22781
4373. Integrated Analysis of Power and Performance for Pipelined Microprocessors Pradip Bose, David M. Brooks, Philip G. Emma, Michael K. Gschwind, Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan, Philip N. Strenski, Victor ZyubanRC22913
4374. Intelligent Information Navigation in Conversation Systems Shimei Pan, Rosario A. Uceda-SosaRC22779
4375. Random MAX SAT, Random MAX CUT, and Their Phase Transitions Don Coppersmith, David P. Gamarnik, Mohammad Hajiaghayi,Gregory B. SorkinRC22778
4376. IT Level Simulation of Business Processes Bala Ramachandran, Steve Buckley, Akio Koide, Young M. Lee, Te-Kai LiuRC23039
4377. On the Extraction of Thematic and Dramatic Functions of Content in Educational Videos Dinh Phung, Svetha Venkatesh, Chitra DoraiRC22776
4378. Polyhedral Sampling for Multiattribute Preference Elicitation S Ghosh, Jayant R. KalagnanamRC22774
4379. Arithmetic Reasoning for Static Analysis of Software Daniel Brand, Florian KrohmRC22905
4380. On the curvature of the central path of linear programming theory Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Michael ShubRC22772
4381. Position paper: Collecting and validating stories from and with end-users. Michael MullerRC22773
4382. The Physics of Computer Components Mary Yvonne Y. Wisniewski, Richard N. LouieRC22767
4383. Providing a Linux API on the Scalable K42 Kernel Jonathan Appavoo, Marc Auslander, Dilma Da Silva, David Edelsohn, Orran Krieger, Michal Ostrowski, Bryan Rosenburg, Robert W. Wisniewski, Jimi XenidisRC22766
4384. Oxide Breakdown Model and Its Impact on SRAM Cell Functionality R. Rodriguez, R. V. Joshi, J. H. Stathis, C. T. ChuangRC22768
4385. Patterns Based on Multiple Interacting Partial Orders Frank J. OlesRC22770
4386. Breakdown Transients in Ultra-Thin Gate Oxides. Transition in the Degradation Rate S. Lombardo, J. H. Stathis, B. P. LinderRC22769
4387. Simple Obligation and Right Model (SORM) - for the Runtime Management of Electronic Service Contracts Heiko Ludwig, Markus StolzeRC22765
4388. Epi-SPIRE: A System for Environmental and Public Health Activity Monitoring Chung-Sheng Li, Charu Aggrarwal, Murray Campbell, Yuan-Chi Chang, Gregory Glass*, Vijay Iyengar, Mahesh Joshi, Ching-Yung Lin, Milind Naphade, John R. Smith, Belle Tseng, Min Wang, Kung-Lung Wu, Philip YuRC22764
4389. Inventory Management in High-Technology Value Chains Markus Ettl, Feng Cheng, Grace Y. Lin, David D. YaoRC22762
4390. Characterization of Si/SiGe Heterostructures for Strained Si CMOS Patricia M. Mooney, Steven J. Koester, Harold J. Hovel, Jack O. Chu, Kevin K. Chan, Jean L. Sweet, John A. Ott, N. KlymcoRC22763
4391. Unified Solution for Procurement Integration and B2B Stores Trieu C. Chieu, Shiwa S. Fu, Florian Pinel, Jih Shyr YihRC22760
4392. A VM Infrastructure for Understanding the Hardware Performance of Java Applications Peter F. Sweeney, Brendon Cahoon, Perry Cheng, David P. Grove, Michael J. HindRC22794
4393. An Embedded System for an Eye Detection Sensor Lior Zimet, Sean Kao, Arnon Amir, Alberto Sangiovanni-VincentelliRJ10289
4394. A Case for Service Differentiation in SANs Khalil S. Amiri, Kang-Won LeeRC22757
4395. Individualized Privacy Policy Based Access Control Kathryn A. Bohrer, Stephen E. Levy, Xuan Liu, Edith G. SchonbergRC22756
4396. An Empirical Evaluation of Wide-Area Internet Bottlenecks Aditya Akella, Srinivasan Seshan, Anees A. ShaikhRC22753
4397. Block Copolymer Surface Reconstruction: A Reversible Route to Nanoporous Films Ting Xu, Jodi Stevens, JulieAnn VIlla, James Goldbach, Kathryn Wilder Guarini, Charles Black, Craig J. Hawker, Thomas RussellRC22751
4398. 120Gb/s VCSEL based Parallel Optical Transmitter and Custom 120Gb/s Testing Station Daniel M. Kuchta, Young Kwark, Christian Schuster, Christian W. Baks, Charles L. Haymes, Jeremy D. Schaub, Petar K. Pepeljugoski, Jack Jewell, Luke Graham, Daniel KucharskiRC22752
4399. Effects of Mechanical Deformation and Annealing on the Microstructure and Hardness of Pb-Free Solders Paul A. Lauro, Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan Shih, Won Kyoung ChoiRC22750
4400. Digital Iamge Acquisition and Continuous Zoom Display from Multiple-Resolution Views Using Heterogeneous Image Pyramids Belle L. TsengRC22747
4401. Improved Text Overlay Detection in Videos using a Fusion-Based Classifier Belle L. Tseng, Ching-Yung Lin, Dongqing Zhang, John R. SmithRC22748
4402. An Improved Upper Bound for the TSP in 3-Connected Cubic Graphs Maxim I. Sviridenko, D. Gamarnik, M. LewensteinRC22745
4403. Note on Permutation Flow Shop Problem Maxim I. SviridenkoRC22746
4404. HotRod: An Autonomic System for Dynamic Surge Protection Edwin R. Lassettre, Joseph L Hellerstein, Maheswaran Surendra, David W. Coleman, Yixin Diao, Steven E. Froehlich, Lawrence S. Hsiung, Todd W. Mummert, Mukund Raghavachari, Geoffrey K. Parker, Lance Russell, Veronica P. Tseng, Noshir C. Wadia, Peng YeRC22743
4405. Towards Enterprise-Scale Ontology Management Juhnyoung Lee, Richard T. Goodwin, Rama K. Akkiraju, Yiming YeRC22744
4406. Flexibility of Expressiveness in Concept Maps: Bridging the Gap from State of the Art to State of the Practice Sherman R. AlpertRC22742
4407. Experimental Tests of the Somatic Marker Hypothesis Jonathan W. Leland, Jordan GrafmanRC22741
4408. Modeling Document Taxonomies Scott Spangler, Jeffrey Kreulen, Justin Lessler, David E. JohnsonRJ10288
4409. MindFrames: A Visual Environment for Semantically-Oriented Program Construction Herb Derby, Robert M. Fuhrer, Donald P. PazelRC22739
4410. Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal and Nitride Thin films: Current Research Efforts and Applications for Semiconductor Device Processing Hyungjun KimRC22737
4411. Controlling energy level alignements at carbon nanotube/Au contacts Cui Xaiodong, Freitag Marcus, Richard Martel, Brus Louis, Phaedon AvourisRC22738
4412. Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language (EPAL) Paul Ashley, Satoshi Hada, Günter Karjoth, Calvin Powers, and Matthias SchunterRZ3485
4413. Thermodynamics and kinetics of room-temperature grain growth in Cu films Christophe Detavernier, Stephen M. Rossnagel, I. Cevdet Noyan, Supratik Guha, Cyril Cabral Jr, Christian LavoieRC22735
4414. Reduction of the electron mobility in high-k MOS systems caused by remote scattering with interfacial optical phonons Massimo V. Fischetti, Eduard Cartier, Deborah NeumayerRC22734
4415. Hot-Carrier Charge Trapping and Trap Generation in HfO2 and Al2O3 Field-Effect Transistors Arvind Kumar, Massimo V. Fischetti, Tak H. Ning, Evgeni GousevRC22733
4416. Proactive Secure Message Transmission in Asynchronous Networks Michael Backes, Christian Cachin and Reto StroblRZ3474
4417. Tunneling Magnetoresistance and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with Polarized Electrons S.F. AlvaradoRZ3486
4418. RC22732
4419. A simple method of data perturbation and efficient algorithms for density estimation in privacy preserving data mining Chai Wah WuRC22727
4420. Clinical and Pharmacogenomic Data Mining. 1. Generalized Theory of Expected Information and Application to the Development of Tools Barry RobsonRC22730
4421. Min-up/Min-down Polytopes Jonathan Lee, Janny Leung, FRANCOIS MARGOTRC22731
4422. Multi-Layer Intermediate Representation for ASIP Design and Critical-Path Optimization Gero Dittmann and Andreas HerkersdorfRZ3484
4423. An Interactive Visual Interface for Online Product Catalogs Juhnyoung Lee, Ho Soo Lee, Priscilla WangRC22729
4424. Web Service Support for Dynamic Business Process Outsourcing Paul Grefen, Heiko Ludwig, Asit Dan, Samuil AngelovRC22728
4425. The Web Server of IBM's Bioinformatics and Pattern Discovery Group T. Huynh, I. Rigoutsos, L. P. Parida, D. E. Platt, T. ShibuyaRC22726
4426. One Up on LRU Nimrod Megiddo, Dharmendra S. ModhaRJ10285
4427. Art of Making Errors: A Quadratic-time, Sequential, Adaptive Algorithm for Lossy Compression Dharmendra S. ModhaRJ10286
4428. A Simple Adaptive Cache Algorithm Outperforms LRU Nimrod Megiddo, Dharmendra S. ModhaRJ10284
4429. WideBridge: Adaptation of Programming Models from the Linux Kernel to the PowerNP Mohit Gupta and Robert HaasRZ3477
4430. Performance of Binary Antipodal Signaling over the Indoor UWB MIMO Channel Martin Weisenhorn and Walter HirtRZ3483
4431. Effects of Phosphorus Content on the Reaction of Electroless Ni-P with Sn and Crystallication of Ni-P Y.C. Sohn, Jin Yu, Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan Shih, W. K. ChoiRC22723
4432. A Framework for User Defined Periodic Calendars Yael Shaham-Gafni, Daniel A. FordRJ10282
4433. Power Grid Analysis using Random Walks Haifeng Qian, Sani R. Nassif, Sachin SapatnekarRC22722
4434. Implementation of an exact algorithm for a cutting-stock problem using components of COIN-OR Laszlo Ladanyi, Jonathan Lee, Robin Lougee-HeimerRC22720
4435. Virtual Documents in Information Search and Retrieval Systems Yurdaer N. Doganata, Youssef Drissi, Tong-Haing Fin, Lev KozakovRC22716
4436. Formation of Ag3Sn Plates in Sn-Ag-Cu Alloys and Optimization of Their Alloy Composition Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan Shih, Donald W. Henderson, Timothy A. Gosselin, Charles C. Goldsmith, Karl J. Puttlitz, Won Kyoung Choi, Amit SarkhelRC22717
4437. Comparing Search Results Summaries for Technical Support Documents: A User Study Catherine G. Wolf, Sherman R. Alpert, Lev Kozakov, John G. Vergo, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Clare-Marie KaratRC22719
4438. The Binding Mode of Progesterone to its Receptor from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Tiziana Mordasini, Alessandro Curioni, Roberta Bursi and Wanda AndreoniRZ3475
4439. A High-Bandwidth Differential Amplifier with Monolithically Integrated T-Coils in CMOS Technology Thomas Toifl, Marcel Kossel, Christian Menolfi, Thomas Morf and Martin SchmatzRZ3476
4440. Study of IMC Morphologies and Phase Characteristics Affected by the Reactions of Ni and Cu Metallurgies with Pb-Free Solder Joints Sung K. Kang, Da-Yuan ShihRC22715
4441. New Algorithms for Content-Based Publication-Subscription Systems Anton Riabov, Zhen Liu, Joel L. Wolf, Philip S. Yu, Li ZhangRC22714
4442. The Social Contract Core James H. Kaufman, Stefan Edlund, Daniel A. Ford, Calvin PowersRJ10280
4443. Advanced Waveform Models for the Nano-Meter Regime Sani Nassif, Emrah AcarRC22709
4444. Axiotaxy : Off-normal fiber-like Texture in Thin Films on Single Crystalline Substrates Christophe Detavernier, Ahmet Ozcan, Christian Lavoie, Jean L. SweetRC22713
4445. A new type of texture in thin films : axiotaxy for tetragonal $\alpha$-FeSi$_2$ films on Si(001) (title in journal: Texture of Tetragonal alpha-FeSi2 Films on Si(001) Christophe Detavernier, Ahmet Ozcan, Christian Lavoie, Jean L. SweetRC22712
4446. Six-band k*p Calculation of the Hole Mobility in Silicon Inversion Layers: Dependence on Surface-Orientation, Strain, and Silicon Thickness Massimo V. Fischetti, Zhibin Ren, Paul M. Solomon, Min Yang, Kern RimRC22711
4447. Circuit Implications of Gate Oxide Breakdown James H. Stathis, Rosana Rodriguez, Barry Paul LinderRC22710
4448. Business Process Modeling for an Oportunity Management Process Young M. Lee, Steve Buckley, Nathan Caswell, Anil Nigam, Bala RamachandranRC23004
4449. A Remote Job Execution Service for Service- Oriented Grids. Neeran Karnik, Girish Chafle, Sunil ChandraRI03001
4450. PlanSP: A Framework to Automatically Analyze Software Development and Maintenance Choices Biplav SrivastavaRI02025
4451. Commercial Applications of Grid Computing Catherine H. Crawford, Daniel M. Dias, Arun K. Iyengar, Marcos Novaes, Li ZhangRC22702
4452. Coeus: An Approach for Building Self-Learning and Self-Managing Systems Sandeep Uttamchandani, Carolyn TalcottRJ10279
4453. Self Assembly Kinetics of Cylindrical-Phase Diblock Copolymer Thin Films Charles Black, Kathryn Wilder GuariniRC22700
4454. Do We Detect and Exploit Mixed Strategy Play by Opponents? Jason Shachat, J. Todd SwarthoutRC22699
4455. Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for an OFDM-Based Broadband Wireless Local Area Network Pedro CoronelRZ3428
4456. Autonomic Economics - Why Self-Managed e-Business Systems Will Talk Money Giorgos Cheliotis and Chris KenyonRZ3463 (Revised Version)
4457. Fast and Scalable Packet Classification Jan van Lunteren and Ton EngbersenRZ3472
4458. Anomalous etching of n-type Si in buffered HF solutions Katherine L. Saenger, Steven E. Steen, Steven J. KoesterRC22678
4459. On Market-Inspired Approaches to Propositional Satisfiability William E. Walsh, Makoto Yokoo, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Michael P. WellmanRC22695
4460. Bias Voltage Dependene of Magnetocurrent in Magnetic Tunnel Transistors Xin Jiang, Sebastiaan van Dijken, Roger Wang, Stuart S. P. ParkinRJ10278
4461. Tracking Results from Multichannel Marketing Programs on Electronic Commerce Thomas Y. Kwok, Thao N. Nguyen, Linh H. Lam, Casey L. Gentry, Mark H. WoodmanseeRC22693
4462. Thin strain-relaxed SiGe buffer layers with low threading dislocation density and surface roughness Silke Christiansen, Patricia M. Mooney, Jack O. Chu, Alfred GrillRC22691
4463. Comparison of Magnetocurrent and Transfer Ratio in Magnetic Tunnel Transistors with Spin-Valve Bases Containing Cu and Au Spacer Layers Sebastiaan van Dijken, Xin Jiang, Stuart S. P. ParkinRJ10277
4464. Ground Bounce and Ground Bounce Reduction Techniques of Power Gate Structure Suhwan Kim, Stephen Kosonocky, D. R. KnebelRC22694
4465. Controlled Generation for Speech-to-Speech MT Systems Arendse BernthRC22690
4466. On Autonomic Computing Architectures Jana Koehler, Chris Giblin, Dieter Gantenbein, and Rainer HauserRZ3487
4467. The Role of Network Processors in Active Networks Andreas KindRZ3471
4468. CoPlace Defined: A Service-based View of Online Places John Patterson, Li-Te Cheng, Werner GeyerRC22684
4469. Aspects and Multidimensionality in Software Configuration Management Mark C. Chu-Carroll, James L. Wright, Annie YingRC22688
4470. CAT: A Toolkit for Assembling Concerns William H. Harrison, Harold L. Ossher, Peri L. Tarr, Vincent Kruskal, Frank Tip RC22686
4471. Asymmetrically vs. Symmetrically Organized Paradigms for Software Composition William H. Harrison, Harold L. Ossher, Peri L. TarrRC22685
4472. Energy Efficient Co-Adaptive Instruction Fetch and Issue Alper Buyuktosunoglu, Tejas Karkhanis, David Albonesi, Pradip BoseRC22668
4473. Composing Pervasive Data Using iQL Norman H. Cohen, Hui Lei, Paul Castro, John S. Davis II, Apratim PurakayasthaRC22286
4474. Refactoring for Generalization using Type Constraints Frank Tip, Adam Kiezun, Dirk BaeumerRC22662
4475. GAP: A General Approach to Quantitative Diagnosis of Performance Problems Joseph L HellersteinRC22682
4476. Privacy in Enterprise Identity Federation - Policies for Liberty Single Signon - Birgit PfitzmannRZ3470
4477. Color and Luminance Management for High-Resolution Liquid-Crystal Displays Steven L. Wright, Steven E. Millman, Chai Wah Wu, Paul F. Greier, K Yamauchi, K Numano, K Sumiyoshi, asunori Hanabuchi, akashi MiyamotoRC22680
4478. Typestate Verification: Abstraction Techniques and Complexity Results (report title was: Shallow Finite State Verification) John H. Field, Deepak Goyal, Ganesan Ramalingam, Eran yahavRC22673
4479. State-Based Power Analysis for Systems-on-Chip Reinaldo A. Bergamaschi, Yunjian JiangRC22672
4480. TSpaces Services Suite: Automating the Development and Management of Web Services Marcus Fontoura, Toby Lehman, Dwayne Nelson, Thomas Truong, Yuhong XiongRJ10276
4481. On the Boolean Quadric Forest Polytope Jonathan Lee, Janny LeungRC22670
4482. Application of Blurring Filters to Improve Detection of Invisible Image Watermarks Gordon W. Braudaway, Frederick C. MintzerRC22671
4483. Kernel Support for Faster Web Proxies Marcel Rosu, Daniela RosuRC22669
4484. Towards Model-Based Generation of Self-Priming and Self-Checking Conformance Tests for Interactive Systems Amitkumar M. ParadkarRC22586
4485. Stochastic Optimization for Lake Eutrophication Management Alan King, Laszlo Somlyody, Roger J.-B. WetsRC22663
4486. The IBM Stochastic Programming System Alan J. King, Stephen E. Wright, Gyana R. Parija, Robert EntrikenRC22664
4487. A Simple Method for Cost-Sensitive Learning Bianca Zadrozny, John Langford, Naoki AbeRC22666